New Feature – Printable Grocery Lists + Giveaways!

Updated to add: The giveaway is now closed and winners have been selected and contacted.

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Today’s an exciting day around here because I finally get to unveil a feature that I’ve been wanting to offer my readers for so long but never could quite figure out how to do it.  You see I have a pretty extensive recipe index but because the majority of those recipes links are from other sites I couldn’t  provide a printable grocery list to go with them.  Until today!  And you can do it too if you want!  It’s super easy to do.

Say Mmm

Say Mmm is a fairly new company that offers a menu planning service with tools to help you plan meals, organize recipes, and shop for groceries.  Many of the tools, including the printable grocery list feature are FREE!  Who doesn’t like free?

So go have a look at my new and improved Family Favorites Recipe Index.  Isn’t that swanky!  You’ll notice that when you click on “print grocery list” beside the recipe you like you’ll be taken to the Say Mmm site where you can either edit the grocery list or print it off.  But the fun doesn’t end there because once you have one recipe added you can keep adding recipes to it.  They’ll all just continue to add to your list, oh yes they will.  When you are done, you simply print the full list off and away you go to the grocery store.   You even have the option to play around with the format or save your list for another time.   However if you do want to save your list you will need an account, otherwise you don’t.  It’s so easy to use and I’m thrilled to offer this menu planning feature to my readers.

If you like what you see, you too can add this feature to the recipes and index on your own site.  To help you do that I’m collaborating today with Say Mmm and some of my favorite bloggers, to help you give this awesome Say Mmm  feature a try, win some fabulous prizes AND help us to create another awesome collection of recipes for everyone to enjoy!


  • 44 SIGNED copies of my book Clutter Rehab!  (24 here and 4 on each of the 5 blogs listed below) courtesy of Say Mmm
  • 3 copies of the Heavenly Homemaker’s Do The Funky Kitchen ebook to help you get your kitchen organized
  • 10 6-month Say Mmm Plus subscriptions – this premium option provides some neat extra features including price tracking and calorie counting

How to Enter

4 copies of my book will be given away to 4 random readers who leave a comment on this post.


20 copies of my book will go to 20 random bloggers who create a grocery list and share it. Keep reading for details.

Here’s what you need to do:

Be part of the first-ever collaborative meal planning resource of recipes with dynamic shopping lists. Its free, and only takes a few minutes.

Basically we are going to create one big linky list with recipes that include the Say Mmm printable grocery list feature!

1.  Create a grocery list – Open up a free Say Mmm account.  Click on the tab “cook”, then “add a recipe”.  Add the name of your recipe then copy and paste the recipe LINK from your site (doesn’t have to be a new recipe) into the space provided.  Next click on save and add your grocery items.  When you are done, click finish.  At this time you’ll see a “publish list” link in the Say Mmm right hand sidebar.  Click on that and follow the directions to copy and paste the link to your recipe post.

2.  Share it – Once you’ve added a “print grocery list” link to the recipe post on your site, come back here and link up this recipe to the linky list below (similar to how you do for Menu Plan Monday).

3.  Win – Not only will you get traffic from this great linky list below but signed copies of Clutter Rehab and other prizes as well!

This may sound confusing but I promise you it isn’t.  Brian from Say Mmm has created an excellent short video tutorial that walks you through each of the steps.  Also if you have any questions, just leave a comment for me here.

Click here to watch the video and get started.

Now for everyone else who wants to participate I encourage you to visit some of my friends.  They are each posting about organization today and giving away copies of my book.  To win you’ll only have to leave a comment.  Visit and comment on each site to increase your chances (be patient, some of the links might not be active yet)!

Organizing My Kitchen {and Yours Too!} from Finding Joy in My Kitchen
Breakfast Organization from Heavenly Homemakers
Getting Organized:  Menu Planning from Home Ec 101
Say Goodbye to Disorganized Meal Planning from Once a Month Mom
Organize With Less from The Happy Housewife
Help Getting Organized from Say Mmm (no prizes on this one)

Some of my favorite recipes come from these fabulous bloggers.  Check them out!

From Home Ec 101: Garlic and Soy Chicken Thighs | Grocery List

From The Happy Housewife: Whole Wheat Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins | Grocery List

From Heavenly Homemakers Whole Wheat and Honey Zucchini Bread and Muffins | Grocery List

From Once a Month Mom: Chicken Macaroni Bake | Grocery List

From Joy in my Kitchen: Cheesy Ham and Pasta Bake | Grocery List

For more menu planning inspiration all of the bloggers above {myself included} have put together sample weekly menu plans WITH printable grocery lists here.

Can’t wait to see which recipes you link up!  To increase your chances feel free to link up multiple recipes BUT they must all include the Say Mmm printable grocery list link.

Prize cutoff will be Thursday, February 10th at 3:00 pm PST.  Prizes awarded at random from the linky list numbers.

