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Command Central Round-Up & Giveaway

** Updated to add: Winner is Jamie of Grace (upon Grace)! ** Hello friends!  As you know this month through Org Junkie’s Monthly Organizing Round-Up we are tackling our Command Centers in time for starting the school year off on the right foot.  I had totally hoped to spend some more time on this topic […]

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Command Center Ideas

A post from the past Today’s question comes from Melissa of Seven Matters. Melissa’s question is such a common one that I knew I had to try and answer it. I have a question about mail and other papers that come into my house. I have tried for so long to find a system that […]

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Rounding Up Makeup and Hair Supplies!

Updated: The winner of the Organize Now! book is Esther of My Passion! Yay we are finally here and I’m hoping you all had a chance to purge and organize your makeup and hair supplies this month.  From the comments throughout the month I think this is an area many of us needed to work […]

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Link-Tastic ~ The Makeup Edition!

Keeping with our theme this month, here are a collection of links to help you with all that makeup purging and organizing you are doing.   You are doing it aren’t you?  No?  What’s the hold up girlfriend?  Maybe these links will give you the push you need.  I’ve added a number of videos this week […]

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