Magnetic Menu Plan Board Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed!  The winner is #560 Shannon!

Hi, Organizing Junkies!  I’m Tyra, and I blog over at Ucreate Foods.  I’m so grateful to Laura for inviting me to be here and talk a little bit about how menu planning has changed my life.

Those are my words, not Laura’s.  Sounds kind of overstated, doesn’t it?  I have been known to exaggerate.  Not this time, though.  Menu planning really has changed my life.

The idea of menu planning had never really appealed to me all that much for some reason. And I love all things organized, so I can’t really explain why. I guess I just always pictured myself up into the wee hours of the morning with a dull pencil and a sharp headache, yanking at my hair over the impossibility of trying to forecast what sorts of fare will sound good to my family three Thursdays from next.

Thank goodness my sister-in-law encouraged me to get together with her to make one of these:


It’s a menu planning board made from a 12X12 frame, both the inside and the outside of which is magnetized, allowing me to have all my possible menu choices right there within reach to play around with when I sit down to organize my month. (I gotta’ tell ya, this system is more like playing a game than doing any sort of work.)  They’re pretty, too, so I hang the nice-looking board up right in my kitchen and refer to it (and am accountable to it) when making my grocery lists and addressing “what’s for dinner?” requests.

I’ve been planning monthly menus for about three months now, and I can honestly say that I do not know how I functioned without this menu planning system.  It’s so simple, really, to sit down and play around with my menu items for 15 minutes (or less) once a month.  I would never have believed that something this fast & simple could bring such rewarding daily results.  I can vaguely remember the remorse every afternoon when I put my twins down to nap, thinking, “Okay, well, now I guess I have to start something for dinner”, when what I’d really rather be doing involved crafting, cleaning, organizing, reading or napping myself during this precious time.

Now that I have my menu board and I know what’s for dinner, I usually start putting things together during the clean-up from breakfast (if it’s a crock pot dinner or something with rising times or long simmer times) or lunch (if it isn’t). My kids are generally pretty content during these times, and it allows me to get all my chopping, measuring, kneading, marinating and sautéing accomplished, making it possible for me to – in literally minutes when it counts – bring it all together right on time.  This has effectively opened up pockets of time during the day for accomplishing other important tasks.  Like having a bath.

When I first imagined this project, I worried that my menu would be restricted by the number of items on my board.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Once I finally got everything organized, I find there are actually MORE things I can make because I don’t have to try to plan around things outside my control, such as meat thawing , dough rising or resting, and long slow simmer or bake times. Small investments, those being the negligible amount of planning time once a month and very small amount of daily follow-through time applied in the execution of this system, pay dividends in really helping me feel like I’ve got everything together.  We are eating out of a box much less regularly, are using fresher, healthier ingredients, and are sitting down and actually enjoying our family dinners because getting it on the table is no longer a source of stress for me.

Menu planning with my magnetic menu board has taken almost 100% of the stress out of not only meal decisions but also shopping and meal preparation. We waste less food because it is purchased with a purpose and utilized before it’s forgotten.  My kitchen is cleaner, because I’m able to clean as I cook, to the extreme that I usually have the mess from preparation cleaned up before we even sit down to eat.  This makes post-dinner clean-up go so much more quickly, leaving me more time to play with my kids in the evening.

I could go on and on, but I won’t.  I think I may be preaching to the choir here anyway.  Let it suffice to say that I could never go back to my old way.  I’m a true convert.  And that’s why I recently did a giveaway on my blog of some custom-made magnetic menu boards.  Look how cute & versatile they are:

magnetic menu board

magnetic menu board

magnetic menu board

magnetic menu board

At the time, Laura was kind enough to feature the boards and giveaway on her site, and I got so much traffic from her I felt the need to offer to make one for her as a thank you for the feature.  Well, I was pretty impressed (but not entirely surprised) when she said that rather than have one herself, she’d like to offer to do a giveaway for her readers.  I was more than happy to oblige.

This giveaway is for a distressed two-tone magnetic menu board custom painted with your choice of base and top coats, and including up to 50 of your family’s most often-used menu items.

You’ll type up your menu items in a list, email the list to me with your color selections for frame and paper, and will soon receive your adorable magnetic menu board with 60 menu items (I’ll add a few items labeled “leftovers”, “eating out” and some labeled “something new” for those gotta-try-it-now recipes you find on Menu Plan Monday and Ucreate Foods!)  Thanks so much for your interest…I can’t wait to see how your menu board turns out!

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Thursday, January 27th at 11:00 am PST telling me what your favorite part about menu planning is.  Haven’t given menu planning a try?  No worries, simply tell me what’s holding you back.  Winner will be selected at random from the comments received.

Good luck everyone!

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1,320 Responses to Magnetic Menu Plan Board Giveaway

  1. 1
    Jean says

    I love the freedom of less frequent grocery visits!

  2. 2
    Bev says

    Oh my gosh-I LOVE this. This would be so much easier than the paper one that gets food spilled all over it. Gorgeous!

  3. 3
    Beth says

    For me, the best part is having control of knowing my family will have a nutritious meal, and that we will be able to eat together, regardless of how wild and crazy the rest of the day might be.

  4. 4
    Gwen says

    Menu planning has saved me money with fewer visits to the grocery store, and less eating out. I work a split shift so menu planning is also easy because I come home on my break and start to prepare what we are having for dinner, and that way when I get home part of dinner is already prepared. I would love to win this menu planning board!

  5. 5
    Andrea says

    I am just getting into menu planning and I love not worrying about “what’s for dinner?” Love this menu planning board!

  6. 6
    Donna says


    What a brilliant idea! I’m working on my menu for this week and it’s always a frustrating task. I love this idea!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. 7
    Sandi Anderson says

    I love so many aspects of this board! Its simple and this way everyone knows what’s for dinner!

  8. 8
    Laura says

    I would love one of these boards, meal planning has has saved my life, I am mommy to 5, and I believe meal planning brings calm in the storm of life :)

  9. 9
    Krissy Ward says

    i love menu planning! but i don’t….often….whats holding me back? a way to keep it in the forefront of my busy weeks instead of it getting lost in the shuffle.

  10. 10
    Camille says

    I have tried menu planning and find that it helps me stick to my budget so much better! If i have a plan I can thaw meat, make preparations ahead of time and avoid the “oh crap, what’s for dinner” rush that so often ends in a run for fast food! I guess my biggest obstacle is my kids’ picky eating. Maybe if I involved them more we could overcome some of that.

  11. 11
    Adriel says

    I really enjoy cooking, but I do not like feeling stressed about throwing something together at the last minute. I’ve planned menus all sorts of ways: 1 week, 2 weeks, a month. Planning by the month really is better! I’ve kinda lost my motivation, though. Having a gorgeous Menu Board would really help. : )

  12. 12
    Jessica says

    I love menu planning! It keeps me organized and on budget! I love the menu board.

  13. 13
    jennifer wells says

    Wow that is a really awesome idea. I started Menu planning last year. There were times were I would slack off but since Oct we have not missed a beat. I can honestly tell you outside of not having the headache of knowing what we are having the decrease in my weekly budget for groceries is amazing! It really has helped us tremendously in this very difficult economy. Thanks for a great giveaway! Very creative

  14. 14
    Masako says

    I’m a stay at home mom with two small children. I want to give menu planning a try, but feel overwhelmed by the concept of it. I always say I’ll give it a try, but end up saying to myself, “Where do I begin and how do I even get started?” I’m afraid that I’ll start planning, but won’t stick with the program. Inspiration has gotten me this far, to your webpage, perhaps using a magnetic board would help me tremendously. Hope to be the winner. ;)

  15. 15
    Sheila says

    I am doing my first month long menu plan this month and would ditto every comment you made above. Peace of mind through the day has been my favorite part so far. These are adorable by the way!

  16. 16
    Shawnee H says

    Such a cute idea and execution! LOVE your menu boards!!

    I love menu planning because it saves me stress and money – coming in the door with a plan instead of searching the fridge/freezer/pantry is such a relief.

  17. 17
    Melanie says

    I’ve never done menu planning before but would like to start. The “what’s for dinner?” question everyday has become so stressful that I was commenting to my sister I don’t even like to think about meals anymore. I think this would help tremendously! I also believe it would help me to shop with a purpose and save money which I definitely need to do now!!!

  18. 18
    Jackie Lee says

    wow these are gorgeous. I love knowing what is for dinner ~ and exactly what to buy at the store (which saves me money and I like that too!).
    We’re only planning a week at a time right now ~ this would really allow me to get more variety I bet ~ since I can never think of anything new when I sit down Sun morning to make the list and plan.

  19. 19
    Lyssa says

    I love that I don’t start hyperventilating around 4:00 every day. It makes life much more stressfree!!

  20. 20
    Tina says

    My favorite part about menu planning is knowing that I am making healthy, homemade dinners for my family. I love knowing ahead of time what I am making so I am not stressed out, and can make sure that after a hard laborious day at work my husband has a hot meal to come home to. I truly gives me joy because I’m taking care of my family (and not to mention it gives my husband joy when he sees how much money we save by planning meals!).

  21. 21
    Sharon Barber says

    Las Animas Helping Hands helps people that are in a crisis with their basic life needs of assistance with: keeping their utiltities on, food, prescriptions, gasoline to get to a doctor appointment or work, free transportation to medical appointments, free income tax preparations, budgeting, and consideration of every request to help in their crisis. I have been wanting to start some classes helping to make meals faster and more nutriously. I would love to offer one of your boards as an incentive for coming to the class….any other ideas would be welcomed. We are a 100% volunteer organization. We are the 4th poorest county in Colorado and would appreciate any assistance you can give us.

  22. 22
    Julie says

    I haven’t given menu planning a try, BUT, I keep saying I NEED too. This looks like such a great tool for our family of 6! We need help in planning dinners. I would love to win one of these menu boards. Blessings, Julie

  23. 23
    Crystal says

    Menu planning is essential to curbing chaos in my house. There are six people in our family. I love menu planning. I don’t have to stop and think about what to fix or what sides to fix and if I have the right ingredients and what I need to shop for. With my menu planned out, I do my grocery shopping accordingly. I know exactly how much I need of everything and then I just pull it all out and cook. I LOVE to cook. I have recently started cooking healthier and from scratch for our family, so I need to give my menu an overhaul. This would be a great, motivational way to do it!

  24. 24
    Amy says

    I love menu planning because it frees me from “dinner amnesia” (the-oh-crap-I-have-to-feed-these-people-again-as-if-it’s-a-surprise syndrome). I started menu planning most of a month at a time back in April to try to cut our grocery budget, and it’s worked so well!

  25. 25
    Pam says

    I am in love with this idea! And the fact its magnetized is just awesome!!!

  26. 26
    Michele says

    I need all the help I can get. Honestly, I’m not good at menu planning. I think my biggest hangup is finding great tasting, easy, inexpensive recipes (I’m not the best cook either).

  27. 27
    Nicole says

    These are great! Not only functional but they look awesome. Maybe if I were using one of these my hubby, who does most of the cooking, would stop calling me to ask what’s for dinner!

  28. 28
    Tara says

    I have never tried menu planning…basically because I don’t know where to start. We are a military family of 4. I have two daughters that are extremely busy in the evenings, and a husband that comes home late often. I would love to be able to have dinner on the table and out of the way in a timely manner. It would mean so much to me to win this menu board, because it would give me the tool to start in the right direction!

  29. 29
    Tricia @ This Happy Home says

    My favorite part is finding new recipes. We have some food allergies & strong food dislikes, so finding new recipes that appeal to everyone is a fun challenge for me.

    Great boards!

  30. 30
    Cindy says

    Haven’t tried menu planning because I never seem to be that organized, but I would love to give it a try.

  31. 31
    Emily says

    No more dreading all day long what I will need to figure out for dinner! I grocery shop every 2 weeks, and don’t have to make any last minute trips (more like emergency trips!) to get dinner on the table each night. And not making those extra little trips several times a week saves us a lot of money.

  32. 32
    kathy hintz says

    I love to menu plan because it helps me avoid the drive-thru, and we don’t have many choices for those! My husband and I are both returning college students and we have 3 kids, one of which is also in college with us. Our lives are crazy and we are broke! Planning is the only way I survive.

  33. 33
    Whitney says

    LOVE LOVE menu planning. I plan monthly and then sometimes when months are a little more crazy and we don’t use everything I throw in a freezer/pantry clean out month. Those months the meals don’t always go together much as I would like but that way at least everything doesn’t go to waste.

  34. 34
    Judy says

    Oh my, these are so cool. Thinking I might have to buy one if I don’t win. :)

  35. 35
    Elle says

    Yeah, I hate menu planning and I hate cooking. So that is why I suck at menu planning. I homeschool, care for 3 kids, clean, and am a wife but the one thing I totally hate about this role is cooking and menu planning. I don’t even think I could come up with 50 recipes if I tried because my kids have sensory issues and they hate everything…sigh. Yet, I’m willing to give it a try. Not sure where I’d hang this, but it looks pretty cool.

  36. 36
    Jenine says

    What an awesome idea! Love it!

  37. 37
    Audrey says

    Saving time and money by not having to go out to eat because it is 6:00 & I have no idea what to make for supper !

  38. 38
    Lauren says

    My favorite part of menu planning is not having to worry about
    “what’s for dinner?!” at 4pm! Also, planning means having my ingredients on hand and not having to trek my 3 kids (4 and under) out to the grocery store so frequently to get those last 2 ingredients I need to pull dinner together! I am only planning about 1 1/2 weeks in advance, that that is why the board would be so great- I would be motivated to step it up to a whole month!

  39. 39
    Georgeann W says

    I love to plan my menu each month. I have been in a funk since October and have not done it so this would be wonderful to get back on track!

  40. 40
    Jennifer Richard says

    I am the stay at home mom of 4 very picky kids. I have hesitated to menu plan b/c of their very picky diet. Seems I keep serving them different things they won’t eat. I would like to be able to start giving them a varied diet, but sometimes it feels like a waste of time to try to make a change when the only ones who eat the meals are my husband and I. Help!!!

  41. 41
    Cori says

    Meal planning helps us to make healther choices for dinner!

    • 41.1
      Cori says

      oops.. meant healthier

  42. 42
    Angie says

    Not a good menu planner. What’s holding me back? Um … disorganization? Yes. Disorganization, most definitely. :/

  43. 43
    Nichole says

    I am fairly new to menu planning, but loving it! There is a feature in my planner to plan out meals for each day. I am very happy with how it has helped with grocery shopping!

  44. 44
    Tammy says

    I don’t menu plan as often as I should, but I love that fact that when I do, there is absolutely no stress about worrying about what’s for dinner!

  45. 45
    Missy says

    I used to love to cook and now, most of the time, it is a dreaded chore. Menu planning has helped a lot, but I have been neglecting it in my notebook (out of sight, out of mind). A super cute menu board hanging in the kitchen would be motivation to start menu planning again :-)

  46. 46
    stacey says

    Have contemplated it but always feel overwhelmed. Picky eaters and eating the same things over and over again. I do sit and look through the fliers but get stumped. 3 of us eat anything I cook and 3 of us only eat certain things. Drives me crazy to make make 2 full meals every night. With Laura’s help I have started on the organizing road and hope to keep making things easier and this would help and get the frustrations out becasue all would have a say.

  47. 47
    Ashley says

    I have been an off and on menu planner. I know that it’s amazing when I sit down and do it. But I have to sit down and write everything out and try to remember what my family likes to eat. Then when something doesn’t work out I have to erase stuff and rewrite/plan for a week or two. It would be so much more easy to have the magnetic board. If something went astray, then I could just shift the magnets and be done. Plus, it is way more cute than a notepad hanging on the side of my fridge! Oh, I hope I win!!! Thanks for the chance :)

  48. 48
    Sabrina says

    BeeeeYOUtiful board!!

    I kind of have a hit and miss approach to menu planning, mainly because it’s just me, but I would like to have a better handle on my food purchases and menus, not only for the convenience (of having what I need to make something on hand) and the cost effectiveness of it(I throw out so much food that goes bad before I use it) but also for the healthy aspect of it also.

  49. 49
    Sarah Farnstrom says

    I try to do a weekly menu plan and love having it written out and done, but I usually write it in chicken scratch on a teeny tiny piece of paper that ends up missing within 2 hours! A memo board is a perfect solution and having it for the whole month even better!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  50. 50
    Lisa J says

    I don’t use a any menu planning ideas. I usually just do the same meals but would love to start using a menu. this is a very creative way to do it. If i don’t win, would love to see a post on how to make one. Thank you.

  51. 51
    carrie says

    Haven’t made the time to menu plan but have made. It a goal to thus winter!

  52. 52
    Katey says

    I LOVE the idea of menu planning but have been unsuccessful in every attempt. I want to be freed of the “What’s for dinner?” conversation that takes place EVERYDAY! Menu planning will free up time spent at the grocery store and hopefully provide daily well balanced meals for my large, busy family!

  53. 53
    Gretchen says

    I started menu planning this new year and got “sidetracked” when I was put on bedrest for my twin pregnancy. So this board will be super handy once I have two brand new kiddos added to the mix!

  54. 54
    Amy says

    I usually try to plan a weekly menu, but I recently had twins and feel like I cant find time for much of anything these days. Reading how you have twins yourself and this board was a life savor gave me hope.

  55. 55
    Jennifer says

    Helps me stick to my grocery budget & keep from over buying

  56. 56
    Deb says

    I like the time factor–of having more of it. Thanks!

  57. 57
    Maura gondek says

    This beats my paper calendar method which I just hang on the fridge. Planning the menus means I know exactly what I need to get at the store and I don’t come home with items we won’t use or eat.

  58. 58
    Cheryl says

    I like menu planning because it saves me money at the grocery store. I know EXACTLY what I need to buy!

  59. 59
    Lisa G says

    There is something about the supper hour that makes a toddler fall apart. Menu planning means that I am ready for supper and my toddler!

  60. 60
    Morgan L says

    The thing I love about menu planning is that it’s soothing. It’s fun to try to come up with different recipes & to know what I’m cooking and which day. It takes the stress out of my life.

  61. 61
    Shannon says

    My favorite thing about menu planning is getting the family involved. I’ll ask them every couple weeks “what would you like to have for supper within the next few weeks.” They like to have their favorite foods and I don’t have to pick all the menus!

  62. 62
    Mommyof1 says

    Menu planning helps me have more time to spend with my little one! Not having to worry about what to make for dinner is wonderful, especially on the days I work.

  63. 63
    Dodie says

    I almost never make a menu plan. When I do, I love the fact that I know I won’t be making hundreds of extra trips to the grocery store to pick up things I need for tonight’s meal that I didn’t know I needed.

  64. 64
    Elaine says

    I have occasionally menu planned, mostly a week at a time. Never for a whole month. I would love one of these boards. What holds me back from meal planning more regularly…I think the inability to visualize the future. This would help, plus with all the magnets, it would already be all thought out for me!

    I hope I win. I need this.

  65. 65
    Janeen (Chupieandjsmama) says

    I try to menu plan but I don’t always stick to it. The best part for me is knowing exactly what I am making for dinner and then having all the ingredients on hand. I menu plan before the grocery so I’m set for the week and I only have to make one trip out.

  66. 66
    Nancy says

    I’m fairly organized (O.K….maybe a smidge OCD) but menu planning makes me tired! As one of ten children, I often recall what my mother had said about meal planning; “It’s not the preparation and clean-up that I dislike inasmuch as deciding what to make!” I think she would have loved one of these boards. I would, too!

  67. 67
    Sarah says

    My favorite part is all the money we save! And not having to come up with a plan for dinner at 5 pm!

  68. 68
    Leilani says

    I like that we eat healthier when we plan our meals. Thanks! This looks great!

  69. 69
    Sarah J. says

    I love menu planning because it limits the number of trips I have to make to the grocery store, giving me more time to spend at home with my family.

  70. 70
    Bonnie Dewkett says

    I’d love to talk to you about menu boards! I emailed from your site, but it was returned. Email me at and we can chat! Thanks!

  71. 71
    Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons says

    Menu planning prevents me from eating out or eating frozen pizza b/c I waited too long to figure out what on earth is for dinner! It also saves money and prevents me from buying too many things I don’t need at the store! Love the boards! =)

  72. 72
    Melissa says

    I love menu planning, I love not having to scramble around the kitchen trying to figure out what the heck am I going to create. I have been menu planning for the last 5 years and am currently using a white board that i have morphed into something similar, but the idea of magnets are just too cool!

  73. 73
    Carrie says

    I like having a list of the 7-10 things I can concoct from supplies on hand. Ends the endless blank staring into the pantry/fridge/freezer. :-)

  74. 74
    Trisha says

    I love not having to worry about what is for supper, because I already know. I can eat better throughout the day knowing how much my supper will be out of my daily allotment of pointsplus values. It gives me peace.

  75. 75
    Shannon says

    I love having the opportunity to teach my daughter so many lessons just through planning our meals together. I love the idea of the menu board. I wouldn’t have to hear, “What’s for dinner?” every night! :)

  76. 76
    Kim @ Homesteader's Heart says

    I love menu planning it takes the stress out of “What’s for dinner?”
    Your board is soooo cute!!!

  77. 77
    Heather W says

    I’ve planned weekly menus for some time now, but I LOVE the idea of planning monthly. The best part of menu planning is only having to think once a week about what to eat…I can only imagine what just thinking about it once a month would be like! So freeing!

  78. 78
    Beth says

    These are beautiful, and organized. My heart is going pitter patter. Sure beats the Sponge Bob paper pad I’ve been using for the past year! Thanks.

  79. 79
    Erin says

    We eat out so much less frequently…which saves time and money!

  80. 80
    Anna says

    I like knowing what I’m having for dinner when I get home from work. No frantic looking through the cupboards & fridge! So far, I’ve only done 1 & 2 week planning and wonder if one month would be easier!

