Friday Favorites: Oreck, Clutter Blindness, Free Planner Printables + more!

Org Junkie's Organizing Favorites - Oreck, Clutter Blindness, Free Planner Printables + more!

Hi friends, happy Friday to you!  It’s fall y’all, well here in northern Alberta, Canada it is. Oh my I’ve already dug out my slippers and blue jeans. Not sure how I feel about that…I do love the coziness of fall but summer just seemed to go by way too quick this year.

slippers and blue jeans

Oreck Air Refresh:

One of my favorite parts of fall is filling my home with delicious cozy scents. But first I must take out the yucky smells using my Oreck Air Refresh 2-in-1 Purifier and Humidifier.

Oreck Air Refresh

Oreck is a blog partner of mine and when they sent me this machine I was a little skeptical but I’ve been really happy with how well it works. I use mine in our kitchen because on my Paleo diet I eat a lot of seafood and it makes my family crazy with the smell (I’m the only one that eats it). The Oreck Air Refresh does a fantastic job of taking those yucky smells away. It uses a 2-stage filtration with the Hepa media filter capturing 99% of airborne particles and the charcoal odor-reducing filter working to remove the odors from the environment.

Oreck Air Refresh Purifier and Humidifier

It also has a humidifier as well with a built-in humidistat that automatically switches on/off to ensure the desired humidity level is maintained. I really love how quiet it is too.

Grandma’s Kitchen:

One of my favorite fall scents right now is Grandma’s Kitchen in the Crossroads Crumbles that I melt in my plug-in burner from Walmart. It’s cinnamony and delicious.

Grandma's Kitchen

I can leave it running all day and don’t have to worry about forgetting to blow it out when I leave the house like I would with candles. Isn’t it pretty?

cozy scent and light

Over the Cabinet Towel Bar:

Another favorite I wanted to share with you here (I already shared it over on Instagram, come follow me there) are these over the cabinet towel bars. You can buy them at places like Bed Bath and Beyond and Winners (Marshalls) but I just saw that they have them at Dollarama too. They are perfect for hanging your cleaning supplies on in the inside of kitchen or bathroom cabinet. Smart, right? 🙂

over the cabinet towel bar

Favorite Organizing Links:

I always like to share a few of my favorite organizing links when I do these Friday favorite posts. There is just so much awesomeness out there in blogland that it would be rude not to share it 🙂

How Getting Rid of My Stuff Saved My Motherhood ~ @ The Balanced Life

Studies show a direct link between the amount of physical possessions in a house and the stress level of the female homeowner. One study done at UCLA found that the more stuff was in a woman’s house, the higher her level of stress hormones. This same study also found that women subconsciously relate how happy they are with their home-life and family to how they feel about their homes. So the more clutter and chaos in the home, the less happy the woman is with her family and her life.

A Sweet FREE Planner for September (including a menu planning gage) ~ @ Shining Mom

Free September Goal Setting Printables ~ @ Planning Inspired

10 Essential Moving Tips When You’ve Got Little Kids Underfoot ~ @ Kayse Pratt

4 Signs You’ve Become Clutter Blind ~ @ My Love for Words

I don’t think clutter blindness necessarily means the clutter doesn’t bother someone; it’s simply that they’ve grown so used to it that there’s no real urgency in cleaning it up. It starts to blend in with your home, and you don’t really see it anymore so instead of clearing your kitchen counter, you push everything over to prep your meals. Instead of putting books on a shelf or sorting mail, you create piles to be dealt with later. Instead of unpacking a suitcase from your most recent trip (that may not have been “recent” at all), you shove it just out of the way enough that it doesn’t really affect your day to day life. That’s clutter blindness.

Have a super weekend everyone and make sure you take some time for decluttering and organizing!!




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3 Responses to Friday Favorites: Oreck, Clutter Blindness, Free Planner Printables + more!

  1. 1
    Jennifer M Stewart says

    Can you write or advise us full time working mammas with adult add/additional. Would love some in site with getting it organized and routines to keep it that way. Thanks a bunch.

  2. 2
    Becky L says

    The clutter blindness info was interesting but so true. Yep, I’m working on my clutter. Always, especially this weekend. Never ending process but makes me feel much better with less stuff around!

    It’s cooler here in Oregon these past few days. NO rain as of yet but it did rain some Wed. Will still need to water my potted plants and tomatoes that are coming to the end of season. So delicious and will plant some again next year. It is sweater wearing, long pants wearing season again, thankfully. I need to get a pair of short fuzzy boots again this fall. I use them as my slippers as they keep my legs warm in winter and can wear them outdoors if need be. Thanks for the reminder. Have a good weekend and thanks for helping keep me stay organized!!! :-}
    Becky L

    • 2.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      The cold weather does have some advantages especially fuzzy slippers! 🙂


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