New Video Up ~ Start With a Speed Purge

Start with a speed purge

Hey everyone, so I did up a new video giving you some organizing direction with where to start when you really have no idea.  When we are dealing with rooms loaded with clutter it can seem so daunting of a task.  What I suggest, after you take a deep breath, is to start with a speed purge.  This is a pass through where you don’t analyze every single thing you touch (yet).  Simply go through and purge out the things you know can go.  These are the easy decisions that don’t require a lot of thought for you and it might be a little easier now that you’ve faced the facts about what you own and why.

Once all that stuff is gone, you’ll free up space to tackle the tough stuff.  From there do ANOTHER pass through being a little tougher with your stuff.  This then allows you to easily transition into the remove, sort and purge (yes again!) step of the PROCESS.

I explain more in the video.  If you can’t see it, you can find it here.

Ummm what’s with the geeky picture…why do they pick the weirdest poses for the cover shot?  Blah!


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3 Responses to New Video Up ~ Start With a Speed Purge

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    Jenny says

    It’s hard to speed purge when it’s difficult to get in and out of the room! But I did take the opportunity early on to remove a few things I realized could go and I plan to answer the process questions formally on my blog tomorrow.

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    Laura Jane says

    Love what you said about facing the facts! Decluttering can actually be a pretty emotional process. For me, I need to face the facts that I’m never going to be a size 6 again, and I, too, realized that I’m not a scrapbooker. I got rid of those supplies a couple years ago, and it was so freeing! I don’t have to even feel guilty about not being caught up on my scrapbook or all the unused supplies any more.
    I’m tackling my unfinished basement which is really the whole reason the rest of my house is completely organized. I threw everything that I didn’t know what to do with down there, and now I need to face it! My big struggle is the sentimental, memorabilia type clutter. I have everything from my childhood (school papers, drawings, gifts for my parents, girl scout badges and such, photographs, cards I received, diaries, notes passed to schoolmates, etc.) If I just tossed it all, I would have nothing left of my childhood memorabilia. However, one box of cards can easily take an hour or two to sort through! I’m a little stuck right now. Most of the stuff can be tossed, but I found a few very heartfelt cards, that I enjoyed reading. However, even if I keep them, I doubt I’d look through them again.


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