Office in a Closet and Command Central Inspiration

Office in a Closet and Command Central Inspiration

Whenever I am on Pinterest and see an office in a closet, I get so excited! You see, back in 1998, my love affair with organizing began when I managed to take an under utilized coat closet in the dining room of our first house (strange place for a coat closet I know but the house was very small) and turned it into a closet office. I squeezed in a desk we already owned and then added some additional shelving for extra storage. It wasn’t anything fancy but I sure thought it was brilliant at the time. I was hooked on organizing from that point on!  Yep that’s how the junkie came to be.  Would you believe that we don’t even have one picture of such a pivotal piece of my past. Sheesh!  I just went back through all my albums to double check and nothing, so sad.

I loved that office in a closet so much.  I loved that with two small kids in the house I could shut the doors (we had left them on) and they couldn’t touch anything.  Plus, because it was so central to the house, my daughter could play her little computer games and I could still keep an eye on her while feeding her baby brother.  It was a 950 square foot house with no basement and we made every square inch of that house count. Those were the days!

Now I see so many beautiful office closets online.  Oh my goodness are they stunning.  I just recently saw this one below on Pinterest and asked Krista for permission to share her picture.


Isn’t that something!  You can see all the fun details on her blog at the Happy Housie HERE.  Krista calls it their command central because it really is in a central part of her home and everyone can access and use it easily.  I love all the little details and extra touches she added, including the pretty light!  Absolutely lovely and functional.  She now has an organized space for all those papers we all get that need to be managed and contained on a daily basis. It sure does make me miss mine!

Do you have or have you ever considered creating an office in a closet?

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4 Responses to Office in a Closet and Command Central Inspiration

  1. 1
    Seana Turner says

    I think an office in a closet is a great idea! It’s all about using your spaces in a way that makes the most sense for your family. If your closet is full of seldom used items or long-term storage, these items can be relocated and that prime space used in a way that will greatly increase functionality.

  2. 2
    Tia says

    I think that is so great; and no, never even considered it! I’m not too sure how small it could be as I think I would feel quite claustrophobic; however, it is a great spot to be focused solely on your work.

  3. 3
    Elizabeth says

    I love this! We made one closet my husband’s home office, and I built out one in an oversized laundry room we have. His and hers closet offices work just great for us!

  4. 4
    Marcia Francois says

    I have also always dreamed of it but we (in South Africa) need all the wardrobes for clothes – no walk-in closets here.

    However, i did think that a secretary’s desk is a good idea and can you believe it? I even remember where I saw the first good one – on Jordan’s blog (Oh happy day!)


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