This month’s organizing challenge and my hairspray friend

Put your hand up if you have drawers full of makeup and cupboards full of hair supplies.  Oh my word, you are so not alone my friend.  I’m a hair product junkie.  I don’t even want to begin to tally the money I’ve wasted spent on “miracle” hair products over the years and while some of them worked, most of them did not.  This isn’t the first time I’ve blogged about this obsession of mine either.  Take a look at this post and this post and then please tell me you can relate.  Don’t leave me hanging here, I can’t be the only one.

I was doing so well too until the world decided to conspire against me and make my favorite hairspray impossible to find anywhere.  Then, because I felt so abandoned and alone, I was forced to look for a new hairspray best friend.   Problem is they all want to be my friend and oh the promises they make.  I take them home only to find out after a week or so that everything they told me is a lie.  A flat out lie.  They told me they would be by my side to uplift me and hold me, everyday if need be.  I so wanted to believe them, but apparently I’m not the only one they make these promises to.  Can you believe that!   I’m still struggling but if you happen to have a “friend” that has been faithful to you that you could recommend I’d be forever grateful and up-rooted.

So where was I?  Oh yes this month’s challenge!  We are on a quest to organize our makeup and hair supplies.  I’ll be right there with you that is for sure.

The prize for this month is a fantastic book by Jennifer Ford Berry called Organize Now!: A Week By Week Guide To Simplify Your Space And Your Life


Clutter has a cost.  It steals your storage space, robs your time and energy, and takes away the peace and beauty of your home.  Why pay for it another minute when you can get organized now?

This book offers practical, action-oriented advice that teaches you how to organize any part of your life in less than one week.  Long-term goals help keep the clutter away for the months and years to follow so you can maintain the order you create.  You’ll find help with everything from time management and mental clutter to paperwork, pets, purses, toys, rooms and life events such as moving, pregnancy and celebrating the holidays.

Quick, easy-to-follow checklists let you spend more time organizing and less time reading-a perfect fit for your busy lifestyle!  Countless tips help make organizing faster, easier and more effective.  Special “Live Green” tips show you how to help the environment, and in many cases your wallet, by rethinking, recycling, reducing, and reusing as you organize.

Don’t let piles of paperwork, overflowing closets and overbooked schedules drain your resources and energy anymore when you can learn how to enjoy a richer, clutter-free life!

All you have to do to participate in Org Junkie’s Monthly Organizing Round-Up this month is organize your makeup and/or hair supplies. I’ll be providing relevant posts throughout the month that will help you through it as well as providing some handy tips from Jennifer’s book.

So go take your BEFORE pictures and then let’s get to work!

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26 Responses to This month’s organizing challenge and my hairspray friend

  1. 1
    Christa says

    I’m with you on this one! Those pesky persuaders’ll get you every time. :(

  2. 2
    happyvalleygirl says

    I was just thinking last night that I need to organize my makeup drawer. Get rid of what I don’t use, which will probably remedy the whole mess, and then organize what I do use! I think we’ve all wasted, I mean spent enough money on makeup that we don’t use to feed a third world county! I know dept stores are expensive, but I’m about ready to start shopping there. At least you can try stuff before you buy it. It might end up being cheaper! :-) And now that I’m getting “older”, makeup is almost required!

  3. 4
    Laura says

    Lisa, unfortunately doesn’t ship to Canada and doesn’t carry it :(

  4. 5
    Rebecca says

    My makeup & skin care is wonderfully organized in my Mary Kay roll up bag (love it!) but my hair, nail and whoknowswhatelse is a mess under the sink. This is a great tackle – I see new baskets in my future!

  5. 6
    Lisa says

    Oh that’s too bad. I’m surprised they don’t ship to Canada! Maybe you can call customer service and see if they can work something out for you. Amazon is usually pretty accommodating if you are buying items in bulk.

  6. 7
    Shell says

    When I moved to the US I had to search out a new hairdresser – who happened to use a great hairspray. Now I use Kenra Spray 25 (which is their “super hold”). Personally I prefer the aerosol can, but I got my mom hooked and she uses the pump spray.

    Mom lives in Saskatchewan and has no troubles finding it so you should be ok.

    It would appear they have a pretty detailed website ( too.

    Good luck with your journey!

  7. 8
    Diane says

    Wow that is what I did this today. I will be posting pics on my blog but will remember to link back up at the end of the month too.
    I actually have started a challenge to clean one room totally top to bottom. This week was the bathroom . I figured start small and work our way up to the bigger rooms.

