Organizing Links: Organizing the Car, Cleaning Closet, 40 Things to Throw Out + more!

Organizing Links: Organizing the Car, Cleaning Closet, 40 Things to Throw Out + more!

Hello! Happy Friday to you all, whoot! As I sit here and write this I’ve got my new countertops going in. I’m hiding in the bedroom to avoid the chaos and I haven’t even taken a peek at all. I’m sure they’ll be great, I’m very excited. Here’s a little before shot just before the fellow came to replace them. You can also see a glimpse of the new oil rubbed bronze pulls going in. What a difference it’s going to make!

kitchen counters before

And the state of my living room right now.

laundry basket organization

I keep a stack of extra laundry baskets in my basement and they sure come in handy at a time like this to keep everything somewhat organized.

With all the renos comes a lot of purging. Here is what this week’s purge pile looked like.

this week's purge pile at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

My “containers in waiting” storage area was bursting at the seams so I purged until it fit. Plus I decided to let go of some of the pitchers that use to live on top of the kitchen cabinets but I’ve now decided to keep that area empty and clutter free. More about that HERE.

On the project list this weekend is more painting (maybe), setting up the deck (if it stops raining) and going through my closet (yet again!) to do another pass at my clothes. I know I did it not that long ago but I feel there is more work there to be done.  And speaking of clothes, I hate to iron (anyone else?) but sometimes it just can’t be avoided. Wah, wah. On my favorites list this week is the perfect solution to the ironing dilemma, the steamer. I have tried so many steamers in the past and they all stress me out because they just don’t work and are messy. Thankfully, Joy Mangano created one that actually works and is easy to use called the My Little Steamer (affiliate link). Joy sent me one to try out months ago and I am really loving it. I just keep it tucked in my closet so it’s always ready at my beck and call. I want to get the travel mini version next.

Favorite Organizing Links of the Week:

I just realized it’s been awhile since I shared some of my favorite organizing links. With everything going on around here, I just haven’t had time. But since I’m hiding away here, I’m taking the time today to share five links with you. Hope you like them!

40 Things to Throw Out Right Now ~ @ Moritz Fine Designs

Many tips about Organizing The Car ~ @ Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

I loved this post on 52 Ways to Be Happier, Healthier and Enjoy Life More ~ @ Alli Worthington

From Coat Closet to Cleaning Closet ~ @ Polished Habitat

Big Huge List of Kid’s Chores (group by age) ~ @ Mary Organizes

Have a great weekend everyone and don’t forget to take some time to organize something!

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3 Responses to Organizing Links: Organizing the Car, Cleaning Closet, 40 Things to Throw Out + more!

  1. 1
    Linda Evans says

    If you still have the pitcher, my and my granddaughter collect them for fun, Hint Hint

    • 1.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      Ahh I don’t, already went out to the thrift store :(

  2. 2
    Mary says

    oooh, can’t wait to see the new counters! I replaced my counters here in the fall and I am still finding “quartz dust” from where they cut some at my house. I’m hoping that isn’t happening for you!!


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