  81. 81
    Teresa says

    Menu planning takes a bit of the stress out of my day because I don’t have to wonder at 3pm what I’m making for dinner at 5pm. It lets me know in advance to pull something out of the freezer.

  82. 82
    Kaitlin says

    I like that I don’t have to throw out food at the end of the week, because I forgot that I bought it at the store! Much less waste in the long run!

  83. 83
    erica says

    what an ADORABLE giveaway!! :)

    my fave part of menu planning is 4:30 every day. i get to breathe a sigh of relief and know that i have every ingredient needed to get dinner ready. no need to rack my brain, search or run to the store in a panic!! menu planning has saved me SO much time and stress!!

  84. 84
    Esther says

    I am definately more likely to actually make a real dinner if I have a plan! Rather than missing important ingredients, you are all ready to go.

  85. 85
    Beth Goodbaudy says

    I have done menu planning off and on over the years; recently taking it up again. I love that I don’t have to think about what is for dinner each day and then wonder if I have the ingredients on hand. The other bonus to menu planning for me is that I know what I am looking for when I go grocery shopping; which saves me money!

    Love the magnet menu board – such a clever idea!

  86. 86
    Wendy says

    This is a fantastic idea! I get VERY anxious every afternoon trying to decide what to make and this might help me to actually ENJOY my afternooons :) I have recently begun to try organizing meals around the specials at the grocery store in an effort to shave off a large amount off my grocery bill, and this would make that so much easier. Much better than sitting at my kitchen table staring at the circulars and wondering what the heck i can make using _______. Please pick me! I need all the help I can get!

  87. 87
    alison says

    I love meal planning. My week runs so much smoother and it makes grocery shopping a snap!

  88. 88
    Elaine says

    My favorite part of menu planning is how easy it makes grocery shopping. I know what I need and how much and my grocery bill is far less than when I try and shop without a plan =)

  89. 89
    Leigh Sabey says

    What a great idea! I love menu planning because, like you said, I can get a head start on thawing meat, letting bread rise, etc. to make cooking from scratch easier. Right now I’m working on compiling a list of tried-and-true favorite recipes because the hardest part of menu planning for me is, well, planning the menu. This board will help immensely!

  90. 90
    Megan says

    My favorite part of menu planning is leafing through my cookbooks for new ideas :)

  91. 91
    neena says

    I love the idea of knowing I can prep ahead as much as possible. Menu planning makes dinnertime less chaotic!

  92. 92
    Haley says

    I’ve been wanting to start menu planning for awhile but have had a hard time getting organized. This would be the perfect way to do it!

  93. 93
    Sharon says

    I love this magnetic menu planner! When I’ve tried menu planning in the past, I loved how it helped me to buy only what I really needed and throw less away. I never stuck with it for long though because I wasn’t very good at organizing it in a way that didn’t just turn into a mess. I got frustrated with my pages of scratched out ideas and arrows all over the place to show where a meal had been moved. Thanks for sharing your idea!

  94. 94
    April says

    The best part of menu planning for me is that my husband is all about it. He loves when I plan our meals because it helps us stay home more, eat out less, and eat even better!

  95. 95
    Jo at the Creative Collage says

    This looks great! I have tried to menu plan in the past and do well for a time before “falling off the wagon”! The magnetic menu board would make it much more fun and it looks great too!

  96. 96
    Ginger says

    I love this idea and you’re right its pretty. It was recommended to me to do menu planning for my weight loss initiative because it would be easier to shop, have things on hand, and prepare better nutritious meals for work without expense of eating out.

  97. 97
    Bonnie says

    I have such a stumbling block to menu planning and end up going to the grocery store 5x a week! Something like this is exactly what I need!

  98. 98
    Charlotte says

    I generally dislike meal planning, even though I realize that when I do it, it ends up saving me tons of work. I like being able to look at my calendar and see what I am making for supper – so simple.

    I guess I least like choosing something to make, but once a week I dutifully pull out my calendar and make choices for the upcoming week, make my shopping list and buy ingredients for those meals. I often end up switching things within the week because I already have the ingredients, but it is far easier than trying to be creative with supper at 3pm every day :)


  99. 99
    Tessa Johnston says

    My favorite part about menu planning is saving our family time & money. I like to plan out our weekly menu from our pantry. I stockpile so it helps me use what we’ve already purchased. This planning helps my children know what’s for dinner, without asking me 90 times :)

    I love your menu board, what a fantastic idea and super great giveaway (crossing my fingers, you pick me!!!)

  100. 100
    Lisa Pierce says

    I am not a very good menu planner, but I really want to be. I have tried different methods of planning but have not found the right or what seems to be easy for planning meals for my family. I would love to try this method of plannig. I love the fact that my family can also be involved.

  101. 101
    Holly says

    Oh I am gonna NEED one of these!!! I have been trying to menu plan for at least a year- but have been pretty hit and miss thus far (exactly WHY it is such a daunting task for me is anyones guess- I’m an organizational FREAK!)… I digress- this menu board would change my life!!! (for reals!)…

  102. 102
    Tiffany says

    I am a newby at meal planning but am really liking all of the benefits (just as you have discovered!). I am happy to have dinner started and on its way before I used to even start thinking about what to make. My husband and kids have been so happy with the change too! I love making them happy.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  103. 103
    Amber Fitz says

    I have planned a few times and my life is so much easier when I do, but I don’t know why I can’t stick with it.

  104. 104
    Stephanie says

    I’m just learning about menu planning, and thinking about giving it a try. My only problem, is that I’m a single mother of one child, and I work till 7 4 days a week so it’s hard to do this.

  105. 105
    Melissa Martin says

    I love knowing just what we will be having for dinner instead of that 5 o’clock frantic rush.

  106. 106
    Rebecca says

    I love knowing what we’re having for dinner days in advanced, and knowing that if something comes up – like an unexpected dinner guest – I know what we’re serving and don’t have to make a mad dash to the shop!

  107. 107
    Alisa Nelson says

    I have been doing menu planning for about a year and it is amazing! I don’t dread cooking dinner now, because I have a plan! I would enjoy this magnetic menu plan board SO much! Thanks for the opportunity!

  108. 108
    Kim Ritter says

    I have “JUST” started menu planning thanks to Laura’s post a few weeks ago recommending a homeschool mom who laid it out step by step for me…I’m LOVING it…I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE one of these…too fun!!! I’d probably bless my sister with it though cause it’s her birthday month and I’m getting her on the menu planning band wagon too!!! LOL

  109. 109
    Brandy says

    My favorite part of menu planning is knowing what we’re going to have each night and not spending so much time thinking about it in the moment. I also love organization so it’s fun for me to sit down once a week with my cookbooks and the weekly ads to figure out how to put it all together into tasty and healthy meals. I do a lot more experimenting now rather than just relying on the standards.

  110. 110
    Liddy says

    My favorite part of menu planning is that it removes the stress of frantically trying to figure out, at 4:00 P.M., what to cook for my family of seven for supper. While I don’t enjoy the actual process of menu planning, I love the result!

    Love, love, LOVE the magnetic menu planning boards!! So cute and such a great idea!

  111. 111
    Brooke says

    My menu planning hold back is lack of recipes to choose from!

  112. 112
    Brooke says

    even though meal planning takes some time to do up front it saves me mr time each day than i invested at the beginning. A clear head also helps during the weekly rush. I know exactly what i’ll be doing!

  113. 113
    kate says

    Love this board!
    My favorite part of menu planning is that if i plan well, the meals we have are healthy. Plus we don’t waste a lot of food when we plan ahead.

  114. 114
    Adriana says

    I love those!
    I’ve done weekly menu planning but I’m not consistent. I’m usually good for about 2-3 weeks then I fall behind and I’m back to “what’s for dinner tonight”? I just started trying 2 weeks out but a month would be awesome!

  115. 115
    ~~Rhonda says

    Thanks for hosting a great giveaway. I have been menu planning for years and I can’t imagine living without it. It is easy to do and saves so much time and frustration, not to mention money. So many good things come from menu planning that it only makes sense to do it! ~~Rhonda

  116. 116
    Melanie says

    I love feeling organized and put together. I’m a planner by nature and I just feel so much better knowing that the meals are all planned out for the month.

  117. 117
    Debbie Lynne says

    I like using items from my stockpile to sae money. Love these boards ~ hope I win!!!!

  118. 118
    Rachel L says

    WOW I love this!! My favorite part about menu planning is avoiding the 4:00 PM panic of what is for dinner!

  119. 119
    Heather E. says

    The best part of meal planning for me is how much less stress there is around the dinner hour when I know I have a plan. I have 2 young boys so when they are hungry, they are hungry NOW. So, having a plan helps me get dinner ready at a reasonable time.

  120. 120
    Suzanne Jackson says

    I do weekly meal planning at the same time I make out my weekly shopping list. This lets me look over my grocery store sales flyer (go Publix!) and my calendar and plan accordingly. Some meals are planned for specific days (such as something simple on youth night, just to get us out the door), but some days I just glance at my options that morning and decide what sounds good or will work best. Either way, by planning as I make out my grocery list, I ensure that I will (usually) have all the ingredients I need. Two favorite things about menu planning: having a plan, and saving money by having ingredients on hand.

  121. 121
    Chelsa Knepp says

    Oh my goodness- I love menu planning- and this option is WAY cuter than my list on a piece of paper hanging on the fridge! we are building a new house and this would go GREAT in my brand new kitchen :)

  122. 122
    Kandra says

    I love being in control of my grocery shopping when I menu plan. I am sooo much more frugal when I have a plan!

  123. 123
    Jessica says

    I love menu planning because of how much time and money I save! Also, my family eats out SO much less since we have a plan. :)

  124. 124
    Enjoy Birth says

    I sort of hate menu planning. But I love it if is done. The weeks I do it I do love it. :)

  125. 125
    Kia @ A View From Here says

    These are adorable. I love the first one (pink/beige).
    I’m lost when I don’t meal plan. We end up eating badly or getting take out because I didn’t know what was for dinner.
    When I plan we shop for what we need so we spend less too, less stress as I don’t have to worry about it and I almost always leave a day free so that I can shift a dish if I need to due to unexpected events. If nothing crops up then we just fill in that day with breakfast for dinner or use up leftovers ;)

  126. 126
    Mary Harper says

    I love meal planning! That being said, I’m terrible at it. But I’m so tired of seeing it’s 4:30 already and wondering what I should cook for dinner. So it is a New Year’s goal of mine to meal plan so I would LOVE one of these!!! Right now my meal plan is on a one page 8 1/2 x 11 calendar on a white sheet of paper. This would be a wonderful upgrade for me and my family of 6! Thanks!

  127. 127
    Rina Jurceka says

    I’m terrified of the work of planning menus ahead, but think that a tool would make it easier

  128. 128
    Catherine says

    Menu planning makes home cooking SO much easier. The menu planning only takes me about 15 minutes on Sunday nights. It cuts down on so much stress before dinnertime.

  129. 129
    Amy says

    This is so pretty! How generous to give one away.
    I love menu planning but my system is far more basic :)

  130. 130
    Donna says

    Cute, cute idea! I may have to “borrow” it if I don’t win. My favorite part of meal planning has to be eliminating the dreaded “It’s 5 o’clock. What can I make?” panic. My shopping list is easier because I know what I’m making, too.

  131. 131
    Erin says

    I like that menu planning allows us to spend less on food because we know what to buy in bulk.

  132. 132
    Ronda Robertson says

    oh how I would love this! Such a clear idea!

    I used to be a big menu planner, and it was wonderful. I fell off the wagon when we made some lifestyle and dietary changes and my family was eating all a bit different. We are all on the same page again and this board might be just what we need to get back on the wagon!!

    Great idea! Thanks for the generosity!

  133. 133
    Alison says

    Love to menu plan- major time and money saver! I feel so accomplished when it is all said and done.

  134. 134
    Elisabeth says

    My favorite part is that part that you have planned and therefore have everything you need to put your dinner together. It’s beyond frustrating when you get halfway through a recipe and find out you don’t have a key ingredient!

  135. 135
    Melanie says

    I love the no-brainer-ness to menu planning and enjoy (99% of the time) the thrill of digging in my pantry, fridge, and freezer to see what needs using up. Then matching those items to what’s on sale at Publix. Let’s not forget how awesomely fun it is to come home with a trunk full of Sam’s stuff and prep a bunch of meals for the freezer. I even love telling people at work about it and watching the light-bulb expression when they realize OAMC/OAWC is genius.

  136. 136
    Jen says

    These look amazing! I would love to have one to help kickstart my efforts to menu plan. I try to form a plan, but I get all perfectionist and think it has to be just right, even the first time. This would force me to make a list of meals we make, and like. That would be a good first step! :) When I have write it down, I plan much healthier, well-balanced meals!

  137. 137
    Missie says

    This is the cutest menu planning system I have ever seen! How awesome! I would love to win this! Great idea!

  138. 138
    BlondiKnits says

    I’d like to win the menu planning board for my little sister, Holly. She is an Air Force nurse who works nights. She has two children at home, and leaves for work before suppertime, returning after they leave for school. Because she is not at home for dinner, the kids often eat frozen or ready-to-eat meals. They can cook, if they just knew what to fix! Having a plan would help them eat more healthy meals.

  139. 139
    ellen d says

    My favorite thing about menu planning is how much time it saves me when I prepare a grocery list. Also, when I post it the kids don’t have to ask me “what for dinner?”

  140. 140
    gaitha says

    So much less stress when you have a plan! I only plan by the week, but this would really help me go ahead and conquer month planning which I have wanted to do, but have been a little overwhelmed by it :) thanks!

  141. 141
    Christa says

    I am a stay at home to 4 wonderful kids. I somewhat menu plan, but no to this extent. I usually make a “menu” of meals for the month but dont put them on a specific day. BUT I love this idea, it is so cute and cleaver. I would love to win it.!!! I love making homemade dinners.

  142. 142
    Leigh says

    I made menu magnets but this is a great way to use them

  143. 143
    Renae says

    What a great giveaway!! I love not having to make so many trips to the grocery store!

  144. 144
    Krystn says

    I like knowing exactly what’s for dinner before coming home from work.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  145. 145
    Pilar Miral says

    What is holding me back is i am more of a free spirit. I cook what i want when it feels good. But recently i have noticed that this method is really costly, especially since i have lost my job and need to organize my life a little better. Especially finances. So i saw this post and thought that is a great way to get me in a budget, and to know how much i spend on food and plus have it right in front of me! Great job on the magnetic boards (i love magnets) i have them all over my fridge.

  146. 146
    needtochange says

    I often menu plan for the week but can honestly say I’m a bit overwhelmed by the idea of menu planning for the month. I suppose that would be better for buying meat in bulk but the thought seems scary.

  147. 147
    Kate says

    The most positive impact of meal planning for me has been less eating out. There’s no more panic at 4:00. These boards are lovely, hope to win :)

  148. 148
    Sasha says

    I have attempted just menu planning for a week, but somehow end up getting screwed up with some schedule change. Planning for a month would be awesome, I wouldn’t have to worry so much, could prepare my family ahead of time of what to expect (with picky eaters this might help them actually eat) plus I would love to know what I could make ahead of time (say with another meal) to make the next meal easier and less stressful. With kids, I hate boiling water or sauteeing with them hanging around my legs because they are so hungry and when will dinner be ready. And oh, to have a cleaner kitchen, that would be a dream come true.

  149. 149
    Lynn says

    I love only shopping one time for a week’s worth of meals and not having the dreaded “what’s for dinner” question.

  150. 150
    Deven says

    My husband is the cook in the family, and he comes home at 5 and has to figure out the answer to the dreaded “what’s for dinner” question. I think we’d like to menu plan to simplify shopping and make that time after work a little more relaxing for him.

  151. 151
    Alison says

    what adorable boards! I’ve been menu planning since September and I totally agree with your feelings on how much this has changed our lives… it is amazing!!!!

  152. 152
    stacy says

    Would really like for menu planning to work for me and my family. It just seems so complicated….

  153. 153
    Jamie Chatham says

    I would love to win this! I guess you could say that I menu plan; I think about it at the end of each week as I make my grocery list for the next week. How nice it would be to have a menu board for the month!!!

  154. 154
    Joni says

    I plan meals for the month but don’t plan them for specific days. I think we would waste less recipe specific ingredients if I had a day set for each meal instead of just picking what sounds good each morning. This board would be awesome!

  155. 155
    MonicaB says

    What’s holding me back? I just don’t know where to begin. It seems like it takes me forever to try to do a plan and then it falls thru mid-week. I’m still searching for a meal planning system that works for me.

  156. 156
    Alyssa says

    I love menu planning because it saves me time and money. Simply put.

  157. 157
    Lisa Summerhays says

    I love that it make creating a shopping list much easier and faster. I also hate when dinner time rolls around and I don’t know what I’m making if I haven’t created a menu.

  158. 158
    Megan says

    This will make it so much easier to actually menu plan as opposed to not being able to remember what I like to make and losing the little paper I wrote the plan on all over the kitchen – such a great idea!

  159. 159
    Marina says

    That is so neat!!! I hope I win!

    • 159.1
      Marina says

      Ooops! Should read the directions before I posted :) My favorite part of menu planning is to not have to come home from work and try to figure out what to make.

  160. 160
    Liz says

    I love meal planning! It takes the guess work out of every meal! And my family ALWAYS knows what’s for dinner! My plan is not as fancy so this would be perfect for me! :)

  161. 161
    Leslie says

    I’ve just gotten started menu planning by the week and hope that someday I’ll be able to do it a whole month at a time… I love the time and energy it saves me at the end of the day when I get home, I don’t have to think about what we have in the pantry and what to make for dinner.

  162. 162
    Jessica says

    I keep thinking that menu planning is such a great idea, but I just can’t get started. It seems to exhausting to get my head wrapped around. I would LOVE to have one of these to get me started in the right direction!

  163. 163
    Jeri-Anne Brown says

    I love love menu planning because 1-it saves so much money at the store and 2-I feel so prepared all the time, no rushing around to figure what I can easily put on the table before hubby gets home, but mostly because I love to create new dishes and I usally add a super easy meal to the list for the kiddos to help with too.Love it:)

  164. 164
    Shirley says

    Are you taking international entries? I used to make menus but I haven’t for a while. I should get back to it. My favourite part about menu making is not having to think everyday what to eat.

  165. 165
    Maria says

    ohh cool!! I love this idea. I like menu planning because it takes away the “what am I going to fix for dinner?” scramble.

  166. 166
    Susannah says

    I just started menu planning, and the very best thing is that I know EXACTLY what to get at the grocery store, instead of shopping on my old plan (called “I like this and this and this and this.”) It makes me feel great to be on my way through the checkout knowing that I got only what I needed and that I have everything I need for a week!

  167. 167
    JenneferJ says

    Those look amazing!

  168. 168
    Kari says

    My goodness! I could TOTALLY use something like this! I love the idea of organization (especially when it comes to family dinners), but lack the discipline and materials to do so. Something cute like this, so organized, and easy to use is something that could totally motivate me! =)

  169. 169
    Lisa says

    Plan meals ahead of time? Just the thought gives me the willies. As you can imagine, my husband is not happy. The funny/crazy part is we are in the middle of remodeling our kitchen!

  170. 170
    Kristy Wise says

    Can I share my least favorite thing about meal planning instead? I don’t enjoy sorting through my recipes and cookbooks every week to figure out what we’ll be eating. It takes too long and I’ve often thought I would love if someone else just chose the meals for me. With a 1 year old and a 2 1/2 year old, there’s not a lot of time to meal plan. I would love one of your awesome boards to save me time and keep me more organized. Planning meals would be so much more fun then.

  171. 171
    Andrea L. says

    I love to be organized but with my 3 kids I feel like it’s a bigger chore than it should be, maybe something like this could jump start my want to do better with the dinner menu…and what a cute idea this is! :)

  172. 172
    Jennifer says

    When actually do menu planning, it makes a world of difference. Dinner always stresses me out, mostly because I have to think about what to make. Menu planning takes that stress away making for a much better evening.

  173. 173
    Kim Monaco says

    I would love to have one of those boards! Wow. I wish I was better with menu planning, I love it when I do have meals planned for the week – sometimes I just feel overwhelmed!

  174. 174
    Agnes says

    I love the idea of menu planning and have recently started to dabble with it because I don’t have a car and have to do my groceries once a week when I do visit the store. This has forced me to be more conscious about what I buy so that I’m not left hungry at the end of the week.

    However, one of the biggest problems I’ve run into, which makes me hesitant to try new recipes is that I cook for only myself and have a difficult time with planning for how much food I really need to buy. What ends up happening is that I have a lot of leftovers that then skews my next weeks groceries. I always seem to have too much or too little which leads to frustration. Hopefully as I learn I will be able to eliminate waste in budget and food.

  175. 175
    Kelli G. says

    Your boards are adorable!! I currently menu plan but only on paper. It takes the stress out of my evenings when I get home from work.

  176. 176
    Brandy Weiss says

    I have to plan ahead with 5 children whom we homeschool and a husband who works 24 hr. Shifts at a time. Also, last year I was on bedrest for 7 months. Organization was the key! I would love a menu
    board to help make life easier.

  177. 177
    Martha says

    Menu planning should be easy, but I never can think up easy stuff to make and I get bogged down into trying to find new recipes when I need to work on some old standbys (which I don’t have many of). These boards are so cute and I would love one!

  178. 178
    Lisa Ash says

    We do plan weekly menus, but this board would take it to the next level!

  179. 179
    Tara says

    I love menu planning because if my kids want to know what’s for supper then they can go right to the menu calendar to find out :-) No more “what’s for dinner mom”!!

  180. 180
    Susan says

    I love so many aspects of this board! Its simple and this way everyone knows what’s for dinner!

