Purse Perfector Giveaway ~ oh ya baby! (closed)

This giveaway is now over. The winner is #930 Natasha!!

You all know I’m crazy about my Purse Perfector purse organizer. If there is one product that I use day in and day out that has changed my life, this would be it. Believe me I’m not exaggerating! I love it for so many reasons that I thought I’d do a video explaining them all.  There are so many purse organizers on the market and I think I’ve tried most of them, but nothing compares to this one.

Today you could win one for yourself, whoot!!


One person will win a large Purse Perfector in your choice of color!  See them all here.  To enter I’m doing something a little different today.  I am trying out the new giveaway blog tool, Rafflecopter.  It’s suppose to make running a giveaway a little easier, we shall see.  Just follow the instructions on the box below.  If you have any problems with it, just let me know!  Open to everyone 🙂

Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Lyn from Purse Perfector has also kindly offered to provide a discount code for my readers when you purchase it directly from her site.  Get $10.00 off at checkout with the code ORGJUNKIE.  Click below to purchase.

Good luck everyone!!

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261 Responses to Purse Perfector Giveaway ~ oh ya baby! (closed)

  1. 1
    Karen says

    My bag is always in total carnage. I keep swapping from big to little bags and back again with no joy.

    Would love this to sort it out!

  2. 2
    Ellen Ross says

    i NEED THIS! my purse is so disorganized it takes forever to find stuff and theres crumbs and wrappers everywhere!

  3. 3
    Cori says

    oh, I try to keep it neat and organized, but by the end of the day it is a mess. I have to clean/re-organize it every night or I can’t sleep 🙂

  4. 4
    Kerry says

    I totally need one! I constantly keep buying more mints, chapstick, etc. because I think I loose them – they’re just scattered between all of my bags!

  5. 5
    Ann Odle says

    I have so many purses, I’m thinking this would make it easy to change them quickly–instead of sitting there & sifting through stuff to put into my new “bag of the day.”

  6. 6
    Sarah says

    I LOVE my purse perfector! So no, my purse doesn’t need a makeover at the moment. However, if I win this I would give it to my good friend who saw my purse perfector and loved it too!

  7. 7
    sara demay says

    my purse is always a disaster – this would be great!

  8. 8
    Shannon says

    This looks like an awesome purse organizer!

  9. 9
    Jackie says

    I would love this for my messenger bag/purse. It would also be great for turning a regular purse into a diaper bag.

  10. 10
    Adrienne says

    Love This….my purse always looks like a tornado went through it so I hope I win!!

  11. 11
    L J says

    I so need this.

  12. 12
    Kristin @ RoadBestTraveled says

    Ah, the time I could gain back that is spent digging through my purse in search of a missing nail file, chapstick, etc…. Plus, I think this would be great for changing purses over – just lift everything out and transfer it at once!

  13. 13
    Lauri E. says

    I would love this…. I hate scrambling in my purse for everything… all purses should have one of these in it!! would love to win… Thanks

  14. 14
    Robin from Frugal Family Times says

    Oh boy, could I ever use one of these! Among the bizarre kid junk floating around in my bag there are some actually useful things I’d like to find on the first try.

  15. 15
    Dawn says

    with a two year old boy and a baby on the way, my purse ends up with everything inside it. it would be nice to have it all organized

  16. 16
    Megan says

    My purse is so disorganized 🙁 I would really use this!

  17. 17
    Eden says

    I would love to win one of these! My purse is a constant disaster because I switch back and forth between it and my work bag (I’m a nurse). This would be great because I could move the whole organizer!

  18. 18
    Beth says

    Definitely could use some organization in my purse!!

  19. 19
    Kara says

    My purse could really use this, there is only one small zipper pocket inside so everything just gets thrown in together and I have to dig through it.

  20. 20
    Melissa R says

    I can’t find my gum…. In the mess that is my purse!

  21. 21
    PW says

    I need this bad!! Will help to organize my messy messy purse and brief case.

  22. 22
    Tabitha Pyle says

    yes it’s a mess

  23. 23
    Ellie says

    Fantastic product. Love how it can be separated for smaller purses.

  24. 24
    Kyra says

    My purse needs organization or elimination!

  25. 25
    Mare says

    Oh, with all of the items floating around in my purse, I could absolutely use this amazing organizer!

  26. 26
    Charli says

    My purse could definitely use a little love, but more importantly it’s going to be doing double duty as a diaper bag in about four weeks so I would LOVE a little tool like this to keep it organized.

