Shelf Dividers for your Closet ~ Day #20

Some of you noticed that on the top shelf of my closet I have dividers in place.  I only added these last year.  I hemmed and hawed about it for years unsure if they would really make that much of a difference.  Also I had trouble finding a source for them here in Canada.  Once I decided to go for it I went ahead and ordered directly from the Container Store online.  That was exciting for sure but boy was it hard paying the crazy shipping fee to Canada.  Yikes!  Canadians are unable to order from BUT I just noticed that now does carry them.  Whoot!

So am I glad I made the purchase?  You bet I am.  In fact I’m quite amazed at how much of a difference they really do make.  Before I had them in place my sweaters would sometimes topple and overlap one another whenever I tried to get one from the bottom of the stack.  I love how now the dividers keep my sweaters all nicely lined up and organized 🙂  More importantly they keep me from getting frustrated which is essentially the reason behind all the organizing I do.  I really hate being annoyed.  Is it the end of the world if you don’t have them?  No of course not, but I just wanted to mention them as I do love mine and what they do for me and my closet 🙂

shelf dividers for your closet

You can purchase shelf dividers for either wood or wire shelves.  I’ve provided examples below.

For Wood Shelves:

Chrome Shelf Dividers – set of 8 for $23.95

chrome shelf dividers for wood

InterDesign Classico Shelf Divider – set of 2 for $14.99

InterDesign Shelf Divider

For Wire Shelves:

Wire Shelf Dividers – set of 8 for $37.99

wire shelf dividers

Large Shelf Divider ~ $5.97 each

wire shelf dividers 2


All of the posts in this 31 day series can be found by clicking on the graphic below.

closet button large


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3 Responses to Shelf Dividers for your Closet ~ Day #20

  1. 1
    Monika says

    clever!They actually seem like a space-saver too because you can get stacks up close and still have their integrity.

  2. 2
    Becky L says

    I was at the Container Store on Friday. I exchanged a drawer divider that wasn’t going to work in drawer with one that would work. So I finally organized my utensil drawer today. Also put my 2 S hooks up and a 4 way hook, also from Container Store, in closet to hold bags. It works! Did that today as well and will share that soon on my blog. A little bit of organization here and there makes it work for me! I like your closet shelf dividers, good idea. My closet is a work in progress as always but it’s getting there! Have a great week!


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