Organizing a Gift Closet ~ Day #29

So one closet area we haven’t tackled yet in this 31 day series is the gift closet.  You know the area where you can tuck gifts away that you purchase throughout the year for birthdays and holidays?  I think it’s important to have a designated space for such things where everything can stay consolidated and happy. Because really all things are happiest when they are with their friends.  Do you all have such a space somewhere in your home?  One space that can be the collector of all gifts galore?  A space where you can keep all the gifts you buy so you don’t accidentally forget where you put them?  I do but I’m going to be honest here, mine isn’t in a closet.  I didn’t have any spare closets in this house so I use an armoire in my office instead.  It’s nothing fancy at all.  Just a simple armoire that my kids know they aren’t allowed to go near (or else!(.  Here’s a picture of it.

Organizing a Gift Closet

The two drawers at the bottom hide smaller gifts, the two biggest drawers hold gift wrap, bows, tissue paper and party supplies.  The bag on the left holds all my gift bags.  The smaller drawers on the right aren’t gift related but do serve an important purpose.  The hold my Command hooks and labels!  I keep my bin (the one with the blue lid) of greeting cards on the middle shelf for easy access.  All the other open space is dedicated to storing gifts.  The cardboard box on the top shelf is where I’m collecting Christmas gifts that need to be mailed.  Once those are mailed I’ll bring in three boxes, one for each of my kids to store and track their gifts for Christmas.  I’ve been using this same system for years.

Buying throughout the year:

I often purchase gifts throughout the year as I find things on sale or something that I know someone will love.   When your kids are young they often get invited to birthday parties so stocking up on sale items is the way to go.  I also like to keep a supply of neat hostess gifts on hand for those last minute dinner invites.  I tuck them all away in this closet until they are needed.

A Gift Armoire Makeover:

When I was visiting my sister earlier this month, she too didn’t have a designated space for gifts.  So I helped her create one because I’m the bestest sister ever.  Since she had no available closet space I set my eyes on an armoire in her living room.  It was an old computer hutch but since they use a laptop now, it wasn’t being used for anything other than as a dumping ground for random stuff.  In other words stuff she didn’t want to make decisions on.  While I was having none of that, this was the perfect “closet” space for our needs.  Time to get to work!  No more fooling around :)


armoire gift closet before


armoire gift closet

Now look at all that extra space!  Most of what was in there went straight to the trash or to the Goodwill pile.  It’s incredible what you can do once you set your mind to it :)  Now she has all that space to hide her gifts galore.  She can even put a child lock on the outside of the cabinet if she’s worried about the kids getting in.

So whether you have space in an actual closet or have to carve out space somewhere else, having a gift “space” is definitely the way to go.

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So why not get a jump on the holidays and start organizing a gift closet today!  Let me know if you have any questions about anything you’ve read here.

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7 Responses to Organizing a Gift Closet ~ Day #29

  1. 1
    Helen says

    I love this! I store our gift wrap in the attic , but I love how accessible yours is!

  2. 2
    Melissa D says

    The biggest addition I’d make: a childproof lock! My kids raided the gift closet the other day and were marveling over all the awesome toys they had found. And opened. And played with outside!!!

  3. 3
    margotgn says

    When we moved into our current home almost 20 years ago it had a couple of closets that locked. Our kids were not yet school age at the time. All along we told them that was where we kept financial papers, etc. and we locked the closet because we didn’t want to take a chance that they would be stolen or misplaced – and they never questioned it. That was where any gift we purchased went the minute it entered our house.

    I’ve recommended to anyone I knew who was purchasing or building a new home that they have at least one closet in their home that locked.

  4. 4
    Kelli says

    I have a gift cupboard in my dining room. The large bottom shelf is gift storage. The kids don’t know it, but it has a false floor so I can store my own kids gifts under the bottom of the cabinet, behind the kick board. The middle shelf has all of my greeting cards (I buy all my cards once a year at the Hallmark outlet then slip them into a monthly file so they are ready on the first of each month when I write them) and bows, tape dispenser, pens, stamps, prepaid parcel bags etc. The top shelf has 3 curtain rods, each with a large roll of gift wrap and 3 co-ordinating ribbons. I kep the wrap neutral for multipurpose (red and white stripe, green with birds and foliage, purple with bright spots). Sitting on the top shelflike, under the rods of wrap are rolls of tissue paper sheets in various colors. A copy of my birthday calendar is taped to the inside of the door and another copy on my greeting card file. I never miss a birthday or anniversary! I also have a stash of engagement, sympathy, get well, thank you etc. cards for unexpected events!

  5. 5
    Jayme says

    A gift closet is a good idea! For some reason I never thought to dedicate a closet to it. I haven’t seen anything on here about organizing an art closet.. I have so much stuff, and can’t figure out how to organize it, and make it all easily accessible. Anybody have a link? Or any opinions and tips would be much appreciated! It’s over 150 paint bottles, tons of canvas, finished paintings, projects, sketches, shelves full of pencils pens and random art supplies. And a huge easel from my grandfather that never gets used.hellppppp!


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