  181. 181
    Angie says

    My favorite part of menu planning is actually having a plan. To actually sit down adn look ahead to see what everyone’s activities are and on those days when the time to create a meal are just minutes my menu plan comes to the resuce. To be able to know that I can confidently make everything on my list and know that those ingredients are on hand and I don’t have any last minute trips to the grocery store or the last minute question… What do you want for supper where everyone says they don’t care. I am not a big fan of menu planning but I am so super thankful for when I do it. I am just in a rut with recipes lately :)

  182. 182
    Tiffany says

    These are so great! Wow! My favorite thing about menu planning is that it just makes life easier. I know what to buy at the store, what needs to be done ahead of time and I know what to say when my kids ask me what’s for dinner.

  183. 183
    Jenrod1989 says

    As a Mom of 4: 2 teenagers, 2 1/2 and a 5mth old I could not manage with out planning ahead. I also like to make what my family enjoys. It helps us stay on budget and eat healthier.

  184. 184
    Kristy @momhatescooking says

    I love these menu boards!!! They take a lot of stress out and help the whole family be involved with the menu. My favorite part of menu planning is being able to try new recipes!
    Thanks for the contest!

  185. 185
    kathleen says

    the magnetic meal planning board is so incredibly cool. i just checked out your link to figure out how to make it and i think its a little too advanced for me– i’m not that crafty. so i need to win! my favorite part of meal planning is how easy it makes my week go. dinners are no stress. it allows me to avoid multiple trips to the grocery store too. i go on one big grocery store run on the weekend and then occassionally have to pop in for additional fruits and vegetables.

  186. 186
    Angie Walters says

    Thanks to blogs like this I have been menu planning for about 4months. I can not BELIEVE how much simpler it makes my life! A magnet board like this would be the perfect addition to my kitchen =).

  187. 187
    kathleen says

    your SIL should sell these on etsy!!

  188. 188
    amy says

    I have been menu planning for several months now. I just saw this magnetic board idea and LOVE IT!! I would love to have one in my kitchen. It would be so much better than my paper one that I made to use.

  189. 189
    Mariliz says

    What a ingenious idea! I want/need/must have 1 of these. Thanks for the chance.

  190. 190
    amanda says

    My favorite part is that it has really helped me save money when grocery shopping! I go with a detailed list and stick to it and the food gets used. I love these boards! They are so cute!

  191. 191
    fenella says

    I’m a part time meal planner, but I think it’s because my recipes are such a mess, this would totally help me streamline my thoughts. I’m a visual person, so this would be great, love that it looks cute too. When I do menu plan, I do find I cook healthier foods and spend less money at the store. Win-win in my book!

  192. 192
    Sharon Hobbs says

    Before having my baby last April, menu planning never entered my mind because I worked right next to a Grocery store. This enabled me to decide on the fly what I wanted to make for supper that night. Hop over to the grocery store at lunch and pick up my ingredients.

    In April, I had my little baby bean and was 45 minutes from the nearest store. I quickly started trying to organize a menu. 9 1/2 months later, I feel that my meal planning has evolved and is ready for when I go back to work and will have to manage family and work life.

    This menu board would look gorgeous in my kitchen and would really speed up my menu planning process, which right now involves magazines, cookbooks, spreadsheets, printed calendars, a pen and a whole lot of head scratching.

  193. 193
    Kimberly says

    I love knowing what we’re having for lunch and dinner that week. No worrying, no fretting, it’s all right there!

  194. 194
    Heather Smith says

    The best part of menu planning is being able to provide a wide variety of foods and saving money at the grocery store!

  195. 195
    Patti S. says

    I seem to be able to menu plan for 2-3 days but that’s about it. This would be a really fun way to really plan ahead and get some input from the family!

    Thanks for the opportunity to be a winner!!

  196. 196
    Vicki says

    That is AMAZING!! Right now I use paper and pen and it’s NOT pretty!! :)

    Thanks for chance!! Crossing my fingers!! :)

  197. 197
    Bethany LeBedz says

    COOL!!! I absolutely love the idea! Gorgeous & functional! I like not having to think about what’s for dinner every single day. I just consult my list. I would love, love, love, love, love to win this!

  198. 198
    Pamela C. says

    I don’t plan menus because I got out of the habit of doing so when it was just my husband and me at home. I just look at the ads and what coupons I have and try to get the best deals.

  199. 199
    Ann says

    New to menu planning! just started on gluten free diary free diet :( desperately need to menu plan and these boards are beautiful and inspiring??

  200. 200
    Cathy @ Chief Family Officer says

    I love the money that I save thanks to menu planning, between spending less on groceries and not eating out. Thank you for the giveaway!

  201. 201
    Wes says

    My wife does the cooking, so I don’t plan.

  202. 202
    Nate says

    I live with my parents and eat whatever they fix. I wouldn’t mind having this for them or my sister.

  203. 203
    Jennifer says

    Menu planning saves me at dinnertime and the dreaded grocery trip. When I plan my week, the week goes so much smoother! And I make way less trips to the grocery store (and spend less money, too!).

  204. 204
    Steve says

    I love not having to worry about what’s for dinner after work.

  205. 205
    Lisa S. says

    I often meal plan, but I do it only a week ahead and on paper. I love the idea of doing a month at a time, and I like the cute board to display it to the family. I also envision letting my two boys and dh do much of the planning. More buy-in, less grumbling…

  206. 206
    Diane says

    Menu planning has simplified my afternoons. I used to stress about what to make each day, wait too long, and then dinner was late or I was missing ingredients. Now I have everything planned out a head of time and making dinner is easier. It has also freed up some time for me to play with my 3yo son too.

  207. 207
    Terri says

    I love menu planning! I feel like it truly lowers our monthly grocery bill by a LOT. I’ve just started shopping for the entire month, instead of shopping once a week – so winning a board like this would really help me with organizing all of the stuff I buy into meals!

  208. 208
    Allysgrandma says

    My SIL is the cook in my YD’s home. He is due home from Afghanistan in the next few months, and I would love for them to have this to help YD start participating more……hey it’s not her fault…her dad (my husband) did all the menu planning, grocery shopping and cooking when she was growing up. Somehow she found a guy just like her dad!

  209. 209
    Karen KIng says

    I have menu planning for years and am always looking at ways to improve. Sometimes it is such a drag but I love this idea!!! If I don’t win, I am sold!

  210. 210
    susan leach says

    i’ve been weekly menu planning for 2 weeks now and i can’t describe how happy i am to have sat through the initial tension of jumping in! it’s been great to not dread every single meal decision. the best perk has been the ease we’ve had at staying within our weekly budget. pre menu planning we were about $50 over p/week. now we have extra to add in special meals!

  211. 211
    Melinda says

    I love menu planning because I don’t have to think each day about what am I going to cook for dinner tonight. The menus are already planned …I just pull out what I need from the freezer.

  212. 212
    Katie says

    Wow, this looks really cute and is something I’d love to have in my kitchen!

  213. 213
    Tracy says

    I would love to win this!!

    The best part about menu planning for me is that it makes the rush before dinner time (with a baby) so much more manageable!

  214. 214
    Kristi says

    I would love to menu plan but I get hung up in the organizing. As the mother of 8 m twins and a high schooler, life is a bit busy. This would help answer the “what’s for dinner?” question and make it easier on our shopping/budget.

  215. 215
    Wendy says

    What’s holding me back??
    No system.
    That’s about it…

    Except for two small kids and a husband.

  216. 216
    Dallas Scoffield says

    I love not having to run to the store for that one darn ingredient that I missed on my last grocery trip.

  217. 217
    Stormy r. says

    My favorite part of menu planning is that I don’t have to scrounge around in the cupboards at the last minute looking for something to prepare. And also it saves me money b/c we don’t go out to eat nearly as much!

  218. 218
    Jan says

    The best thing I love about menu planning is that it helps me stay on track in the food choices I make for myself and my family. If you have a plan, McDonald’s or Chipotle simply become non-options.

    These are FABULOUS boards, btw.

  219. 219
    Susan says

    i love the boards you’ve shown! thanks for the giveaway!
    what i love about menu planning is the fact that i don’t have to waste the time every day thinking about what to make and checking if i have the stuff on hand. it is a time-saver and a stress-reliever. been doing it for about 3 years now on the advice of a co-worker.

  220. 220
    Britni says

    I love menu planning because I’ll actually make new things! I love planning a new menu item and then making it. I usually never regret it!

  221. 221
    Adrienne says

    Menu planning is my lifesaver. Every week I can sit down plan my week, my menu, and then the grocery list. This helps me stay in a budget and arrange things accordingly.

  222. 222
    Tonya says

    I am still in a mind block about menu planning. I might actually want to do it with that cool magnetic board.

  223. 223
    Lynzie says

    The best part of menu planning is that I can actually get all (or most) of my cooking done on the weekends, and then I don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time in the kitchen after working all day. It’s fabulous, and I have found we eat out a lot less.

  224. 224
    Gina says

    These are great!

    I like lists. And I like to make lists. And I don’t like to have to think too hard at 5:00 when my kids are having their afternoon meltdowns, so menu planning works for me!

  225. 225
    nicole says

    I’m pretty hit or miss w/ my menu planning. I dread starting it I think because I’m overwhelmed by all the possibilities of what I could cook. Totally silly, but I can’t think of why I don’t do it consistently, especially since I want to.

  226. 226
    Michelle says

    I’ve never done it! I think I’m afraid that we won’t be “in the mood” for what ever the meal is. And maybe I’m afraid that I won’t have time for that particular meal that particular day. But from what I’ve read it sounds like it will alleviate far more problems than it could possibly create. And let’s face it….I can use all the help I can get!

  227. 227
    Sam Youngers says

    The thing holding me back right now is that my five-year-old has recently had to go to a dairy, gluten and soy-free diet. I have had to learn how to cook all over again and I’m still struggling with finding foods that she CAN eat but that also the rest of us WANT to eat. I don’t want her feeling singled out. I used to do meal planning and I loved it. I will do it again, but it’s going to be a lot harder to start this time.
    I do love these menu boards, though. I can see how they would be a wonderful tool. My menus were always in my “control journal” hidden away. With these boards the whole family knows what to expect. Maybe I could get them to complain less if they aren’t surprised every night?!

  228. 228
    Kelly says

    I don’t really like anything about the process of menu planning- except for knowing what we’re having for dinner :) I would love to have a magnet board to refer to!!!

  229. 229
    Mindy May says

    I keep thinking about scheduling my menu but I never do. I guess I am afraid that if I plan it too far in advance I won’t want to eat it later. Silly I know. But boy would a menu plan help me out.

  230. 230
    Shondra says

    Wow! Great work on these menu boards.

    I’m a wanna be menu planner. I write my menu plan down on a plain piece of paper and try and stick to it. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. This menu planner would definitely motivate me to stick to my plan.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  231. 231
    Heather says

    My mom always planned our menus and now that I do it I understand why! Not only does it save on my budget by not going and changing things often, but I use what I have more effectively. It also just simply makes me feel organized even though I still have room for improvement!

  232. 232
    Cori says

    I love the idea of menu planning and am committed to doing much better in this area in 2011. I think if I have the tools to organize the menus visually that would help me immensely. This is the one are of my life that is completely disorganized…I need help!

  233. 233
    LoriA says

    How beautiful! Having a planned menu helps saves time and money at the grocery store..because you know what you will be cooking, so you know what you need to buy. It also helps you to be more intentional on serving healthier more balanced meals (instead of easier, convenience foods).

  234. 234
    Mrs. J @ Road Less Traveled says

    I started menu planning about a year ago. My husband and I are both (poor) college students. Menu planning allowed me to carefully plan healthy balanced meals with lots of variety without wasting any food. We cut our grocery bill in half! :) And we feel healthier!

    Right now I just plan one week at a time, but I’ve been wanting to switch to a month at a time. It sounds hard, but your system looks so easy!! I really hope that I win this, but if not, I think I will look into making something like this for myself (though probably not as pretty!).

  235. 235
    Melissa says

    Menu planning makes grocery shopping easier on a tight budget!

  236. 236
    Jen says

    I’ve been doing weekly menu plans for awhile now but I think this would definitely inspire me to do a monthly plan!

  237. 237
    Jenny says

    Love love love when I have a menu planned because it frees me up from that horrific 4 o’clock “What’s for dinner?” whine. The kids can get pretty grouchy, too. ;o)
    Why don’t I always do it? Some weeks feel so up-in-the-air that I freeze and can’t think of anything that will work.
    Having all those choices right in front of me would be awesome, and a magnetic surface (rather than in ink) reminds me that it’s not carved in stone if we get invited out or plans change.
    Such a clever, cute board!

  238. 238
    AmyM says

    I love not stressing on my way home from work every night about what to make for dinner!

  239. 239
    Connie says

    A magnetic menu planning board would be a great way to start out the year. It would help me keep my resolution to take better care of myself (and my family). I could get out of the chicken nuggets and french fries rut I seem to be in. There never seems to be enough time after work and before ball practice to really make a nutritious meal. I think it would a HUGE help!!

  240. 240
    Beth Ann says

    I love the feeling of being organized and not starting to wonder what’s for dinner when it’s already 5:30! I don’t always plan as often as I like, but love the look of your system. :)

  241. 241
    Suzanna says

    The best part about menu planning is I don’t have to make a trip to the store everyday to plan dinner for the night. Before I started planning I used to do this end up going to the store like everyday. It has got a lot better I now do you weekly planning on paper. I love your magnetic menu board planning it is amazing what a great idea. Very creative I would love to win it would be great!!!

  242. 242
    JenO says

    I like coming home from work already knowing what is planned for dinner.

  243. 243
    Jill says

    Love this idea, the best part is fewer trips to the store as well as not spending as much money on “spur of the moment” items. These are stylish and functional at the same time.

  244. 244
    Lee says

    Love to have something hanging on the wall. I can avoid trying to find it under junk later :)

  245. 245
    Jenna says

    Finding new recipes to try and actually having the ingredients on hand! I’m planning to make something like this soon, but maybe I’ll win one instead :)

  246. 246
    Felicia says

    That is absolutely amazing! Amazing! It makes me want to menu plan. I don’t because I never know what we should eat but that is such a cute board. I love it!

  247. 247
    Stephanie says

    I’ve tried menu planning in the past, but haven’t found a system that worked for me. Having something hanging up where my husband can see it sounds wonderful. It would help on those nights when I’m running late and he (despite the full pantry) “can’t find anything for dinner”!

  248. 248
    Pamela says

    I know that this will be loved and appreciated. I look forward to my kids using this to plan and cook our future meals. It will be a dream come true! (Please do not wake me up from this dream!)

  249. 249
    Heather says

    This would be super for my monthly menu planning! I have 11 month old twins plus a 3 year old and a 5 year old, so organizing meals is crucial! And what a cute, fun addition to decorating a kitchen!

  250. 250
    Elizabeth says

    We have tried menu-planning…and it works…sorta! We just don’t have a consistent grocery schedule to assist the menu plan, which puts a glitch in our well-intentioned plans at times. Work in progress!

  251. 251
    Mel says

    Just making the plans every week is my challenge. So often, the week begins and I don’t have a plan!

  252. 252
    April H says

    I love getting my family involved! Everyone that is old enough is allowed to choose one dish for the week. That helps me not fall into a rut. I also “plan” to try a new recipe once every two weeks or so.

  253. 253
    Wilson Family Adventures says

    Less grocery shopping is always nice.

  254. 254
    Lindsay says

    I love that my grocery bill is less and there’s no more “what’s for dinner?” panic when I come home from work.

  255. 255
    Brittany Wood says

    Meal planning keeps us from eating fast-food, which in turn, keeps us healthier :)

  256. 256
    Amy says

    I love my menu plans when I actually make them, it helps so much. This month I didn’t make one, and just tonight we made a run to Pizza Hut because I didn’t plan ahead. I would love a cute magnetic board, it would help a lot in motivating me to plan those dinners.

  257. 257
    Cecilia says

    I do once a week menu planning, and I think it makes me prepare healthier, more well-rounded meals, and it definitely help with organizing my grocery shopping. These boards are fantastic!

  258. 258
    Kim says

    I love this board. So much easier and nicer looking than a paper copy. My family will also enjoy helping to put the game together each month. I can not wait to get one. Please enter me in your give away.

  259. 259
    Shannon says

    I started menu planned about a year ago but stopped when we moved. We couldn’t manage the move and getting into a new house and planning meals… it was a bit much. Now we are settled and ready to “plan” again. When we did do it I found it relaxing at dinner time because we knew what we were having… grocery shopping was easier because you knew exactly what you were having. I MUST START DOING THIS AGAIN… I love the look of this very creative, and attractive, YET completely practical :)

  260. 260
    Maryluz Gregson says

    My favorite thing about Menu Planning is the fact that I don’t have to worry. I menu plan on Saturday and grocery shop on Sunday. That’s it. There are a million things to think about all week long, but what we will be eating is not one of them!


  261. 261
    Cindy says

    I wish I did more menu planning because when I do, I am so much more organized and I have much more time to do the things I want to rather than think about what I’m going to make for dinner all day.

    This menu board is super cute!!!!

  262. 262
    Becca Salmon says

    I love that I spend less time and money at the grocery store. As a one income family, this is a life saver!

  263. 263
    Nancy R. says

    I’m still working on becoming a better menu planner but when I do it just frees up so much time spent agonizing over what to make for dinner each day.

  264. 264
    Shannon in TN says

    I LOVE this idea! So CUTE!

    I’ve only done limiting menu planning – usually a few days at a time – and what I love most is being able to answer the “what’s for dinner” question without an “I dunno, what do you want?” answer.

  265. 265
    tami stemhagen says

    I do not menu plan =( I think this could be what makes it happen……what a terrific idea!!!

  266. 266
    Danyelle says

    I like not fumbling for ideas at 4p when the kids or my husband asks what’s for dinner.

  267. 267
    Vera Piercy says

    I am not an organized person, although I would like to be, so your meal menu planner would be very helpful.

  268. 268
    Rhonda says

    I love the lack of that what-in-the-world-are-we-having-for-dinner NOW feeling!

  269. 269
    Jen B. says

    My favorite part of menu planning is knowing exactly what is for dinner. No more guessing, no more waiting until 5 o’clock to decide what’s for dinner. Makes life so much easier. Thank you!

  270. 270
    Monica says

    I love menu planning. I just recently started and the number one thing I love is the relief from stress and worrying about what’s for dinner. I save so much time!

  271. 271
    Tristen says

    My favorite thing about menu planning is that I have a built in grocery list, but it takes so long the way I do it. I need help to stream line my process and hopefully this will help as I won’t have to rack my brain for what will sound good to eat. Maybe it will help my husband remember what we’re having for dinner too!

  272. 272
    Christine says

    I SO LOVE this! Wish I was that creative!
    I love menu planning because it makes my life easier. It helps our “crazy, busy” life seem a little less hectic when I know what the meal plan is!

  273. 273
    Blanche says

    I love your menu board!!
    I try to plan, I really do but for some reason things never work out the way I plan them and then I get frustrated! I really want to be better about planning!

  274. 274
    Jackie says

    I LOVE THIS!! I am definitely a meal planner but my ‘plans’ for the week consist of sticky notes all over the fridge. How nice it would be to have one of these awesome menu planners. Please pick me!! :)

  275. 275
    Alexis says

    I love looking for recipes and the freedom I have during the day when I know what my meals are…esp supper. I also wish I must more disciplined that I would do this all the time. I love love love these boards. Toodles!

  276. 276
    Desiree Craig says

    I have been menu-planning for 129 weeks! It is one of the best things I do… makes my days (almost) stress free! This board would complete my kitchen!

  277. 277
    Alyssa says

    What a wonderful idea! I LOVE that you can easily rearrange the menu if necessary! I like menu planning because it makes me feel more relaxed about the coming week and saves lots of money, too!

  278. 278
    Marie-Claire Moreau says

    Oooh oooh would love to have this! I love menu planning because I can always answer the kids when they ask, “What’s for dinner?” LOL! Thanks so much :)

  279. 279
    Mary Anna says

    What a fantastic give-away! Thanks for the chance to win!

    My family (2 boys!) love meatloaf muffins, chicken sate’, Greek tacos, taco pizza, salmon with soy and ginger ….

    I like to shop for the week, so this would be a great tool so I can preview what’s next in case something is on sale!

  280. 280
    Jody H says

    I have attempted it in the past, but currently don’t do it. The thing holding me back is just sitting down and doing it. It seems too hard right now.

  281. 281
    Kimberly says

    Well…if I had to sum it up into one main reason…since there are many…I would have to say 7 children +supper =chaos in our house!! I find myself scattering to put something together…stressed…and overwhelmed and then beating myself up about it. With 7 children ages 16 down to 16 months and sports and jobs…it is a MUST that we be organized. So this menu board with just help with our chaotic supper time and help us enjoy each other more and be more in the moment vs scampering around frantically!! What a beautiful board they are!! Sure beats notebook paper which we have tried!!

  282. 282
    Mindy says

    The best part about menu planning for me is to have everything on hand when I am ready to make supper. No quick trips to the grocery store!

  283. 283
    Kris says

    Love this! I plan for a week, most weeks. I keep meaning to make magnets and haven’t. This is awesome!

  284. 284
    Rachel says

    I love that menu planning allows me to have all of the ingredients I need to make dinner on hand so we eat out a lot less. It saves money and helps my diet!

  285. 285
    Kari H says

    I love the peace of mind knowing that it’s already decided. I hate thinking at 3 pm as the kids get home and homework gets started, what’s for dinner. It is so chaotic at that time. Having a plan and knowing that I already have dinner probably started before the chaos really helps.

  286. 286
    Kelly says

    I have been trying to menu plan…in my head. This would help me much more organized and efficient! Thanks for the chance!

  287. 287
    Kim A. says

    I love the money that it saves!

  288. 288
    Kat B says

    What’s holding me back? I think it’s that I don’t want another ugly paper on my fridge. Honestly.

