February 2013 Sponsor Spotlight

It’s that time again where I give a huge shout out to the FANTASTIC sponsors on my blog from the previous month. Please read below to find out how each of them can assist you on your organizational journey or in future endeavors to simplify and de-clutter. I’ve also highlighted any specials, giveaways, promotions, posts, discounts and/or any workshops that may be available to you at this time. Keep reading and you’ll see what I’m talking about, there is something for everyone!!



Profitable Organizer is a company created to help you set up your own Professional Organizing business. I get many inquiries from people wondering how to go about doing this so I’m thrilled to be able to refer you to an excellent resource. Professional Organizer, Cynthia and her husband Adam have designed their business and membership site to help walk you through this process step by step. To find out if this is a path that might be right for you, you can watch this helpful video plus download their free 38 page 2-Week Guide To Generating $50/hr as a Professional Organizer that walks you through what is required and how Profitable Organizer can assist you with setting up your business.

Find out more about their membership options, which include videos, forums, sample documents and much much more, here.


Crystal EasyRecipes

Crystal from Crystal & Co is a mom to five boys and is a huge believer in easy recipes. Over on her mommy resource site she shares with her readers an index of over 50 easy recipes plus other resources to help you with your menu planning. Her newest resource is a brand new ebook titled, How to Meal Plan, A Step by Step Guide for Busy Moms and is a great ebook to help you get dinner on the table every night. Of course it won’t actually prepare your meals for you but it does provide tips, recipes and printables to get you going. I honestly think menu planning is one of the first places to start on your organizational journey but I know it’s not easy for everyone to implement. Whether you are a menu planner newbie or simply need a menu plan refresher, this ebook can help!

Also if you are stumped with what to make for dinner each night and limited on time (who isn’t?!) then be sure to head on over to Crystal’s easy recipe index for inspiration!

You can also find Crystal sharing recipes on Facebook.



Alejandra Costello is a Certified Professional Organizer who shows individuals how to become more organized and productive on a daily basis by setting up systems that work for their own organizing style. Alejandra started her company, Alejandra.tv, in 2008 at the age of 23 and to date has shared her organizing expertise with thousands of people in over 100 countries around the world. Formerly an IT engineer, Alejandra was named 1 of the 5 most organized people in America by HGTV. Her expertise has been featured in HGTV, The Washington Post, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, The Washington Times, CBS, NewsChannel8, and Mashable.

Check out some of Alejandra’s organizing videos:

3 Simple Ways to Organize Your Family

DVD & CD Organization

Plus don’t forget to sign up for her FREE 7-Day “Jumpstart” Video Series on her website to start getting organized today!


Naked Binder 2 Returning for another month is Naked Binder. Naked Binder makes the highest quality recycled and recyclable eco-friendly office and school supplies on the planet. They have designed their binders to be safer and healthier to make, use and recycle. Their binders, folders and tabs are all made in the US and don’t include any plastics, vinyls or toxins. Thumb through their online catalog to see all they have to offer. Everything about these binders works. Because they last, you have no worries about your papers, or having to get another in a month, or a year, or even 5 years.

Read more on their blog here as well as on Twitter.


Back for another month is Fridge Coaster. Fridge Coasters are beautifully designed, super absorbent “liners” that fit inside every refrigerator no matter the manufacturer or refrigerator model you own. Fridge Coasters should be placed in high traffic areas inside your refrigerator, under produce in the crispers and under milk and salad dressing in the doors. Fridge Coasters provide time saving function and color to the inside of your refrigerator like never before. Guaranteed to fit somewhere inside your refrigerator or your money back! Fridge Coasters are made of a dense super-absorbent 30% recycled wood pulp. Fridge Coasters and their packaging are 100% recyclable! I love Fridge Coasters! To read my review of them, please visit this post.

You can also find Fridge Coaster on Facebook.


In addition to her professional organizing business, Aby Garvey also offers terrific online workshops at Simplify 101. For a complete list of all upcoming online classes please visit their workshop catalog. Unsure if an online workshop is right for you? Take a tour of their online workshop system in advance. Coming up soon is a fun workshop for Organizing Your Creative Space where Aby will guide you through the process of organizing your creative tools and supplies so your organizing systems support your creative process. Plus, you’ll love how your space looks. You’ll spend less time stressing about clutter and more time enjoying your creative pursuits.

Also I wanted to give you the heads up about a workshop beginning March 21st titled Easy Menu Planning. Are you looking for a simple, flexible approach to getting dinner on the table? Would you like a plan tailored to your own eating preferences, budget and schedule? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create and implement a customized approach to getting dinner on the table. You’ll build your plan around your top menu planning goals such as eating healthier, simplifying meal prep, saving time and saving money. In the end, you’ll create a plan that works for you, taking the stress and frustration out of your dinner time recipe!

Find Simplify 101 on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.



Get Organized Wizardis a company designed to help you move from procrastination to action. Their programs help busy men and women take action toward a life of greater happiness, productivity and personal organization. Michelle has many products and programs available to help you with getting organized. You can view all of them and how they can help you by visiting her product page. Popular programs include her Life and Goal Organizer and 52 Organizing Missions. The Life and Goal Organizer is a motivating system of checklists, prompts, and ideas to help you take charge of your life, organize your goals, and free your mind. The 52 Organizing Missions is an achievable, motivating program of 30-minute missions for decluttering, streamlining, simplifying, and organizing everything. Available as a 465-page interactive PDF.

Also find Get Organized Wizard on Twitter and Facebook.



Sugarsnap New this month is SugarSNAP, a company that designs new and creative products and systems for busy parents. It’s the brainchild of Stacy Cooper Dent and Tarah Smith Evans, both proud moms of twins born weeks apart.  Their SugarSNAP Files are amazing at keeping diaper bags completely organized and hassle free.  Diaper bags are an essential part of traveling anywhere with babies yet they can often become bottomless pits.  The SugarSNAP Files changes all that and makes life so much easier.  I recently did a video on why I love this product as much as I do and you can view that here.  To see the entire line of SugarSNAP products please visit their website.

You can also find SugarSNAP on Facebook and Twitter.



If you would like to consider joining these awesome sponsors and advertising with me, please send an email to organizingjunkie (at) gmail (dot) com and I’d be happy to discuss my rates with you. Please also check out my advertise page for my site statistics. Thanks so much!!

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