  27. 27
    Andrea Southworth says

    I need this. My purse is embarrassing!!!!

  28. 28
    Abbigail says

    My purse was a Christmas gift from my brother, actually. It is an enormous slouchy brown leather bag from Lucky, and while I LOVE that I can carry a book, a bottle of water, my planner, toothbrush, etc. all inside one bag, finding those items is a different story!

  29. 29
    Jeanette says

    Oh my this is clever – love it, need it – waaant it so badly!

  30. 30
    Leslie says

    I would love to win this!

  31. 31
    Jennifer Gervais says

    I truly need a purse organizer. Its the one thing in my life that I cannot keep organized. I will clean and organize it first thing in the morning and within a few hours I can’t find anything in it again. It doesn’t matter how big or how small my purse is. I think that if I carry a smaller purse that I won’t need to have as much stuff in it but I find myself just cramming everything in. I will never win the purse organization battle.

  32. 32
    Whitney says

    My purse is currently a bottomless pit of anything I’ve ever throwen in there. Yikes, Some organization could only help!

  33. 33
    Shannon says

    I’m getting ready to switch purses since my old one is overrun with too much stuff. This Purse Perfector would be the answer my problems!

  34. 34
    Hilda says

    OOOO!! I’ve been looking for a great purse organizer ever since I started using my latest purse (it’s beautiful but I’ve nicknamed it the great abyss because once something goes in it I can’t find it back!). Love how versatile this one is!

  35. 35
    CP says

    This would be a godsend for a lady like myself with a woefully disorganized purse! Fingers crossed!

    ~CP, ladiesinnavy

  36. 36
    Amanda Perez says

    Would love one of these for use in my diaper bag!

  37. 37
    Jen says

    impossible to find the ringing cell phone sometimes!

  38. 38
    DianeR says

    My purse is always a mess and I can’t find anything. I think I NEED this! 🙂

  39. 39
    a says

    I’m about to return a new bag because its just a big open mess with no pockets! maybe I’ll keep it now….

  40. 40
    Terri says

    I would love this sooooo much. Am I the only one who has to have someone call my cell phone just to find it in my purse? There seems to be a black hole in there!!!

  41. 41
    liza says

    I don’t have a bag, so maybe a purse perfector is jumping the gun,
    but i hope not!

  42. 42
    Jeanine says

    I have a purse perfector, and I love, love, love it! Now, I want one to organize my travel briefcase for all the small office things I carry with me- index cards, stapler, tape, business cards, binder clips, etc.

  43. 43
    Susan says

    Would love one of these. I have a large purse & everything gets scattered on the bottom!

  44. 44
    Becky Lowmaster says

    What a great invention and of course I want to win one in my favorite color, purple! my purse or tote can always use some type of organization! Thanks for the giveaway, Laura!

  45. 45
    Em says

    I have a Miche so I can change my outside to fit my mood and I never have to change the inside. An organizer would be the perfect match!

  46. 46
    Jessica W says

    Oh, yes! My purse is like a big black hole!

  47. 47
    Deanna Gibbons says

    I keep switching purses every other week because I’m not happy with any of them. I think the problem is that no matter what size/style/color etc purse I use, I’m still hopelessly unorganized.

  48. 48
    Melissa W says

    Love purse organizers.

  49. 49
    Anne c says

    My purse has been transformed to a survival pack. With 2 boys and a toddler girl its pretty amazing what I have to lug around. Getting it organized so I can actually find what I need would be a lifesaver

  50. 50
    Sonya says

    My purse is pretty organized but this would be great when I’m not using one of my Vera Bradley bags!

  51. 51
    Erin says

    This looks extremely useful!!

  52. 52
    Erin says

    Yes my purse definitely needs a makeover! My bag has no structure to it, no inside pockets, etc so everything gets dropped in and once it’s in there it’s lost!

  53. 53
    Dana says

    Would so benefit from having this!!!

  54. 54
    AJ Daniel says

    My purse could use a makeover, for sure!!! Haven’t found the perfect purse yet, but maybe a purse organizer is the key!


  55. 55
    JenK says

    What a great idea – love it!

  56. 56
    Shannon says

    That would be AWESOME to have! Maybe my husband would stop calling my purse “The Great Abyss”. LOL!

  57. 57
    Kathi says

    I’ve tried other purse organizers and have never been thrilled with any of them. The Purse Perfector looks awesome. I could so use one!!

