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It’s finally happening, next week I’ll be crossing something off my bucket list when I head to New York to visit for the very first time.  I’ll be meeting with all the fabulous folks at Opensky that I’ve worked with for almost two years now.  It will be so nice to put some faces to the voices I’ve spoken with over the phone all this time.   For those that don’t know, this is the company that helps me introduce and sell to you each week all my favorite organizing finds.  We’ll be working on finding even more fantastic products to share with you.  A lot of work goes on behind the scenes before I ever introduce a product to my readers.  My criteria is tough and I’m very particular and thankfully for every terrible product out there, there are that many more good ones.  I’m also going to do my best to plead beg ask nicely about what we can do to add Canadian shipping to the mix.  I hear you loud and clear on this one and I’ll see what I can do.

So have I told you what a terrible traveler I am and how something almost always goes wrong for me?  Oh wait, yes I did.  Mishaps like that happen to me ALL THE TIME whenever I travel!  Thank goodness for great girlfriends that are jumping to my rescue.  Girlfriends on this side that are going to make sure I don’t go looking like the country bumpkin that I am and then others that are flying in to meet me there to make sure I don’t get stuck cowering in a corner somewhere.  It takes a village people, it takes a village.

Now here’s the exciting part about New York for me.  I kind of feel like I’ve already been there even though I haven’t.  I owe it all to Regis and Kelly.  I’ve watched that show every day since 1992.  In other words, a long time.  It’s my happy place, I absolutely love love love it .  New York fascinates me because of them and all the shows they’ve done in and around NY outside of their studio.  I don’t have tickets to the show but you’d better believe I’ll be waking up bright and early to hit their standby line.  I’m going to try really hard to behave too and not budge in line but I’m not making any promises! 🙂

For those who live in NY or have been there to visit, what would you suggest is an absolute must see?  Any advice for me?

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    tiffany @ the nest effect says

    NYC is my favorite East coast city. When I lived in Pennsylvania I visited every year. It’s incredible. Don’t miss out on Times Square, especially at night! Grand Central Station is amazing. Hmm… Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Museum of Modern Art… How much time do you have? lol It’s amazing to just walk as well. That’s how you find the really neat stuff.

  2. 2
    Laura says

    I’m only there for two days…so much to see, so little time. Who needs sleep right? 🙂

  3. 3
    Kari says

    My favorite city in the world! It’s huge and there is so much to do but some must sees are Central Park (especially since leaves are starting to change color), Time Square is a must, the Empire State Building, the 9/11 Memorial just opened on 9/11 so if you can get tickets I have heard it is breathtaking. Take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. I don’t think it’s worth it to go inside but it’s a nice place to walk and breath. And since you’ll be close go to Battery Park. Walking down Canal street looking for cheap knock offs is always fun, just be careful for the shadier looking places…the cops hang around a lot 😉 The Brooklyn Bridge, it’s amazing! You need to take at least one taxi ride, and ride the subway at least once too! I am so jealous! Wish I could be there too! Oh, if you have time to catch a Broadway show find a Tickets booth near Time Square (that’s what it’s called, Tickets, or they used to be!) and buy them there. They are usually discounted and much cheaper than buying from a theater box office. I highly recommend Wicked if you can get tickets that are reasonable, if you haven’t already seen it! But anything on Broadway is a great experience! Have a wonderful time!

    • 3.1
      Laura says

      Thanks Kari! One of things that I definitely want to do is see the 9/11 memorial but I had no idea you needed tickets for that. I thought you could just walk around and see it. Oops. I wonder where you get tickets for that?

  4. 4
    Fonda says

    One of the highlights from my first visit to NYC was the view from the Empire State Building at night. It doesn’t take very long, but the pictures are some of my favorites. My absolute favorite was Snow Day in Central Park…but since I can’t guarantee you snow, I’ll stick to the Empire State Building!

    • 4.1
      Laura says

      That sounds amazing!!