  289. 289
    Jenn @ Beautiful Calling says

    Wow, this looks amazing!!
    We try menu plan but it doesn’t always work. Partly because my husband does most of the cooking so we plan it in my planner but then he doesn’t look in there to see what’s on the menu.
    I’ve thought of getting a chalk board or something more visible.

    jennifer @

  290. 290
    becky says

    These are so cute! I just jot it down on my kitchen chalkboard on a weekly basis, but this would be so much more fun :)

  291. 291
    Kelly says

    I would love one of these! I usually try and jot down the next week’s menu on Sunday when I can look at the sale ads, but this would be so much easier for me.

  292. 292
    Emily says

    I’m an in-betweener right now. I do make a weekly list of meals, but don’t always follow it because I decide I want something else – being pregnant will do that to you. But once we get settled again after baby (#2) arrives, I think it would help to be more precise and disciplined about meal planning.

  293. 293
    JenD says

    I love menu-planning for ALL the reasons you mentioned in your post! I’ve never tried doing a monthly menu plan (usually I just do it weekly), but this would be so awesome to help me begin a monthly menu!

  294. 294
    Serena says

    I don’t menu plan as well as I should, and what is holding me back? Making the list of foods…. this should be the easiest part, and the funnest. Yet somehow the idea of sitting down and coming up with a “good” list is intimidating, so instead of having lots of items to choose from each week I have the limited few that my brain can hold on to. Maybe if I create a list that I post on the fridge and add things as I think of them as a start… of course if I win that will force me to sit down and make that list! Thanks!

  295. 295
    Melissa says

    I love knowing exactly what I need before grocery shopping and being able to change things up if needed b/c all items are already bought!

  296. 296
    Kim says

    Wow, I love this idea! I have always liked the idea of menu planning, but in a house of ADHDers/perfectionists, the thought of changing our minds of what to eat on the day and crossing an entry out on a paper menu plan was too much to contemplate! Using a magnetic board, where I could move things around as needed is a wonderful solution!

  297. 297
    Brittany says

    This is beautiful! I would love to have this! I currently use a dry erase board…….and it isn’t the prettiest thing in the kitchen to say the least! This would help with budgeting and decor in the kitchen all at once! How innovative!

  298. 298
    Laura says

    i started menu planning as a new year’s resolution (one of MANY) and i love that it makes my nights go more smoothly. no more scrambling trying to figure out what to make or stopping thru a drive thru out of desperation. thanks for the contest! i hope we win!! :-)

  299. 299
    Nicole, The Opinionated Parent says

    I menu plan…sort of. What’s holding me back is not having one of those beautiful boards! ;-)

    I do BIG COOKS every three months and fill the freezer with ready made meals for 4 days/week for 3 months (work nights). THen I just grab whatever the night before, but it’s all ready – veggies and all. Just have to add a salad & a carb if we choose.

  300. 300
    Anna-Marie says

    I have two favorite things:

    It saves me $$
    It gives me greater variety in our meals

    I’m not always good about doing it but I’m glad when I do!

  301. 301
    Jill says

    I did a menu plan once, and loved the fact that it eliminated the 4:00 “oh dear…what should we have for dinner” stress. However, I haven’t found my self able to pull it off again for a few reasons…3 kids, brain fog, and fear of planning a mel and then not really looking forward to eating it after all. I love this idea, though. very cute!

  302. 302
    brandi s says

    That is so so so cute! I tried to menu plan but couldn’t get it to work out but it’s on my 2011 bucket list to do again!

  303. 303
    Melody says

    The load that it takes off my mind. It makes me a much more cheerful person in the afternoon! (I love these! – What an amazing idea.)

  304. 304
    Amy Duval says

    I would love to be able to plan a menu well! It is one of my goals, to be so “together”, even my meals would be organized. Oh the dreams!

    Quite an exciting giveaway!

  305. 305
    Rachel says

    These are so great! Menu planning keeps my cabinets cleaner – I used to be good at picking up something for a recipe and never getting around to making it.

  306. 306
    Netta says

    Menu Planning helps me serve Jesus & my family better
    by saving money, saving time & having a attitude that
    makes our home more pleasant!
    (and I have the perfect spot for this board is my
    newly redone kitchen…. they’re SO cute!)

  307. 307
    Amanda says

    Your menu boards look fantastic! I plan my family’s meals weekly and I love the time when I get out my collection of recipes and look through them to pick that weeks choices.

  308. 308
    Lily says

    With four children and a husband that works rotating shifts, menu and budget planning help me keep a little of my short supply of sanity!!!

  309. 309
    Vicki says

    I hate the “What’s for dinner” question.Before planning I never knew and we had alot of “fast” home food.Now I can start dinner at a less hectic time and have an adult meal not just those fast frozen pizzas and chicken nugget nights.

  310. 310
    Jennifer Overy says

    Oh my gosh, what an awesome idea! I LOVE IT! I hope that I win :). Because I am 100% positive that I could not create anything as beautiful.

  311. 311
    Ashley says

    My favorite parts of menu planning (I cant choose just one) are that I always know whats for dinner, and whats going to be available for lunch throughout the week, and I find myself making fewer trips to the grocery store.

  312. 312
    Pamela says

    Saving money on gas and time!

  313. 313
    Cady says

    I like not having to worry about figuring out what’s for dinner.

  314. 314
    holly says

    I really need to menu plan! My husband and I both work full time and we have 3 boys in school. I don’t know why I haven’t tried it. Laziness? Motivation? HELP!!! I think that a pretty menu board would help motivate me to try! :)

  315. 315
    Brendaj says

    I keep wanting to start menu planning, but for some reason stop because I don’t have time. And yes I’m sure it’s a time saver, but I keep putting it off. This would totally kick start me into doing it!

  316. 316
    Mary Pat says

    Since I have a son who is gluten/dairy restricted, and I follow a no carbs/no protein mix diet, I have to plan menus ahead of time. It relieves a lot of stress come cooking time!

  317. 317
    Sallie says

    My favorite part of menu planning is simply KNOWING WHAT’S FOR DINNER! I hate deciding and sometimes it keeps me from cooking at all! I do so much better with our finances if I simply plan some menus so that we don’t decide to go out at the last minute because nothing is thawed.

  318. 318
    Christina says

    I love that menu planning saves me money and time. I can go to the grocery store once a week, totally prepared with a list and coupon match-ups, without having a marathon planning session each time. I also love that I don’t have to rely on the creativity in my fried brain at 5:00 to come up with an idea for dinner!

  319. 319
    Marishannon says

    I love menu planning because I am not staring at my fridge at 4:30 anymore wondering what we are having for dinner!

  320. 320
    Judy says

    I like when menu planning is all done and I can sit back. Everyone knows what to expect.

  321. 321
    Allison says

    I love these! What a great idea! I love menu planning because it makes grocery shopping so much easier!

  322. 322
    YvetteDownunder says

    Not sure if the prize draw is ope to Aussies, but you have to be in it to win it! This boards are fabulous!

    My favourite for of menu planning is eliminating the rush to the shop for the vital ingredient which isn’t in the pantry or fridge. Menu planning makes for more organised shopping, which makes for less stress and less trips to the sho – which equals less impulse buying!

  323. 323
    Cimarron says

    I love menu planning. It has greatly helped in keeping me accountable to our monthly grocery budget and, like you said, time management so I can have a bubble bath every once in a while when everyone is sleeping. Would love to win one of these. Thanks for the chance!!

  324. 324
    Melissa N. says

    Love this idea, and they are so cute!

    Menu planning is great because with hectic, busy schedules no more guessing and stressing about dinner. Planning ahead of time also means better odds of having a nutritious meal instead of just whatever you can find in your fridge and cupboards. Love it!

  325. 325
    Josephine says

    My favourite part of menu planning – all of it! I make more nutritious meals (instead of the quick desperate fix in the moment), save money, waste far less food, and feel a sense of control and order in an otherwise chaotic world with only men and boys in my home! I have just started doing monthly menu planning on paper and would love to have a Menu Board. It’s a vast improvement – I can’t find my paper menu when I need it and a Menu Board is far less likely to get lost under a pile.

  326. 326
    Crystal Graves says

    I love not having to worry about planning dinner at night. It also saves on the questions, what’s for dinner. Everyone knows to look at the menu. ;-)

  327. 327
    Jaime says

    I haven’t started menu-planning yet. I have a fear of commitment.

  328. 328
    Barb S. says

    I love being able to get some dinner prep work done ahead of time, because I know what I’m going to be making!

  329. 329
    Becky says

    I have no creativity when it comes to dinner so planning it all out is the only way I can make it work!

  330. 330
    Sarah Mirams says

    I love menu planning! But I currently only do it weekly, and on a scrap of paper that gets stuck to the fridge. Both of my boys have allergies, so it really helps to be organised with our meals. But I really enjoy food, and nourishing my family, so I enjoy sitting down with my recipe books and diary and working out what were going to eat for the next week. And my husband really loves knowing what we’re going to be having for dinner, he says it gets him through his work day!

  331. 331
    Kami says

    CUTE menu board. i love how much easier grocery shopping is with a little menu planning first.

  332. 332
    Amanda says

    I also plan our meals, but typically just for one week. It would be SO incredibly nice to be able to do it one week in advance though. I am always writing our menu down on a piece of paper and then I lose the paper it is written on. I menu plan to save money, and to save myself the time and frustrations of figuring out meals at the last minute. These boards are adorable!!!

  333. 333
    Kailah says

    I’m just getting into it but my husband’s unusual schedules are what hold me back. (He’s an airline pilot)

  334. 334
    Rachel J says

    I love menu planning- because it simplifies my life!! I can shop while items are on sale and then menu plan from my pantry. It saves me time and money and gives me a bit of control in our hectic schedules. And the idea for these boards are great!

  335. 335
    Amber @ Classic Housewife says

    I love this!!
    I’ve been wanting to do something similar but I’ve never gotten around to it.. and this idea is much cuter anyway. I’d like to have one, sure!

  336. 336
    Our Red House says

    My favorite thing about menu planning is that, when my kids ask “What’s for dinner” (something every mother gets asked at least five times a day), I can say “check the list and you’ll see!”.


  337. 337
    Amy says

    I love the money I save by planning our menus. We make a lot of foods from scratch because we plan ahead and staying out of the store is the very best way not to spend money at the store!

  338. 338
    Shawntele says

    I ABSOLUTELY love these – they are adorable!! My favorite thing about menu planning is that I don’t have to think about what I am cooking at the last minute, I just have to look at the scrap piece of paper I have hung up on our dry erase board. Thanks for the entry!

  339. 339
    Jennifer in MamaLand says

    I’ve been doing MPM for a year now and it has been SOooo liberating! Hope I’m eligible to win one of these even though I’m in Canada – if selected, I will happily pay any extra postage to cover shipping here. :-)

  340. 340
    Kristin Peterson says

    I have not been much of a menu planner so far – I struggle with wanting to be very careful about using up items I have in the fridge/pantry before purchasing new stuff. I also try to stretch out meat as far as it can go – we are in an extremely frugal stage of life (hubby in Seminary!). I usually have something figured out for supper by mid-morning and the kids and I almost always have leftovers for lunch. I would L.O.V.E. to try this board!!

  341. 341
    Julie says

    I get lazy and don’t get it planned out before the week gets started and I also feel like I get stuck in ruts and can’t remember anything other than the same 10 meals. Having a list of so many more meals to pick and choose from would be nice.

  342. 342
    Jen says

    My favorite part about menu planning is that my husband knows what we’re having and can start dinner if he gets home before I do. I leave all the recipe cards out or write down the page number of the cookbook.

  343. 343
    Suzanne Schloss says

    I love menu planning because I don’t have to run to the store at 3:30pm for thawed meat, when I have a freezer full of it, just to make a meal for the night. I also enjoy having to make my major grocery run one time a month instead of every other day to pick up things for dinner.

    I love your Menu Planning Board! What a great idea!

  344. 344
    Amanda says

    The best thing about menu planning for me is getting a comprehensive grocery list. There’s nothing worse than realizing midweek that you have to go back to the store!

    I only plan a week at a time right now, but I can imagine going to a monthly schedule would be a good time saver.

  345. 345
    Kara says

    Love these – so much more attractive than the white sheet of paper I have in a clear plastic page-protector & scribble on with dry-erase markers! Just redecorated our kitchen – it would be fun to have one of these to coordinate with the new color scheme.

    Menu-planning makes grocery shopping more focused, gives us a better variety in our diet, and helps me feel more “in-control” which is HUGE with our four children, two jobs, and the kids’ school and extracurricular activities.

  346. 346
    Andrea says

    Meal planning has has dropped my grocery bill by $200 plus a month, I shop only once a week and I can play w/ my kids instead of spend time in the kitchen stressing.

  347. 347
    Kara says

    My favorite part about menu planning is that it helps with my indecisiveness about what to make for dinner each night!

  348. 348
    Gina says

    Menu Planning for a couple of years now and the best thing it’s done for my family (besides freeing up time, having less leftovers to waste, hubby knowing in advance what we’re cooking, etc.) is the COST EFFECTIVENSS of it!!! SAVES ALOT OF MONEY when you know exactly what you’re shopping for!! :o)

  349. 349
    Shawn says

    My favorite part about meal planning is how it really saves us money but not going out to eat as often!

  350. 350
    Bob pletcher says

    My husband needs me to have this heehee

  351. 351
    CouponCassi says

    Menu planning makes things easier when I remember to do it! A great side benefit that I’ve discovered is being able to know how long certain leftovers have been in the fridge and if they’re still good to eat by looking at the menu plan to see when they were made. :-)

  352. 353
    Jessa says

    I love that it encourages me to buy ingredients that I like from the grocery store (like cilantro!!) and find ways to use it in multiple dishes throughout the week so I don’t waste as much fresh food.

  353. 354
    amber r. says

    well, i’m not a consistent menu planner…but i have tried to plan a little in the past – like 1 week at a time. i definitely see a difference in my grocery list if i plan…so, i guess that means i should get back to it! :)

  354. 355
    alisonwonderland says

    My favorite part of menu planning is the amount of stress that is eliminated by knowing ahead of time what’s for dinner.

  355. 356
    Jodi says

    This is adorable! I love how you stated it frees up pockets of time to do more important things, that is so true! It makes the afternoons so much more enjoyable, I’m able to enjoy my kids’ naptimes and then I already know how much time I need to allow myself to prepare dinner rather than staring at the fridge and pantry, hoping for something to magically appear on the table for dinner.

  356. 357
    Autumn says

    I menu plan two weeks at a time and love it because I really only need to think about what’s for dinner every two weeks.
    I love this board and may have to buy one if I don’t win… I’ve actually wanted to make something similar but my idea involved small post-it notes and wasn’t nearly as pretty as yours!

  357. 358
    Danni says

    I have never tried meal planning but it is part of my families new healthier life plan! So often we resort to ordering out just because we haven’t planned ahead and health-wise and financially it is killing us. This would be amazing!!!

  358. 359
    Sean says

    Menu-planning helps my wife make me eat my vegetables :)

  359. 360
    Erin says

    I have been convicted recently to eat out less, reduce making processed food dinners and cooking healthy, homemade food and this menu board would help me out immensly! I think my children would love to help me decide on our meals if they got to help me decide what to cook and place the magnets!

  360. 361
    Yasmin says

    I only started menu planning when I stumbled onto this site. As a working mom and wife to a police officer who works nights, I find that I bear most of the load of running the house – menu planning gives me a sense of peace and a little extra control in a hectic life. Every Saturday I check out other moms’ sites from the week before and make my menu plan myself!

  361. 362
    Pel says

    As a single student I have always just eaten on the go. Now that I have a family I am trying to create healthier habits for us all while living on a tight budget. The biggest thing that has held my wife and I back from meal planning is just not having a consistent method of doing it. We try here and there but I think this could make it fun and a family affair instead of just falling on my wife to figure out!

  362. 363
    Laura Simpson says

    I would love to do Menu planning but cannot figure out how to get started. I have a husband and two boys and I eat more variety that they do. I would love new suggestions. I am new to Laura’s website and just love it. I would love to try one of these boards and get more organized.
    Laura Simpson

  363. 364
    Neeley says

    I always just print out a black and white menu from publisher. This would be so muuch more classy!

  364. 365
    Stephani says

    I love being able to shop once for a week of dinners and always know what is planned each day. The days of trying to figure out what’s for dinner at the last minute are long gone!

  365. 366
    Chelsea says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these boards! They’re so cute, and I actually believe I (and my 5-year-old) could actually be motivated by one to get started with menu planning. :)

    As for what’s holding me back, I think it’s partly just being lazy, but also being a bit unwilling to actually look at what I cook and serve on a regular basis… My hope here is that winning (or making) a lovely board like this would give me a kick in the seat of the pants to just Get Over It already, and make a start. :)

  366. 367
    Tami says

    I’m wanting to start menu planning. Don’t know what’s holding me back but maybe this would be the jumpstart I need.

  367. 368
    Sara says

    I love that I can get everything I need in one trip to the grocery store and I don’t have to worry about what’s for dinner at 5 pm every day! Thanks so much for the giveaway, I would love to have one of these!

  368. 369
    rachel says

    My favorite thing about menu planning is that once I have my meals planned and shopped for, I know I can interchange or rearrange meals to suit our schedules or preferences.

  369. 370
    Mika says

    I LOOOVE this idea! I currently use a weekly calendar and plan out my meals on Sunday before I go grocery shopping. It saves me time and keeps me on a budget!!!!

  370. 371
    Sari says

    Your magnetic menu board is such a wonderful, creative idea! I don’t have the consistent routine I should have, but when I do plan menus and post them it saves the hassle of my kids constantly asking “what’s for dinner, Mom!?” : )

  371. 372
    Amy @ Tiny Blessings says

    Menu planning saves me answering “what’s for supper” two hundred times a day… especially now that the kids are old enough to help me with the planning. It also saves me from last minute pizza calls.

  372. 373
    Danae says

    I love menu planning because it keeps me organized :)

  373. 374
    Becky says

    I get so stressed out if it comes down to time to get ready for dinner and I don’t know what to make. Planning the week’s meals out ahead of time has saved me a lot of heartache! (although the next task to tackle is to remember that I have to go to the grocery store or else it doesn’t work :) )

  374. 375
    Java says

    I love the amount of time it saves me at the store. I know exactly what I need to buy, and so I’m in and out a lot faster. Thanks for the opportunity! Those boards are sooooooooo cute!

  375. 376
    Stacey says

    Oh this would be a dream for me. I have a huge family and although i try to plan before I go food shopping I never quite stick to it. Would be great to have something this super organised and also so pretty to look at

  376. 377
    Evie McKain says

    My favorite part of menu planning is being able to start supper first thing in the morning. That way I am not rushing around at 5:00 trying to figure what I am going to make from what is in the pantry!!!

  377. 378
    Lisa says

    I like knowing what we are having each day, makes dinner less stressful!

  378. 379
    Lisa says

    This is such a great giveaway! Menu planning makes life less stressful. No more…..What is for dinner tonight???

  379. 380
    Kristin S. says

    I love it when I get the plan together and then execute with freezer cooking so that I have some fresh, easy meals to prepare and some to just pull out of the freezer ready to go!

  380. 381
    Kris says

    I haven’t fully jumped into menu planning yet. I love the visual aspect of this board and it may be just what I need. I have a very picky, autistic 5 year old, and dinner can be a battle – trying to serve something she’ll eat but also make a variety for the rest of us. We use a lot of visual schedules for her, but I never thought of making a visual menu to help her with meals. I’m so excited about this!!!

  381. 382
    Deborah says

    I love how after you plan your menu, making a shopping list is a lot easier too.

  382. 383
    Jacquelin says

    This is great! I like menu planning because it keeps me accountable and out of the store with the possibilty of buying stuff we don’t need. Thanks for the chance to win!

  383. 384
    Dara says

    AWESOME give away (I have my colors already picked out, in case I get lucky)……It might make me enjoy menu planning again! Right now, I have little kids (one is picky) and I am pregnant, so planning has been a bit of a challenge, this would be so much fun, that the novelty of using it, might make it easier going forward…until I get out of my rut!!!!

  384. 385
    Amanda P says

    I LOVE…LOVE…LOVE this!!!!!! Menu planning not only saves me the stress of the “what’s for dinner” crisis when I get home from work, it really saves on our budget as well.

  385. 386
    lynn says

    These are so cute! I have not been planning our meals but I would love to start doing so with one of these boards. Thanks for the chance to win!

  386. 387
    Lori Gearheart says

    I’ve done a bit of menu planning and it really made my day run smoothly. I think winning a menu planning board would be so much nicer than doing it on paper. Hope I win!

  387. 388
    Nikki says

    I love that now my menus are planned we don’t eat out nearly as much as we used to!

  388. 389
    AscenderRisesAbove says

    As an artist who presently has her hand in a cast and who takes public transportation as often as she can; it is to make as few trips to the grocery store as possible!

  389. 390
    Samantha Dunaway says

    I love how organized it would make planning our meals and less frustrating!!!!

  390. 391
    Karen says

    As a single mother of 4, I had carefully planned meals for years. Not only for the stress factor, but not only 4 children by yourself but a job to boot, saved time and not to mention MONEY. Now as an empty nester, I find that I still plan meals, but can often persuade myself to change my mind. A woman’s perrogative, right? I do love organizing items and this seems like a great idea to have a visual and decorative meal planner right in plain sight. After all out of sight and out of mind if it is only on a piece of paper. As we all know those papers leave or invite company when we aren’t home. Great idea!

  391. 392
    Kassandra says

    I love meal planning I felt lost with out it. I would love a board.

  392. 393
    Christina in No KY says

    What a beautiful, functional idea! I am on again off again with menu planning. It seems to take so long, or we eat the same 5 or 6 meals over and over again. I have tried many systems and haven’t found one that works for us yet. I usually can come up with dinner from the basics I buy week after week, but it gets boring! I think I could really love this board, and even my kids might help!

  393. 394
    Ces says

    I haven’t gotten into menu planning because 1) My husband is the cook, 2)I can’t think about food unless I’m hungry, and then it’s too late! and 3) I’m horrible at planning anything, period.