  58. 58
    Sarah Clarke says

    My purse is a HOT MESS, for real. I was at work, digging around for my planner and when I pulled it out there was a Ritz cracker stuck to the front of it. HELLO, WORLD, MOM OF A TODDLER HERE! Who knows what else is living in the bottom of my bag….I’m afraid to look.

  59. 59
    Amy W. says

    I really like the Hobo styled bags but all my stuff just ends up at the bottom and I can’t find anything!

  60. 60
    Nikwai says

    Of course my purse can use an organizer. I am a mom of a toddler and one on the way. Everything gets lost in my purse. It doesn’t help that I love big bags either. Any organization would help me get through the day without have to search for keys every time I need to walk out the door.

  61. 61
    Lisa says

    Yes, I just purchased a new wallet and could use this.

  62. 62
    Ilona t says

    My purse is like a black hole! Could definitely use a makeover!

  63. 63
    Rachael says

    I seem to always be digging for things in my purse. It never fails I pick the deep purse with dark lining and I lose everything. The would be awesome for my never ending clutter bag I call a purse.

  64. 64
    Rae says

    I love my purse in theory, but it has two cavernous pockets into which everything disappears. One of these separated in two would be perfect and I might be able to find my cell phone before it stops ringing!

  65. 65
    Susan Stitch says

    I can’t find anything to click on to register for this prize! I’m very interested. Just found your site and I’m ready to learn….

  66. 66
    Sheila says

    This is an excellent organizer especially with a lot of small items that I usually dump in my purse (i.e. pens, notepad, business cards, sanitizer).

  67. 67
    Tiffany says

    This sounds like such a great product!

  68. 68
    Debbie says

    Oooh…I’d love to try this!

  69. 69
    jess says

    I’m about to go from a purse to a diaper bag, so this would be perfect!

  70. 70
    [email protected] says

    I was just thinking today that I need to get my purse a little more organized. I actually recently got a small purse ($2 at value village!) which is good for just going to work and back, etc. BUT when I go shopping I cram it full with receipts. When I had my bigger purse I could never find anything because everything fell to the bottom of the purse as there weren’t enough pockets. The purse perfector seems like just the thing I need to customize a perfect purse! 🙂

  71. 71
    Kara says

    Oh, my purse is a hot mess!! I need this.

  72. 72
    michaela says

    Oh yes it needs massive amounts of help!!!

  73. 73
    Joyce M says

    Yes, definitely!! Too much of my kids’ stuff in there. :p

  74. 74
    Linda Kish says

    My purse is an absolute disaster.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  75. 75
    Vickie says

    My purse either has too much or not enough- depending on how quickly I need to change. This would be wonderful for me. Thanks for the chance.

  76. 76
    Ann says

    I’ve always seen these but never bought one. I hope I can try this out! looks super organized!!

  77. 77
    Gwen says

    I would love a way to organize my big bag.

  78. 78
    Melinda T says

    Yes, my purse definitely needs a makeover!

  79. 79
    twelve30 says

    Could it ever use a makeover! Thanks so much for the great giveaway.

  80. 80
    Gil says

    Two word to say it all – “Oh definitely!”

  81. 81
    Jillian says

    Well I keep my purse pretty organized using little cosmetic bags and such, but I change purses so frequently this organizer would be fantastic!! I hope I win!

  82. 82
    Monica F. says

    I spend so much time looking for my phone, looking for my keys . . . inside my purse. The purse perfector would help me save time and keep on the move!

  83. 83
    Nidia says

    My purse is ALWAYS in need of a make-over!

  84. 84
    Krista T says

    Love this! I really like the aqua. Hope I win!

  85. 85
    Lisa says

    I have seriously considered changing my voice mail to say, “You have reached the bottom of Lisa’s purse. She is fumbling for her phone right now and will probably call you back without listening to your message.” Looks like a great product!

  86. 86
    Alexis Gordon says

    I’m constantly moving from work bag, to play bag, to classes bag. NEED ONE OF THESE SO BADLY! 🙂

  87. 87
    Vero says

    My purse could definitely use some help!

  88. 88
    Ava says

    I would love to have this for my purse. I love how versatile it is. I would be able to easily switch from one purse to another.

  89. 89
    CC says

    I have one of the cheapie versions, but the pockets don’t actually fit anything. This looks perfect!

  90. 90
    Priscilla says

    My purse drives me crazy!!!! It is in good condition except the liner. It ripped in several places and everything slides through the holes and can’t ever find what I need. Going to rip out the liner, but then I might as well have a tote bag then! ….. sigh.

  91. 91
    Teresa Eskew says

    I could use some purse organization. Thanks

  92. 92
    elle says

    My purse is a hot mess and could use one of these!

