3 Bathroom Cabinet Organization Essentials

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Kristin at The Gold Project.

Is your bathroom cabinet cluttered and messy?  These three organizing tools might help!

I am slowing getting my house put together and organized. The cabinet under my bathroom sink has been a mess for awhile. I know I just moved into my current home in January, but I had the same problem at every house before the current one. I would just place the items in the cabinet, which meant a lot of unused items would accumulate in the back of the cabinet. You would be shocked at the amount of items you can collect in the back of a bathroom cabinet. I loved it when I opened up one of the cabinet doors, reached for something, and a domino effect happened instantaneously. A great way to start my day!

So, I made my bathroom cabinet a priority this time around. And, it wasn’t a change that happened overnight. I would add organization elements, see how it worked for awhile, and change it again as needed. After five months, I think I have a system that works for me and my essentials.

Bathroom Cabinet Organization Essentials

bathroom cabinet items

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1. Single Turntable

There is only so much room in my cabinet and everything that I need on a daily basis can’t sit at the front of the cabinet without some help. I purchased a small turntable that sits in the front of my cabinet and stores all of my daily beauty essentials. Now, I can get to everything easily and without making a large mess.

turntable 1 turntable 2

2. Organizer Rack or Shelf

For the items that I do not use everyday and that live in the back of my cabinet, I purchased a white shelf from Wal-Mart. You can find them in the kitchen department. This shelf makes all of the items in the back of my cabinet visible and keeps the domino effect from happening.

tier 1

3. Large Bin

The first two items are located on the right side of my cabinet. On the left side, I have a large bin that is the size of the entire side. If I need something in the back of the cabinet, all I have to do is slide the entire bin out, grab what I need, and slide it back into place. Very easy and convenient.

I am on auto-delivery for my Philosophy Amazing Grace lotion, perfume, and shower gel. Sometimes, I haven’t used up one bottle before receiving another, so I place the new bottles in this bin. So, this bin mostly contains items that are new and waiting to be used.

bin 1

bin 2

And, a look at my entire bathroom cabinet…

whole cabinet 3

This project didn’t cost a lot of money and is working out great. What are your bathroom cabinet essentials?

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My name is Kristin and I am a middle school career education teacher by day and a mommy/wife/blogger by night. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have two loving children. We recently made a life-changing move to Arkansas, so our new house is always under construction. I get excitement out of finding new creative, functional, and cute ways to organize things! I also enjoy writing and documenting life as it happens. So, I put these loves together and created The Gold Project. With the help of my husband, I am attempting to turn our house into a home. So, check out this special place of mine and take this journey with me!

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2 Responses to 3 Bathroom Cabinet Organization Essentials

  1. 1
    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort says

    Thanks for the inspiration! I have bins under my bathroom cabinets, but the one under my kitchen sink could definitely use a turn table. You’re so right that you can’t fit everything you need at the front of the cabinet. I’ve tried! 🙂

  2. 2
    Katie says

    That’s so smart to use a lazy susan under the sink!


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