  8. 9
    Diane says

    I dont use hairspray sorry.

  9. 10
    Kim Campbell says

    One of THE BEST thing I did last year was NOT by any product that I already had excess of. It’s been great!

    I’ve saved money and used up a lot of beauty products that I got suuuucked into!

  10. 11
    Amanda V says

    I have issues with my products as well, and the worst part about it is that I use them ~maybe once~ and never again. I don’t wear make up and my hair is in a pony all day. I should take this chance to organize and push myself to at least do “something” with myself lol.

  11. 12
    Susanne says

    LOL. We are having hairspray woes over here too with Salon Selectives yet again changing up their product line. I think we’re breaking up with them because they seem to have trouble staying put.

  12. 13
    Jean says

    If all the products I’ve bought kept their promises over the years, they’d be writing newspaper articles about how spectacular my hair is. Sadly, they are not…..

    I renovated my bathroom last summer and the best part of it was it FORCED me to clean out my “stuff”. Funny though- it seems to have crept back in over the months. I’m taking up your challenge of doing it again. Thanks for the motivation!

  13. 14
    Valerie says

    OMG! I have the same problem! I have curly hair and for years I searched for the perfect hair gel. Only to find that my hair looks better without product!! So I’m left with oodles of hair product crap!

    That and make up. My grandma gets the cliniqe free giveaways and gives them to me so I have a bunch!

    What a great post. I’m excited to participate!

  14. 15
    Hope Cantrall says

    You are SOOOOO not alone! I don’t know why I keep buying “miracle” hair products….they never keep their promises…I have a whole drawer full of broken promises! Why do we hang on to them? Do we think that one day they will work? Don’t you wish you could just return them all? What a waste of money! I could easily have had a full spa treatment for the money I have wasted on all those products! I am ready to be free!!! This will be my project this week! Before & after pictures will be posted on my blog!!!

  15. 16
    Sandy Watts says

    I don’t know what you are really looking for in a hairspray, but if it is just hold and a decent price, I’ve gone back to White Rain. My mom used it for years and now I’ve tried it to save money and it works as well, if not better than the high dollar ones. I use the unscented, non aerosol, but it comes in other varieties and saves a lot of moola!

  16. 19
    Dawn says

    My sister lives in Alaska and company’s won’t always mail to Alaska even though it costs the same to ship there as it does any other state. Anyway, she ships stuff to me and then I ship it to her. Do you have a friend in the states that could mail you your hairspray?

  17. 20
    thursday says

    That’s funny – I guess I’m the only one out there who has no makeup or too many hair supplies (what do I need besides shampoo, conditioner, and a comb?). I really really never feel the need to put makeup on. ICK. Hate it. Hate it. I have a bottle of hair spray, but I have no clue what to do with it!

  18. 21
    Anna says

    I don’t have the problem with hair products, but I have an addiction to lotion, body cream, and things like that. Moving a few times has helped! What I really need is more self-control at the Bath and Body Works sales!

  19. 22
    ajeffers says

    The best hairspray I have found is a brand called “Professional”. The one I use is the “Freezing spray” and it does just that. I love it! It holds my hair in place even on humid southeast Missouri summer days! I get it at Wal-Mart. Good luck!

  20. 23
    Hope Cantrall says

    Thanks for the inspiration! I am done & I posted the before & after pictures on my blog!

  21. 24
    Kate/Massachusetts says

    I buy my hairspray from the salon where I get my cuts. Their policy allows you to return anything you don’t like for a full refund. Products are more expensive but I think in my case end up being cheaper since I don’t end up with a closet full of stuff I don’t like.

    Regarding makeup…I once got a nasty skin/eye infection from my makeup. Now I buy all new product every three months. Used makeup is a serious health risk. Throw away anything you don’t use. And, don’t share…ever! No matter how meticulous your are, bugs happen! The medical costs of my infection fiasco were far costlier than throwing out old stuff and/or buying all new every three months!

  22. 25
    Susan (Australia) says

    I’ve just found your website and your challenge is just what I need. I have been putting off going through my make-up collection for too long. I don’t even use most of it.

    Hair products aren’t a particular problem, but I do have a ridiculous number of hand creams and body lotions.

    I haven’t got much time left before the end of the month, but I am determined to complete this challenge on time. Wish me luck


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