  93. 93
    Tracy says

    I would love one of these to give to my mum! It could quite possibly change her life – nd she might even be able to find her car keys!!!! 🙂

  94. 94
    Amanda Andrus says

    I love that it has a place just for your wallet. That is my biggest problem with my purses is that my wallet is never in the same place. Sometimes it is in the back, the front and then the next time it is just in the bottom under something.

  95. 95
    Cynthia Damerell says

    What a perfectly perfect organizer! This is exactly what I’ve needed, got to be better than a purse full of little baggies containing all my what-nots. What a mess it is trying to switch baggies form one purse to another, such a time-waster. I hope, hope, hope I win (& I pick red)!

    hugs, Cynthia

  96. 96
    Sarah Hone says

    Absolutely! I’m always swapping between nappy bag and little bag, and I always leave something behind.

  97. 97
    Shantique says

    Love this…I love giant purses (the way they look and can carry everything) but hate that I have to dump the whole thing out to find anything!

  98. 98
    Sarah Waller Norman says

    My purse can always use a makeover. It is usually filled with empty gum wrappers but missing any usable pins!

  99. 99
    Joanne Gregory says

    My purse is always a mess. This is something I need!

  100. 100
    Toni W says

    My purse is always a mess! My son told me yesterday that I need one of those organizer things to straighten everything out! LOL (he’s 13).

  101. 101
    Stephanie S says

    The purse perfector looks like the perfect purse organizer. I hope I win! The aqua would be my choice of color.

  102. 102
    kari soursa says

    I have a purse organizer……. and i don’t use it cause its NOT practical at all. I would love a purse perfector 🙂

  103. 103
    Cindy says

    I would love this. I have tried several purse organizers and even made a few but have not found the right one yet. I’m hoping this is it!

  104. 104
    elizabeth says

    I so need this my purse is a mess lol : )

  105. 105
    Kelley S says

    My purse is a mess! I’d love to try this organizer.

  106. 106
    hsmominmo says

    Do I need a purse makeover? Oh yeah! I am using a canvas tote from LLBean this summer, which I love – but it an abyss — I need an organizer to slip in there!

  107. 107
    Leanne says

    I tend to use big tote style purses and this would definitely help keep them organized!

  108. 108
    Suzanne @ Welcome to Willow House says

    I generally keep my purse organized, but I avoid changing purses simply because of the hassle. Looks like you’ve found the cure!

  109. 109
    Jenni R says

    I just got back from a mission trip to Honduras last week, and I bought a new bag that I LOVE. The only problem is that the main part of it is just a huge cavern of space. There’s one small pocket on the outside, but no divisions inside. I’d love to have a Purse Perfector!

  110. 110
    Kelley Stoneking says

    I routinely refer to my purse as a black hole. (Given that it’s black doesn’t make it any easier.) This sounds like a good solution!

  111. 111
    Pam says

    Its takes forever to find anything in my purse – keys, wallet etc. I need this !

  112. 112
    Carol G says

    Oh, sign me up. I could so use this and my husband would be thrilled as he wouldn’t have to listen to me complain about my purses and not finding anything!

  113. 113
    Chloe says

    My purse could definitely do with a makeover and this looks like the perfect solution!

  114. 114
    Jennifer says

    My husband & children would be a very happy if I had one of these! They believe that the reason I carry a purse is to hold all the things they need but don’t want to carry. I would be happy to organize it all with a purse perfector. =)

  115. 115
    Andrea Merrigan says

    I would love a purse organizer. I have some big purses but tend not to use them because everything gets lost so easy!

  116. 116
    Lisa says

    I have been wanting one of these for a LONG time now!! I think it would make my life a whole lot easier, as I love to change out my purses!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  117. 117
    Shana says

    I just bought a new purse & it’s huge. I have to dig to find anything. This would sure help!

  118. 118
    Farm Mom Corinne says

    Oh my gosh … the digging that happens almost on a daily basis is embarrassing. OK, it should be. 😉

  119. 120
    Jennifer Barker says

    I need one of theses! I just bought one of those deep bag-type purses and all my stuff is LOST in it. My purse has been nick names the “black hole”!

  120. 121
    kay says

    My purse could definitely use a makeover! Thanks, Laura!

  121. 122
    Ruth Hill says

    My purse is always a mess. Enough said.

  122. 123
    Alison says

    I have a really bad habit of not changing my purses – I think that this “Grab and Go” organizer would be awesome and very helpful with that challenge.