    But, I’d love to win one of these to pass on to my sister in law, who enjoys cooking and staying organized!

  394. 395
    mrs spock says

    That is awesome! I menu plan to save money. If I know what I am going to use up, and only buy what I need for that week, it cuts down on extra wasteful purchases.

  395. 396
    Dorinda says

    Honestly, this may sound strange but I LOVE the flexibility of monthly menu planning. Since I’ve already bought everything I need at the beginning of the month I can switch meals around however and whenever I want and I know I have all the ingredients :) Rather than being constricting it is SO freeing! Go figure.

    And I love the board – right now I use a calendar and it’s just not this pretty :)

  396. 397
    Trish says

    Wow-what a great idea! I feel like there are so many things holding me back from menu planning. The hardest being the allergic to milk, eggs, and peanuts child with the close second-vegetarian! In addition to these two kids, I have a finicky eater who could like on mac and cheese. To top it all off, I am married to a dentist who is very popular and seems to have a dental emergency every time I get a hot meal on the table (not very often). All this while trying to organize our swim team, irish dance, boy scouts, basketball and piano schedules for just the older two children. It seems I will never be organized–but I must say God loves me because he did invent the crock pot! Love your idea and would love to try it out!

  397. 398
    Janene says

    Those are AWESOME!

    My favorite part of menu planning is that it is one less thing I have to think about or make a decision on every day! I make so many decisions and have so many things going on that it is such a relief to have something already decided for me! :)

  398. 399
    Heather Allen says

    I don’t really know what is holding me back from menu planning. I guess, I don’t know where to start and If the plan changes. I hate wasting food so i don’t want to have too many leftovers. No excuse, really!

  399. 400
    Melissa says

    I thought weekly menu planning what where it was at, but wow…I love the idea of monthly menu planning. If I don’t win, then I’m going to make a monthly planning board. My favorite part of menu planning is avoiding the daily trip to Safeway every afternoon.

  400. 401
    Shaylin Morgan says

    Love the boards!!! For me the best part of planning is not having to stress at 3:00 in the afternoon what I am going to serve in just a few hours. That stress in the afternoon can ruin the rest of my day. It helps us eat out less, has saved us grocery spending, and is starting to help us eat healthier.

  401. 402
    Nicole says

    I have 2 step-kids (both teenagers) and two toddlers (3 and almost 2) and this saves my SANITY!!!!! I love not having to figure out what I am going to eat and I love only going to the store once a week!

  402. 403
    Jessica W says

    Beautiful! My favorite part of menu planning is the variety it brings to my table. :)

  403. 404
    Christie says

    I love this idea! This was my first week at meal planning and it didn’t go quite as planned, however, we did eat out less and this is a BIG improvement. I can’t wait to get more organized with meal planning.

  404. 405
    Allison says

    What a cool idea. This falls right in line with my organized brain. I love menu planning, because I don’t have to wonder what to make for dinner. I already have it figured out. Plus, it helps me make less trips to the grocery store, and I love that!!!

  405. 406
    Michelle Orr says

    I would LOVE one of these! I’m preggo with my 2nd child and did menu planning prior to having my 1st child 3 1/2 years ago. I’m in an organizational frenzy these days, and this would help SO much!!

  406. 407
    Elana says

    I need to know what I’m making before I spend an hour a day in my carpool. If I try to start thinking of what to cook when I get home, the kids get soooo cranky.

  407. 408
    Abbie Johnson says

    When I meal plan, we eat out less = cheaper and healthier. These calendars are beautiful!

  408. 409
    Lisa Rigby says

    I have seen these menu boards on a different blog and love them! I have been terrible about menu planning. I figure out what we are eating 30-60 min. before dinner. It has become so stressful for me. This system would eliminate that hassle of figuring out what to eat everyday. I also buy foods and then they go bad because I forget about them. This would help me know specifically what ingredients I need.

  409. 410
    Stina says

    LOVE this!!! I’m always trying something to get myself organized when it comes to Meal Planning. Right now, it’s using a dry erase marker on a plastic sheet protector that holds my calendar. It works..but how nice would this be!

  410. 411
    Danielle N says

    I love this. I really think this could help me. I have tried to do meal planning and can get one week done but can’t seem to go to the next week. I have a hard time finding the meals that my family will like and planning ahead in time.

  411. 412
    Allison says

    What a beautiful and functional menu board. Nice Job!
    The best part of menu planning (when I do it) is not having the
    stress @ 4:30 of wondering what’s for dinner. The hardest part is coming up with new and different ideas every week that sound easy, yummy and nutritional.

  412. 413
    Marylynn says

    I love menu planning when I stick with it. I love the how you have done the boards. Hope to win!

  413. 414
    Jennifer Czarnecki says

    Love planning my menus because then I don’t have to “think” about what to make each night when they all start asking, “What’s for dinner?” I would love a board!

  414. 415
    Amanda says

    I love being able to plan for the week something of what we will be eating. My schedule changes daily (I’m an interpreter and don’t know what I will be doing until the night before), so I plan my meals with the knowledge that they will probably get shuffled, but at least generally know what we will be eating. I am able to make sure everything is on hand at the beginning of the week. If I am able to stick to the schedule, great! If I have to shuffle things around, at least I have the ingredients for it all on hand. The board is a great idea and I would love one!!!

  415. 416
    Kat says

    Oh these boards are awesome and so inspiring!!! … Menu planning :P…although i love organizing, I haven’t quite found anything that I love about planning, other than the eating. :) I love seeing my husband happy and enjoying my meals, but I’m still searching for ways to make the process more creative. I’ve recently put pictures with my meals to get me more excited about the recipes and remember that they taste good once i “see” them :)

  416. 417
    Elena says

    This is a great tool! I love this idea!

  417. 418
    hk says

    i like knowing a few days in advance whats going to be around. makes things less stressful!

  418. 419
    Belinda says

    I would love to get to a point where I could menu plan for a month. Taking the time from busy weekends to plan is my hurdle.

  419. 420
    Amanda says

    How gorgeous are these menu planners. I try, and use a whiteboard to plan a week in advance, which kinda works. This planner would make it so much easier, clearer and wouldn’t get smudged off :-).

  420. 421
    R. Schwei says

    I luv already knowing what I am making and having the kids know it too- So I don’t hear “Mommy I hate this!” and “Mommy leftover again!”

  421. 422
    Amy Masten says

    Meal planning saves me from wasting food and money! I utilize what I have in the freezer and pantry, then shop the ads to create our weekly menu.

  422. 423
    Jessica M says

    I don’t know why I don’t do it. I guess I’m afraid of the time involved!

  423. 424
    Linda Oldham says

    I love that you made them magnetic! Such a simple thing can make all the difference. I have been doing a weekly menu on my computer and printing it out. It looked really nice until plans change mid-week and I have to cross out things and add arrows. Then it doesn’t look so nice. This is a GREAT idea. Thank for sharing.

  424. 425
    Joyce says

    Those are the cutest! We have been meaning to try doing a monthly menu plan because I think we could totally make it work, and the board would definitely be a great help. Thanks for the giveaway.

  425. 426
    Jessie Bates says

    I love menu planning because I get to spend my afternoons finishing laundry and straightening the house before Hubs gets home- not frantically trying to defrost chicken breasts in time to make dinner!

  426. 427
    Ginny says

    Menu planning reduces some of the stress in my horribly stressed life. Even if I choose to make something scheduled for a different day or serve leftovers, I still have a starting point and that makes my life easier. Can’t we all use some of that in our lives?

  427. 428
    Lindsay says

    I love the magnet ideas! That would make it so much easier to plan menus. I’m not a crafty person so the thought of having make something like this stresses me out but having one would make menu planing seem so manageable with the magnets. GREAT IDEA!

  428. 429
    Trudy says

    I’ve always planned my meals for the week, and am amazed when people say they don’t do it. But it’s a job I’ve never liked. My favorite part of meal planning now is that MY HUSBAND STARTED DOING IT! I’d love to give him one of these menu boards to help him out!

  429. 430
    HeatherB says

    OOO Baby, I’m so glad you’re doing another giveaway, since I didn’t win on UCreate. I LOVE this board. If I win looking at my beautiful board will be my favorite part, but until then I like knowing what’s for dinner without having to scramble at the last minute…and that we use our food purchases in a timely fashion.

  430. 431
    Megan says

    Menu planning saves me time and money. Having a cute way to make sure I do it is just what I need!

  431. 432
    Tiffany M says

    i hate to say it but my favorite part of menu planning is when it is done….menu planning stresses me out. i don’t want to plan the same things over and over…but some of the things everyone eats the best are the things that get planned the most.

  432. 433
    Gemma says

    This idea is wonderful.
    I use another system developed by myself for a long time absolutely adapted to my necessities and I can say that planning menues has been one of the best things I’ve done for being relaxed about this matter: knowing what to cook every day, and specially what to buy only once a week. (excuse my english, I’m not english speaker).
    Gemma (From Barcelona, Spain)

  433. 434
    Mallory says

    This looks like an amazing product, thanks for the chance to win one! Though I absolutely love looking for recipes and deciding what to make, the best part of menu planning for me is knowing that I won’t have to think about what I will eat for the rest of the week! It is stressful for me to wonder what to eat and I also feel like I don’t get a very balanced diet because what I choose for lunch may be similar to what I have for dinner if I don’t have it planned out.

  434. 435
    Sandra says

    I love how menu planning helps me to stick to my budget. And, as many others have mentioned, when asked “What’s for dinner?” I love being able to point to the menu and say “that.” Ha! Plus, my teens can look ahead and have been known to help get things started if they know what we are having that night. These menu planning boards are gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win!

  435. 436
    Carolyn Williams says

    I think the board is a great idea. I haven’t tried menu planning because I am just basically too afraid to try. I know it would make my life easier so this may help get me on the right track!

  436. 437
    Cathy L. says

    I hope to start menu planning very soon. It is challenging with a lot of food allergies and health issues at our house. Thanks for considering me!

  437. 438
    Ronica E says

    I love always having an answer to the question “What’s for dinner?” … I only recently started planning out the whole month on a paper calendar and it has been great!!!

  438. 439
    AYELET says

    The board is amazing. I want to menue plan. I really have the best intentions each week.. but some how I never get to it, or stick to it.
    I really think If I could just start, life would be so much smooter.

  439. 440
    Novelty Pens says

    Menu planning takes a lot of self motivation to routinely create and utilize. I tend to throw meals together on the fly. No mater how hard I try to plan, I usually end up improvising.

  440. 441
    Chic Mummy says

    I love that menu planning takes away the dreaded “what are we having for dinner?” question an 4pm! It has also saved us a ton of money, and our waistlines, too.

  441. 442
    Kareema says

    With 5 hungry kids, I need to know what to feed them with ease. This is how menu planiing keeps me a head up!

  442. 443
    Karen says

    We always use a piece of paper with the menu in the t corner and the grocery list everywhere else! My honey and I menu plan every Monday. It helps us from coming home from a long day at work saying, WHAT SHOULD WE HAVE FOR DINNER!! Would love to have one of very cute menu boards.

  443. 444
    Sheri Davis says

    The only part about menu planning I love is being able to cook nutritiously for my family which is very important to us as we have severe health issues and being disabled myself with severe fatigue, among other medical issues, when I fail to plan we eat more convenience foods, get sicker, and waste half of what we buy because it goes bad before I remember what I bought it for. I absolutely LOVE this magnetic menu planner idea!!!! I think it is a must have for our family…I might even be able to get hubby to plan a little!!

  444. 445
    Colleen says

    Awesome- love it! I need something to help me get me through the “dinner rut!” Just discovered Organizing Junkie- very cool! Looking forward to learning some new habits to help me function smoothly with 3 little boyz….

  445. 446
    L Hay says

    I love menu planning. It takes away the daily stress of thinking about dinner, when to fit in grocery shopping and how to balance the family’s nutritional intakes. When I make up a weekly menu, I look at the overall nutritional intakes for the week and plan accordingly. If I’m ‘flying by the seat of my pants’ the convenience of something quick takes over and often it’s something boringly familiar.

  446. 447
    Lou says

    These boards are the coolest thing ever!!! You should sell them!

    Menu Planning has saved me more $$ on grocery shopping that I can even calculate. It also takes a huge burden off and makes my life less stressful when the question is asked… What’s for dinner!!!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  447. 448
    Heather says

    I’m just getting into menu planning. I’m not very good at it yet. When I do plan out my weekly menu’s I’m so happy that I don’t hit that 4 0’clock time frame and think, ‘oh no, what’s for dinner?’.

  448. 449
    Tabitha says

    I absolutely love this concept. And the upside is they are visually appealing too!!

  449. 450
    Susan says

    Gorgeous! Love it! I use the weekly one and monthly sounds like fewer trips to the store! I also have twins and another son so time is limited if I had it all planned out I would have extra time. Great idea

  450. 451
    Margo says

    Menu planning has saved me time (trips to the grocery store) and money. Love the boards!

  451. 452
    Jennifer says

    I’ve never entered a contest like this before but when I saw the menu boards and the simple logic behind the system I just had to enter!! My family is currently working on our menu planning and deciding as a family what the week’s menu is and discussing what meals are healthy meals and what are “less healthy” (always have to leave room for pizza nights!). Anyways, each child gets to choose a meal or two for the week and this menu planning system would be a very fun, tangible way for them to be a part of by simply moving their magnetic meal to the designated day and seeing it posted on the board for all to see!! The best part of menu planning when you have your children involved, even if they are really young, is that they eat it! And it turns a mundane part of your day into a fun one because your children are so excited to see that the meal they chose is being served to the family! My one daughter chooses breakfast for dinner all the time and we just do a differnent kind of breakfast each time, but her choice. Our children seem to be more open to trying new things as a family rule when they feel they have a say in things. I am a mom of 3 girls 6 and under and am slowly creeping out of survival mode into a more organized life (knock on wood!). I think this would be so helpful to us! I understand I may not win, and that is okay, so if after your contest you could post where to buy these, I would be interested in buying one if I don’t win. Thank you for your great blog by the way. It is very helpful and easy to read and I read it every time I get my email! Thanks!

  452. 453
    Katherine Finlay says

    Potentially immensely useful… that’s not something I’ve ever seen before in the UK! We need to learn about menu planning over here too!

  453. 454
    Tiffany says

    Prior to meal planning (just started about 4 wks ago), we ate out all the time. I wasted so much money just making a grocery list of things I thought I might need, then used none of it and had to throw it all away–what a waste! Meal planning has made for more nutritious meals for my family and saved us money!

  454. 455
    tiffany pattison says

    I need this desperately….I try to plan out each week on my note card but it rarely comes to fruition. What a great idea!

  455. 456
    melissa says

    We save money because I plan around what is on sale. And it’s just great to have a plan so the evenings aren’t so hectic.

  456. 457
    Juliana says

    As a new mom to 3 (4 and under) I can’t just rush out to the store anymore. This would really help me out!

  457. 458
    Mari says

    I love menu planning because it lets me get more creative with what I cook. If I throw something together at the last minute because I haven’t planned there can’t be any tasty homemade bread or other “complicated” stuff to eat. If I had my way, I could spend all day every day in the kitchen playing with food and menu planning makes that much easier to do.

  458. 459
    danielle says

    I love this! So neat! It would make things so much easier!!! I love planning my menu for the week because it makes shopping so much more thrifty. Planning for the month would be amazing!

  459. 460
    Kim says

    I love this board and just haven’t had the time to put one together. I would be beyond happy to win one of these beauties! Menu planning rocks!

  460. 461
    Lauren DeHaan says

    Oh my I love this idea. Please enter me in the giveaway! Thanks for the great ideas!

  461. 462
    Lori says

    What I like most about menu planning is…………..being at work and knowing, dinner is alreay planned. I can focus on work. And when I get home at 5pm, I know exactly what I need to do to get it on the table.

  462. 463
    Kristen pfeiffer says

    Every year my News Years resolution is to be more organized.It really helps to have meals planned in advanced.Less stress means a happier home life!

  463. 464
    Amanda says

    I like to have my meals planned because it is hassle free and easy! I love that when I came home from a long day of work I can just look at the menu and know what we are having for dinner. It is wonderful!

  464. 465
    Anne Marie Devine says

    this looks like it just might work — I so love the idea of this — have triedd it for 2 separate weeks and loved it for thoswe weeks — you think that would be enough for me to get back at it—

    my issue is that I’m a single mother to a picky 8 year old — I’m a teacher and find our schedule so rushed — that just doing the groceries is an event. She dances three nights a week so on those nights we need an early ready to go supper at 4 pm.

    so I’m hoping this is my ticket to more balance. any suggestions would be aprpeciated.

  465. 466
    debi says

    Gosh anything that can make my life easier and less complicated is a winner in my book! Just like your menu organizer board! I love it and can see my life gaining hours from having to NOT plan dinners for the family!

  466. 467
    Julie says

    I love how it frees up my day!

  467. 468
    Jen says

    I just recently went from being a sahm to a full time high school teacher. I NEED to get more organized – menu planning is on my list of things I need to figure out how to do, and something cute and helpful like this would be a wonderful way to get started!

  468. 469
    Emily says

    My favorite part of menu planning is remembering to defrost the pre-made meals to put in the slow cooker before heading to work, and then getting home in the evening to an apartment that smells amazing. There are no cries of, “What’s for dinner?!?” from my husband or son. It’s like having a little electric wife working at home while I’m working at school :-)

  469. 470
    karen says

    My favorite part about menu planning is the decreased stress! It changes how I view the entire day.

  470. 471
    Martha (MM) says

    I would love one of these for my new kitchen! I’ve been a menu planner for a long time, what’s not to love! Menu planning saves time, money and prevents unnecessary stress!

  471. 472
    Sarah says

    I love this idea! I am one that has a hard time coming up with meals and feel this would be really hopefully. This would also give me more time with my son if I had our meals already planned out!

  472. 473
    pam says

    i’ve been meal planning for about 6 months now and love this stylish way to accomplish it :) it’s great to know in advance what’s for dinner. and, occasionally when our family feels like something different it’s fun to change things at the last minute — the flexibility is perfect.
    count me in!

  473. 474
    Barb says

    What a great idea!! My husband was just diagnosed as diabetic and this would be awesome to keep him on track. He has a tendency to eat what he finds when I am at work and this menu board would let him know what is on his menu for meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus, I would stay organized and not frazzled, i.e. we were having tacos, but someone ate the ground beef, now what?!?

  474. 475
    Wendy says

    Using a sheet of paper… Losing the sheet of paper… Wait- what did I plan for dinner?
    The visual menu planner looks wonderful!

  475. 476
    Jenni R says

    I’m a sporadic menu planner at best. When I DO plan things are much easier, but my biggest issue is boredom with my choices. I’m always looking for something new to try. I love cooking and get tired of making the same things over and over. But these planner boards are GREAT! I think I could keep it up with one of those!

  476. 477
    nikki Davenport says

    I love being able to tell my family what’s for dinner when they ask me in the middle of the day, it also helps me increase the variety of our diets and save money at the grocery store!

  477. 478
    Pam Lewis says

    Goodmorning everyone, This Menu Planning Board is an awesome creative organizing idea. I just started doing menu planning, but only on a weekly basis. I have not been brave enough to do a monthly yet, but even doing a weekly menu has taken so much stress out of my daily routine. Still this board would create even less stress because instead of trying to find out what everyone wants each night it makes it possible for everyone to suggest something for dinner without having to ask and then decide. I would love to be able to try out a monthly menu.

  478. 479
    Prerna says

    Wow! What a lovely idea.. I dunno whether you can ship these overseas but anyways, I love menu planning since it helps to cut chaos at mealtimes, makes eating healthy easy and shopping for groceries quick and inexpensive, and reduces stress in the kitchen. I’m going to check these out right now.. Lovely!

  479. 480
    Debbie Jordan Kravitz @ Virtually Organized says

    Love, Love, LOVE this system! What an cute and organized way to simplify menu planning. Not only do I want one for myself, but I have a few organizing clients who could really benefit from one of these, too! Thanks for the giveaway!

  480. 481
    Felicia says

    My favorite part of meal planning, is that it allows me to use what is in my pantry on a regular basis. I continually rotate the contents of my pantry and don’t have food that sits there unused for six months. It also cuts down on my grocery store visits and saves money.

  481. 482
    Autumn says

    This board would be wonderful!

  482. 483
    Janet says

    My favorite part of menu planning is not stressing out the rest of the time about what I’m going to make for dinner! It also keeps the kids from constantly asking “what are we eating tonight.”

  483. 484
    Sharon Knerr says

    Love the challenge of finding meals my family would enjoy as well as keeping it varied. This beautiful board would make the planning so much more enjoyable!

  484. 485
    Christine says

    I love this cute and practical menu system. I’ve tried using paper, but end up either losing it or spilling something on it. It would certainly help me avoid those “Oh no, what was I going to make for dinner?” moments! Fingers crossed!

  485. 486
    Heather A says

    I love that when my menu is already planned I don’t have to worry about what’s for dinner. When I worry about what’s for dinner, we end up eating out or eating a poor dinner. With a menu plan, the ingredients are already in my kitchen and I just need to pull them out and make dinner. So easy! Thanks for the chance to win! I love your boards-so pretty!

  486. 487
    Natasha says

    Wow–you are so inspiring to me! I have three little ones (including a newborn) and I often feel overwhelmed with getting everyone fed at night. I feel very inefficient and that I am constantly wasting time running back and forth to the grocery store. I am so excited to give this a try–thank you for the inspiration! I would be so excited to win this!

  487. 488
    Sharon says

    When I do take the time to plan menus, my mind can focus on the activities for the day rather than worrying about what we are going to eat. This system seems like it would save a lot of time. What a great idea!

  488. 489
    Geneva says

    love this… no more paper to throw away each week. plus, these boards are way cuter than anything else in my kitchen! this would definitely help me be a better wife and mother!

