15 Ways to Get Organized with Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Rachel at Useful Beautiful Home.

Let’s talk about creative ways to get organized beyond shelves, hooks, and containers. Last time I was here sharing, I alluded to many ways the inside of a cabinet door can bring organization to your home. Today I want to highlight a few more of my favorites found in the kitchen.

15 Ways to Get Organized with Kitchen Cabinet Doors at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

Most doors have potential that is easily overlooked, which is why I want to share this mini organizing series as inspiration for you. Today I’ll focus specifically on the inside of kitchen cabinet doors. Originally I was going to round up one giant list of ideas, but that post was getting too lengthy. Hence, a mini-series on door organization was born. I broke it down into categories based around rooms in the house (kitchen, bathroom, etc.). So now you know what to expect over the next couple weeks from yours truly. :)

Without further introduction, here are 15 wonderful ways to utilize your kitchen cabinet doors for organization…

1. Keeping Track of Medicine Details


Source Useful Beautiful Home via I’m an Organizing Junkie

Don’t file away your important notes or record keeping strategies for medicine. Use the inside door of the medicine cabinet to keep important information on hand when needed yet out-of-sight from everyday view. I keep medicines in the kitchen (read why HERE) but the same concept could be used wherever you store medications and first aid supplies.

2. Drop Zone or Command Center


Source How to Nest for Less

While we’re on the subject of displaying information, memo boards rank high on the list as ways people have utilized cabinet doors, both inside and out. The kitchen tends to collect small scraps of paper, reminders, and everyday items like keys. Why not keep them hidden yet accessible behind a cabinet? Cork boards, magnetic boards, and small hooks seem to be ideal for this purpose.

3. Grocery Lists & Menu Planning


 Source 11 Magnolia Lane

I love this cute and creative genius from the sweet girls at 11 Magnolia Lane. Christy has the right idea for keeping pantry doors tidy, functional, and fun all at once. Using chalkboard paint for an erasable grocery list & menu planner is a perfect way to use this space for organization.

4. Cutting Boards


Source The Family Handyman

The idea of storing cutting boards on the inside face of a kitchen cabinet has been morphed several different ways. From using towel bars to skinny baskets, there are several ways people have accomplished this idea. However, the one linked above gives a great tutorial and seems to be one of the “originals” when the idea first appeared online. Either way, it’s a smart solution!

5. Plastic Wrap, Foil, etc.


Source The Wandmaker’s Mother

This is another idea that has taken on several variations from creative bloggers. Whether using a well designed organizer like THIS ONE or making your own from a file folder, using a metal magazine holder attached to the inside of a cabinet frees up valuable drawer space! Above is just one example of how to make your own organizer for foil, wax paper, and plastic wrap.

6. Cup Lids

lid storage

Source Good Life Organizing

I love this idea! So much so, that I’m planning on doing the same thing in our cup cupboard! We only have a few lids that go with specific cups and I have never found a good place to keep them… until now. Thanks Andi from Living the Good Life!

7. Baby Bibs


Source Useful Beautiful Home via I’m an Organizing Junkie

This was a post designed to show a couple ways of storing bibs other than a drawer. Naturally, if you don’t want to apply the “hook and loop” style product, you could always hang them on a removable hook stuck on the inside of a cabinet door.

8. Recipes


Source Echoes of Laughter

Angie has a beautiful baking center in her kitchen, which includes this recipe board she created on the back of one of her upper cabinets. Think of how easy this would be to access while cooking or baking!

9. Food Container Lids

Similar to the tip above, put the food containers inside on the shelves and use a magazine holder to contain all the lids on the door. Nothing gets lost or pushed to the back of the cabinet and the lids are all in one place. So smart!

10. Pot Lids

Source: Amazon

Similar to the previous idea for food storage containers, put all your pots in one cabinet and mount their corresponding lids on the cabinet door using a product like this one (affiliate link). Again, I saw several DIY versions of this technique (using hooks or towel bars) but the above picture represents the idea nicely.

11. Measuring Cups & Spoons


Source Infarrantly Creative

Another creative way to keep those kitchen essentials nearby and easily accessible. This is customizable to your own color preferences and Beckie also shows a bonus way (at the bottom of her post) to use the same method for jewelry organization. Brilliant!

12. Cooking Spices


Source Amazon

Oh my, the creative turns spice organization has taken! From utilizing magnetic spice canisters to traditional wall-mounted spice racks, anything works to organize those small jars on the inside face of a cabinet door. I thought using mop/broom holders (pictured above) was especially creative and seems easy to use!

13. Rubber Gloves


Source A Prudent Life

Hanging rubber gloves is another way to utilize the interior of a cabinet door, especially under the kitchen sink. I recently saw the same thing done with a Command Clip product, but if you have an extra clothespin hanging around, why not put it to good use (pictured above) like Melissa did!

14. Disposable Gloves

creative way to make the most of the space inside your cabinet doors

Source Useful Beautiful Home via I’m an Organizing Junkie

You read about this last time I contributed for Laura (HERE). It’s my easy answer to safely handling raw meat and other bacteria-laden situations in the kitchen.

15. Conversion Chart


Source Classy Clutter

I thought the printable pictured above from the girls at Classy Clutter was really helpful because it included more than just the basic measurements. Oh, and did I mention it was FREE?! Also, while you’re there, check out her customized spice shelf. It’s organization at it’s finest!

BONUS: DIY Tip-Out Drawers


Source Useful Beautiful Home via Morganize with Me

I wrote this post a while back for a sweet blog friend of mine. You can read HERE about how my hubby installed these drawer pockets on the backside of the fake drawers at our kitchen sink (pictured above). It was completely neglected space until we installed THIS PRODUCT and it solved my sink storage problem in less than an hour!

While this sums up quite a few of the majors, it certainly isn’t every single option! If you have a favorite way to use the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors, share in the comments below! In my next contribution I’ll show more brilliant ideas for bathroom cabinet doors. Until then, happy organizing!


In the professional world, I’m a nurse by trade. But, around our house, I’m known as Mommy to our young daughter. My two worlds collided and began shaping into a blog. Useful Beautiful Home represents the hours I’ve dedicated to managing my household as efficiently as possible. I offer you motivation to keep your home healthy, organized, and welcoming. My goal is to share what I’ve implemented in my home to inspire you with fresh ideas and to encourage you to keep up the good work in yours! Learn more about me HERE or visit me at UsefulBeautifulHome.com.

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  1. 1
    Abbie says

    LOVE the inside of the cabinets in number 1!! Great post :)

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    Jordan says

    Oh my gosh, a measurement conversion chart! I had never thought of that before and yet – it’s absolutely perfect! And the corkboard is so cute.

    • 2.1
      Rachel @ Useful Beautiful Home says

      I know, isn’t her conversion chart adorable and I love that it’s a free printable! Thanks for commenting, Jordan!


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