Simplify Your Life with Habits + Routines Giveaway Closed

This giveaway is now closed.  The winner is #11 Chris!

Wouldn’t you love to:

  • Get things done without even thinking about them?
  • Stay on top of your everyday tasks?
  • Have time in your day to do the things you love?
  • Feel good about yourself and your habits?
  • Let go of habits that make you feel guilty?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, then you’re ready to start enjoying a simpler life by creating some terrific habits and routines.

The folks at simplify 101 are giving away a free spot in their upcoming workshop, Simplify Your Life with Habits + Routines – a $59 value.   When you create habits and incorporate them into routines, you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish on a regular basis. When parts of your life are automated so that you’re staying on top of things that are important to you, you free yourself of that nagging voice telling you what you should be doing.

By creating habits and routines for the little chores of daily life, you actually free yourself to pursue things you love to do. No more missing out on fun excursions because you feel you should stay home and “get organized.” It may seem paradoxical, but habits and routines actually free you to live spontaneously!


Certified Professional Organizer Janine Adams will help you explore your current habits and routines, so you can get a feel for what’s working well and what you’d like to change. You’ll discover how to build on the things you are already doing automatically to incorporate new, positive habits into your life. Whether you want to create better eating habits, better financial habits or habits that will help you keep your home clutter-free—the ideas in this workshop are for you.  More information on this exciting workshop can be found here.


To enter to win a spot in the upcoming Simplify Your Life with Habits + Routines workshop simply leave a comment on this post prior to Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at 2:00 pm.  Open to everyone and winner will be selected at random from the comments on this post.

Extra Entries:

  1. Mention this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter, then leave a comment letting me know you did.
  2. Sign up to receive the free Mini Guide for creating a command central binder, then leave a comment letting me know you did.


Bonus: simplify 101 is offering the readers of OrgJunkie 15% off enrollment in their upcoming workshops – Organizing 101 and Get Organized for the Holidays.  In Organizing 101, you’ll learn a simple approach for de-cluttering your home. Plus, you’ll find out how to organize and store all the things you keep, so they’re easy to use (and put away when you’re finished!) Get Organized for the Holidays is the ultimate holiday planning workshop. Get simple tips and ideas so you stay energized and joyful all season long!  To take advantage of this offer, enter ORGJUNKIESAVE15 during checkout. This offer is good from 9/15/11 through 9/21/11 and can’t be combined with any other offer. (Get Organized for the Holidays is on early bird discount –20% off– through Sep. 22!)

If you’d like more tips on organizing your home or office top to bottom, sign up for Simplify 101’s organizing newsletter right here ! You can also follow the blog to get even more daily tips and as well find them on Facebook.

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139 Responses to Simplify Your Life with Habits + Routines Giveaway Closed

  1. 1
    Julie says

    Would love to participate in this workshopq

  2. 2
    Marguerite says

    I’d love to be entered

  3. 3
    Marguerite says

    I signed up for the mini guide as well

  4. 4
    Tanna says

    I know I do better with a scheduled routine but can’t seem to get back into the groove after having company ALL summer and three weeks into school. I would LOVE to win this workshop! Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  5. 5
    Tanna says

    Signed up for the free Mini Guide too!!!

  6. 6
    Tanna says

    Shared on my FB page too…GREAT opportunity.

  7. 7
    Angela says

    I’d like to be entered!

  8. 8
    Bethany says

    I could sure you some help with establishing routines and simplifying.

  9. 9
    Robin says

    I would love to get in on this class! Thanks!

  10. 10
    Robin says

    I already have received and created my own Command Central Binder!

  11. 11
    Chris says

    I’m SO much calmer when we’re living our life following routines – would love to learn more!

  12. 12
    Leslie L says

    I could really REALLY use this workshop! :)

  13. 13
    Leslie L says

    Signed up for the mini-guide!

  14. 14
    Amanda says

    This looks like an AMAZING workshop! Thank you!

  15. 15
    Amanda says

    I signed up for the mini-guide too! Thank you!

  16. 18
    jennybean says

    I love Simplify101!!! Their workshops are awesome.. I’d love to be able to take this one!

  17. 19
    Firesparx says

    Sounds like a great workshop!

  18. 20
    Firesparx says

    Also signed up for the mini guide!

  19. 21
    Catherine says

    Oh yeah baby! I need this so bad. Thanks for the chance!

  20. 22
    Crystal says

    I would love to be entered! Thanks for the give away!!

  21. 23
    Maggie says

    Oh, it would be great if this would be the first blog prize I won, habits are my nemesis, I’d love to turn them into allies.

  22. 24
    Suzanne Jackson says

    Between managing our home, homeschooling, assisting with the administrative part of a senior care business, and running my own Willow House business all out of my home, I could definitely use this resource!

  23. 26
    Laurie says

    Oh, how I NEED this! Please enter me in the contest! THANKS!! :)

  24. 29
    Brittany says

    Wow!! Great giveaway!!