  489. 490
    Rachel says

    What a fantastic idea! I would like to do more menu planning but we always seem to be spur of the moment on what we want right then or using what we have in the house already. I’d love to plan more so we could eat a more balanced diet and work in trying new things more often!

  490. 491
    Dani says

    We just started menu planning. We are doing an entire month! I bought everything for a month worth of meals! We did pretty good this month. Looking forward to planning for Feb!

  491. 492
    Georgia says

    This sounds so wonderful. I’ve attempted to menu plan before, but just on paper….this sounds soooo much better!

  492. 493
    Rebecca says

    Ooh….that’s sooo pretty. I love the colors and organization! My favorite part about menu planning is not going through the “oops, what’s for dinner?” at 5 o’clock. I usually plan two weeks out at a time since that’s how often I shop but if I could plan each month out I would be inspired to start couponing.

  493. 494
    Michelle says

    I LOVE this idea. I already plan monthly for shopping purposes and it takes off some of the stress, but sometimes I forget to look at it for thawing purposes, etc. Having a beautiful reminder right in front of me would be such a help!

  494. 495
    beth ann says

    I haven’t tried menu planning yet, but as a busy working Mom I need too!! And this sure would come in handy!!! Quit adorable too!!!

  495. 496
    Emily says

    I love menu planning because it helps me spend less when grocery shopping because I know exactly what to buy!

  496. 497
    Divya Vikra says

    Wow! The planner looks amazing! I have always wanted to make weekly menus but have been too lazy! This should be great to nudge me into it.

  497. 498
    Allison says

    Some weeks I am better about menu-planning than others. It’s my coupon organization (or lack thereof) that seems to hold me back. I really *want* to plan my menu around what’s on sale at the grocery store each week, but right now I am up to my eyeballs in coupons and tend to get overwhelmed. It’s a work in progress!

  498. 499
    Christine says

    I <3 MENU PLANNING! Unfortunately I don't do it enough :-/ I'll do well for 2 weeks and then it's back to the 5:00 freak out "OH MAN … WHAT ARE WE HAVING FOR DINNER?!?!" LOL So I would LOVE to win the giveaway :)

  499. 500
    April says

    Menu planning is something I have been meaning to implement in my house but haven’t tried yet because we usually only have enough groceries in the house fo rone week and then wait until the circulars come out with all the sales to start planning for another week.

  500. 501
    AlexisAnne says

    favorite part of meal planning??? It’s actually one of my most dreaded tasks, which is why I want this board :)

  501. 502
    Tabitha Bozzelli-Meisch says

    I like that the “whats for dinner”question is no longer a question but a simple answer!

  502. 503
    s says

    although menu planning has so many benefits for our family, the 2 biggest are no more “what should we have for dinner” at the end of the day when I’m tired from work and need to get a meal together and deal with homework, sports activity, and the normal kid stuff. the other is less fussing about what is on the menu for that night since they can see the whole week laid out and if they really hate that night’s dinner, they can see the next night be one they do like. less fussing and whining (not eliminated but reduced!)

  503. 504
    Annette says

    I’ve tired using paper menu and it just doesn’t work. Hoping to win this to give me a new place to start

  504. 505
    Jacqueline says

    While the board sounds like a a great idea, don’t you have to worry about your kids changing the magnets? I know I would have as a kid to avoid the fish that I hated and my mom insisted on making about once a week.
    What I like about menu planning, though, is that it’s introduced more variety into our diet, even though I pretty much make the same thing every week (ex. Monday is pizza, Tuesday pasta, etc.). Before, it was pasta every night, pretty much, except Fridays. It also does help me plan my shopping trips better, although I’ve only been doing weekly.

  505. 506
    Wendy says

    I love that I don’t have to come home from work and stress over what I’m going to cook because I’ve already got it planned out. This has given my family more variety when it comes to what I fix because I don’t fall back into fixing the same things all the time. I love it!

  506. 507
    Melissa Kafka says

    Not having to go to the grocery store at the last minute with 3 hungry kids is why i loe menu planning!

  507. 508
    Jeannine B. says

    My best friend introduced me to menu planning about 7 or 8 years ago. I love that we waste less food, that I don’t have to scramble each afternoon to find something to make for dinner, and that it helps me save money at the grocery store! I have even created a google calendar that I share with my husband, where I post the menu plan for the week. It helps him decide what he wants to do for lunch each day!

  508. 509
    Rena says

    LOVE the magnetic board. Menu planning makes grocery shopping so much easier. I know exactly what I need.

  509. 510
    Sarah says

    I love menu planning when you have such a busy schedule the only thing is that we start out the month great and then slowly start slacking. I think this might help get a little more organized.

  510. 511
    Fran says

    I love your menu planning board system! what a way to simplify life–as well as save money, time and energy on a daily basis.

    Best Wishes!

  511. 512
    Beverly says

    I love this. I just blogged yesterday about my method of menu-planning, but this would take it to a whole new *lovely* level!

    Let’s see… my favorite thing about menu planning…. It’s got to be the peace of mind part. Life can be so chaotic and stressful, so it really takes a lot of pressure off of me (mom) when I know that meals are already planned out and taken care of.

    Thanks for the opportunity here! LOVE IT!

  512. 513
    Amy says

    I love the efficiency of the meal itself. Supper is a snap and we’re all able to sit down to a family meal nearly every night without the stress!

  513. 514
    Christina E says

    I am a former meal planner – from about 15 years ago. Life, work and a lack of dedication distracted me and I lost my way. I have recently been going back to my meal planning and shopping strategies and never would have thought of such a great idea! This would help with that overwhelming feeling of “how did I do this before”? Great idea and fun boards… love them!

  514. 515
    Dawn says

    I kind of fell off the menu planning bandwagon, so this would most certainly get me back on track!

  515. 516
    Lauren says

    We have been talking about menu-planning for awhile, but have never actually taken the time to DO it. We’re trying to save money this year for a wedding and menu-planning would definitely keep us accountable to not going out to eat when we don’t have anything in the pantry to cook.

  516. 517
    Colleen says

    Menu planning has saved me $$ – which is always a good thing. I love the magnetic board.

  517. 518
    Deborah says

    I do a vague (very vague!) sort of menu planning, largely because my schedule is so changeable, which would make you think I would actually do some more/better planning. This would help, I think. Really.

  518. 519
    Darci says

    I think I would actually be organized with menu planning if I had one of these:)

  519. 520
    Kelly says

    I have recently consistenly made a weekly menu and started a blog to help me stay accountable. I have little kids and boards like this are so cool to them (and me)! This way, they could help me put my menu together each week and be helping Mommy!

  520. 521
    Lorrie says

    I don’t really meal plan. I just get something in my head and write the grocery list out, then if we get to the store I might get myself to cook it before I forget about it. I think having a planning board will help a lot, I just don’t have the energy to create a paper one or make a nice one myself.

  521. 522
    Sue says

    Oh my goodness!!! These boards are soooo CUTE!!! I started out really well in the beginning of the school year & have been trying to get back on track. Trying to ‘think ahead’ about what my family would like to eat is the thing that is making it most difficult for me. I keep thinking what if we have the same thing over & over again? Are there that many things that we like that are different? This looks like it’d be the perfect tool to help make Menu Planning really happen!

  522. 523
    Lynda says

    This would be awesome! I can’t imagine NOT meal planning :)

  523. 524
    Mandy says

    These are so cute, and ORGANIZED! I am totally into anything that can take away even the tiniest bit of stress from our hectic schedule. This is perfect! As Moms we all know that “oh great, now I have to come up with something for dinner” feeling. With this, the question already has an answer, its on the board!

  524. 525
    Kim C. says

    I just started meal planning (on paper) and it has made grocery shopping and inventory so much easier. The kids are eager to find out “what the plan is” and we have planned leftovers for lunch. This board is so cute. I’d love one!

  525. 526
    Kathy Feusse says

    I homeschool and so menu planning (when I do it) is a life saver. When I started homeschooling, a very wise person told me to not start my day until I knew what was for supper. Thus, menu planning. But it often ends up being one more of those things that gets on my to do list, but never gets done….so this board would be so great! Oh, I hope I win…other wise, I might have to save my pennies and just buy one. Thanks for sharing this idea!

  526. 527
    Lisa Chaddock says

    What a great idea, love it!!

  527. 528
    jennifer says

    I have not yet started to menu plan because i haven’t found the perfect way to organize it. But i love this idea. even if i don’t win i might have to make something like this.

  528. 529
    Debbie says

    Menu planning? What’s that lol. Oh I so need to win one of these to get myself organized. It would beat starting at the open fridge door asking myself what I’m serving in an hour lol. Thanks for the opportunity =)

  529. 530
    Teauna says

    I am SOOOOO ready for a menu board! I want a menu board because:

    :) I want to be more organized!! And being organized in the kitchen would be GREAT!

  530. 531
    Amy J says

    As a mom of 4 and nursing student about to graduate, menu planning
    has saved my sanity! Nutritious planned out meals has saved us from
    the world of fastfood and kept us all around our own dinner table. I’d love to be able to plan things out on one of these beautiful boards!

  531. 532
    lisa says

    I can only imagine how much easier life would be with our crew of 11 if I actually planned dinner. Between activities and such we resort to cheese quessedilla too much.

  532. 533
    Jori says

    I’ve tried menu planning before, but always got frustrated trying to think of what meals to include. This menu board is genius, since all your meal choices are laid out in front of you. I would love it!

  533. 534
    Alycia M says

    I’m still a “newbie” at menu planning. But I’ve done it faithfully for three weeks now and I’m finding it’s getting easier the more that I do it. I really love that I’m not stressed out at dinner time because I have a plan. I think these menu boards are as beautiful as they are functional. Thanks for sharing!

  534. 535
    Nicole says

    With hubby deployed, I can get pretty busy being a (temporarily)single, working-fulltime, stressed-out mommy. Having a plan definately helps me have more time. I’m not aimlessly wandering around the grocery store, or running back to the store because I don’t have this or that to make this or that. It has also helped me to actually cook more and microwave/easy-way-out crap food less, which means I’m eating healthier, my daughter is eating healthier, and I’m (hopefully) giving my daughter good habits from the start.

  535. 536
    Crystal says

    I love it! My favorite part of menu planning is the lack of “pressure” I feel as dinner time draws near. I am a procrastinator of the 1st order and will put cooking dinner off until we just decide to “go get something.” When I plan my menus in advance I start preparations early in the day, leaving the pre-dinner hour stress free for me. Now, I just have to decide if I will give this to my daughter for her home or keep it for myself (If I’m the lucky winner.)

  536. 537
    Rachel says

    My kids love to help in the kitchen … but when I am rushing to get something ready by six, there isn’t time for little hands to measure the salt. I end up shooing them away from what could be a bonding, learning moment! So when I know we’re going to have X for dinner, we can do that measuring after lunch, or whenever it’s convenient for ALL of us.

  537. 538
    Renee says

    These are fabulous! Would love to know what the “magnetic” part is made of?? Menu planning for us has saved my family so much money and we have a sense of freedom and peace about dinner because we know what’s ahead. If one of us is not home, it’s easy for the other to know what we are having! Fantastic!

  538. 539
    Bethany says

    Meal planning saves the day every time! I only work with one week at a time right now but with 5 kids, 3 which are in sports, a full time work at home biz, kids home work at 2 toddlers that go to bed early I found that if we did not have a PLAN we would end up getting takeout. Being organized with meal plans saves us tons of money, has us eating healthy and losing weight!

  539. 540
    Pam says

    I’m a half-hearted menu planner…wishing I was a whole-hearted one. Maybe having a menu front and center in the kitchen would make me accountable?

  540. 541
    Martianne says

    When I actually manage to keep up with menu planning, it makes shopping and eating so much easier. But, the thing I like about it best is that when I have spent time doing it for special days and feast days one year, I can just borrow/recycle theideas the next. We just did this for a feast day celebration!

  541. 542
    Lesley@houseofsawyer says

    Sa-weet! My favorite part of menu planning is knowing what I’m going to fix a least most of the week. It takes so much of the stress away!

  542. 543
    Trish says

    These boards are fab!!! I currently do not plan my menus, but desperately need to do so!! Our family meals have become so mundane & we need to spice things up & begin to look forward to them again! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!! :)

  543. 544
    Stephanie K says

    Right now I only plan by week but it’s makes grocery shopping so much easier and when I get home from work I know exactly what we are having for dinner instead of playing the guessing game.

  544. 545
    Malissa Larson says

    Menu planning combines all of my goals: cash envelopes, couponing and more homemade meals. It encourages me to sit down with the mounds of cookbooks I have and play with the options. Right now my weekly menus are on pieces of paper that I occasionally dip into, I am looking forward to making this more streamlined as my husband and I both work full time- and we have a growing preteen boy always wanting to know “what’s for dinner?”
    Maybe you can post the directions for how to make this great monthly menu.

  545. 546
    Jenny says

    I menu plan for one week at a time. It used to overwhelm me, the idea of it. Trying to make so many decisions at one time! But it has become such a big help. And my boys love to read it and find out what’s for breakfast tomorrow or if we are indeed having homemade pizza again on Friday. So maybe I’ll be able to plan out 2 weeks at a time sometime soon…

    The boards are so cute, BTW. What a neat idea!

  546. 547
    Crystal says

    I’ve just recently started reading posts regarding menu planning. While I believe it would end the hourly “what’s for dinner, tonight?” questions, it still seems like a lot to take on; especially a month at a time. I do love these boards though. They are so very cute and up for all the family to see. Love the concept; hope to “get there” with my menu planning. Thanks for the great post.

  547. 548
    Tristen says

    I am trying to be consistent with my menu planning but sometimes find it difficult to sit down and make the plan. This board would be a great help with all my menu items right at my fingertips to play with and adjust when I need to.

  548. 549
    From Cristin to Mommy says

    i love to menu plan
    my favorite part about it is planning new and different meals and seeing what i can come up with in the pantry and freezer.

  549. 550
    annebn says

    What I love about menu planning is when I get home after a hectic day at work, I KNOW what we’re going to make for dinner. I don’t have to think, we don’t end up eating at 8PM because by the time we decide and look around to see if we have everything it’s that late.

  550. 551
    Jan says

    Love those boards!!!

    I like trying one new recipe each week and having the flexiblity of having the items needed for several meals ahead of time. My kids also prefer knowing what they can expect for dinner. Thanks!

  551. 552
    Tamra D. says

    My favorite part of menu planning is cleaning the fridge at the end of the week! Ever since I started menu planning, we have really wasted a lot less food. It makes me feel good to know that not only am I helping myself stay stressed free; but I am also teaching my four boys great food habits, and I am helping our pocketbook by wasting less.

  552. 553
    Tonnie says

    I am practically speechless! This is such an incredible idea and presentation. I have avoided menu planning because I couldn’t quite find a method that I thought would work for me. This is genius! What an amazing blessing this would be. And they are beautiful as well…

  553. 554
    Kathy says

    I just started menu planning Jan 10th of this year. OMGosh what a time saver, stress reliever, money goes on and on. I use to go to the grocery store every single day and now I only go once per week. I am less stressed and excited to come up with the next weeks menu. BTW I love your beautiful menu frames.

  554. 555
    Sharon says

    I have attempted a meal plan but it just isn’t effective. I typed out most of our favorites meals and put them in sheet protectors and put them in my household binder…..and there they sit. I still scrounge around at 4 pm and know that the hunger pangs of my 5, 3 and 1 year old will hit soon and hard and I tell myself EVERY DAY, “I really need a better system.”

    I think this may be it! If I don’t win this one I will be making one of these pretty little masterpeices! But I am hoping that you just pick ME!

  555. 556
    Cindy says

    I love menu planning! It has helped us be more prepared, save money on groceries, lets everyone know whats for dinner, and because both of us work–it just makes more sense. No last minute questions, plus I can get the whole family involved. AND…if its a day my husband is off, he can see what is planned and help accordingly.
    Your menu board is so much cuter than what I use, so it would be a nice improvement!
    Thank you!

  556. 557
    Kelly says

    This calendar looks so cool!! I love menu planning because it just makes life so much easier when I know what I’m making for dinner on any given day.

    Thanks :)

  557. 558
    Shannon says

    I have yet to “jump on board” with menu planning. It always seems more difficult to try to think of what to make in advance, but I’m thinking that maybe a cool menu board like that would be some inspiration for me to get started! I have a one-year-old who takes up most of my time at home and who HATES to grocery shop, so my grocery trips are basically “grab whatever you can as fast as you can and get out of there” trips. It’s sad because I really do love to cook, but as a working mom, my time is limited. Hopefully a menu board would make my life much less stressful! Thanks so much for considering me.


  558. 559
    Kelley says

    My favorite part of menu planning is that it saves me from giving in to eating out, since I don’t get home from work until about 4:00 and it can be oh so easy to order out if I don’t have a plan!

  559. 560
    Michelle says

    I have two young kids and one on the way-
    a menu board like this would save time, money and stress! Also, my (very picky) husband could plan the menu which he would love.

  560. 561
    Susan Salerno says

    I have not ever tried it. My hold up is that the thought of comming up with so many meal choices is overwhelming, but as I continue to read blogs that boast the benefits, and share their menus for the week with recipes, I am coming around to giving it a try. I can certainly appreciate all of the benefits!!

  561. 562
    Jenn says

    Have been menu planning for several years now, but never seen it done so beautifully as this! :)

  562. 563
    Mrs. Q says

    Would love this, thanks!

  563. 564
    Sarah says


    menu planning is still fairly new to me but it has made my life so much easier. Being the only cook in the family means I was constantly getting the question at 4 pm “what’s for dinner tonight? ” I almost always didn’t have an answer and would start to scramble! Now we all know what we’re having and my job is much easier!

  564. 565
    Angie says

    I LOVE this! My husband has been asking me to do this for months now and I just haven’t taken the time to get started. This would be a great jumpstart! Thank you for the giveaway!

  565. 566
    Darcy says

    I occasionally sit down at the beginning of the week to plan menus and I always find those weeks less stressful. However, it is usually scribbled on scraps of paper that then get lost!! With one of these boards I know I would be much more faithful about menu planning!!

  566. 567
    Janeen says

    I would love a great way to organize and meal plan–I am not a great cook and do not really like it. But I think I would enjoy the puzzle part and that is prominently displayed. The boards are gorgeous

  567. 568
    Kerri says

    I love menu planning when I make the time to do it! The weeks that I menu plan are much less stressful for both me and my dh. When we don’t plan, He dreads the 5:00 call from me asking what he wants for dinner! :).

  568. 569
    sharon says

    The menu board looks so cute I would display it proudly in the kitchen! I like knowing what’s for dinner w/menu planning. Instead of my kids, saying, “What’s for dinner?” and me thinking Uhhh, I’m the mom I need to plan dinner- I’ll just say, “Look on the board!!”

  569. 570
    Ronni says

    I LOVE this idea. Actually my husband, bless his heart, comes up with the menu every week. He does this because he cooks since I work 2 jobs. He is disabled and cooking is the best thing he can do to help me. this would be such a joy to give him to help him for all he does!!!!

  570. 571
    Jennifer says

    My favorite part is that I spend less time at the grocery store :)

  571. 572
    Linda says

    I love that it is easily viewable so that when I forget what’s next…it’s right there lookin’ good!

  572. 573
    Misty says

    I have only been doing menu planning for about 7 weeks now, but there is so much I love about it, I’m saving, on average about 70$ a week, and eating healthier as well. I don’t wake up and worry about what to plan for dinner that night, I already know, the kids and the hubby don’t ask me whats for dinner, they just look, and I managed to cut my cooking responsibility down by one night a week by planning one night that my husband cooks for the family. I have not had any instances of my children or husband using something that was to be used for dinner and leaving me angry when I have to run to the store for something that I had already purchased! They look and make sure that it isnt on the meal plan! Finally, I find that I have become more efficient in planning meals that use leftovers of other meals, thus cutting my cost even more! ITS AMAZING!

  573. 574
    Carol says

    I’m a planner, but don’t have something so cute to do it on…….here’s hoping!

  574. 575
    Elizabeth Rudesill says

    I always feel virtuous when I menu plan! I long to be more domestic sometimes, but work often keeps that dream at the bottom of the pile. When I plan menus I find we are less frustrated (we know what we are having) my dear husband (who is the primary food shopper) knows what to purchase and we all eat healthier!

  575. 576
    Christina says

    This was one of my “eary” New Year resolutions! A weekly dinner menu! It’s been the greatest time saver and savior from that 430P “open fridge” stare!

  576. 577
    Tiffany says

    The thing I love most about menu planning is not having to figure out what to make when I’m really hungry and everything (or nothing!) sounds good. Or not arguing with my husband about whose turn it is to decide what we’re having…

  577. 578
    Tricia says

    I would love this! I have just started to recently meal plan and have already seen a big difference in what my family is eating-much healthier for sure!

  578. 579
    kathy says

    love this! Hoping to try menu planning…to end the daily staring into my loaded freezer….and not coming up with anything for dinner!

  579. 580
    Cammy says

    Menu planning is old hat for me! I realized early that spending a few minutes at the end of the week to plan meant no more standing aimlessly at an empty fridge wondering what to make AND….if I had the recipe and the ingredients my loving hubby MIGHT actually have dinner started when I got home from work! SCORE!

  580. 581
    Donna Mayfield says

    Beautiful, functional, life-changing — What more could a person ask for? I consider that I am pretty organized except when it domes to meal planning. I have hundreds of recipes cut out, printed off or written down but can’t seem to get a real plan going. LOVE the board !

  581. 582
    Amber L. says

    I love that menu planning takes the guess work out of the busy week. I have weeks where nothing sounds good to me, so I don’t want to cook, but menu planning forces me to cook, yet be flexible.

  582. 583
    MEGHAN says

    My favorite thing about menu planning?