  123. 124
    Melanie says

    This would keep me from losing things in that deep dark hole!

  124. 125
    Mary M says

    Looks so neat, nothing like my purse!!!!

  125. 126
    Robin G says

    I hate digging in my bottomless pit! This would be great!

  126. 127
    Laura says

    My purse can always use a make-over and I love the different colors available.

  127. 128
    tanya nguyen says

    love it, just what i have been looking for

  128. 129
    Michelle says

    I am forever losing things in my purse!! It has absolutely no compartments is a pain but I love it because my husband gave it to me (it’s camoflauge)

    Adding the Purse Perfector would be wonderful because then, it would not take me 10 minutes to find my keys while standing in the parking lot of the grocery store.

  129. 130
    sandy says

    My purse(s) absolutely NEED this! Everything is just free floating in my bags and I have to hunt to find things. It’s especially hard when I’m carrying something of my husband’s and when he asks for it I have to hand him much of the contents while I’m trying to find what he wants! UGH! I would LOVE this!

  130. 131
    Amanda says

    I have never seen this!!! Where have i been??

  131. 132
    Arleen says

    This would be just what I need! My husband always laughs at me having to dig through my bag to find anything!
    Love your site Laura….Menu Plan Mondays has really expanded my culinary horizons. The family is quite grateful!

  132. 133
    Lorraine says

    I really need this for my purse! I also a big one for my car, my closet, pots and pans and living room clutter.

  133. 134
    Karissa says

    My purse is constantly in need of organization.

  134. 135
    Elaine says

    I’m always embarrassed to open my bag at the store. I definitely could use one of these!

  135. 136
    Amber says

    Love this! Anything that makes shopping with kids easier is good in my book.

  136. 137
    Lorinda says

    I need one of these! Getting organized more and more every day!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  137. 138
    KimS. says

    My purse is so full of, well, stuff. I try to clean it, and it is great for about an hour, and then it just gets cluttered again (I guess because there is not a place for each thing… I just get so frustrated…

  138. 139
    Marjorie says

    My purse could use all the help it can get. This would also be great to make switching purses MUCH easier

  139. 140
    Tracey S says

    Great way to make organizing and switching out bags fast and easy! Love it!

  140. 142
    Libby Owens says

    A Purse Perfector is what I need! I’m always searching for something in my purse. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  141. 143
    Becah says

    I totally need this-not want, need! I am a secretary who sits at the main doors of the Software Engineering Center, so I am the first person a visitor to the company sees, and you know what they say about first impressions. So I often need to switch my purses so that I present a professional appearence, and I can’t tell you how many times something gets left behind in a forgotten purse pocket. I’m also the mom to two special needs children and the Administrative Assistant for my hubby who works full time AND is going to school to get his Masters degree, LOTS of stuff to keep track of!

  142. 144
    Sonya says

    My purse totally needs a makeover! I love the style and color, but my current purse does not have any structure to it, so everything is just loose in there and I can’t find anything in it! This product would be perfect and save me from having to find a new purse!

  143. 145
    Brenda says

    I completely need this. I have tried other purse organizers and they have not worked for me so far.

  144. 146
    Kim Campbell says

    My purse could use a makeover BIG TIME!!

  145. 147
    Kel says

    My purse/diaper bag is a disaster. I would love to win!

  146. 148
    Michelle says

    Mine definitely needs help!

  147. 149
    Tyna Begley says

    My purse could totally use a makeover. I have 5 children and a hubby who doesn’t like to carry anything. I always get stuck carrying everyone else’s stuff, or hubby looks at me all annoyed and asks why I don’t have some random thing that he wants. Grrr!

  148. 150
    muriel says

    I would love to win this. Looks like an awesome product.

  149. 151
    Natalie says

    Are you kidding? This is THE BEST thing I could ever want. EVER.
    Mom of 5 kids plus a dog plus a husband and I am the catchall for all of them! And it shows if you look in my purse.
    I am borderline OCD when it comes to things in their places but one would never know it by looking in my purse.
    Oh, I hope I win!!!

  150. 152
    Abbie says

    I could really use one of those for my purse.

  151. 153
    Jerri says

    I was just telling my dtr today that I need one of these desperately.

  152. 154
    Susan Salerno says

    My purse is a hot mess. It is more of a tote bag than a purse!

  153. 155
    vicki says

    Would love to win one!!

  154. 156
    Marcia L says

    What a GREAT idea! I would love to have one. 🙂

  155. 157
    roseann says

    oh yes, my purse is hot holy mess! i could use some organization there!

