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Must Have Apps for Holiday Shopping

So far in our holiday series we’ve discussed: The Secret to Staying Organized & Sane During the Busy Holiday Season Holiday Menu Planning 101 5 Christmas Ebooks to Help You Simplify the Season 3 Ways to Write a Great Christmas Letter Today we are going to talk about some apps that will help make your […]

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Google Calendar Tips ~ The 2nd Installment

I’ve partnered up with technology lifestyle expert Carley Knobloch, from Digitwirl, to bring you some fun yet informative videos on various products and services related to technology that will help you get organized and simplify your busy life. Today’s Digitwirl: Earlier this year, I shared a post about Google Calendar from Carley Knobloch.  She has […]

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Five Apps for Living a Paper-Free Life

Please welcome my guest today, Marilyn Rogers. Are you living a paper-free life? Many productivity and organization enthusiasts have chosen this lifestyle for a variety of good reasons. Is your home office a stockpile of bank statements, tax documents, utility bills, receipts, coupons, and notes? Do you wish to reduce your consumption and accumulation of […]

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