    1. Less frequent grocery store visits

    2. Organization (my middle name)

    3. Creating a list (my second middle name) :)

    I SO hope to win! Thanks for the chance.


  583. 584
    malia carlsen says

    I need help getting organized. Meal planning would make us all healthier and save money!

  584. 585
    Ashley says

    I’ve always thought meal-planning would take so much time and effort! I’m definitely reconsidering…especially seeing how these menu boards are so darn cute! I’m already brainstorming about giving these as gifts this year. =) Thank you!

  585. 586
    Keri J says

    I would LOVE this. So cute…and would save us time and money :)

  586. 587
    Tara says

    My menu planning has helped tremendously with ensuring my kids are getting proper meals – boxed carbohydrates for lack of groceries or time don’t really cut it! The way I plan does not allow the flexiblity of schedule changes or “what sounds good” like this kind of board would. So I would love to try this board to get the best of both worlds – without having to start all over! Thanks for your generosity!

  587. 588
    Natalie says

    i love menu planning because it helps me save on my grocery budget. i buy what i need for what i plan to make; instead of buying everything in sight so that i can make whatever i want at the last minute. it’s so much smarter!

  588. 589
    Crystal says

    I have been planning weekly menus for about a year. I currently use a notebook and pen and have recently begun rotating pages I have already made. This is great – one of those “why didn’t I think of that” things!! Love it!! Thanks!

  589. 590
    Renee says

    I love how content I feel when I get home from work because I don’t have to run to the store to pick-up dinner makings. Especially when dinner is already cooked in the crockpot :) The menu board is a wonderful idea!!!!!!!

  590. 591
    Gabriele says

    I’ve been trying, but I find it hard to think of 2 weeks worth of things to make …or even one weeks worth.

    • 591.1
      Chris Kepner says

      start by writing down all the things you know how to make or like to make, then assign them to a day. I like to start with something like, Monday is meatless, Tuesday is Chicken, Wednesday – Beef, etc. I hope this helps you get started.

  591. 592
    Heather says

    My favorite part of meal planning is not having to stress athe ibout what to make for dinner each night. I also don’t have to worry about not having the ingredients needed to make a meal sinced I planned and shopped ahead of time. This menu board is adorable! It would be so handy to have! I SO hope I win it!!!!!

  592. 593
    Lori Schonhorst says

    Love, love, love this idea!!!

  593. 594
    Chris Kepner says

    I have been menu planning for years and I love it because it saves so much time and money. You’re not thinking what’s for dinner tonight every free minute you have, because you already know what’s for dinner tonight and every night for the next week, two weeks or month. If you’re new to menu planning, you don’t have to shoot for a whole month at a time, try planning for this week.

  594. 595
    Jessica says

    Menu planning and coupon clipping go hand in hand in this house! I am trying a new “2 week” menu planning/grocery trip with some success. My problem is finding the sheet of paper I wrote down my menu ideas. I tape it to our fridge and it looks horrible! Your menu boards are just awesome! If I do not win, I think I’m going to have to do my best and craft one myself! Fingers crossed for me as I’m better at cooking than I am at color coordinating. ha!

  595. 596
    cynthia rafler says

    I would love the magnetic menu board. It would help me so much in meal planning. As well as 4 other adults live under my roof, but I am in charge of groceries and menus. I always have someone sticking their head in my home office asking whats for dinner. :)

  596. 597
    Jordan says

    We save money by meal planning!

  597. 598
    april says

    menu planning saves us countless trips to the store(and prob a ton of money!) I plan mine out for the month, but break it up into 2 week sections for the sake of saving space when I shop. We usually have to go once a week for milk and bread, but no running to the store because we are out of one thing and end up spending $20 or more!

  598. 599
    Sadie says

    I’m a graduate student, and weekly menu planning allows me to know that my family will eat nutritious meals that they enjoy even on the days that I’m buried in homework.

  599. 600
    Debie says

    I love menu planning because it allows me to use my pantry items in a creative way for those “budget saving” nights!

  600. 601
    Jennifer says

    My favorite part is being able to prepare most of my meals on the weekend and not worry about it during the week.

  601. 602
    Liz says

    I’ve always wanted to try and start menu planning. I try, but it always fails by the first week. Maybe it’s because I find my school schedule so unpredictable, but I really want to know what I’m making for dinner instead of scrounging around for something at 7:00 at night. Menu planning will help me to continue eating healthy by preparing healthy meals regularly.

  602. 603
    Jessica Ngotngamwong says

    I like being able to make crock pot meals or freezer meals for my hectic work and family life.

  603. 604
    Hilary says

    This is great! I love menu planning most because it eliminates that 4pm panic when you can’t find anything to fix for dinner!

  604. 605
    Heather says

    This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen! I love to menu plan especially browsing blogs and cookbooks and looking at pictures.

  605. 606
    Carrie says

    My problem with meal planning is my picky kids. I’ve tried it a few weeks and when I say we’re having spaghetti tonight they refuse to eat it even though they helped me make the meal list. I know this is part of a bigger problem that I need to deal with, so I’m hoping that if I stick with the meal planning and “no thank you” bite strategy we’ll be on our way to eating healthier and having the benefits of sitting down to eat together every night. I love the boards! They are beautiful!

  606. 607
    Susie Johnson says

    The BEST part of menu planning is no longer having those panic attacks at 4:15 pm as I am driving home from work, realizing that I don’t have anything thawed for dinner and no money to go out! Now I know what we are having, I know I have the ingredients on hand and sometimes, my husband even start dinner before I get home, because he has checked our calendar, knows what we are having and can help me out so dinner prep and dinner will be quick and easy.

  607. 608
    Tracie says

    I have been avoiding menu planning because we really need to branch out our menu… It is hard to look at a plan saying we are having two or three different meals for dinner every single day of the month. I am hoping if I win this, it would force me to branch out because I owuld have to send you SIXTY different things. :)

  608. 609
    Amanda Skinner says

    I have been menu planning a week at a time, but your month long plan sounds genious! And my biggest problem is always trying to remember our favorite meals, but your meal magnets would solve that problem!

  609. 610
    Tammy says

    I am officially the procrastination station!! I think about this clever way of keeping the mundane and chaos out of dinners by menu planning but I haven’t followed through.
    I bet this board (if I win, of course!) would make my life mucho easier!
    Whether I win or not, thank you for sharing in this awesome blog!!

  610. 611
    Amy-Cutting Coupons in KC says

    My favorite part about Menu Planning is no 5:00 crunch where I am scrambling to come up with an idea for dinner!

  611. 612
    Sarah H says

    I love not having to think every day.

  612. 613
    Dawn says

    I am just getting started with giving menu planning a try. I would love this prize- would motivate me even more!

  613. 614
    Anh says

    I haven’t tried menu planning just yet, my family and I want to but we just haven’t had the time to sit down and do it. Then after we do decide to sit down and do it we need to try and stick to it.

  614. 615
    Jennie says

    I love that is makes it soooo much easier to grocery shop!! and you don’t have to stress what to make for dinner when everyone is hungry.

  615. 616
    Susie says

    My favorite part is actually knowing what I will be preparing, instead of wondering at 4pm — “What’s for dinner?”

  616. 617
    Marilyn says

    I am like you a very organized person but have yet to truly plan ahead for meals. My hubby is very easy to please and says “something easy” when I ask him what he wants for dinner. We have 1 daughter who is very picky at this point. I do think about planning meals ahead and actually made it a goal to try new recipes this year. I hope to change my ways and having this board will help!

  617. 618
    Michelle says

    I like it when I can stick to you. My life seems to go smoother on the weeks I know what I am or I have made for supper. The weeks we fall off schedule are just frustrating. I like you magent menu board, because it is not going to get lost in a pile of papers on the counter or fridge.

  618. 619
    Paula says

    The timing of your post is too spooky (in a good way). My husband and I just finished creating a weekly meal plan moments before I saw a link to your post. This is our first attempt at it, as we’re tired of scrambling at mealtime and making multiple trips to the grocery store in a week. We’re using a chalkboard right now but your magnetic board is a great idea!

  619. 620
    Merleice says

    Monthly menu saved my sanity. I think this board is an awesome idea. i wish i would have thought about it. I So hope I win this..

  620. 621
    Stacy says

    My biggest problem with menu planning is choosing a recipe base. I don’t like routine, and so don’t like to use the same recipes over and over (even though I do). How can we create the recipe list? Help!

  621. 622
    Sarah says

    I love menu planning because it helped me to cut the cost and wasted food from the market. It also helped my family to eat out less because I knew when I was running errands I needed to have a meal cooking at home first.

  622. 623
    Susan says

    I always menu plan. I just put it on my calendar though. The best part is that I don’t have to think about what to make, I just make what is on the calendar. I usually plan my dinners for two weeks out. I decide what to make by going through my freezer to see what I’ve bought on sale and go from there. I also ask my family if there is anything they want me to make.

  623. 624
    Jodie says

    With our busy family of five we would be eating a lot more takeout if I didn’t meal plan. I LOVE knowing what I’m going to be making for dinner and knowing that it’s going to be good for my family!

  624. 625
    S. Davis says

    I usually just do approximately 1 week at a time, but don’t always plan or shop on the same day each week. Sometimes our leftovers stretch longer than I expected or we use our eat-out fund on a different day than we’d originally intended.
    My favorite part is probably the time saved daily by having a plan & the $ saved on shopping trips by shopping more with a purpose & less randomly each week, also fewer trips to the store.
    Thank you!

  625. 626
    Debbie says

    I am brand new to menu planning…and to this blog. It’s wonderful! I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I look forward to menu planning…in hopes that I will not panic at the end of the day when I realize I have not even considered what to serve for dinner. I am also hoping that planning a menu in advance will also keep me from serving things that aren’t as healthy and delicious because I am now in a rush!

  626. 627
    Katie B. says

    Unfortunately, I rarely menu plan – but it’s something I’m definitely interested in trying! Would make things much easier.

  627. 629
    Kate says

    I’ve always wanted to try meal planning and have, to some extent, sometimes week by week but tend to get lazy with it. I think if I can make it fun and plan it a month at a time, I can stick with it this time. This magnetic board looks like it would make it so much easier. I would love if you could post instructions on how to make these boards if you haven’t already!

  628. 630
    Elizabeth L. says

    My favorite part of menu planning is looking at the new recipes I’m going to try that week. I love trying new recipes and I get really excited about cooking them!

  629. 631
    Stacey says

    I love not having to think about!

  630. 632
    Vanessa says

    These boards are so pretty. My favorite part of menu planning is the planning! I like to plan. But really, it’s knowing what’s for dinner and having those ingredients on hand.

  631. 633
    Judy says

    I love menu planning. It helps with shopping and the “what will we have for dinner ” afternoons. I used to do it a lot. but in my head. Never had a board. We have such busy lives and our children are grown. I am trying to get back to it. this board idea makes me want to try again

  632. 634
    Missy says

    Meal Planning is makes life less stressful.

  633. 635
    Marilyn Holeman says

    What a cute idea! I don’t really do menu planning, because my husband does most of the cooking and he’s a pretty “spontaneous” cook. Also, we live in the mountains 30 minutes from the nearest “real” market, so we nearly always do bulk shopping and just cook out of the pantry. But it would be nice to be more organized–and this would be a fun way to do it. Thanks for the opportunity, Laura and Tyra! Blessings, Marilyn

  634. 636
    Kimberly Rush says

    Buying only the ingredients we need for the week at the grocery store…if we stick to the plan, only shopping once a week. And saving money!

  635. 637
    Emily Anne says

    My favorite part of meal planning is how it makes grocery shopping so much easier. Thanks!

  636. 638
    Ann Dunaway Teh says

    I love the feeling of accomplishment once I’ve completed my weekly menu plan and how less stressed I am throughout the week knowing that my menu plan is in place! And I definitely think that I save money this way as there is less waste. Not to mention, I know that we are eating really well when I see it all planned out with the types of foods and variety that I incorporate each week.

  637. 639
    margo park says

    When I do menu plan, my mind is much less cluttered and harrassed, leaving me to focus more on the people in my life.

  638. 640
    Gin says

    I love being able to shop with a list, then, even if I feel like swapping days around, knowing for sure I have the ingredients for those meals in the house.

  639. 641
    Christine N. says

    I have tried several attempts at meal planning, but it always seems to back fire. I start sorting through recipes placing them in the menu and then lose track of what is there for the week. My month ends up with scratch offs, re-dos or only half filled out. The way I have been doing it is tedious and time consuming. I work full-time and I am taking classes at night, I need something to help me in planning my families meals quickly and easily.

  640. 642
    Anna Gross says

    I have tried menu planning but just can’t seem to
    Keep it up but now we are in a position where our grocery budget has been cut by 30% so I could really use this to motivate me to get it together. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  641. 643
    Taryn says

    With a variety of food allergies in our family; it helps so much to keep everything posted so each person can know what’s allowed that day. Blessings!

  642. 644
    ashley says

    I am just starting to get into menu planning. I have my menu all set for this week, and will head grocery shopping tomorrow! I have 2 kids and one on the way, so I really need to start getting ahead of the game. I also work full time so we tend to eat out a lot because I’m too stressed to figure out what to eat. Anyway…it’d be a great birthday gift too as Jan. 27, I turn 33. :)

  643. 645
    Bethany says

    My favorite part is the time saver for the week. Make the menu, shop, cook and eat. So nice to already have the ingredients ready to go!

  644. 646
    Lauren says

    I am relatively new to meal planning, but only because every time I try, I end up giving up after a day or so when some curveball comes my way! We are a busy family with 3 kids under 6 and homeschooling, so having a menu plan is ESSENTIAL, but difficult for me. I had planned to map it out weekly, then switched to monthly, then back to weekly, always finding SOMETHING getting in the way of actually completing it. Well, I am back at it again and just LOVE the fact that I can know at the beginning of the day what is for supper. No more stress!

  645. 647
    Amy says

    My favorite part about menu planning is that we are able to plan ahead… no last minute what’s for dinner, always plans for what to do with leftovers, even plans for what to take for lunches. We end up with almost no food wasted!

  646. 648
    Susan says

    I have been researching menu planning for this year and this would be a great way for me to get started!

    These boards are so cute!! What a fun way to get started!

  647. 649
    Dawn says

    Menu planning makes the grocery shopping soooo much easier. I would love to win one of these adorable menu boards!

  648. 650
    Kristie says

    My favorite part is sitting down with my favorite cookbooks trying to find a new recipe to make!

  649. 651
    Robin says

    OMG this is the cutest thing ever! I just finished printing my boring monthly menu sheet from Microsoft Office—blah! This would make my menu planning so much more fun!

  650. 652
    Trenda says

    Awesome, I would LOVE this, I love menu planning for all the reasons you listed but it does take me quite a while and this looks soooo much easier and prettier and more fun:)

  651. 653
    Laura says

    I’ve never really tried menu planning though my mother did in decades ago in an effort to be economical. I think that I don’t have the time and I’m afraid that “tonight’s dinner” is one I don’t really have the energy to make: I work full-time as a psychotherapist in private practice, my husband owns an H&R Block franchise (and it’s tax season right now), and we have a 10yo in 4th grade plus a 4yo in preschool: we get home by 5:30 and the little one goes to bed at 7:00, the older one at 8:00. Any suggestions? …….

  652. 654
    Leah Brislin says

    When I make myself meal plan, I like the ease of knowing what I need to prepare for…this sure would make my life a little easier!

  653. 655
    Kate says

    My favorite part of menu planning is when I actually do it….and I fail miserably at it. I NEED your board! Menu planning could alleviate so much stress and poor eating choices at the last minute! HELP me!

  654. 656
    Denise Gee says

    I don’t have to constantly answer the question “What’s for dinner?” If they want to know, they just look at my menu.

  655. 657
    Diann @ The thrifty Groove says

    Well, there are over 660 comments but, even if I don’t win, I just had to say, “Wow! Great idea!! These looks absolutely fantastic!!”

  656. 658
    Lacie says

    I love the fact that meal planning makes me a better steward of the resources we have. How much food has gone to waste when I thought something would get used, but instead it goes bad in the refrigerator since it has no plan to be used?! Meal planning makes great sense!

  657. 659
    Natalie says

    Ooh I want to make one. Maybe I’ll win one instead!

  658. 660
    Mary Beth says

    I love menu planning because my week is so much more organized when I plan and my shopping list is shorter, thus the bill is smaller when I buy exactly what I need!

  659. 661
    Debbie says

    I enjoy the meal planning because I am able to not panic about what to have for dinner and I am able to take out meat from the frezzer on time.

  660. 662
    Dee says

    Planning!?!?!?!?! I love you Menu Board. Great idea & cute to boot!!! I am in desperate need of help in the planning dept. Life is chaotic. I don’t know where to begin. HELP!

  661. 663
    Kara says

    Hi, have always been interested in meal planning, but never got around to organising it. With 4 small children, there is never enough time, this sounds like a great idea, and would make me more organised and therefore give me more time to spend with children, would love to win a board to help me start off in the right direction. Thanks for the opportunity. xx

  662. 664
    Tracy B says

    I love menu planning becuase, it shortens the meal making time on the week days and becuase I don’t have to go to the story five times each week.

  663. 665
    Dianna says

    I was reading the “It coulda’ been worse” blog and linked over from there. What drew me was the title of your blog. I love anything organizational! Now mind you, I am not good at it, but love it just the same. This board is a phenomenal idea! I would love to implement this idea. I have always admired it, but never followed through. I am in such a slump coming up with a plan. This would be a huge help! Thanks for the great idea. I will keep in touch with this blog, too. :)

  664. 666
    Julie says

    This is absolutely awesome. With a family of 6, I really need something to help me get the “organization” down for menu planning. I often make lists, have the boys help me plan, but putting it in a format that is pleasing to look at and have visible in the kitchen has been an issue, then, it just eventually falls by the wayside. I have a wrought iron stand that this would be perfectly displayed on and everyone could “see” what’s for dinner. Thanks for holding this giveaway.

  665. 667
    Jodi says

    My favorite part of menu planning is only having to think once a week (thats as often as I can sometimes plan)…instead of everyday. Would love the organizer!

  666. 668
    Rachelle says

    My favorite part of menu planning is the money it saves me at the grocery store when I shop with an organized list!

  667. 669
    Angela says

    I just love knowing what we are going to eat, feeling prepared. Even when we deviate, I still feel in control and feel that we get a decent balance in our diet. When I don’t plan, we tend to eat whatever and that isn’t always good!

  668. 670
    sheridan says

    What a great way to menu plan!

  669. 671
    Amy says

    I currently do my meal planning on a dry erase calendar board but these are soooo cute!!! I think it would make the process more fun!

  670. 672
    Kristen says

    I don’t meal plan because I enjoy the stress every day around 4:30 when the kids are starting to whine that they’re hungry and I’m scouring the cabinets/freezer for something to make.


    I have the best of intentions but need a kick in the butt to get started. Something this cute might be my best incentive… and maybe I could get hubby to make me something like this.

  671. 673
    Angela says

    My favorite part is not having to look in the pantry at 5:30 to figure out what to eat. I usually only plan 1/2 a week at a time, but look forward to expanding to one week this year.

  672. 674
    Vicki Matacchiera says

    I don’t menu plan. I think it would be a great idea. On the days I do plan something, then it usually happens that everyone has plans that evening and nobody eats it!

  673. 675
    guatmama says

    Oh, we would love a board like this in our family of four! We plan by the week now, but I can see how planning by the month could be fabulous!

  674. 676
    Iris says

    I like knowing that I have complete meals in the refrig. & pantry. Even if the menu has to be switched around, there is no question about “what’s for dinner”

  675. 677
    melissa says

    My favorite part of menu planning is that there is one less decision to make in the after school/after work madness.

  676. 678
    Danielle Wilkinson says

    My favorite part of menu planning is the money we save and the stress it relieves from me during the week becuase I never have to scramble to figure out what is for supper!

  677. 679
    Jeannie says

    I try to do the “big” shopping once-a-month.Having the menu up allows me to be prepared when I go to the grocery store.

  678. 680
    joy says

    Menu planning is wonderful!

  679. 681
    Sandra says

    I LOVE menu planning because it makes that part of my evening SO much less stressful! I love knowing exactly what we are having and how long it is going to take me so I can plan around it. It also saves me money because I don’t buy a whole bunch of “impulse” stuff when I am at the grocery store with a list. :)

  680. 682
    Tanya F. says

    Have not menu planned but love organizing and it would be great to give this a try.

  681. 683
    Jena says

    I like it because it makes my life simpler. I can just pull out in the morning what is on the menu, and it is thawed out for dinner time!

  682. 684
    Angela Adams says

    My favorite part about menu planning is being able to plan my grocery list based upon my menu instead of just making a list. It is much easier to pick 7 meals we want to eat this week then make the grocery list from that.

  683. 685
    Wendy says

    Have just started meal planning and need some inspiration!

  684. 686
    Verena says

    Oh my!!! I have never meal planned, have been thinking hard about it, and this may just be the answer! PICK ME, PICK ME! :)

  685. 687
    Rachel says

    I have only planned up to 2 weeks at a time. A month is a little intimidating to me. If I win this board, it will give me the courage to plan a whole month!

  686. 688
    Connie says

    I love menu planning because it saves me money at the store, and I’m not second guessing about what to make for supper.

  687. 689
    Megan says

    These are adorable! I love menu planning, and this would be such a step up from the totally unadorned piece of printer paper that I currently use. And now I’m off to write a menu, and dream of using this beautiful calendar next time!

  688. 690
    Sybil Reeves says

    How wonderful! This could be my new best friend! What a life saver! I Need one of these desperately in red, darling!

  689. 691
    Danielle says

    I just like having something warm at 5PM. If I think about dinner at 4PM it doesn’t happen. This is a great idea.

  690. 692
    Denny says

    I love menu planning because it means that I actually buy things that can be combined into a meal! I save money because I get things that will be used in a reasonable period of time. I also know what we’ll be eating tomorrow because I check after dinner each evening. That way I can get something out to defrost or start beans soaking. This calendar and system looks like a great idea!