Have fun with it everyone!

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67 Responses to New Feature – Printable Grocery Lists + Giveaways!

  1. 2
    Hedi says

    Great idea to help out moms,escpecially connecting to the mobile feature.

  2. 3
    Lisa says

    Thanks so much for hosting this givaway! I’d love to win a copy of your book and maybe live life with a little less stress! Thank you!

  3. 4
    Chris Williams says

    This would be great! thank you.

  4. 5
    Barb S. says

    I love this! Thanks so much for introducing this great site.

  5. 6
    Heather says

    I am really excited about this new feature. It inspires me to go through my recipes and get them organized. I am also going to try to implement one new meal a week to get more of a variety in my home. We often resort to easy meals because I haven’t started menu planning, but this snow day looks like the perfect opportunity to start!

  6. 7
    pammypam says

    i am REALLY going to try to make this work. i am the WORST at meal planning and prep.

  7. 8
    Holly Young says

    oh wow, this is just awesome! What a tremendous help this is!

  8. 9
    skye says

    omg omg omg i am obsessed. menu planning heaven! 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  9. 10
    Sara says

    I visited and commented heavenly homemakers

  10. 11
    Sara says

    I visited and commented finding joy in my kitchen

  11. 12
    Sara says

    I visited and commented home ec 101

  12. 13
    Sara says

    I visited and commented once a month mom =)

  13. 14
    Cassie Jowers says

    Great ideas. Great giveaway.

  14. 15
    Gina says

    This is an awesome tool, Laura! I’ve linked up two recipes but I seem to be having a glitch. It looks like Say Mmm compiles the list as you go, so when you click on the second recipe, it gives readers a list that includes the first one. I can’t figure out how to separate them.

    I’ll keep playing with it…

    • 15.1
      Laura says

      Hi Gina, when you click on a second recipe list you are given the option to add to current grocery list or replace the list. That way if you don’t want them to compile they don’t have too. Looks like you did everything right, thank you so much for joining in the fun!!

  15. 16
    Mary Norman says

    amazing giveaway!!!

  16. 17
    Erica McGowan says

    What a great idea! I recently found your blog/website and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m due to give birth to my first baby any day now. I’m taking all your decluttering advice and try to implement it as I start my new family. Your book would be a blessing! Thanks for all your advice…love it!

  17. 18
    Mary says

    I am so glad to have found your site. It has been very inspiring to me to get started organizing and especially meal planning!! I would love a copy of your book. Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. 19
    Cristy says

    What a great giveaway! I desperately need to get organized!

  19. 20
    april says

    interesting site! Ill have to play around with it more when the crew ISN”T at home!

  20. 21
    Marsha_M says

    LOL do the funky chicken! Supposed to be “kitchen” not some crazy dance 🙂

    • 21.1
      Laura says

      LOL, that’s funny, guess you know what was on my mind…hahaha.

  21. 22
    Andrea says

    comment: Laura is fantastic!!

  22. 23
    Tammy says

    OH MY WORD!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I love Say Mmmmmm!!!!

  23. 24
    jami says

    Great site! My life could definitely use some organization.

  24. 25
    Lisa says

    I could really use some help in organization. This is a wonderful!

  25. 26
    Mippy says

    I really am needing organizing help! Thanks for sharing your book with so many! I hope to be one of them! 😀
    Have a great day!
    ~Mippy 🙂

  26. 27
    Linda Stoll says

    Very fun! Sure beats scrawling things on the back of an old envelope!

  27. 28
    grace says

    Okay I signed up at MMMM.. hope that I did it right .

    • 28.1
      Laura says

      Hi Grace, thanks for signing up. You actually don’t need to add your link again here. You just need to go to your Skillet Chicken Parmesan post on your site and add a “printable grocery list” link there using the link that is provided from your Say Mmm account. This video will walk you through the steps:

      Don’t hesitate to ask further questions if you have them, thanks!

    • 28.2
      Laura says

      Awesome, you did it! Thanks so much for participating!!

  28. 29
    kimmers_zoo says

    So helpful! Say Mmmmmmm is my new best friend!

  29. 30
    Stacey says

    I love this! Thank you!

  30. 31
    Amanda says

    Great idea, I need to get to work on Say Umm, thanks for the reminder!

  31. 32
    Renee Richins says

    Wow! This site is exactly what I’ve been looking for and it’s FREE!? 🙂
    I’ve already shared it with my sister. This will help me so much with my meal planning and I need it. Thanks!

