Org Junkie’s 31 Day Organizational Challenge Begins + Sponsors!

It’s finally here!  Org Junkie’s (that’s me!) annual organizing challenge!!  This time you’ve got 31 days to achieve an organized space.  Are you ready to make a change?  Are you sick of your clutter owning you?  Then consider joining us this month as we concentrate on organizing one cluttered and chaotic room in our homes and work to transform it into an organized and peaceful space instead.

I know it is overwhelming and I know it will be tough so I’ve decided that I’m going to take up my own challenge for the month of March to show my support as we go through this journey together.  My challenge?  Gulp…I’m going to give up diet Coke AND sweets for the entire month of March.  Oh yes I am.  Now in case you think this isn’t a big deal for me let me assure you that you would be very very wrong.  I love love love my diet coke (on tap lots of ice!) and I’m really not sure I’ll be able to last an entire month.  BUT I want to try and every time I am craving one (which will be often) I’m going to use that as a reminder to pray for each and every one of you who participates with me this month.  Can we do this?  Yes we can!!

Introduce Yourself:

Today is all about introducing yourself and letting us know which room you’ll be organizing this month. And for those that are bravest of all I’ve put up a linky below if you’d like to link up your “before” pictures however please know that this isn’t a requirement of the challenge at this time (you will have to show them eventually at the end of the month!). I want this to be a positive and productive experience for you, that’s what it’s all about. Just leaving a comment for now is okay too 🙂  If you are linking up please be sure to link directly to your challenge post and not to your homepage.

Last year we had over 100 participants show us their before pictures on the first day which blew me away.  I’m hoping we can surpass that this year!

Note:  you do need a blog for this challenge or a Pinterest account as you will be required at the end of the month to link up your post showing off your before and after pictures. Don’t have a blog? Consider starting one, it’s easy to do or visit this post on how to use Pinterest to participate.

Where to start:

Select one room in need of some clutter control and chaos taming this month.  Remember this isn’t a challenge for those that just need to do a little tidying here or there or that simply want to make an already cute room even cuter.  Nope this challenge is for those that I’m most passionate about helping, those of you drowning in clutter and that are overwhelmed with the chaos of your space.

The first step of the PROCESS is to plan your space. You can find a list of questions to help you with that here. Like Peter Walsh always says, what is your vision for your space? This is important because you’ll need to remind yourself over and over again of this vision you want to achieve as you go through the tough de-clutter step.


Here is a calendar for you to download and print to help you stay on track. Pencil in a rough guideline of how much time you can dedicate each day to the project.

Calendar jpeg

Download March calendar here


  • don’t start before taking your before pictures – be sure to take many from every angle
  • this challenge is NOT about judging each other. It’s about encouragement and support. Nastiness is not tolerated here.
  • there will be weekly opportunities to link up and share the progress you are making.  These are not mandatory.
  • I have run this challenge here before and have been witness to some amazing success stories not only in physical spaces but also in the aha moments as well. It is pretty awesome to see and be a part of. I KNOW you can do this.


A FANTASTIC list of prizes valued at over $800!! See below for all the shiny details!


If you’d like to help spread the word please feel free to add the challenge button to your site or how about letting everyone know you’re participating by tweeting:

I’m participating with @orgjunkie in her 31 Day Organizing Challenge during the month of March and you can to!

The Twitter hashtag we’ll use for this event will be #31DOC

If you haven’t done so yet be sure to follow me on Facebook as well for regular updates and support.


Please feel free to use and share both challenge buttons on your site.



Official Challenge Rules:

  • During the month of March participants have 31 days to organize a whole room(s) in their home
  • You must have a blog or a Pinterest account in order to participate
  • You can enter multiple spaces if you’d like but participants are asked to create a separate blog post for each entry
  • A linky post will go up on the morning of March 31st for participants to link up to with a post showcasing BOTH their before and after pictures of their newly organized space. Participants will also be asked to answer a few questions about the process they followed and experience they had. Find the questions here (this is an example from last year).
  • Entries that don’t include both before and after pictures and question summary will be eliminated.
  • The challenge end linky cut off will be April 1st at 3:00 pm PST.
  • Three winners will be selected from all the participating entries
  • Judging will specifically look at overall transformation, creative use of space, storage solutions that work and overall personal experience.

