Chatting with the Slow Cooker Queen

Last week, Stephanie O’Dea, who many of you will know from the awesome slow cooker blog, A Year of Slow Cooking, asked if we could video chat together about Real Moms making Real Money.  I think Stephanie is just the cutest thing and I love her site and have used her recipes many a time so I was excited to do it.

So we do the interview and a couple of minutes in she asks me if I can hear a snorting, growling sound on my end.  Well I assumed she was talking about the weed wacking going on in my neighborhood.  So I close my office door and think whew so glad we fixed that problem and on we carry. I don’t think anything more of the snorting, growling weed wacking noise and we have a great chit chat about all sorts of things going off topic here and there which if you know me in real life is how I roll.  It’s my short attention span, my inability to focus but Stephanie is a pro and kept roping me back in.  No easy task let me assure you.


image source: MLHS

Well a couple of days go by and Stephanie gets the video up and I hop on over to have a watch.  First I’m completely distracted by the bright light shining in on my head.  Seriously you guys I’m such a nerd when it comes to these things.  I thought you were supposed to have the window in front of you and well it turns out it’s suppose to be behind you (or maybe that’s not it either, I don’t know).  However it does camouflage the wrinkles nicely so let’s just pretend I did it on purpose, kay?

So I’m watching this video and thinking to myself, what in the world is that annoying sound?  It sounds like a pig, does Stephanie have a pig in the room?   It feels like it’s going to come through the computer and attack me, what the heck?  Then she asks ME what that noise is and me, being totally unaware that what she was hearing was ummm slightly different than what I was hearing, answers oh that is just some weed wacking going on.  Friends I don’t even know what to say, that was NO weed wacking!!  It’s the most bizarre thing ever, I could not stop laughing while I watched.  Who even knows what I said, this pig was out to get me and it was apparently a hungry little sucker.

I really don’t know how Stephanie kept such a straight face through it all.  She’s just awesome like that!  So if you’re looking for a little laugh today you’ve got to go over and check out the video, click on the green link below.  If you can get past the whole pig snorting, we do actually have a great conversation related to many things blog related and the fine art of saying NO.

episode 6: Laura Wittmann, I’m an Organizing Junkie

Oh and FYI…you’ll be happy to know that no pigs were harmed in the making of this video!!

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5 Responses to Chatting with the Slow Cooker Queen

  1. 1
    Tammy @ Skinny Mom's Kitchen says

    This is a great interview!! I listened to the whole thing even through the pig noises..hahha. At one point it sounded like darth vader. But it was great! And you both are adorable!!!

  2. 2
    Stephanie O'Dea says

    HAHAHHAAA!! oh you made my eyes water I just laughed so hard! the thing was, I didn’t want to interrupt you because I was worried you’d be embarrassed, so I just kept going.
    oh my.
    you are SO wonderful and I am SO lucky to have met you. thank you for spending your time with me!

    • 2.1
      Stephanie O'Dea says

      and by embarrassed, I meant, I didn’t want you to think you were doing anything wrong— cuz you weren’t.
      and now I’m worried I’m not making sense, here…. :-)

  3. 3
    Tiffany says

    Loved the interview, but when you said the noise was weed whacking I was thinking you Canadians must have some awesome kind of weed whackers up there :)


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