Living with intention…even when it comes to hair products

Some of you may remember that I have my own collection of sorts. I’m addicted to hair products and then because of the miracle of beauty these products claim to possess I can NEVER part with them. I figure the longer I hold on to them the more likely the promise of “dream hair” will come true. That all of a sudden I’ll be transformed into the girl in the commercial with the long flowing hair, so full of volume (I love me some big hair!), shine and perkiness that so gracefully cascades and swirls around your shoulders with a simple little toss of the head. You know what I’m talking about. Never mind that I don’t even have long hair but you know, I could, if I had just the right hair product. I get sucked in to the dream each and every time.

I first posted about this addiction of mine last year. At that time I did whittle the collection down somewhat but the other day as I was trying to get something out of my dressing table, only to get frustrated because of the mess of it, I said “enough is enough”.





What occurred to me during this process though is sometimes it just isn’t about the space. You can see I have the space to put it all back in nice and neatly but what is the purpose of hanging on to something if I am not using it? True I may use them, one day. These are all perfectly good products but I was tired of the failure hanging over my head.

Sometimes you just have to cut your losses and move on and then hopefully learn from your mistakes. In one year I don’t want to be right back where I started. So I’ve looked at all these products and recognized them for what they really are, a burden.

Decisions waiting to be made.

I want to live purposefully, with intention, even with the little things.

I want everything in my home to have a purpose or be truly enjoyed. I want to remind myself of that each and every time I go to the store.

My hair products in large supply served no purpose to me. So I stepped up and made the decision to let the majority of them go and boy it feels great. I know you can’t really tell from these pictures but I got rid of a laundry basket full of stuff and my girlfriends were pleased to take it off my hands 🙂


What’s holding you back from living a life of intention?

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48 Responses to Living with intention…even when it comes to hair products

  1. 1
    lylah ledner says

    wow…laura…i love the pics, love the post…love the “on-purpose” woman! you go girl! blessings…lylah

  2. 2
    Bonnie says

    This is great !! I love it !!! You know … I HAVE those baskets too !! I should take some photos and post them to my blog … maybe I will.

  3. 3
    Stephanie says

    I was starting to panic until I read that your girlfriends were the happy recipients of your product. All I could think was “all that good product going to waste….”

    Good for you!

  4. 4
    Jill says

    I do this same thing–hair products, makeup, lotions–they are so hard to get rid of! I feel guilty knowing I paid X amount of dollars for a product that I’m throwing out/giving away. It is always a nice feeling though, to purge. Half the time once I’ve gotten rid of it I don’t even remember what it was anyway–shows how much I needed it huh?!

  5. 5
    Multi-tasking Mommy says

    WOW! That is a lot of hair product 🙂
    If only I had that much space for my hair stuff!!!

  6. 6
    Dianna says

    Wow that is wonderful. That is me when it comes to almost everything though. You have truly inspired me and I LOVE your blog.

  7. 7
    Queen B says

    Great post. I’m going to go clean out my cookbooks…

  8. 8
    Tracy says

    Oh boy. This one is convicting. I have a lot of beauty products in my closet that I haven’t used in a long time and really need to thin out. I think you inspired me.

    In the pics I noticed you have several cans of the same hairspray, right? Did you stock up when they were on sale? Does this mean that one basket is overstock? Care to share how you grouped in the baskets?

  9. 9
    Susanne says

    Wow, you could open your own store! ;v)

    From all those pictures, you are seriously making me want to run out and buy a ton of baskets.

  10. 10
    Annie says

    Congrats on the purging, it looks so much neater! And, thanks to you, my life has started to revolve around baskets (the ones you use in your bathroom happen to be the same ones I have, so I’m congratulating myself on having the right ones)

    I really don’t keep things around that I don’t need, but I would have to say that my laundry is keeping me from living a life of intention!

  11. 11
    Kristy says

    You know, whenever I’m cleaning things like that out (and often, throwing a lot of it away), I usually feel guilty, because of all the wasted money that represents. But once its cleaned out – yeah, that’s a good feeling.

  12. 12
    ~Amy says

    Great post! I love the after picture and how all the same size baskets are next to each other unlike in the first picture.