Judging Criteria:

Overall TransformationA well organized, uncluttered, clearly defined and efficient space that lends itself to easy maintenance.

Creative Use of SpaceUsing creative solutions to allow you to maximize your space and create zones in a new and manageable way.

Storage Solutions that WorkUsing storage solutions that allow you to establish boundaries and limits and contain “like with like”.

Overall Personal ExperienceThe process that got you to the uncluttered space mentally and physically.

My philosophy on organizing is that it doesn’t need to cost big bucks to do it and as always you’ll notice that $$ spent is not even a factor in the judging criteria. Many a creative storage solution can be found for next to nothing. I’m not necessarily going for designer spaces here, I’m more interested in the journey you took to get to the end result. I’m looking for evidence that shows me that not only did you clear the clutter from your space but that you are ready to take what you learned in the PROCESS to move on and tackle other cluttered spaces in your life. Now that to me is a true success story!

Prize Details:

I am so excited about the amazing sponsors that have come on board to provide our winners with such FANTASTIC prizes. So many of my favorite organizing products up for grabs!!  Prizes are listed below for each of the three winners:

Are you ready for this?

$100 Gift Card from the Container Store

container store logo

The Container Store has a HUGE selection of organizing products.  You’ll find whatever you need for all your organizing projects.

A Car-Gos System & a Me+Mine Collection from SugarSNAP


SugarSNAP is a company with fantastic products for helping busy moms stay organized. You’ll receive a Car-Go System that is a compact, beautifully designed bin that fits perfectly in your car or SUV trunk, leaving plenty of space for a stroller, shopping bags, and more.  The Me+Mine Collection is a set of 5 bags with customizable labels that will help you organize your existing diaper bag or handbag.

sugarsnap car files sugarsnap me and mine

Drawer Decor Cutlery Organizer + Deluxe Starter Kit + Additional Base Mat


These products are an awesome addition to organizing any drawer.  Both the cutlery organizer and the deluxe starter kit are just the tools you need to get your drawers under control once and for all.  You will have your choice of base mat color.

cutlery organizer

drawer decor

Rubbermaid DIY Classic Configurations Closet Kit


SpaceSavers offers products that increase household efficiency and functional storage space for DIY home organizers and small businesses.  With this Rubbermaid closet system you’ll be able to reconfigure your four foot to 8 foot wide closet and increase your storage up to 14 feet of shelf space and 12 feet of hanging clothing storage. The kit has adjustable shelves and telescoping hanging rods so there’s no cutting required.

closet system

One Year Subscription to Getting Organized Magazine

Getting Organize Magazine is the go-to resource for those looking to organize their homes or their work. This comprehensive, easy to read magazine makes organizing fun, easy and how-to as possible. You’ll get previews of the latest products, tips on how to conquer your paper piles, advice on issues like attention deficit disorder (ADD) and much more. Getting Organized Magazine was created by a Professional Organizer with several years of client experience and is the only one on the market solely dedicated to the top of organization.

Large Lay-n-Go Storage and Activity Mat


Lay-n-Go Cosmo ~ The Ultimate Cosmetic Bag


Lay-n-Go™ is a patent pending activity mat, cleanup, storage and carryall solution in one that offers kids and parents a great way to easily manage their toy and makeup collections at home or wherever your travels may take you!

$100 Gift Certificate from Off-the-Floor

RackIt 500 x 500

Off the Floor’s products were created and designed to meet personal challenges of dealing with clutter throughout the house & garage, unmet by existing products out in the market today.  The modular storage units have snap construction which allows for easy assembly with no tools required, including snap-on accessories.  Configure the shape of the overall unit to fit any space, or split a starter kit into multiple smaller units.  Ten different colors are available to fit any room décor.  With door hang and wall mount options, it requires no valuable floor space.  Various accessories allows a place for everything, and everything ends up in its place!

The 2013 Clean + Organized Lifestyle Kit

clean+organized lifestyle kit

This extensive instant download kit comes complete with 74 organizational documents brought to you from Becky at Clean Mama.  Everything you’ll need to organize your life and time can be found right here in this kit.

One Super Organizing Tote + One Hang-Up Room Organizer

31 super org tote and wall org

These items are super cute, super functional, super stylish, super convenient, super fashionable and a super great price point!! They are just plain SUPER! They come from a company that sells organizing totes, bags, purses, wallets, bins and more! We offer solutions for our just about everybody! We are always coming out with new products, styles and fabrics to choose from so you will never get bored! For more information on our great products including specials of the month, hostess specials, new products and more please request to join Boid’s Bag Biz on Facebook.

