Small Organized Spaces: Organizing & Decluttering DVDs

Okay so we tackled the books not long ago and now it’s time to think about organizing and decluttering DVDs. It’s hard for people to part with books and I know for many it’s hard to part with DVDs as well. Decluttering DVDs is hard for me, as you will see below, I totally get it. So many memories can be attached to movies and TV shows. They can bring you right back to a time or a place in an instant. This past month I managed to purge and donate 40 DVDs though. Here’s how I did it!

Small Organized Spaces: Organizing & Decluttering DVDs at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

First I should probably start out by telling you something. I keep and store my DVDs in their original cases. Yep I’ll admit it. I love seeing all the DVDs lined up in a pretty little row with their spines facing out. I also like having the option of donating or selling them when I’m done with them. This is easier to do when you still have the original cases. But having said that, I am aware of how much room these DVDs take up. I wanted a home for them that would also act as a limiting container. In other words, once the “home” was full, it would require the one in, one out rule to maintain the space. This is the multimedia storage tower (affiliate link) that I have in our basement and I absolutely love it.

Multimedia storage tower

Here’s what mine looks like. I think it’s pretty. The wall color on the other hand has got to go.

Small Organized Spaces: Organizing & Decluttering DVDs at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

Now I know what you are thinking. “Laura if you were practicing the one in, one out rule, how was it that you were able to get rid of 40 DVDs and the storage tower is still full?” You guys are so dang smart, I can’t get away with anything around here, haha! Here’s confession number two. The other day I was cleaning out under the bed, and yes I know that sounds crazy but we’d just gotten a new mattress, and that’s where I discovered I had tucked away a few of my favorite TV series sets. I think I had them stashed there to keep my youngest from destroying them when he was younger. These include my beloved Golden Girls and Reba sets after all. Stop laughing. They comfort me in times of trouble 🙂

Although clearly I haven’t watched them in awhile.

Thankfully my son is older now and past his days of destruction so I marched those DVDs (did I mention they are beloved?) downstairs to the DVD shelf only to realize there was no room at the inn for them. Naturally there was only one thing to do.

I threw out all my husbands DVDs.

The end.

Bahaha just kidding. But I did manage to go through and purge 40 DVDs. Mostly old Christmas movies of mine and little kid movies no longer watched. All this to say, I made room and purged until it fit! I made choices and made it work.

Now I know what else you guys are saying. Gosh you all have a lot to say today! 🙂 “Laura with so many movies and TV series on Netflix now, why not get rid of more DVDs?” Obviously because then my DVD storage tower would be half empty, duh! Sorry couldn’t help myself. This space also holds all my son’s video games as well and a half full storage tower would just be kind of sad don’t you think? Also did I mention my DVDs bring me comfort in times of trouble? Yes they do! And as of yet Golden Girls and Reba have not joined forces with Netflix. Weird I know.

Friends is on Netflix though and those DVDs will probably be the next to go should I need the space for something else. But don’t tell my kid that or he’ll use that as an invitation to buy more video games. Shhh it’ll be our little secret.

Oh and yes I know Gilmore Girls is also on Netflix but I need to protect my emotional stability should Netflix and I ever break up. Gilmore fans I know you’ve got my back on this one. Coffee at Luke’s is on me. Mwah!

Okay so after that rambling justification explanation of my storage tower, I wanted to share a few other ideas for organizing DVDs just in case you need a solution that requires less space. Options are good right?

Use these movie sleeves (affiliate link) to hold not only the DVD but the disc cover as well. Add them all to a nice basket and you will save yourself all sorts of space!

movie sleeves

The other option is to transfer your DVDs to a DVD metal ring binder (affiliate link). This binder solution also has room to hold the DVD and disc cover.

DVD metal ring binder

So whether you use a storage tower, a basket with sleeves or a binder to store your DVDs, what’s important is to declutter regularly and to have a limiting container of some kind. This will reign you (and your family) in and keep you from getting buried alive under a pile of DVDs no one is actually watching. You can thank me later, preferably in Paleo chocolate 🙂

The real question though is this…what old TV series do you watch to comfort you in times of trouble? Do share!

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7 Responses to Small Organized Spaces: Organizing & Decluttering DVDs

  1. 1
    Connie W says

    Just remember, you can’t rely on Netflix to keep a series forever, so don’t get rid of it just because it’s *currently* on Netflix 🙂

    • 1.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      Exactly Connie!! I don’t trust them one bit 🙂

  2. 2
    meryl says

    When we got engaged husband bought me a ring, I bought him a Betamax. Eventually we had to give in and buy a VHS also as Beta, despite originally being a much clearer picture no longer was and was getting harder to find. We skipped the short lived laser disks.

    I should explain that a mutual love of movies – new, old, classic, junk, was what drew us together.

    Eventually he decided that he wanted a DVD player “for just a few movies”. As the collection grew we did not know what to do with them. Our living room is decorated 18th century and DVDs don’t go with same. He built a large “hope”/linen style chest – you know what I mean, large wooden box and the lid lifts up. Except this one only looks like that. Instead of the lid lifting the front drops down and there are drawers for DVDs inside. The “key” on the front in the “lock” is actually the pull to pull the front down. It is also on wheels as we need to move it to the dining room to put the Christmas tree in its place in the living room.

    Of course his collection has gone beyond this space. I have been getting rid of kitchen items and moving items such as my “good” glasses from the secretary in the living room which served as a bar/serving piece and bar ware as most has never used so that more DVDs can go there.

    When we had bed bugs and had to move all the tapes out of the house in sealed bags as they would melt, we pared down the collection a bit – other than James Bond or if there was a reason to keep them – Beta was tossed if we had it on VHS and VHS was tossed if we had it on DVD. We used to keep many of the VHS tapes under our bed in drawers – guess where the bed bug eggs were found – yes, on the top of the drawers. Nothing should be stored under the bed.

  3. 3
    Jen Wilson says

    I will never EVER get rid of my Friends DVDs. Unless I get the series on blu-ray. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

    • 3.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      Yes I remember what a huge friends fan you are!!

  4. 4
    Sarah says

    My favorite old TV series (and it’s REALLY hard for me to choose a favorite ’cause I grew up watching Nick at Nite with my grandma) is The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I have all seven seasons. =)

  5. 5
    Dianna says

    Golden Girls is available on Hulu, which tends to not get rid of stuff as often as Netflix does.


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