  5. 5
    Kara says

    I’ve been to NYC four times and LOVE IT! You definitely HAVE to do a Broadway show. The most frugal way to get tickets is to buy them at a TKTS Booth. See for details. I’ve always used the Times Square Booth so at least you can basque in the glow of the square while you wait in line!

    • 5.1
      Laura says

      So good to know, thank you!!!

  6. 6
    Carol says

    Grand Central Station is a must see – as well as Museum of Modern Art. Just walking around Time Square is amazing as is walking around Central Park. I agree, if you can, you must see a Broadway show! My daughter and I went for three days and 2 nights (really just 2 days when you factor in plane time) for her 30th birthday – had a GREAT time! Hope you enjoy!!!!

    • 6.1
      Laura says

      Thanks Carol! My time is limited as well so we are going to try and pack in as much as we can!

  7. 7
    Vikki says

    Oh we are going to NY in 10 weeks time and Im so excited! Its our first time going there as well and I hope it snows … I have not seen snow before…. Ive been googling NY and looking at all the pictures … it looks amazing!

  8. 8
    Elise says

    You will love NYC — and yes, you do need tickets for the 9/11 memorial. Check out to reserve tickets — if they’re out — try one of the tour companies — they always have some. Also don’t miss the little church right alongside where the Trade Towers stood. It was command control central and refuge for the rescue workers during the rescue efforts. Its an amazing little place — it will likely make you cry — it did me.
    Enjoy the city!!

    • 8.1
      Laura says

      Thank you for this information. I checked the site out and I’m so sad now because there is no availability until the end of October! This was something that I really wanted to see, darn. I had no idea we needed passes. Can anyone visit the church or is that part of the memorial?

      • Elise says

        Anyone can visit the church. I’m pretty sure its an Episcopal church, but I don’t recall the name — its a little chapel near Trinity Church.
        Don’t give up too quickly on the tickets for the memorial. The tour companies often buy up big blocks of them — by booking a tour, you may still be able to get them. There’s one I think is called Freedom Tours (or something like that) — you pay for a tour — bus, boat, whatever, and they include a ticket to the 911 memorial as a part of it. Its not as wonderful as a free ticket to the memorial, but if you REALLY want to see it — it might not be too bad.

  9. 9
    raven says

    I miss NYC SO MUCH!

    Wicked is amazing and well worth the time/money from your schedule and budget to go see. It’s the TKTS red booth you’re looking for in Times Square. You need to be there around 7, 730am.

    Best cheesecake I’ve had to date was at Junior’s (also amazing Nova Bagel).

    TBH I had more fun around Times Square shopping on the street than on Canal. Haggle if you’re comfortable with it, I paid about 50% of whatever they were asking and felt I got a good deal. Got a much better deal for some t-shirts to bring home to kids etc on the street (3 for $10 sign, got 3 for $5) than the souvenir shops etc. Canal was overpriced or at least the parts of it that I saw, were – there’s a lot of backroom stuff there I had no clue how to get to. There is more of a selection though if you’re looking for something in particular.

    • 9.1
      Laura says

      Thanks Raven! So do you mean we don’t need to go to the ticket booth in TS until 7:00/7:30 or is that the time the show starts?

      • raven says

        that’s the time you stand in line to score cheaper tickets – the show will be for later in the day. There’s usually a couple showings to pick from, a matinee and an evening IIRC. Depends on what they are underbooked on.

        I don’t recommend this and a lot of people say not to, but we got there after it had sold out – went back right before a show was scheduled and bought them from a guy on the street by the booth for cover price (he needed to unload before they were worthless). We got lucky that they weren’t counterfeit, that is a big worry and there are signs posted saying “Dont do this!” it was a risk I am glad we took, it was the most amazing show I’ve ever seen. We were ok losing our money to take the chance, it was the last time we had free to catch a show, and if it didn’t work out well we’d have come home with a story about it instead.

