7 Awesome Organizing Tips From Around the Web

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Shannon at AKA Design.

7 awesome organizing tips from around the web at orgjunkie.com

The internet is full of ideas don’t you think?

If you want to know where to find that duvet cover you love, Google it. If you want to know why the sky is blue, Google it. If you want to know where the nearest Starbucks is, Google it.

The same goes for finding storage and organizing tips – and I’ve found 7 awesome organizing tips for you from around the web!

1. Have larger than necessary recycling bins in your kitchen. I don’t know about you, but we can never quite get our recycling bins emptied out before they’re overflowing. By getting sorting containers that are bigger than you think you’ll need, you leave room for all the recyclables that pile up while you’re busy doing other things. (via Good Housekeeping)

2. Assign one large bin to each family member in the entry or mudroom. Slide the bins under a bench for easy access and out of the way storage. (via Martha Stewart)

3. Do one small organizing task each day. Sort your spices, clean out a kitchen junk drawer, sort under the bathroom sink. At the end of the month you will have organized at least 30 spaces in your home! (via Redbook Magazine)

4. Have enough towels on hand for your family for two weeks. You know how it goes, you plan to do the laundry on Monday. But then something comes up and you figure you’ll just do it on Tuesday. Before you know it, it’s Wednesday – of the next week! By having plenty of towels for two weeks, at least you won’t have to dig through the dirty clothes to find a towel to use after your shower! (via Woman’s Day)

5. Store all instruction manuals in one binder in the kitchen or laundry room. That way you won’t have to go sifting through files or drawers when you need to figure out how to set the clock on the VCR.  Or some other similarly annoying appliance issue. (via Style at Home)

6. Tackle organizing in small bursts. Schedule a time to work on an organizing project when you have the most energy. Set a timer and quit when it goes off. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

7. Store trash bags inside the can under the current bag. That way when you take out the trash, there’s a bag ready and waiting. (via Lifehack)

What other awesome organizing tips do you know of? What little tricks do you use to keep your spaces organized?



shannon Shannon Acheson is a passionate interior decorator, frugal DIYer, sometime graphic designer, wannabe writer, homeschooling momma and adoring wife. She is the co-owner (with hubster) of AKA Design and the main writer/designer for the blog of the same name. Shannon recently moved from a war-era bungalow to a cozy backsplit in Oshawa, Ontario with her husband and their three children, and during spare moments can be found scouring local shops for decor bargains, rearranging the furniture again, or scrubbing paint off her hands.




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14 Responses to 7 Awesome Organizing Tips From Around the Web

  1. 2
    Carol says

    Thanks for sharing. I have a tip to share. When you set your washing machine to do the laundry, spend this time organizing. When the washing machine stops, you stop organizing. This works great with a 15 or 30 minute washing cycle.


  2. 3
    Andrea says

    In 2013, I don’t think there’s any reason to keep a binder of instruction manuals around. Almost everything I have purchased in the last few years has a PDF instruction manual available online, or in the few cases where it didn’t (I’m thinking of a cheap digital watch I got for the kids), I just scanned it and saved it to the same folder on my hard drive…only a couple pages. For anyone seeking to declutter., that’s got to be the way to go! I’m always glad when I have my instruction manuals when they are needed but I don’t need them often enough to keep a heavy binder of them. Digital, people!

    • 3.1
      Shannon aka design says

      That’s a good idea for people who are comfortable with digital, Andrea. :)

  3. 5
    Lisa of Hopewell says

    One small task is great! I try to this and one chore a day per family member (minimum)

  4. 6
    Jeanne says

    I thought the one about the trash bags was a great idea, years ago…. until the wasband emptied the contents of the wastebasket, unused bags and all, into the dumpster……!

  5. 8
    m @ random musings says

    I’ve learned to meal plan for one week + one day. That way I (a) have the ability to swap something out (b) have a start on next week or (c) can delay grocery shopping by one day, if necessary

    • 8.1
      Laura says

      That’s a great idea!!


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