Friday Favorites: Dollar Store Basket, Ikea Cart, Organized Pantry + more!

Hey there, happy Friday! I hope you all had a non-snowy week wherever you live. Unfortunately I did not. Yep it snowed here in these northern parts of Alberta, Canada in September. Which actually isn’t all that unusual for us so I’m not entirely sure why it always takes me by surprise. It’s pretty though isn’t it?

Snow in September in Alberta

I’ve got a few favorites this week that I’ve been loving on (snow is not one of them) that I want to share with you. Let’s get into it!

Ikea Raskog Cart:

Okay so my first favorite is an old one but I haven’t shouted her out for awhile. And that’s my beloved Pixie. Who remembers Pixie? Yep I named my Ikea Raskog mobile office and for good reason. She has gotten me through some rough times. These past couple of months have been some rough ones for me health wise and dear little Pixie just keeps me company wherever I go. I love her! Read more about Pixie HERE.

Ikea Raskog Cart as a mobile office

How many of you have this same rolling cart from Ikea? It’s the best! Do you name yours? I’ve shared other uses for her on the blog over the years including:

Makeup/Hair Storage

Ikea Raskog Cart makeup/hair storage

Bathroom Storage

Ikea Raskog Cart bathroom storage

Dollar Store Basket:

Another favorite I’m really loving is this dollar store basket I bought earlier this week! They are from Dollarama (here in Canada) and were $4 each, what a deal! If you don’t live in Canada though, here is the same thing on Amazon (affiliate link). A little more money, but typically us Canadians are usually the ones paying more here so that’s a first šŸ™‚

Dollar Store Basket

Recommended Organizing Products:

Speaking of favorite organizing products. Did you know that I have finally put together an Amazon storefront where I have gathered together in one place all my favorite organizing products? Most of them are products I’ve shared on the blog over the years that I use in my own home. I hope this makes it easier for you to find what you need. Let me know what you think!

Please note that this is an affiliate link and I do make a small commission on purchases made through it. However, this is at no extra cost to you.

My Amazon Shop

Menu Planning:

Do you hate menu planning? Don’t worry, many people do. So why not let someone else do all the work for you to save you some time and stress? Only a few more days to grab this great deal HERE at 30% off. Whoot!

Eat at Home Meal Plans

Favorite blog posts:

I love sharing my favorite reads from around blogland. There is just so much good stuff out there that I think you’ll like. Check them out!

Filing Cabinet Organization – How to Organize all your Important Paperwork ~ @ Kalyn Brooke

The Easiest Ways to Declutter Kids’ Toys ~ @ Abby Lawson

I just love this pretty Fall Favorites Free Printable perfect for fall decorating ~ @ Clean & Scentsible

Getting Organized: How to Start When You Are Overwhelmed ~ @ Clutter Keeper

A Tour of an Organized Pantry (it’s lovely!) ~ @ The Homes I Have Made

Have a terrific weekend everyone and don’t forget to take some time for organizing!

Org Junkie's Weekly Favorites for Sept 14/18 - Dollar Store Basket, Ikea Cart & Organized Pantry + more! at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog


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5 Responses to Friday Favorites: Dollar Store Basket, Ikea Cart, Organized Pantry + more!

  1. 1
    Lynne Thomas says

    OMG . I need to come to live in Alberta I love love love snow. Live in New Hampshire on the Seacoast. SNOW YESSSS!!!!!!!

    • 1.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      Oh my Lynne, I wish I could send you some of ours lol

    • 1.2
      Laurie says

      Iā€™m north of Boston Lynne so not far from you! They are saying a snowy winter ahead. I want to enjoy the foliage first!

  2. 2
    Sherlie Magaret says

    I have three of the rolling Ikea carts for my stamping area and I absolutely love them. They hold so much and are so handy to move around.


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