$50 Gift Certificate from Fridge Coasters

fridge coaster 125x125ad copy

Fridge Coasters are super absorbent “liners” that come in different sizes to fit all high traffic areas of your refrigerator. Place under produce in the crispers to keep your veggies fresh longer, or under milk and salad dressing in the doors to absorb drips that would normally dry to the bottom of your bin, ewww. Fridge Coasters provide time saving function and fashion to the inside of your refrigerator. In addition, their really proud to say that their sustainable product is made 100% in the USA of 30% (or more) post consumer product.


I will select three additional people at random from all the entries received to each win a one year subscription to Getting Organized Magazine.


How’s that for motivation? I told you it was exciting!!

So what do you say? Are you ready to join us this month and turn a cluttered room into an organized one where everything has a home and you can find what you need when you need it?

If you have any questions, please leave them for me in the comments.  Thanks!

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86 Responses to Org Junkie’s 31 Day Organizational Challenge Begins + Sponsors!

  1. 1
    Ellie says

    Thank you, Laura! I’m ready to begin on mbr which has been neglected. Way too much stuff in there. Want to make it a calm, relaxing room.

  2. 2
    Kelli says

    This is just what I needed to get motivated to clean my garage! Thanks, pics coming soon!

  3. 3
    Kimberly @ FireDancer Designs says

    I have finally decided that I will tackle our laundry room, which serves also as our entry way/coat closet and home office. The poor room is having an identity crisis and it is time for the madness to STOP! I have had a plan for the room for a while just haven’t had the time, energy, money or motivation to make it happen. Thank you for once again doing this challenge. I look forward to participating!

  4. 4
    Kari says

    I will be joining in working on the Master “suite”. This includes the Master Bedroom, our walk-in closet and the Master Bath. I figure with 31 one days I can tackle all 3, especially since the Master Bath isn’t that big. But it also has zero storage space so I’ve been using Rubbermaid drawers, etc and they need a major overhaul! I will come back later and link up after I’ve had time to take pictures and write up a blog post! Thanks for the challenge and motivation! The prizes look awesome, but I know the best prize is going to be having a beautiful and organized bedroom to wake up in every morning!

  5. 5
    hsmominmo says

    How about if I give up diet cokes and you come organize my space for me?
    ok, never mind.
    Yesterday I told hubby about your upcoming challenge (he was beyond excited, btw — your past challenges have made a HUGE improvement around here!) and asked him what space he thought I should tackle. He didn’t miss a beat and blurted out ” the storage room” – that dark dungeon where everything gets shoved and we’ve never been able to full utilize the space in an efficient manner because there are no good boundaries set. Looks like I’m committed!
    Now, the question is, am I brave enough to post the before pics?

    • 5.1
      Beth @ Whole New Leaf says

      My husband had the same response about the “office” which has basically become our storage room. The before pics will definitely be embarrassing but a much needed kick in the pants!

  6. 6
    Ann says

    OK, I’m going to give this a shot this month! I’ve been following you and reading about organizing for a while now–its time to step into the light and get started. First step–decide which mess to tackle, haha; there are so many.

  7. 7
    Molly Smith says

    I am so ready for this and excited to start! This is the nudge I needed to get my closet cleaned and organized. It was formerly my mother’s closet – I still have some of her belongings in it, but after three years, I do believe it is time to let go of some things 🙂

    The prizes are FABULOUS but my first prize will be to finally have a nice, organized closet.

    Thank you Laura and sponsors!

    • 7.1
      Molly Smith says

      I’m changing my space to the dining room. At least I can use my closet, I cannot use my dining room so it takes priority 🙂

  8. 8
    Mo says

    I think I need to join! My master bedroom is in need of some clutter control! I feel like I am so oganized in certain areas of the house, and others are such a mess. Walk in closet, tops of dressers, nightstand drawers, and ensuite bathroom could all use some work! l will link up some before pictures once my computer is fixed.