      • raven says

        We were there for 2 days, 2 nights – packed an AMAZING amount of stuff into our trip! We stayed at the Marriot Marquis in Times Square – not sure where you’re staying but it was fab. There were 2 Starbucks IN the hotel, hubby brought me good coffee each morning teehee

  10. 10
    Kristin says

    I lived in NYC for 10 years and here is my advice – If you go on the Statue of Liberty trip, stay on the ferry when it docks at the Statue and then continue to Ellis Island. Ellis, in my opinion is the real highlight. You get a great look at the Statue from the ferry and EI is just packed with history. Buy tickets in advance and go first thing in the morning.
    Little Italy is great fun and usually good food. If you decide to see a show then send me an email and I’ll give you a couple pre-theater restaurants that have amazing food and are not tourist traps.
    Have a great time!

    • 10.1
      Laura says

      Thanks Kristin!!

  11. 11
    Living the Balanced Life says

    I have never ever been to NYC either and I am definitely dying to go! On my bucket list is to one year actually be in Times Square on New Years Eve. Insane, right? One day I’ll get to visit and I am sure I will love it when I do! Can’t wait to hear about your short but sweet trip!
    Some things are NON-negotiable

    • 11.1
      Laura says

      Wow that is insane…watching it on TV gives me the shakes with all those people. Must be incredible energy though!

  12. 12
    [email protected] says

    I’ve never been to NYC before. I’m uncertain if I want to go or not.. I’m not a big city kinda gal, even though I live in a city. 🙂

    • 12.1
      Laura says

      I’m a small town girl myself which is why I need my girlfriends to help me 🙂

  13. 13
    Becky says

    There are good suggestions here, but with limited time, you must triage. Think about what are the stand out wish-I-could-have-seen things. I’m from St. Louis. There are lots of great things to see there, but anyone with limited time MUST see the Arch. Same formula with NYC. So, my opinion?
    1. Statue of Liberty
    2. 9/11 memorial (even if no tickets, you can still see where the buildings once stood and that is still powerful)
    3. Times Square, can be done on the way to
    4. Empire State Building.
    If more time, Ellis Island (if you like history), definitely a Broadway show, riding the subway if you’re from a town that doesn’t have one, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, the TV shows and Rockefeller Plaza.

    • 13.1
      Laura says

      Thanks Becky!!

    • 14.1
      Laura says

      Thanks Claire!

  14. 15
    Livin In Duckville says

    I live in NY & the best place to see or be would be…. my house….. lol Are ya stoppin’ in for some coffee? Of course, from NYC it’s a little bit of a hike…. maybe you should stop on your way down from Canada….. you’d be closer….

    Have fun!!

    • 15.1
      Laura says

      Oh if only I had more time 🙂

  15. 16
    Staci says

    There’s too many “must-sees” to list. Just start walking. Pick a neighborhood, get a good map, and go. Walk as much as possible. You might also want to check out Joanna Goddard’s “Cup of Joe” blog. She’s doing a series this week about her favorite places in NYC (she lives there).

    Have fun, and don’t worry. You’ll go back after the first time. I have to get a “fix” every two years.


    • 16.1
      Laura says

      Awesome link, thank you!!

  16. 17
    Dee says

    Eat a slice of real pizza and get a canoli from an Italian bakery. My two fave foods. I am a New Yawka living in CA! Enjoy the changing leaves.

  17. 18
    Margarita Ibbott (@downshiftingPOS) says

    Are you having fun? I hope you are. I am a big bagel person so have bagel & lox. I like the Metropolitan Museum, Central Park & FAO Schwartz (the toy store where they filmed BIG). It is wonderful… even if you as an adult… last but not least…shopping…just go shopping!

  18. 19
    Marcia Francois, Organising Queen says

    A South African blogger, (our top SA blogger) went a week or two ago and got some FABULOUS comments about what to see/ not to see/ to do/ what to pack,e tc.

    Go have a look

    I am also slightly jealous (if you weren’t a nicer person :))


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