Maintaining an Organized Closet ~ Day #30

Maintaining an Organized Closet

We are almost to the end!  Now that we’ve made some progress on our closet organization this month, we really should touch on how we are going to keep it this way.  How do we keep are closet spaces from becoming a disorganized mess again?  Well the only way I know how to do this is by giving myself a few rules to follow to make life easier.  Yes easier, not harder.  If I have rules to follow then it just simplifies things for me.  Three of the rules I follow for maintaining an organized closet are:

1.   The one in, one out rule.

No brainer right.  Every time I buy something new whether it be a new shirt or a new set of sheets, then a similar item must go out.  This way my closet space never becomes over stuffed.

2.  Having a set number of hangers.

Having a set number of hangers forces me to follow the one in one out rule above when it comes to my clothes.  You can’t hang something new up if there are no spare hangers.  I have to part with something in order to free up a hanger.

3.  Put it away.

Mornings can be rushed and closets can get messy in all the hurry.  Each night I take 4 minutes to put clothes back on their hangers, in their drawers, into the laundry basket, etc.  It takes four to get it up off the floor.  What can I say, I like mantras.  Corny but it works 🙂

I found a great video on You Tube that provides a few more smart strategies to help us keep our clothes closets from getting crazy chaotic.  In the long run we’ll save time, money and STRESS.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?  It can be done!

If you can see the video, you can find it here.

Tiffany’s suggestions include:

1.  Get rid of stuff – perform a closet cleanse

2.  Create a shopping strategy – determine what you need

3.  Create an outfit gallery on your smart phone.

So even though our month of closets is coming to a close, I hope you’ll use some of what you learned and tackle one of your closets this week.  Keep the momentum going!  Don’t forget to send me your before and after pictures!

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    Closet Organizer says

    Love the one in, one out rule and taking time at the end of each day to hang things back up. Very Doable!


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