  9. 9
    Mary says

    I have to work tonight, so I don’t think I’ll have time to get the blog post up announcing the challenge and the room photos (which I’ve already taken) tonight, but I’ll try! The room I’m doing is my basement. This room is SCARY! It’s a collection of my laundry room and all of the clutter and junk we’ve collected since moving in. That’s 7 years of accumulation! The general plan is to find a way to turn this space into half our homeschooling classroom, and the other half my laundry room. We have some other musts in terms of storage items to include, such as our tornado preparedness items and my husbands military items that he has to keep at home. If I can manage, I will also have a little corner carved out for our workout equipment. I know, a lot of stuff has to go in our basement, and this is partially what caused the mess. I can’t wait to see what we get figured out for creative storage! I know we can do it!

  10. 10
    Becky L says

    Oh dear! I’m in a pickle again cuz now I have to get this one room done! I did one phase of the family room that I use for my desk/office. I got some done before Thanksgiving. Now I need to finish it. Too much to do before the holidays then I got sick and then sick again, really! Is that an ok thing to link up? It’s a process and I need to get it done anyway. Sigh. I’ve been looking at the stuff I need to do and have been trying to figure out what to do with it. Now I will definitely get it done! Thanks for the kick in the pants. I love the inspiration!

  11. 11
    Michele W says

    Ok! I’m ready to do this! I’ve been following you for awhile now…time to get to gettin! I will be doing our spare bedroom. It is our computer room and guest bedroom. Actually right now its a HOT MESS! Its the catch-all room. I will use this challenge to de-clutter the room and move my scrapbooking/crafting stuff into the space. The twin bed needs to remain in the room but the rest of the space is mine to work with. I accept this challenge!! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  12. 12
    Leann says

    I definitely want to do this, with that being said my bedroom will be my focus, it has been a catch all for the last year (since my second was born) it also is where all our laundry ends up… Then never leaves or gets put away. This is just the motivation I need, thankfully my husband is ready to help me tackle my bedroom. I don’t have a blog so I will be linking through pinterest. (Unless I find the courage to start a blog)

  13. 13
    Raesha de Ruiter Zylker says

    I am SO in!!!! My room is my master bedroom and closet – both have been sorely neglected and are in severe need of de-cluttering!! WOOHOO – this is going to be fun!

  14. 14
    Ginger says

    Ok I am in. This is a big step and leap of faith. My basement has been trashed for 8 + years. So with God’s help and yours lets give it a whirl!!!

  15. 15
    Gail says

    I just want to encourage you about the Diet Coke – you can do it! I totally loved my Diet Coke but gave it up for Lent last year, and haven’t gone back since. Don’t get me wrong, it was really difficult! I wanted it many times a day! But I’m so glad to be done with it – it was worth the trouble!

    • 15.1
      Laura says

      Thanks Gail!!

  16. 17
    Megan says

    I tried to link up too, I hope it worked! This challenge is just the nudge I need to get going on this project! What amazing prizes too. Looking forward to getting started tomorrow!


    • 17.1
      Megan says

      Okay I need help with the link-up part! I wrote a big long post on my new blog about this and now it won’t work to show everyone my before pics in your link up section. Here is the link if this will work here:!/2013/03/organizing-journey-laundry-room.html

      I’m the mother of two small boys (3 and almost 1!) and while I don’t necessarily need a command center yet, I know we will soon because they are already SO busy! I’m hoping to change our laundry room, which is where we enter our home from the garage, into a bright, cheery entry room/command center/laundry room. I need major storage for coats, keys, bags, shoes, laundry items, cleaning items….its going to be a massive overhaul!

      • Laura says

        Hi Megan, make sure to include a link to within your post. This is called a backlink and may be why you are having trouble linking up. Hope that works for you 🙂


        • Megan says

          Thank you for the reply, Laura! I tried to add a link to the 31 day Challenge post and then link up again but it said that I needed to backlink just like you said. Sigh…learning curves are the worst! 🙂 Not sure what I’m doing wrong… any other help would be greatly appreciated!!

          • Laura says

            Okay Megan that is definitely strange. I checked your post out and you clearly have a backlink there. I tried to link up for you and it didn’t recognize any pictures on your blog even though you clearly have them so I couldn’t get past that stage. Very weird! Are you still getting error messages yourself?

            • Megan says

              Yes, I’ve tried at least 30 times (really excited about this challenge! 🙂 ) and every time I do, I get the same error backlink message. And it never shows any of my pictures to select either. I’ve tried doing my own upload and that doesn’t work either. Not sure what to do to fix it but I really want to be apart of this Challenge and contest!