  25. 31
    Amanda says

    Awesome giveaway! I need to really get a grip on my eating habits before the winter holidays come around and really kick my butt!

  26. 32
    Amanda says

    P.S. I also signed up to get the mini-guide :)

  27. 33
    HeatherG says

    I would love to win this class. I really need to get even more organized them I am. I still feel like I can”t get it all done.

  28. 34
    HeatherG says

    I requested teh mimi guide. Which I am very excited about.

  29. 35
    Randi says

    Sign me up to win!

  30. 36
    Mariliz says

    You have no idea how much this would help me! Thank you.

  31. 37
    Becca says

    I don’t just want to win this…I *need* to win this! With many volunteer commitments and a new baby, I could really use some help with routines!

  32. 41
    Jeannine B. says

    Sounds like some great information! I would love to give it a try!

  33. 42
    amanda says

    I signed up for the mini guide :)

  34. 43
    RebeccaK says

    Pick me :)

  35. 44
    RebeccaK says

    I signed up for the Mini Guide!

  36. 45
    Jenn says

    The workshop sounds great. just what I need!

  37. 46
    Wendy B. says

    I so need this. Thanks for the chance to win.

  38. 47
    Kim Westcott says

    This workshop sounds perfect for me, particularly as it starts the week a very stressful year of uni study finishes. I had made it my goal to get good routines at work and home implemented once uni had finished!

  39. 48
    Kim Westcott says

    I have advertised this competition on FB, thanks for the opportunity!

  40. 49
    Kim Westcott says

    Oh, I have also signed up for the mini guide, which looks great!

  41. 50
    Catherine Wells says

    This looks interesting! I would love to take this class.

  42. 51
    Catherine Wells says

    I have signed up for the mini guide too!

  43. 53
    Christy says

    Sounds like something I could really use right now – trying to sell large home to move back to small home and there are no habits or routines in all this chaos

  44. 54
    Angie says

    Oh my goodness. I know I have no excuse (I’m not married and don’t have kids … though I AM a teacher) but getting some order to the chaos would be so very much appreciated.

  45. 55
    Lisa Slater says

    I NEED this!

  46. 56
    Cassie says

    omg you have no idea how much i need this! thanks for doing the giveaway

  47. 57
    Andrea Scoville says

    This looks like a great workshop!!!!

  48. 58
    Andrea Scoville says

    I signed up for the weekly tips and instructions for the binder – thanks for the opportunity to win :)

  49. 59
    rebeccca says

    I would love to attend the workshop!

  50. 60
    rebeccca says

    I signed up to receive the mini-guide!

  51. 61
    Meghan says

    I’d love to attend the workshop!

  52. 62
    Meghan says

    I signed up for the mini-guide.

  53. 63
    Vero says

    Simplifying my life would be awesome!

  54. 64
    Vero says

    I also signed up for the free mini-guide – thanks!!

  55. 65
    Melissa says

    LOVE Simplify 101 workshops. Would love to get in on this one.

  56. 66
    Rhonda says

    I have already received the free Mini Guide for a Command Central Binder, and it’s been really helpful! Would LOVE to have the opportunity to get a handle on developing routines & habits that will “automate” my days and free up my mind for more creative pursuits!

  57. 67
    Jane @ See Jane Learn says

    I “liked” you on my Facebook page! I would love to win participation in this workshop! I LOVE to organize (it’s way more fun than cleaning…)

  58. 68
    Kimberly says

    I signed up for the mini guide. Can’t wait to get it!!

  59. 69
    Kimberly says

    I so need some habits and routines. This would be a perfect workshop.

  60. 70
    Evelyn Zodtl says

    I downloaded the guide for the reference binder – I am looking forward to putting it together!

  61. 71
    Evelyn Zodtl says

    I’m liking you now on Facebook.

  62. 72
    Evelyn Zodtl says

    I signed up for Aby’s “Organizing 101” and am looking forward to it – this workshop would be greatgreatgreat as well. I have a ten month old daughter so our household got a bit – ahem – neglected…Routines. Wow. Sounds great. Habits. Wow. What a life that would be…

  63. 73
    evi brito says

    I like you – on facebook, too! ;->

  64. 74
    evi brito says

    Great giveaway!

  65. 75
    evi brito says

    Looking forward to the guide for the binder, I just signed up!

  66. 76
    Malena says

    Wow – could use that. Just so overwhelmed…

  67. 77
    Jodi Hogan says

    The toothbrush and weights pictures seemed to be aimed right at me! I need to incorrporate flossing and excerising into my DAILY routine. :)

  68. 78
    Rhonda says

    Liked you on Facebook and shared your link! Thanks for having this awesome giveaway =)

  69. 79
    Rebecca says

    I know I could use something like this.

  70. 80
    Shalini says

    I’d love to be part of the workshop.

  71. 81
    pam says

    I would love to win this!!! Building good habits is something I need!

  72. 82
    pam says

    I just signed up for the mini guide :)

  73. 83
    Anne says

    I’d love to be entered!