  32. 33
    Regina Clark says

    Thank you so much! You wouldn’t believe all the work i went through for my last 2-week menu planning. It went perfectly but took hours to organize: I had my meals laid out in a Word doc; i gathered all the recipes I wanted to use in another Word doc (which saved me a lot of time because i could just refer back to the list of recipes instead of hunting them down); and the grocery list on another Word doc! Say Mmm does all that hard work for me and with the plus feature i can price book too which is something i have always wanted to do but failed to follow through with for so long! Not to mention all the recipes on all the different sites I want to try which is hard to remember which ones feature a recipe box and all the others which don’t. That means either you have to print them out (ugh as an org junkie you know that means stacks of paper building up) or copy and past into a Word doc which means it is going to get lost in the long list of stuff on the comp and/or the formatting will be lost making it hard to read. The link feature on Say Mmm fixes that. I can bookmark it in the program and go back later to enter fully in case that site vanishes and how many great recipes have we all lost due to that problem. So let me say Thank you again!

  33. 34
    Ruth Hill says

    Thank you so much! I had signed up with them some time ago, but I think I may have to start using them!!

  34. 35
    susan says

    this looks like a great way to plan meals

  35. 36
    Susan C. says

    Thanks so much for the chance to win a copy of your book. I would love to have one. I signed up for a SayMmm account, it looks really interesting, but I’m still a bit confused by the instructions. Heading out on a business trip, but I’m going to muck around some more to see if I can figure it out when I get back. Thanks again!

  36. 37
    dawn says

    say mmm is a really neat site! thanks for making me aware of it. can’t wait to read the new book!

  37. 38
    Chic Mummy says

    This is such a fantastic idea. Can’t wait to add my list tomorrow!

  38. 39
    Andrea Watts says

    I have so much trouble planning meals.

  39. 41
    Miriam says

    How much easier can you get? I have signed up and haven’t figured out every feature but it seems oh so simple!! Being a full time working mom with three kids under the age of 4, this is helpful!! Thank you!!

  40. 42
    Kristi @ Veggie Converter says

    How nice are they? I messed mine up and Brian fixed it for me and sent me the new link. Very cool!

  41. 43
    AnneS says

    The saymmm website looks fantastic. Just need a little more time to play around with it. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book!

  42. 44
    Sarah says

    Hullo! I’ve only recently found your blog and would LOVE to win a copy of your book. I am striving to achieve organised bliss in my chaotic household this year and think i am doing quite well so far. Winning this would certainly help though – if your smashing blog is anything to go by!

    Sarah. x

  43. 45
    Jami @ An Oregon Cottage says

    Laura- did you have help adding all the printable lists to your recipe index? That sounds overwhelming to me to do all my past recipes, but I think it’s a great idea to add to my future ones (and maybe most popular)- thanks for turning us onto this feature!

    • 45.1
      Brian @ Say Mmm says

      Hi Jaime, we have some internal tools for bloggers with a lot of recipes that can import links and recipe names into a Say Mmm account so its easy to manage as an index. This makes it easier to add ideas to meal plans and shopping lists as you go. There is a little setup for grocery lists, but a couple tricks for those as well depending on how you want them to display, like using the “text view” in the shopping lists. I will send you an email with some more info as well.

  44. 46
    Sara D says

    Brand new to this site and already so excited about getting organized! Thank for the opportunity to win a copy of your book:)

  45. 47
    Patty says

    I would love to win! I am so ready to start meal planning.

  46. 48
    Karissa says

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a copy of your book!!

  47. 49
    Christine says

    I love your recipes; having an index available has been so helpful for me. I’ll have to play around with the grocery list feature, sounds interesting!

  48. 50
    Heather Siani says

    I love this idea! Thanks for the wonderful blog!

  49. 51
    Kathy says

    What great resources you are highlighting. I’d love to win this giveaway. I had never heard of Say Mmm and many of these other great tools. Thanks, Kathy

  50. 52
    Mom's Menu Planner says

    I absolutely love this feature! I had recently started creating recipe cards for my blog to make it easier for readers to print, but this makes it easier for both me and my readers! I love it…just can’t say it enough! Thanks for sharing Laura 🙂

  51. 53
    AdaD says

    Great website, I’ll will try it for sure ! 🙂

  52. 54
    Kim says

    Hey Laura – I have on my calendar that this giveaway was suppose to end at 3pm CST yesterday but don’t see any winners yet…did anyone win yet??? LOL

  53. 55
    Pamela says

    Hello Laura, I have just begun to organize our home. Over the last 18 months, I have had 10 people and 7 dogs move in. Now that our home is just my hubby and I it is very messy! 1 wedding, 1 out of state moved back and my daughter and her husband and their 3 children moved in since they lost their jobs and had to bk. At least we are all doing better! ORGANIZATION is definitely needed here! Thank you for the opportunity to see your site and maybe get your book!

  54. 56
    Tara King says

    Thanks so much for being giving to strangers! I love your list/recipe set up. I’m a disabled mom of an 11 and 9 yr old. I’ve always been super unorganized and am finally turning that around, it sure does make life go smoother when you’re organizied

    • 56.1
      Tara King says

      Oh and if you do another giveaway could you please enter me into it? TIA and ‘happy’ Monday!


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