              • Laura says

                I just can’t seem to figure this out. I’m not sure why you can’t upload your own photo either. It appears that you are doing everything right. We’ll see if you have any trouble with your next post. Hopefully that will work just fine 🙁

              • Megan says

                okay I hope so too!

  17. 18
    Jennifer says

    OMG! Sooo needed this! Especially after my post today! Now, to just decide which room to pick..,..

  18. 19
    Michelle says

    This challenge has gotten me motivated on two fronts. First, I am tackling my craft / where everything gets tossed room and I’m going to get back to blogging.

  19. 20
    Jennifer says

    Here goes. I’m Jennifer, and I’m a packrat. Oh, wait. Not that kind of introduction? OK. I’m not sure how my house got this bad. I really don’t. I’m usually messy, but this has gotten ridiculous and utterly gross. I can say, at least, that it’s just stuff–not food and flithiness (other than some dirty laundry)–just stuff. But still, it’s gross. So, here I go. I’m going to do the littles’ room. Fingers crossed I have enough energy to do both the littles’ and the sun’/craft/homework room as I’d really like to do.

  20. 21
    Laura says

    Yes, I’m totally on board! I’ve been putting off turning the spare room into a nursery because of the sheer volume of clutter in there but, with only 8 weeks left to my due date, this is the kick I need to finally get the ball rolling. Count me in! =)

  21. 22
    Amy says

    I am going to attempt our old launrdy room. The plan is to turn it into a sewing/craft room with an area to use as storage.

  22. 23
    Erika Melmed says

    Ok I’m ready–I’m going to tackle my closet/office/craft room/junk room. And yes, it is all those things–that I have tried to cram into a closet. Unsuccessfully.

    It will conquer it this month!

  23. 24
    Caitlin DiSanto says

    Hi my name is Caitlin. I plan in blogging and linking up tomorrow since I am on my phone now. I am currently struggling with what room to tackle. My first option is the “Man Cave” which isn’t really a cave, rather it is our main level living room. OR my craft room. I can’t decide

    • 24.1
      Caitlin says

      all linked up!

  24. 25
    Shawnt'e says

    This will be my link:

    I will be attempting to declutter our 3rd bedroom which is currently a junk room and prepare it for my daughter when she (we 😉 are ready to stop co-sleeping 🙂

  25. 26
    Angela says

    I am a bit afraid to commit. I am not known for finishing things. But if I give it a good effort, maybe I can finish. I cam going to tackle my kitchen/dining room. My entire house needs this, but I use my kitchen the most, and it would be nice to have room to use it properly again.

  26. 28
    Andrea says

    Hi Laura,
    Thank you for hosting this challenge. I so needed the motivation. One month to make my bedroom a beautiful sanctuary..I can’t wait!

  27. 29
    Bernice J says

    With a great deal of nervousness, I have decided to tackle my front entry area this month. I hope I can transform the space and get all my photos taken and posted on time! it’s going to be a lot of work!!

  28. 30
    Liz M. says

    I love a Challenge! Thank you so much! I am going to tackle my sewing studio! This room a major task for me!

    I am praying to get my sewing room organized in one month. This is one task I really need some motivation!

  29. 31
    Kellie says

    Well mine is going to be a whole house organization. We are moving today and tomorrow from a 3 bdrm 2 bath house to a much smaller 3 bdrm 1 bath apartment with 4 of us living in it. My husband & I, our daughter and our son. The kitchen is much smaller and so are the bedrooms so I am going to have to find a way of making spots for things that I noormaly had room for. Some of my stuff will be kept in storage for a little while until my son graduates and then we will have more room

  30. 32
    Amanda says

    Thanks so much, I’m really excited! The room I’m tackling is going to be our guest room (AKA where I’ll be sleeping with my new baby when he’s born in June). My three year old son will eventually be sharing his bedroom with his brother but initially I’ll be in a separate room with the baby. Right now that room is a total disaster/crap catch-all and it NEEDS to be ready by June. What a perfect way to get it done!