    I came home last night after my kids sporting event and hubby had gone wild in our bedroom decluttering. His side of the room is so inspiring. He wouldn’t tell me what he got rid of because he didn’t want me to go out to the “trash” to get it back out. I guess, I should declutter my side of the room. 🙂


  13. 13
    jen says

    I purged under my bathroom sink the other day and yes I have the same baskets…lol…good post Laura.

  14. 14
    Dextress says

    i feel sorry for myself for not being on your site earlier. its great! i just added you in my blog roll! this post is equally awesome. nice pics.

  15. 15
    Heidi says

    I’m new to your blog, but am in the process of a serious decluttering/organization process in my house and I’ve learned the same thing. The stress of dealing with all those things you think you might or, worse yet, SHOULD use but don’t is much worse than the “hardship” of getting rid of it all. After doing that though, I tend to be much more careful about my spending habits which is a good thing too!

  16. 16
    Mercy says

    It looks so clean and fresh now!

    I find what works for me is an “overflow” area for my bathroom stuff. If I had it my way we would always have extra of the things we use. (I noticed the duplicates) anyway, since we have a small bathroom – if it doesn’t get used on an almost every day basis (or if it’s an extra of something), it goes into a seperate cupboard. That keeps my under the sink area cleaned out…usually.

    I’m proud of your decision. I once did that with a basket filled with organizing & housekeeping magazines. I actually just took them straight out to the trash. Ok, I almost cried at the thought of it and I battled it big time, but OH the relief when I came inside and realized they were gone! It felt SOO good!!

  17. 17
    Chelsea says

    Amazing what a change in just a little bit of work!! Great job!!

  18. 18
    [email protected] says

    These are absolutely my favorite kind of posts that you do!
    I need to do this too, this weekend!

    (And I totally want hair commerical girl hair.)

  19. 19
    Sandra says

    This is a great idea Laura 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  20. 20
    Monica says

    WOW!! That is amazing! I am in need to do the same thing. I don’t have quite as much as you started with but I do have a lot that I just don’t use. My problem is that when I declutter, I usually throw EVERYTHING out and regret it later when I am looking for something that is long gone.

  21. 21
    NerdMom says

    I have a huge stash of beauty products that I have gotten deals or freebies on.

  22. 22
    Annie says

    ummm is that hair colour in one of your baskets…hmmm.

  23. 23
    momrn2 says

    Keeping me from a life on intention??

    Now that’s a good and challenging question. Definately something I’m going to think on this weekend!

  24. 24
    Laura says

    Yes I did get my hairspray on sale for $1.47 a can which is such a great bargain although I normally have a couple of cans on hand just in case there happens to be a world shortage!

  25. 25
    Karen (Pediascribe) says

    I’ve given up on my hair. I will never, no matter how hard I try, have beautiful, shiny, lovely hair. So I’ve gone with a very short cut that I spike! 🙂 Easy peasy and I could care less if anyone else likes it! 😉
    Great job on your purge!

  26. 26
    Diane says

    Hi I love it. I have been so inspired by your blog. I have taken a few days to read every one of your entries from the first day till now.
    I am going out tomorrow to see if I can get the right baskets for under my sink and I am going to purge as well. I have so much but dont use it but think maybe one day I will need it. I really dont it needs to be gone gone gone for good.
    I am also now on the lookout for a 3 drawer wooden chest like you have for mittens. Where did you get it from I am in Canada too , Ontario though.
    I love your blog and I am addicted!!!!!!

  27. 27
    sheri says

    oh my gosh!! I’am a retired hairdresser and nail stylist.. I thought I had tons of stuff!!girl, u have me beat. now I dont’ feel quite so bad,lol. I keep thinking one day I will want that particular hair gel, and I’ll have to go out and buy some because I threw it away..u have really put me in a dilema. do I throw out 20 yrs of hair and nail STUFF or do I constanly live in a messy,crowed over stuffed closets (yes, I have 2 closets full of this stuff.. ) oh this is a hard one for me.. I will have to sleep on it..can anyone HELP!!! sheri

  28. 28
    Ornery's Wife says

    Holy Cow, girlfriend! That’s a lot of hair stuff! I shouldn’t talk, I’m that way about make-up, and I rarely even wear the stuff. I sold Arbonne for a while, so I accumulated a lot of stuff from that, but really, I should just toss it all out and be resigned to my “natural” beauty… er, whatever. Great post, and I just love those baskets! 🙂 I should invest in some for my bathroom. The few I have work well, but there is sure room for some intentional living in there.

