My Organized Office Closet ~ A Home for Everything

A couple of weeks ago I shared that I was tidying up my office closet and some of you asked to see it. I feel very fortunate to have a dedicated office in my home and that’s where this closet resides. I’ve shared my office space before on the blog so if you’d like to see it you can do that HERE. Of course I’ve changed it around a bit since that post but that’s to be expected. I’m always trying new configurations just for fun and to see if something new works better. Today though I’ll just be sharing my office closet. I was able to pack a lot into this small space which helps keep my office clutter down. Let me show you.

My Organized Office Closet ~ A Home for Everything at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

My Organized Office Closet

When we first moved into our home here I wanted to hide my ugly filing cabinet. So my husband cut away part of the wire shelving in the closet in order to make space for it. Everything else in the closet revolved around that. I love that I can close the door and not have to see it everyday. And yes I’m sure I could have DIY something to make it look pretty but that sounded like a lot of work. Especially compared to shoving it in a closet and shutting the door. Ha!

My Organized Office Closet at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

My Organized Office Closet

On the bottom is my box for household warranties and manuals. It’s from Walmart but you can also get similar ones from Amazon HERE (affiliate link).

Above that are my photo storage boxes. Photo boxes make for awesome stacking storage containers. They aren’t just for photos as the name might imply. You can put whatever your little heart desires into them. And the price is right too. I bought these ones at Michaels for $3 each. Can’t beat it and they come in all sorts of designs and colors. And if I needed to I could even go up another layer. I use one for old pictures, one for old video tapes (that I need to have converted), one for old negatives and one for coin wrappers.

My Organized Office Closet - photo storage boxes

In the corner I added an elastic headband to corral my wrapping paper/photo backdrops out of the way. It works perfectly!

My Organized Office Closet - wrapping paper storage

And I know some of you might be wondering about my calendar hording collection. I keep my calendars from years gone by in case I ever need to refer back to them. So far I haven’t had to but you never know when I’ll need to win an argument or something, lol.

My Organized Office Closet

I have two label makers that I keep tucked away but easily accessible in the basket on the left. This label maker (affiliate link) is my favorite one!

Here in Canada, we need to keep taxes for seven years. I use the binder method for this. One binder for each year. I really love this method as it makes it so easy to find what I need in a flash. Grab and go.

My Organized Office Closet - tax binders

The very top shelf of the closet houses my random craft supplies. The pizza boxes hold 12×12 scrapbook paper. I just went to a pizza joint and asked if I could purchase a couple of new boxes. They said no problem and didn’t even charge me!

My Organized Office Closet - craft supplies

Also stored up there are supplies needed for making Christmas ornaments. Remember these ones that I did last year? So cute right?!

christmas ornament

Okay back to the closet. Focus Laura.

My Organized Office Closet

The black plastic stacking shelves (affiliate link) work great for housing notebooks, business cards and other office supplies.

My Organized Office Closet

The plastic drawers (affiliate link) are one of my very favorite organizing containers of all time. I use them all over my house. Love them!

My Organized Office Closet

I hope you found this quick tour of my office closet helpful and it gave you some organizing ideas to try. Do you have an office closet that you use in your home? If not, where do you store all the officey type things? I’d love to know.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

To see more of my favorite organizing products please visit my Amazon shop (affiliate link).

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2 Responses to My Organized Office Closet ~ A Home for Everything

  1. 1
    Ann says

    I love the pizza box storage, and the hair elastic to corral gift wrap–what great ideas! I have an almost identical file cabinet that I hide in a closet too.

    Hope you are enjoying your break from weekly menu publishing. While I am terrible about advance meal planning (sometimes I hit the grocery store 4 days in a row for dinner ingredients, thank goodness it’s very close), I sure do use a lot of your recipes, so thank you for the weekly inspiration.

  2. 2
    Becky Lowmaster says

    Great ideas for your closet. I have a file cabinet that has older items in it. Awhile back I went thru it and tossed items. I should use that for my Young Living paperwork. I’m cleaning a bit for my open house so now I can have a better looking spot in my office…corner of family room. I’ve been wanting to get that label maker too. I plan to move an old chest of drawers from another room, that’s used by daughter, and put it by my desk and put larger photo printer on it. And….thanks for your inspiration my friend. Have a blessed day!


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