  31. 33
    Lisa says

    I’m excited about this challenge…wish it would have started a month ago when i started tackling my kitchen! But my bedroom is now my source of disaster and my next project. I am slowly chipping away at my disorganization but in the mean time room’s I’ve not worked on while putting forth so much time in the main rooms have been destroyed by clutter. I have been so disorganized for so long, raising 3 children alone after a divorce 8 years ago (and a move 7 years ago) with very little help or even a weekend dad. Now my kids are older, I have started trying to tackle years of stuffing items as my main cleaning source and moving in a house (try moving a home with 3 kids in the car) and alone…finally hired some people in need of work but had no experience who basically crammed boxes and stuffed them all over my house. Anyway..a challenge with prizes to boot, is just extra incentive to get my project done. Thank you for your site and all the inspiration I’ve been getting from you and others!

  32. 34
    anna t says

    I have been needing to organize my craft room for awhile now. I’ve started a couple of times but haven’t made much progress. The rest of the house is “organized” because all I had to do was find a practical place to put something. The problem with the craft room is, I need to organize all the craft supplies (and random trash I believed could be used as craft supplies) before finding a place to store them. Additionally, this room has been designated as the toy room – for my 2 cats, Sugar and Spice. Clearly, I have no kids, just spoiled cats. 🙂

  33. 35
    Kelly says

    My task is going to be my office! I really hope to stay on top of this throughthe month of March. I believe the lack of time I feel I have is largely due to not being organized in my office. I could get much much more done if I had the space organized!
    Pictures to follow….
    Good luck everyone…because in the end, we are all winners! We will all end up with a great space! 🙂

    Looking forward to the journey!!

  34. 36
    Kelly says

    My task is going to be my office! I really hope to stay on top of this throughthe month of March. I believe the lack of time I feel I have is largely due to not being organized in my office. I could get much much more done if I had the space organized!
    Pictures to follow….
    Good luck everyone…because in the end, we are all winners! We will all end up with a great space! 🙂

    Looking forward to the journey!!
    – See more at:

  35. 37
    Nancy says

    I’m in. I will work on my garage

  36. 38
    Kristin D. says

    This came up just in time! We’re working on overall organization and decluttering, but I really need to focus on the living room/kitchen (it’s an open plan, so really it is one room that needs serious attention! I’m in.

  37. 39
    RBrooks says

    Oh I think I’m going to try to get in on this! My master bedroom closet is in MAJOR need of reorganizing! It seems as if all of our extra ‘stuff’ ends up in there and I’m running out of space for my clothes!

  38. 40
    Brittany says

    I am excited to start on my Spare Bedroom. It was used as an office, and has become a place we throw anything that is out of place. I had lots of goals to get this done in the past but it is on the agena for this month! It has to get done before summer. Why not make it a challenge

  39. 41
    Crystal says

    I will try to give it a shot. I always have good intentions but something always seems to get me derailed.

  40. 42
    Christa Graham says

    I’m joining in! My son’s room has gotten out of control! Not only is it my son’s room, but it is also our guest room and only storage space in our apartment. It is time to get it cleaned out, organized, and put to use! Now that he is walking and could actually play in there, I’d like him to be able to enjoy it! I will take pictures and add to the link party before I get started!

    • 42.1
      Christa Graham says

      Okay, I’m linked up! #30 (Mom, Paper, Scissors)!

  41. 43
    Angie LaMunyon says

    Joining! My office needs serious helps. It looked like a hoarders episode until a few days ago. My before pictures won’t show the worst of it, but it’s still pretty bad in there!

  42. 44
    Kristen says

    I’m in! The whole house needs decluttering, but I’m starting with the Living Room.

  43. 45
    Rita says

    I am in!! My guest bedroom is in serious need of help. I can’t even walk in there because there is sooo much clutter. This will help give me the motivation to get it cleared out and organzied! 🙂

  44. 46
    Kaitlyn says

    I’m joining a few days late, but I think I’ll be tackling my bedroom. It’s a mess that I’ve been meaning to get at for a long time. It’s not the messiest room in the house, but that’s probably only because I have days every once in a while where I do a massive clean… and then forget about it.

  45. 47
    Tracy says

    Okay I’m going to give this a try! I will be tackling a bedroom.

  46. 48
    Rachel Gilman says

    My office. The dumping ground for the house. I work out of this space part time and the clutter is killing my concentration! Not to mention that there are actually two desks in here and my husband has been patiently waiting for one of them to become available since we moved in a year ago.

    Additionally, I am reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and Energy is my focus in month one. Clear the clutter and see that personal energy increase!

    (Honestly, I did not add to the clutter in my before photos – it is seriously this cluttered and chaotic in this room!!)