  156. 158
    Ginny says

    For sure, so badly! I had an organizer that was ok, but I just had to toss it because it didn’t hold up. I’d love love love to win this!

  157. 159
    Terri says

    Yes, my purse needs this!

  158. 160
    Barbara says

    I’ve tried everything short of just not carrying a purse (not an option) & this looks like it might solve my problem.

  159. 161
    Angela Wells says

    Would love to try one of these.

  160. 162
    Wendy says

    I have so been shopping for a purse organizer for a while, but none seemed quite right. This one, however, seems perfect!

  161. 163
    heather burdett says

    I am sadly a pack rat. Well meaning but a pack rat none the less. I will put bills and things i want to read over and such in my purse and it tends to get jumbled. While i have gotten a smidge better over the years, i think a purse organizer would work wonders for my everyday purse stuffs.

  162. 164
    Genie says

    I like the fact that you can unzip it and separate the pieces. Thanks!

  163. 165
    Valerie says

    One look at my purse and you’d know without a shadow of a doubt that I need this!

  164. 166
    Teal says

    Wow! What an innovative product! I wish I had thought of it. Thanks for this opportunity to fix my messy purse!

  165. 167
    Camille says

    I would choose silver

  166. 168
    Debbie S says

    I’d love to finally get my purse organized!

  167. 169
    Nicole G says

    Yes my purse(s) could definitely use some help.

  168. 170
    Jodie says

    Something like this would be perfect for me. I’m at uni and I use the same bag for uni and everything else but I have tons of bags and keep changing back and forth so everything just gets dumped out of one bag and thrown into another. Whoever invented this is a smart cookie.

  169. 171
    SalBug says

    I keep my purse pretty organized, but it can always use a little makeover.

  170. 172
    Tara says

    My purse organizer is one boring compartment and I stopped using it, the purse perfector would be a huge upgrade!

  171. 173
    Jennifer Madigan says

    I love having a clean purse so I try (don’t always succeed) on making sure that I clean it out when I get home. I would actually like to win this for my Mom. She loves a bigger purse and hates that she can’t keep it organized.

  172. 174
    Jeannine B. says

    I’ve always wanted to try one of these! My purse could definitely use a makeover!

  173. 175
    Karen Isaacson says

    I can see this being very handy not only for a purse, but also for a backpack or in the car for miscellaneous…

  174. 176
    Diane says

    Oh it would be great to organize my purse so I can find things when needed.

  175. 177
    mary b says

    I think if I had something like this I may actually try to change purses! Right now it seems like too much trouble to reorganize things.

  176. 178
    Faith says

    My purse needs a total makeover! It is sometimes used as a purse, diaper bag, office bag, and lunch bag all in one!

  177. 179
    Christina says

    Thanks for the opportunity! My purse needs it!

  178. 180
    Erica says

    My purse seems to be just like the junk drawer!! everything just gets shoved in and has no place!!! I need help

  179. 181
    Anita Beagle says

    I would love to win this. My purse is in need of it.

  180. 182
    Heather R. says

    Been wanting one of these for so long!

  181. 183
    Jen Marshall says

    Yes, my purse is a complete mess! 🙂 HELP!

  182. 184
    Jamie Jones says

    i would love this organizer!

  183. 185
    Alicia says

    I am always that lady at the till….practically dumping out the whole thing to find my wallet, phone, etc. My purse is in need of rescue!

  184. 187
    Maggie @ Midwestern Girl says

    Oh my gosh…to say my bag needs a makeover is a total understatement…YES!!! Right now it’s filled with toy cars, candy wrappers & used Kleenex…gross. Thank you so much for the chance to win!!!

  185. 188
    Mummy butterfly says

    I am a small bag person. Always. Simple and neat. UNTIL I HAD TWINS!!!! Thank goodnes we are past nappy bags (although they were never big enough or had enough pockets!) , however I am yet to find a bag big enough to carry everything, but still be organized. I dream of a purse organizer (for my things) on one side, so easy to find what I need, and the rest of the bag given over to drink bottles, snacks, tissues, wet wipes, band aids, activity packs, first aid things…… Did I mention my NEED to find things!!! Love your work! X

  186. 189
    Rebecca says

    Yay! I have always wanted one of these!

  187. 190
    April V says

    My purse could BADLY use a makeover!!

  188. 191
    Sarah C says

    I had something on a smaller scale when I was young, a hand-me-down from my mom. I wish I’d kept it now that I go from work bag to purse to locker room.

