Add a Dresser or Armoire to your Closet for Additional Space ~ Day #21

add an armoire to your closet for extra storage space

My girlfriend has this great storage closet in her guest bedroom in her basement.  She was giving it a makeover the other day and snapped some photos for me.

Here is what it looked like before.

closet organizing before

And then during.

She took it all out and organized it right there on the guest bed.  It always looks worse before it gets better.

closet organizing during

And then after.

She got rid of so much and as you can see she even has extra space now.

closet organizing after

What I love most of all about this closet is the added armoire.  The closet is already a generous space but adding the armoire (that she already had) gives her some inexpensive shelves for her to use to store hand me downs for the kids and gifts to be given.  In this closet she also has room for her filing cabinet and the three drawer bin is her gift wrap/bag station.

I am a huge fan of adding these types of portable storage to closets.  Anything from dressers, nightstands or even microwave stands work amazingly well.  Not everyone can afford to add closet organizers to every closet in their home but these types of options we often have in our homes already or they can be purchased very inexpensively second hand.

I use an old nightstand in my youngest son’s closet.  This photo was taken from our old house.

nightstand in the closet

And this is his closet in our current home.  I wrote about organizing his bedroom here.

nightstand in the closet 2

I like having those drawers for his clothes “to grow into”.

Add a Dresser to Your Closet:

My friend Becky from Clean Mama uses a dresser in her storage closet to store her fabric.  Dressers provide such great storage space!!

dresser in closet

Add Cubbies to Your Closet:

Another great idea is to use cubbies in a closet for additional storage.  Tsh from Simple Mom does just that in her boy’s closet seen below.

cubbies in a closet

Add a Bookshelf to Your Closet:

Bookshelves work really well in closets for shoe storage as seen in this closet from Fake-it-Frugal.

bookshelf in closet

If you are looking to maximize space in your closet inexpensively then give one of the ideas above a try!

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7 Responses to Add a Dresser or Armoire to your Closet for Additional Space ~ Day #21

  1. 1
    Kemi Quinn says

    We did this in our master bedroom. I don’t have pics of it but there’s this unused wall in our closet. The first thing I thought of was that our taller dresser could go in there to free up space in the bedroom. It’s worked wonderfully for 5 years.

  2. 3
    Charli says

    I just added an expedit I got off craigslist to my husbands closet and I love it!
    It was awesome that it came assembled (and just barely fit in the back of my tiny hatch back), with casters on and four baskets included. Being a renter, I have absolutely no desire to invest in a closet system when we’re not sure how long we’re going to be here anyway. So, bookshelves, dressers, and removable storage is the way to go for us.

    • 3.1
      Laura says

      That’s awesome! What a find!

      • Elena says

        We utilize that idea in our home office and use the shelves in the dresser to store boxes of file folders, envelopes, misc supplies. etc. Fortunately, the closet is big enough to incorporate that, but it’s difficult when you have a small one


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