Organized Nail Polish Caddy

One of my favorite fun places to search for various organizing containers is Winners/Homesense (similar to Ross).  Whenever you go the stock is always different so the thrill of the hunt is pretty exciting.  This past weekend when we went I was on the search for something to organize my nail polishes in.  I specifically wanted a divided container and one that was open without a lid.  If there is one thing I have learned from organizing my makeup collection it’s that I do better with open containers for these type things.

After walking up and down the aisles for awhile I came home with this lovely yellow nail polish caddy.

Organized Nail Polish Caddy
It turns out it’s the perfect size for the amount of nail polishes that I have and now I have a limiting container to keep me in check for future purchases.  It’s always best to have a visual boundary for the number of things you “collect”.  Whenever I buy a new nail polish, one will have to go as this is the only space I have available.  It makes decision making so much easier.

Organized Nail Polish Caddy 1
I keep my nail polishes in a cabinet in my ensuite bathroom.  When I want to do my nails I just have to grab my bin and away I go.  Everything I need is all in one place so it’s super easy and quick.  The whole purpose behind organizing is to help you simplify life, not complicate it.

To make life even easier I added a spot of the nail polish to the bottles with black tops (using a q-tip) so I wouldn’t have to lift up each bottle just to find the color I wanted.  Why don’t all companies label the top of their nail polish bottles?

Organized Nail Polish Caddy 3
All this organization for just $12.99, that makes me happy.  I’ve noticed that at this time of the year many stores are selling caddies in their summer sections to hold utensils but as you can see there are many other great uses for these type of caddies.  Keep that in mind the next time you are looking for an organization solution for your own home :)

Organized Nail Polish Caddy 2
How do you organize your nail polishes?


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10 Responses to Organized Nail Polish Caddy

    • 1.1
      Laura says

      Hahaha, that definitely requires less storage space :)

  1. 4
    Kristen says

    Honestly, I’m really quite intelligent (LOL!) but how did you get the color on the lid of the polish? Q-tip? My brain is much these days and I’m trying to picture your super powers!! :-)

    • 4.1
      Kristen says

      See? MUSH. Mush brain. I’ll blame Steve Jobs for that one…..

      • Laura says

        Hahaha, actually that is a very good question because when I went to do it I really had to think about it lol. Yes a Q-tip worked great for this :)

  2. 5
    Linda says

    Can’t wait to have my girls redo their nail stuff! Visiting from Carftberry Bush linky

    • 5.1
      Laura says

      Thanks for stopping by Linda :)


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