  47. 49
    Vanessa says

    I plan to do the challenge too. Our Master bedroom is out of control and with a baby on the way (that we plan to have in a bassinet in there for the first few months) we could really use it to stop looking like a typhoon just went through. I’ll have to work just a few minuets a day on it since being in my thrid trimester cleaning isn’t exactly easy but I’m excited to get started. 🙂 I already took my before pictures and put them on pintrest but I had some troubles linking them up. I may need my husbands help on that one 😉

  48. 50
    Jane Babich says

    Laura, I am coming late to the party, but I love your concept and I am jumping on board. I have a “spare room” that I want to organize and find the best purpose for this space. So I am going to read through your great plan and get started. Even organized people like myself need motivation to attack those projects that do not impact our every day life. Looking forward to joining your group.
    Blessings, Jane

  49. 51
    Susan says

    I’m joining in, although a few days late. I’m going to organize our second bedroom, which is currently a craft room and office (church office, no less!). We need a place for our daughter to live this summer while she is home from college, so it needs to become a guest room/craft room. My hubby will move the church part of the office into our bedroom – which will create a completely different organizing challenge! We moved into a smaller home almost 2 years ago to save money, but it’s really too small for what we need. I’m hoping to learn how to streamline this room to make it work well for our needs this summer.

  50. 52
    Gail S. says

    Hope it is not too late to join!! This is just what I need – a push to get this accomplished! I am starting with a spare bedroom that has turned into a place where we just “toss” things in until later.

    • 52.1
      Laura says

      Nope not too late at all. The only mandatory link up is the one at the end of the month 🙂 So glad you are going to join us!


  51. 53
    Monica says

    Oh my! I am organizing our school room and we only have 2 months left of the year. We have not done one day of school in it…my living room needs a break! Most of the clutter is homeschool books that came back after loaning them out that I now have no room for. The rest is paper that I alone can go through and sort. Some of the work has already been done and it looks amazing compared to what it was. Alas, the rug is now visible.

  52. 54
    Alexa says

    I’m a little late to the party, but HOLY MOLY do I need this challenge. My life is falling apart due to my chaos and inability to keep things organized. Thanks for offering the challenge and the help!

  53. 55
    Eydie says

    I’m overwhelmed but I’m in.

  54. 56
    Phil B says

    Hi Laura,
    I’m a late joiner as well and from the UK if that’s ok? I appreciate that the prizes may not be appropriate/available over here but I’m joining for the challenge not the prizes (although they’d be a bonus!).
    My whole house has just become full of clutter – my husband is a serial spender and all our storage spaces are filled with car/motorbike parts!! I need to take control!! The area I’ve chosen to tackle is our ‘back room’ – my step-son’s room/guest bedroom. He stays with us every other weekend and it doubles as our guest room but my husband uses the room as a dressing room as he uses the shower in the en-suite (we only have a bath upstairs) and it’s become a complete dumping ground. Our dining room table is often a dumping ground for things in transit to their proper place (usually paperwork) but if we’re in a hurry to clear the table we usually just dump everything in the back room. A a result it’s ended up as an ever increasing pile of clothes, paperwork, car/motorbike parts, as well as housing my step-son’s scooter/skateboard etc as all our other storage is full. I have to tackle the clutter in the whole house but as my mum is coming to stay next week I need to start here otherwise she has no where to sleep!

    Unfortunately I’m having the same problem as Megan with the back link on pinterest. I thought if put a link in there but its not recognising it and I’m getting the same error message as Megan. I may not have done it correctly but here’s my page:
    I will persevere…..

  55. 57
    Marie says

    This has been the motivation for me to finally tackle our basement. It is overrun in stuff that came with the purchase of our house 8 years ago. We just keep adding to the pile down there. It has become a catch-all. It annoys me. It makes me sad. It makes me mad. It’s long past time. Thank you for your encouragement and guidance.

  56. 58
    Karen says

    I’m starting today, 3.22.13, as I haven’t been following your blog like I should! I was unable to post here, but posted my initial pics on today’s link-up, so it’s all good!!! I have a long way to go to catch up, so pray for me. (I have to file my not completely ready taxes this week too!!!)
    Thank you for this challenge~ I So Needed It!!!

  57. 59
    Kimberley says

    I am joining in late but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take on a challenge!!!


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