  189. 192
    Kristin Peterson says

    Oh boy could mine use a makeover. I have a decent purse, but it’s soft-sided and big, so things get messed up very easily.

  190. 193
    TwoDiffSocks says

    between the sweet colours & great organizing….how is this not the next best thing since sliced bread? ;p

  191. 194
    Katie O says

    It definitely could! It’s a black hole!

  192. 195
    Sarah says

    I use one small purse so it stays organized, but I think my mom could use something like this for going between her purse and her home care bag. It’s a very neat idea for those with too many purses!

  193. 196
    Andrea Scoville says

    Oh yes my purse could use a make over – this looks PURFECT!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  194. 197
    Linda says

    Oh, could I ever use a purse makeover! I am forever rummaging around to find keys, pens, calendar, emery board. Oy! “Purge til it fits” doesn’t seem to translate to my purse! Thank you so much for offering this giveaway – someone’s life is about to get a whole lot more organized soon.

  195. 198
    Nicole Mendez says

    My husband calls my purse the blackhole—this looks like an awesome organizing tool.

  196. 199
    Dara says

    yes my purse could use a makeover!

  197. 200
    Monica says

    My purse always needs a make over.

  198. 201
    Shelly says

    I could definitely use one of these in my purse for a makeover! 🙂

  199. 202
    Vikki says

    I want to start using a tote-type bag as my purse and this will work perfectly. Thank you for the giveaway.

  200. 203
    Verity says

    Juggling three small children, my purse often gets cluttery!!

  201. 204
    LB says

    Yes it does! I am always switching between it and a diaper bag, so my purse is just a mess!!

  202. 205
    Dee says

    I am always switching from purse to purse just trying to keep things organized, hoping this will help

  203. 206
    Margaret C says

    would love to win this thing…I have hope!

  204. 207
    Natasha says

    I would love this..trying to keep track of my stuff and everything I carry for my 4 kids is a headache sometimes..

  205. 208
    Amy says

    I could use this, my purse is a mess, and I switch from tote bag, to purse during work days. This would be awesome to win.

  206. 209
    Annette Rawlinson says

    My purse definitely needs this organizer. Today I spent 10 minutes in a hospital parkng lot pulling items out of my purse, fighting the wind as I laid items from my purse on the trunk lid, searching for my car key. I’ll gladly send you a before and after photo, if I win.

  207. 210
    Monica says

    My purse can use a major makeover. I try to keep only what I’m going to use that ‘outing’ but stuff always gets added. 🙂

  208. 211
    jessica greenly says

    my purse could so use a makeover, i am always losing my debit card and cell phone in what my hubby calls the black hole lol

  209. 212
    Amy says

    This would be awesome to win. My tote bag is really mess can’t find a thing.

  210. 213
    Kjristen says

    When recently switching to a new purse, I loved how clean and tidy it was. And it turned out to be short lived. 🙁 Would loooo-oove a Purse Perfector.

  211. 214
    Verona says

    My purse could use a major overhaul! Somehow everything ends up in there!

  212. 215
    Pam Moser says

    A makeover? My purse could use a renovation! Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  213. 216
    Melody says

    To have an organized purse would be awesome, to keep my things, work things and kids things all organized, heavenly

  214. 217
    B Zipp says

    My purse is always a mess. It can definately use some help to get organized.

  215. 218
    Stacey says

    What a great idea! I haven’t seen one of these – awesome!

  216. 219
    Sandi says

    My purse could definitely use a makeover!

  217. 220
    Julie says

    I will have to get one of these! How awesome!

  218. 221
    Monica Lopez says

    I need this so much

  219. 222
    jess thomas says

    Talk about total chaos anytime i need something i have to empty my whole purse just to find… and my car keys forget it… i have to have spare keys everywhere or I’m. Locked out and have no ride!!!

  220. 223
    Gina Winn says

    This purse organizer looks amazing. Maybe then I wouldn’t clean out my purse and find a dirty spoon! 🙂

  221. 224
    Amber says

    My purse needs a makeover daily. I can never find anything so most times I go without it.

  222. 225
    Erin says

    I just can’t imagine what I would do with all the time I would save by not having to dump my purse out every couple of days and rifle through the garbage and junk! I could… read. Or sing. Or … something else. It sounds amazing!

  223. 226
    Nikki says

    My purse doubles as a diaper bag! I think the organizer’s diversity will help my take control of my purse again! I love organization!

  224. 227
    Maryam says

    Would LOVE to win one!

  225. 228
    Grace says

    My purse definitely needs a makeover!