  74. 88
    Julie says

    What a great giveaway!

  75. 89
    Tracey says

    I would love to win this!

  76. 90
    Jo Winett says

    I am on a major quest to become more organized and this sounds like jus what I need. Thank you for the opportunity to participate. Sounds like a terrific giveaway!

  77. 91
    Jo Winett says

    I just signed up for the mini guide…that’s how much I need this workshop! :)

  78. 92
    Susan McMillan says

    Sounds amazing, thanks for the contest love!

  79. 93
    Tonya says

    I really need this workshop, thanks for the chance to win!

  80. 94
    Christine says

    I so need this!!!! Sounds great! :)

  81. 95
    Christine says

    Just shared this on facebook!

  82. 96
    Megan P says

    I would love a chance to win…thanks!!

  83. 97
    Crafty Mama says

    This sounds awesome! :) Thanks!

  84. 98
    Jacqui says

    So gald I found your blog :)

    Please enter me in your comp – thanks

  85. 99
    Jenni says

    This would be an awesome giveaway to win! I’m really bad about getting into schedules and habits.

  86. 100
    rachelle says

    This sounds great!

  87. 101
    rachelle says

    i signed up for the mini book too!

  88. 102
    carrie says

    I could use all the help I can get! Thanks :)

  89. 103
    Ranelle says

    Great giveaway! I need to simplify my life right now!

  90. 104
    Ranelle says

    I just signed up for the mini guide! :)

  91. 105
    Jennifer says

    I love simplify 101’s workshops and this looks like another great one! Would love to win … thanks for the chance!

  92. 106
    Jennifer says

    Signed up for the mini-guide … thanks!

  93. 107
    Andrea Watts says

    I would love to win

  94. 108
    Andrea Watts says

    I shared this giveaway on Twitter

  95. 109
    Kim Fry says

    Would love to be considered, thanks!

  96. 110
    Kim Fry says

    Also, signed up for the mini-guide too! Thanks!

  97. 111
    Lynora says

    Signed up for the mini-guide! Thanks!

  98. 112
    Katie says

    I’d love to win.

  99. 113
    Mary Anna says

    Yes, please, sign me up!!! I’ve done several of Aby’s workshops and absolutely love her advice. And, we’re about to move 4 hours away – a perfect time to pick up new routines!

  100. 114
    april v says

    I would LOVE to win! Thanks for the chance!

  101. 115
    Annette says

    Would love to win this!

  102. 116
    Heather KCMO says

    I would love to win this. I’m trying to get more organized…and a little help never hurts!

  103. 117
    Sabrina Jackson says

    I would love to win this workshop. I’m working on organizing my house

  104. 118
    Cindy V says

    Sounds great! I hope I win! ~ Cindy

  105. 119
    sharon says

    please please enter me looks like great workshop!

  106. 120
    Jean says

    Fingers crossed!

  107. 121
    Jean says

    I also signed up for the Command Binder..just a heads up it went to my Junk Mail, but I caught it there!

  108. 122
    Jennifer Brannon says

    This would be awesome… I could use some new (good) habits!

  109. 123
    Jennifer Brannon says

    Signed up for the mini-guide!! Thanks.

  110. 124
    Bekki says

    Sounds like something I could use!

  111. 125
    Tina says

    oh! YES please!! This would be fantastic! :)

  112. 126
    Tokin says

    Would love to participate in this workshop! I can use all the help I can get. :)

  113. 127
    Tokin says

    Signed up for the mini guide too. Thanks!

  114. 128
    KylieP says

    Have let my friends on facebook know about this fantastic giveaway!! =)

  115. 129
    KylieP says

    Have signed up for the mini guide as well, thanks for the freebie!! =)

  116. 130
    KylieP says

    Would love to win this workshop – having two jobs, two kids, a partner and all the other commitments of keeping a house – I need all the help I can get!!! =)

  117. 131
    Kristi G says

    I would love this! Oh my goodness! I used to be great with my routines but that was a few years ago! I could use the help!

  118. 132
    Anna B says

    I would love to be entered!

  119. 133
    Gina says

    Please enter me! Thanks so much!

  120. 134
    Amanda Olsen says

    Would love to win

  121. 136
    Tina Johnson says

    I would love to win!

  122. 137
    Amber says

    Ooh this would be good for me making and breaking habits is one of the hardest things ever!

  123. 138
    Amber says

    I signed up for the binder and weekly e-mails!

  124. 139
    Daisy says

    I know I’m capable of so much, yet for the life of me I can’t figure out how to create routine in my life. I’ve always been freelance. Now, after almost 20 years I’m a student again, enrolled in 3 different programs for the purpose of making a difference with youth in gangs and their families. I have so much to do and yet I find myself getting super distracted on the internet when I’m supposed to be doing homework.

    I also very much want to work meditation, yoga and healthy eating into a routine. It seems like such a foreign language to me – I’d be so very grateful to ANY HELP you can offer!!!!

    Thank you so very much!!!


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