  29. 29
    Jenny says

    I’ve always wondered what your secret to your good hair I know!!

  30. 30
    Tiffany says

    Wow! That looks much better! I like what you said about living with purpose, and everything you keep having a purpose. I am going to have to think more about that and put it into practice in my own life. Thank you!

  31. 31
    sheri says

    ok, I slept on it.. Monday is the big day, when I will throw it all out!!(cant believe I said it) after losing all my hair to chemo and now my hair is totally different in texture, is bone straight,I had curly hair! I have resigned myself that I will no longer have long flowing locks(did I ever?? NO) so out it all goes. would do today but company coming.thanks Laura u have been so great for me to” hang out” with,LOL.

  32. 32
    ter says

    You continue to inspire me… I don’t have that much hair products though, I am a “throw it up and run” kinda girl, but I am still inspired by this blog entry… Now if only I could make my body physically catch up to my brain, things might actually get done. lol. 😉

  33. 33
    Leone says

    I can *so* relate to your hair product addiction. My friends and I have thrown “product parties” where we exchange unwanted makeup/lotions/etc.

    Kudos to you!

  34. 34
    CanadianSaver says

    Everything is so neat ! I’m going to read more of your blog this week, you are a real inspiration!!

  35. 35
    Ornery's Wife says

    I was so inspired by your post, I did my own little project. Come check it out! I have to admit, it was really hard to display my mess for the masses–so I posted it on Sunday when hardly anyone comes by Miller Manor! 🙂 Have a good week!

  36. 36
    Laura says

    I don’t have a collection of hair products as much but I do have a collection of nail polish that I never wear and some other things that I never use. Every cabinet and closet is filled with some type of clutter. I so need to tackle one cabinet or closet at a time. Thanks for sharing your process with us.

  37. 37
    Jennifer, Snapshot says

    That is the next step of true purging–getting rid of what you don’t need, even if it isn’t cluttering things up. Great job!

    Ha–like I’m one to encourage you.

  38. 38
    laura says

    Hi there. 30 Day Org Challenge Failure here. I have a huge collection of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion from hotels—that’s my weird little collection. You can see some of it at my blog today. There’s a huge box of more in the basement. I really think I need to find a women’s shelter to donate it all to!

  39. 39
    Proverbs31 says


    I do remember last time you posted about this, and if I remember right, even though you purged some you weren’t really ready to let go of ALL of the unnecessary stuff.

    It says a lot that you were able to now! =)

    You go girl!!

  40. 40
    Sarah Friend says

    hey who need that many lint rollers and lint brushes…. I don’t even own one!

  41. 41
    Laura says

    In that case you can have Remind me next time you’re over!!

  42. 42
    Jennifer says

    I love all the baskets my stuff is just a jumble I think a trip to the dollar store is in my future!

  43. 43
    Anita says

    Hi Laura,
    I am new to your blog but not new to organizing. You did a nice job organizing your closet,however, it doesn’t seem that the “less is more” credo is your style. How about ditching those plastic baskets in favor of something more eco friendly (yes I know they’re cheap) Why does your iron require it’s own basket? We all love to experiment with products , but why not commit to using up the ones you have before purchasing the new stuff? Think of all the money, space and frustration you will be saving by not purchasing. BTW, shampoos you don’t like can be donated to shelters, used to clean ring around the collar and make good emergency body washes. Just some thoughts.
    Have an organized day!

  44. 44
    Lisa says

    This gives me some good ideas. I love before/after it helps so much to see what can be done.

  45. 45
    Alexis says

    Another good way to get rid of hair products is post them on Freecycle. Ive given away a few bags of barely used products on FC & always get tons of replys after posting.


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