  226. 229
    Angela says

    This would be fantastic! I have 2 compartments in my purse and no matter how hard I try to keep certain things on side A and the others on side B, it ends up in disaster! This would change everything for me! Would love to have one! 🙂

  227. 230
    Christine L H says

    With a 1/2 year old and a second wee one on the way, I could sure use some purse organization to keep my stuff separate from snacks and crumbs and sippy cups! Not to mention books, diapers and all the other odds and ends that end up in your purse! Thanks for a great giveaway! I can’t afford to buy one, but would LOVE to win one!

  228. 231
    Laura says

    What a neat product! I do a pretty good job at keeping my purse tidy, but with some of the loose, unstructured bags, that’s pretty much impossible! This would work brilliantly for them!

  229. 232
    sara says

    My purse is a dumpster…God help my purse!

  230. 233
    Robin says

    With 5 kids, my purse is a jumbled mess. I could really use one of these.

  231. 234
    Amber says

    Yay! I need one of these!! or five!

  232. 235
    McKenzie says

    WOW. That is brilliant! I’m SO picky about purses–I want them to be cute, but they have to have enough pockets and things inside… it’s very hard to find the right combination. This would make picking out a new purse so much easier!

  233. 236
    Carol says

    Agree! This one looks PERFECT!

  234. 237
    Cathy says

    LOVE THIS! I really need this for my larger purses!

  235. 238
    Sarah says

    Great giveaway! I definitely need help in purse organization!

  236. 239
    Peggy says

    I sure can use this! If I don’t win, I am going to buy one anyway and may buy one for a friend too!. GREAT product!


  237. 241
    mary norman says

    my purse would ROCK if I had this. Awesome.
    thanks for the chance.

  238. 242
    Alison says

    I love the purse perfector!!! It was my first Open Sky purchase. I’d love one for a Christmas gift!

  239. 243
    Katie B. of HousewifeHowTos.com says

    What a clever idea! I carry massive handbags (because they make my hips look smaller, dontcha know?) and can never find anything inside them!

  240. 244
    Destiny says

    Can’t all of our purses use a makeover? I’m always carrying different bags and hate moving everything from one to another. This would make it super easy to change!

  241. 245
    Eos Mom says

    I just bought a purse that I love but that doesn’t have enough pockets to keep me organized–I would love the purse perfector!!!

  242. 246
    Laken says

    I really need this! My purse has no pockets, and it drives me nuts!! So everything is just floating around in there.

  243. 247
    Melisa says

    Yes, my purse could use a makeover. I tend to use the same bag for way too long because I hate switching everything over and I always forget to put something in and end up needing that something later.

  244. 248
    sally says

    I am contantly searching for stuff in my purse. I would love to win this purse perfector!

  245. 249
    Holly says

    That would be wonderful, my purse so needs it

  246. 250
    Dena says

    I come to look for help at Organized Junkie! And I think that my purse would be a good place to begin! Then maybe at least I could find my keys or phone when needed!

  247. 251
    Sandra says

    I’m always looking for a better purse solution!

  248. 252
    Melissa G says

    I’m a mom of 2 that def could use some help organizing! My purse is where everything just gets dumped! Help!

  249. 253
    Jeanne Terio says

    I carry so much stuff in my purse–it needs help! When I was getting weighed at the doctor’s office last week I put my purse on the floor so it wouln’t count. Afer I was done, the nurse weighed just my purse–it weighed 6 lbs–eeek!

  250. 254
    PrettyChana says

    My purse needs to be reorganized often.

  251. 255
    Mindy says

    Everyone always teases me about my huge purse! Even though it’s huge, I can never find anything in it. Surprising, because I’m an organizer at heart so the messy purse really drives me batty!

  252. 256
    christina says

    Yes, my purse really needs to be reorganized. It is quite big and I can never seem to find anything until it is to late.

  253. 257
    Bobbi Sue says

    My purse is ALWAYS in need of a makeover..I’m such a hoarder!

  254. 258
    Lisa H says

    I obviously missed this giveaway – but I am still going to order the Purse Perfector based on your very positive recommendation. I have another question, though…where did you get your green wallet? I love it – size, color, everything! Do tell, Laura!

      • Lisa H says

        Thanks so much for the info and the Facebook link, Laura! I did some searching online (now that I know who makes it) and found the Espe line at a few places – I will definitely be purchasing one. They have some really lovely designs. Thanks so much for the quick follow-up…and thanks for consistently providing your readers with useful, inspirational organizing tips! Your site is one of the best out there!


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