How this one organizing product simplified my life

Hey friends, I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had finally purchased something that I’ve had my eye on for years. An organizing product so versatile in its organizational capabilities that I was overwhelmed just trying to narrow down how I was going to use it. There were so many options to consider and explore so I let it sit empty for awhile while I thought about all the possibilities. Which product am I talking about? The Ikea Raskog cart (affiliate link) of course and it has completely simplified my life!

How this one organizing product simplified my life at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

Friends, meet my new mobile office cart, Pixie. Don’t ask me why she’s named that, I just thought that since we spend so much time together she should probably have a proper name. I also name my vehicles, is that weird?

Pixie and I have become the best of friends. I wheel her around with me all over the house, from my office, to the living room to the bedroom. As a work from home mom I work all over the place and because of my autoimmune disease sometimes that includes working from my bed. It can be a little lonely on those days but not anymore because I have Pixie! She hovers beside me and comforts me with all the things….pens, papers, sticky notes, books, notebooks, my bible, my planner and so much more.  She really is the sweetest and she never complains when I ask so much of her. She also doesn’t get rattled easily and is as sturdy and stable as they come. I like that.

Everyone needs a reliable friend like Pixie.

Mobile Office Ikea Raskog Cart at I'm an Organizing Junkie - it simplified my life!

Let’s break it down how Pixie has simplified my life. Pixie’s top rack holds an organizer unit that I use to use as my original mini portable office. It holds essentials like my pens and pencils along with my can’t be without fauxdori list notebook and its case.  You’ll also see my beautiful Simply Yours Day Planner (affiliate link) that fits so perfectly, it’s almost like it was meant to be!  Love it when that happens.

Top Shelf Ikea Raskog Cart

Pixie’s second rack holds another organizer (that used to hold my nail polishes) which now holds colored markers, more notebooks, including my prayer journal (also a fauxdori) and scripture memorization system in the tin.

Hello Gorgeous 1

Scripture Memorization System

Plus Pixie wanted me to add the Hello Gorgeous sign as a thoughtful reminder on the really hard days. Seriously, where would I be without her?

Hello Gorgeous

Pixie’s lovely bottom rack holds a special basket of devotional books for my morning devotions along with my bible. Everything I need in a day right at my finger tips. Except maybe snacks, my cart really needs some snacks.

Bottom Shelf Ikea Raskog Cart

And on really nice days I even take Pixie out on the back deck with me to work. I know she really appreciates the fresh air.

Outside Ikea Raskog Cart

I love the way Pixie cradles and holds dear the precious things I need to have a most successful and organized day.

I can’t believe I lived so long without her but now that she is in my life I will never let her go.

Do you have a friend like Pixie? How has she simplified your life?

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16 Responses to How this one organizing product simplified my life

  1. 1
    Becky W. says

    I name my cars too! My car is named Karla and my husband’s car is named Carmie. lol

  2. 2
    Seana Turner says

    Got this cart for my daughter at school (in the antique blue, which I love.) Mobility is such a wonderful contributor to organization as most people perform multiple tasks in the same space. The key with this cart is the structure you’ve added to hold the contents. Love it!

  3. 3
    Marti Mogan says

    I am wondering if this will help my husband’s problem of having papers and such all over my house. He seems to have “a desk” in every room – even if there is no desk, know what I mean? Maybe a Christmas gift.

    • 3.2
      Lyn says

      Tried that with my husband – he just won’t put his stuff in it. Go figure!

  4. 4
    Annie says

    I love your crazy my friend! And I’m slightly jealous of your proximity to Ikea!

    • 4.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      Haha…I miss us doing crazy together 🙂

  5. 5
    Gina says

    Too funny! I literally just cleaned out a section of my dining room to make room for this cart. Just need to drive out to IKEA! I really like that color–I hope we have that one–the one in the catalog is burnt orange 🙁

    • 5.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      Since I use this cart in multiple rooms of my house, I thought the neutral color would be less clashing with the various room decors. She’s been working out so beautifully! And the price can’t be beat!

  6. 6
    Becky says

    I’ve seen this cart on another blog as well. I really like it, but not sure if I should get it. It would be handy so I might just have to check it out…or not. But it could be a good organizer. I’ve yet to go to Ikea! My son and wife love it there!

  7. 7
    Ashlee Richmond says

    Where did you find the cute tin that you keep your scripture memorization in? I love it! I would love to put those together to give my friends for Christmas to share with their families!

    • 7.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      Hi Ashlee, it’s just from Walmart and I don’t think it was very expensive either plus there were a couple other colors also. I think they would make amazing Christmas gifts, why didn’t I think of that???

  8. 8
    Christa says

    Love your blog! And I love this idea. I was researching ways to have a mobile home office and this is so clever. And thanks for showing exactly how you use it and how it’s organized. That is really helpful. A cart like this would also be great for a first time mom to keep everything handy but all together and movable to different rooms. So many applications.

  9. 9
    Lyn says

    Bought a similar cart from Michael’s (on sale, of course), sanded it a little and spray painted it deep cooper. It is now an end table in my living room, holding all my knitting supplies and other essentials. If it’s a mess when company comes, just roll it into the craft room. Love it!


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