  691. 693
    Kristy says

    I LOVE these magnetic boards…..Adorable! I have been menu planning for a while now, but would love to try it this way!

  692. 694
    Kirby says

    I love menu planning because taking a 1 and 2 yr old to the store several time a week is just insane and exhausting! So I now go to the store one time, by myself, and get everything for the week, and save money on top of that! Love this by the way, to darn cute!

  693. 695
    Myah says

    Oh, I would love to have this in my kitchen! I already menu plan, but only a week at a time. I have been wanting to do monthly menu planning, and I know this board would help me so much! I want to win!! :)

  694. 696
    Kristin says

    This is such a great idea! I have never really tried menu planning, and as someone who doesn’t cook much (or at all really!), this looks like an easy way to figure out meals on busy days. I’m hoping to start cooking more, as I have three year old twin girls, and a 4 month old. When things are so busy, it will be great to at least know what is for dinner:)

  695. 697
    choleann says

    Hi! I just found your site. What an adorable idea! Love. love. love.

    With 2 toddlers, it takes way too long to load up my kids to run to the store for a last min ingredient!

  696. 698
    Amy says

    Sometimes I plan menus for a week. It is great to know something is thawed or chopped ahead of time. That way I know what I’m going to grab to start cooking when I arrive home from work. I love the menu boards!!!

  697. 699
    Alexandra says

    Menu planning saves me money. The magnetic boards are great!

  698. 700
    Angella says

    Oh, I would LOVE this. I do a weekly meal plan but a monthly one would be rad.

  699. 701
    Ginny says

    I’m not sure what is holding me back. I know it would probably make my family nights so much more organized & in control. If I won this, I’d have no excuses for planning our weeks food!

  700. 702
    Marisa says

    So clever! I love actually having all of the right ingredients when I actually plan my menus.

  701. 703
    Kerri says

    I love the idea of the menu boards. Right now our menu plan is a boring piece of paper on the fridge. This is way better! My favorite reason for menu planning is that I don’t constantly get asked ‘What’s for dinner?’. It’s one of the most annoying questions to me, right up there with ‘Are we there yet?’ :)

  702. 704
    Tara says

    I haven’t actually meal planned yet, but I really want to. I have started a new eating program and don’t have that many recipes under my belt yet, but know that in the future I want to have things planned and ready to go to avoid being stressed about “what’s for dinner”. I love these and am thankful for the chance to win one. Thank you! Such a great idea. Blessings to you.

  703. 705
    Ashley says

    I love how much I save on groceries because I stick to what is on my list for dinner that week and skip the rest of the aisles I usually got lost in and spent more money!

  704. 706
    Kim says

    I am a working wife and the mother to three beautiful girls. Knowing what we will be having for dinner in advance makes it so much easier to have dinner ready at a decent hour for my family to enjoy. It also saves me time and money, since I’m not scrambling to decide what we will be eating at 5 pm–with kids whining and a husband grumbling because they are starved! It would be wonderful to have something better to plan on then a piece of notebook paper magnetized to the fridge.

  705. 707
    Jessica says

    I have tried menu planning but never stay with it. This seems like it would be great and easy to change around if needed.

  706. 708
    Miranda says

    Like you i love organising! but have never been too inspired by menu planning as i didn’t really know how to start. I find thinking of what to cook each night such a drag… ecspecially now I have a one year old. we also have our second baby arriving in 4 weeks and i know that this is an area that i really, really need to improve on, as i know that meal planning is even more of a challenge with a newborn in the house! The menu plan board is gorgeous and something that i would most defiantely utilise in the quest to get better organised in my kitchen!

  707. 709
    sarah says

    my favorite part is finding new recipes!

  708. 710
    Courtney says

    I love that I know exactly what we’re having and I don’t have to figure out something last minute.

  709. 711
    Heidi says

    Like you, I love the decreased stress from having a menu to refer to. I work 3 days a week until 6 pm, have a half hour commute, and my husband doesn’t cook. When I have a menu planned, I can call when I’m on my way home and have him put water on to boil for pasta, put potatoes in the oven to bake, preheat the oven, or whatever prep he can manage before I get home. We finish dinner earlier and get to spend more time on playing with the kids or doing homework.

    Just one question – for the 600+ of us who don’t win this wonderful drawing, could you post directions on how to make this board for the crafty folks who’d like to tackle this great project?

    • 711.1
      Heidi says

      OK, just re-read the post and saw the link at the top. Thanks for the wonderful idea! I still hope you draw my name!!

  710. 712
    Dawn W. says

    I am getting back on track with Menu Planning. I like that my grocery shopping is easier to complete without the wandering through the store thinking, “what do I want to make?” My kids love it too. They know what to expect for the week and when planning I let them have a say once a week to pick a meal.

    This would be a super great way to organize it…

  711. 713
    Garilyn says

    I find with menu planning that I’m more organized, less trips to the store, less “what’s for supper?”
    blessed.mama4 at

  712. 714
    Bobbi says

    I love the planner! It looks great. My favorite part of menu planning for the month has to be having an answer to the age-old question asked by Hubs and kids: “WHAT’S FOR DINNER?” I love having the shopping list already done week by week! I’m hoping to get more friends into it too!

  713. 715
    Melisa says

    I find menu planning allows me to focus on other things throughout the day. I love the boards, so fun!

  714. 716
    Jennifer says

    I love planning so I don’t have to wonder “what’s for dinner tonight”, if I didn’t have a plan no one would be able to make up their mind on food!

  715. 717
    Tonya says

    I am less stressed when menu planning so I should be more consistent with it. The boards are darling!

  716. 718
    Stephanie says

    I like having a plan, but haven’t been doing very well lately. I just haven’t gotten back into the groove after having our second daughter in September.

  717. 719
    Terri says

    I love the fact that I never have to wonder “what should I make for dinner” at 4pm!

  718. 720
    Jill S. says

    I love the ease of menu planning. It helps us not eat out by being prepared and not having to try and figure out what to eat at the last minute.

  719. 721
    Robyn says

    Wow! Those boards are amazing! I love menu planning because I no longer spend time each night trying to figure out what we are going to eat or making last minute trips to the store. I spend all that “saved” time playing with my son instead.

  720. 722
    Elisa says

    Hi, I’ve tried menu planning, but can’t find more than about a week’s worth of dishes that my entire family likes more than once (almost every recipe they love, I’ll make again a week or 2 later exactly the same way and they suddenly don’t like it anymore–aaaaahhhh!).
    Trying hard to get up to even 2 weeks worth, let alone a month’s worth. : [

  721. 723
    Gigi says

    I haven’t done much with menu planning because my husband works second shift and is gone at dinner time. When he is home, it seems that no one in my family is in the mood to eat the sane thing at the same time! I would really like to get a handle on this. I know I would be less stressed and I think we’d all eat better. Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway!

    • 723.1
      Gigi says

      Oops, that should be “same” thing!

  722. 724
    Twila says

    I love menu planning because it removes that panicky feeling I get on those nights when my four kiddos are asking what’s for dinner and I have no idea! That board is incredible!

  723. 725
    Chris says

    I love this board. I love meal planning too. I think once and don’t have to think again. I just do it for the week at this point. I can get meat out the night before to thaw out, and I ALWAYS have the ingrediants I need to make the meal because I’ve prepared.

  724. 726
    Jennalyn says

    organization=freedom=happiness! I would love one of these menu boards to get me the freedom and happiness I so desire from not having to worry about “what’s for dinner”
    PLEASE, random comment selector…..pick ME! :)

  725. 727
    Jen says

    I LOVE this board!! I’ve been weekly menu planning for about 6 months. Everyone in my house loves it. One of the best parts is that there’s no question of ‘what’s for dinner?’ and when mom isn’t home to get things started, dad doesn’t have to guess or get take-out.

  726. 728
    Sacha says

    I just started maternity leave and I would love to have one of these. I was hoping to actually get a handle on meal planning while I am off but with a new baby it seemed like a very daunting task. Thanks for the chance to win!

  727. 729
    RebeccaK says

    My favorite part of menu planning is its cost-lowering effects!

  728. 730
    Marsha says

    I love being able to make a grocery list, purchase the necessary ingredients, and knowing I have what I need to prepare what’s on the menu!

  729. 731
    Shari Baker says

    How cute are these! If I don’t win…I will have to give in and make myself one…luckily I don’t have a very large list of items that 1) I can cook and 2) my kids will eat.

    I have been planning on trying out MENU PLANNING and this may be that kick in the pants that I need to get it done!

  730. 732
    Lorie says

    I love knowing what’s expected that week, and the money it saves by being prepared and not eating out!!!

  731. 733
    Jackie says

    I love menu planning because of the time it saves me each day when I don’t have to search for a recipe and then the ingredients (only to realize I don’t have what I need and have to start the process all over again!!).

  732. 734
    Julie says

    I love the sense of peace on my day knowing each Meal is already decided upon and shopped for! Makes for a happier, less frazzled Mommy!

  733. 735
    ynaffit says

    I love the possibility of creating new and yummy food that my family has never tried before! My motto is ‘never make the same thing twice.’ With family favorites as the exception, I am doing pretty well!

  734. 736
    Christie P says

    The thing I like most about menu planning is that it’s so easy! I don’t have to worry about what to make, because I’ve already decided! I can focus on other important things like helping my kids with their homework.

  735. 737
    Cori says

    Okay, I am completely sold on Menu planning. I have done it for a week or two and noticed that it makes the entire day smoother but I never kept it up because I was too lazy! I love the idea or doing the entire month at once.

  736. 738
    Katie Green says

    I’ve GOT to start after all your reasons. That sounds awesome to have planned ahead and be less stress at dinner!!

  737. 739
    Tiff says

    I love having some control at home and a reason for not picking up food on the way home. It makes me feel better knowing that I have a plan at the beginning of the week and that everything is there it just needs to be put together.

  738. 740
    Lynne says

    My favourite part has to be the following day around 5PM when I start to panic trying to figure out what’s for dinner that night and then realize that I’ve already done that by planning the week’s menus !! Yeah !!

  739. 741
    Tammy says

    It frees up my afternoons. LOVE the menu boards!!! WAY CUTE!!!!

  740. 742
    Hannah says

    I love menu planning because it saves me so much money and the family eats healthier. I am not very good at “winging” it so if i haven’t planned we go out for dinner. After a while that can get very old and very expensive. Not to mention how unhealthy it is. (my kids only eat chicken fingers when we go to a restaurant, probably because we never have them at home) Anyway, I love this board! It certainly would make menu planning easier and fun. I am sure with these magnets my four little ones will get involved with the planning as well.

  741. 743
    Diana says

    I love menu planning because it saves me the headache of not knowing what to cook!

  742. 744
    Paige says

    I am trying to get my life organized and have not yet taken the plunge into menu planning! I would love to start and reap the benefits!

  743. 745
    Susan says

    I have done menu planning and loved it, but experienced so many changed plans I stopped. Too many meetings keep popping up and changing the schedule. I would love to try again…

  744. 746
    Jenifer Humphries says

    I LOVE the idea of menu planning! I read about it all the time on blogs and daydream about what a smart thing it would be to do. The thought then gets pushed to the back of my brain as I go to change a daiper or clean up a spill from one of my 3 little blessings. I LOVE being a mommy and wouldn’t trade my precious little girls. Its just that I used to be able to wing it and get by fine. That worked somewhere before kiddos, and for a little while when we just had one little girl. I have been putting off change and trying to hold on to what USED to work. I have known for a while that I gotta move forward, cause the old ways of doing things are not the best for my family! Love your menu planner! It is beautiful and very creative! Way to go!

  745. 747
    Lori Davidson says

    I had stepped away from menu planning for a while. Just got lazy, that’s all. And when then things got incredibly overwhelming, I realized that was part of the problem. So, recently some girls and I have started an accountability group, and menu planning is one of the areas we are working to improve. In fact, I’ve got my “Menu Plan Monday” post all ready to link up over here!! ;) I think these boards are absolutely precious!!! I covet…

  746. 748
    Carrie Kekahuna says

    I love that I don’t have to think about what I am going to make. I just do it.

  747. 749
    Janet says

    I love menu planning because I can make one trip to the store every week or every other week. It makes my life easier.

  748. 750
    Hazel says

    I love the idea of a menu board! I try the old school way of writing it out on paper myself…. but the board seems like it would be so much easier! Menu planning really helps our budget! It also helps solve the oh my goodness…”what’s for dinner?”

  749. 751
    Chaney says

    My favorite part about menu planning is that I no longer have the kids asking me what is for dinner each day. They just go look on the menu. No thinking about it, it’s already done (and no complaints because it’s already there!).

  750. 752
    Wendy says

    I love going through cookbooks and finding something new to try even if I’ve read that book a 1000 times…there is always something new to try! Thanks for the giveaway!


  751. 753
    Christina says

    I haven’t started menu planning yet but REALLY want to. What’s holding me back is the time (with 2 littles ones) to get it organized and together. LOVE this idea of the magnetic board! Really hope to win this so I can start my planning. I LOVE to plan and organize so this is right up my alley!

  752. 754
    Heather A. says

    I like planning a menu, but can never seem to go more than a few days without an unannounced activity /event throwing a wrench in my plan.

    I love the idea of the magnetic board!

  753. 755
    Denise says

    I can’t believe how much MORE money we save on our budget now that we’re planning our menus!

  754. 756
    Miranda White says

    I read about your menu planning all the time but just don’t know how to begain mostly because I don’t know what I want on my menu. My son is a picky eater and I want to try and make a very health menu but being a junk food junkie dose not help me any just do not know where to begin .
    Miranda White

  755. 757
    Kristen Sisson says

    Im am new to menu planning and think this menu board would be great for keeping me accountable but being flexible at the same time!

  756. 758
    Kristen Sisson says

    Im am new to menu planning and think this menu board would be great for keeping me accountable but being flexible at the same time!

  757. 759
    Katherine says

    Wow. I’ve been looking for a way to plan, because I don’t now and it is crazy. This board is the best I’ve seen and something that I know will work for our family. My husband and kids will love it!

  758. 760
    Jen S. says

    I have gone in and out of menu planning – but I did sit down last weekend and write out a month’s worth too! Man, it is so wonderful to know what’s cooking and what needs to be picked up to cook! I love it!
    Man – these frames are adorable – I would love one! Thanks!

  759. 761
    Tiffanee says

    These are darling!! I love menu planning. It makes my week go so much better. Less shopping and I don’t waste time trying to think of what to cook each day.

  760. 762
    tina says

    I love reading blogs and coming up with new recipes to try. I’m good at planning but not always very good at executing my plan. Some days I just don’t want to cook after a long day at work so I just hit a drive thru. That’s not good for our budget or our health….so I’ll just keep trying

  761. 763
    Alexa W says

    I don’t menu plan very often, but when i do, it sure takes the stress off of deciding what’s for dinner after a day at work. It would also be wonderful not to have to listen to everyone else asking “what’s for dinner?’

  762. 764
    Brandi says

    I am struggling with getting organized in my menu planning. I love this menu planning board because I am so visual, and the meals are all available at your fingertips. Plus, it’s gorgeous!

  763. 765
    Sarah Poovey says

    These are so cute! I’ve never tried menu planning before but seriously considering it now. I recently had a second child and could definitely use anything that will save me time!

  764. 766
    Kristina Brooke says

    I just menu planned for the first time this week and I feel so accomplished. I like knowing what I am going to cook!

  765. 767
    Angela says

    This is a fantastic giveaway! Menu planning really saves me time & money throughout the week. With 2 kids any time saved is a huge plus! Hope I win.

  766. 768
    Danica says

    Love the idea–I homeschool two kids and have a severely autistic son on top of that. I always feel good when I plan menus, but then life gets in the way and I don’t do it, and on and on the excuses go. This is a great idea that makes it nice and easy! Love it!

  767. 769
    Tisha perry says

    I have tried menu planning but find it difficult at times. Trying to follow a set plan for dinner is almost impossible for an active family of 5. Although after reading different posts, I am willing to give it a try again. I’m also thinking that I make it more complicated than it really is.

  768. 770
    Catoe says

    This is a great idea!!! Gives you freedom from the kitchen during the week when there is so much more that needs to be done.

  769. 771
    Melissa Sweeney says

    I squealed when I saw these, to which my husband replied, “what is it?”
    So I showed him. Then he shook his head and stated that he feels I have enough lists, though he didn’t say those words, he’s a little over my planning but he wouldn’t know what to do without it! :-)

  770. 772
    Angela says

    I am a bodybuilder and I have been menu planning since my daughters were born. I makes life easier for us all because I eat the same thing everyday. Planning our monthly menu together gives the ownership in their meals. I discuss menu planning with my clients but I never threw a party. I will be doing a party for my next event! Thank you for the insight.

  771. 773
    Allison says

    Oh, these are gorgeous and unique! I plan my weekly menu because I have Celiac and other medical issues, so I cook nearly all my own meals at home, bringing lunches and snacks to work every day. Except for two meals a week when I treat myself and eat whatever I want (and one of these is usually dinner out with my boyfriend on Saturday night), my diet is very healthy, consisting of vegetarian foods (I cook a lot of Indian and Middle Eastern meals and am always trying new recipes) and tons of fresh produce, including green smoothies every day (cucumber, apple, banana, romaine, avocado, kale). Fresh, organic produce can be very expensive, and planning out what I need each week and what I want to cook not only gets me excited about cooking (and eating!) but it saves me money, as nothing goes to waste. Can’t wait for my local CSA to start!

  772. 774
    Hildur says

    I have to say that this is one of the very best menu ideas that I have seen. And I just love how bright and fun it is. I have usually had my stuck on the fridge always too small and ugly so I kind of gave up. My fovirte thing about this menu is that it is family friendly and it is so easy to get the kids to play along :) Superb idea.

  773. 775
    Maggie says

    Menu planning = quicker shopping trips with a two-year-old!

  774. 776
    Alicia says

    Those are SO cute! I have printed off a couple of things to help me with menu planning, but eating for one or sometimes two makes my life easier than busy Moms. :) I still would love to be able to plan what Im cooking for the week using what I have or knowing what to buy at the store, what a concept… thanks for the great article!!


  775. 777
    Mary Jo says

    With a two year old and a newborn (and thus very little spare time!), and a tight budget–and living about 20 miles from the grocery store, I think if I didn’t have a plan for our meals, we just wouldn’t eat. ha! Menu planning is an absolute necessity for me.

  776. 778
    Mommying On The Fly says

    I love the fact that I only have to think about it ONCE.. lol..

  777. 779
    Tara says

    I would like the feeling of organization that it would give me.

  778. 780
    kara says

    I love what menu planning does for my sanity but I wish I would do it more consistently. This board looks like a great idea

  779. 781
    Liz says

    I love meal planning and tried to win one of these boards on Ucreate :)

  780. 782
    Tali Etra says

    Oh – I would love to start menuplanning in earnest. Your boards are beautiful.

  781. 783
    Jess says

    I havent tried menu planning yet. It seems so overwelming, but your board makes it look easy. If I win, I would love to give this a try!

  782. 784
    Amanda says

    My favorite part of menu planning is being able to save money at the grocery store :)

  783. 785
    Jenn says

    I love that I don’t buy a bunch of junk I don’t need at the grocery store, and I can “shop” from my pantry. My wedding is in 2.5 months, and every penny helps us towards our goal!

  784. 786
    Andi W says

    These are so cute! I struggle with cooking dinner even though I know if I pre-plan it is easier. This product would definetly make my life easier!

  785. 787
    Megan Arthur says

    I LOVE this idea! What a neat concept to have everything laid out for the whole month. I’m not the main meal cooker in the family but with my husband back in school I need to get organized in order to start! This will definitely help with the budget! Great idea!

  786. 788
    Kristina says

    I love weekly menu planning b/c it allows me to get done and stop worrying about it. I don’t love going to the grocery store so by planning my menu out I usually only have to go once. This leaves me time to think about other things like why my son won’t stop picking his nose!

  787. 789
    Rachel says

    Menu planning helps me stay one step ahead of weekly craziness and keeps the temptation for fast food dinners on hectic nights at bay.

  788. 790
    Mamie says

    What a wonderful concept! For me it would save paper, as I do a month’s worth of meal planning on one piece of paper per week. Love this idea!

  789. 791
    Kelly Hess says

    My husband stays home with our kids and I work full-time. I simply put on our calendar what is for dinner every night and put in the fridge any necessary frozen items, when I get home at 6 pm dinner is on the table!

  790. 792
    becky shehan says

    this would be a great idea! a friend and i was just talking about this! our house burnt right before Christmas and now would be the perfect time to get better organized on “What’s for dinner” when we get finished rebuilding! thanks

  791. 793
    Cassy Staples says

    Hello. I am interested in this giveaway. This would be PERFECT to jump start my families New Years Resolution; to provide healthier, more natural meals for my family…and to eat out MUCH less! We often get bogged down by the stress of “whats for dinner” or we don’t have time to plan, prepare and cook a meal at home that we end up eating out. Due to many health problems and trying to have more children this is a healthly alternative! So far I have been using my weekly planner to plan meeals, which (when I do it) works pretty good but this owuld be AWESOME, much ore fun and stylish in my kitchen!!!! I REALLY hope that I win!!!!!!

  792. 794
    Bernadete Tavares says

    I love that it menu planning helps me save money and be prepared. I enjoy cooking more when I know what I am going to cook.

  793. 795
    Carla says

    I love the no hassle of trying to pull together a meal at the last minute. I love the once a week trip to the grocery store. I also look forward to actually setting down and planning the meals for the week. I actually love everything about menu planning …. and this little board would make it even better.

  794. 796
    jeanine says

    i love feeling like i’d doing something great for my family. i don’t “work” outside the home, so menu planning is a part of my responsiblity and i take great pride in it.

  795. 797
    Shelia says

    I’ve been doing my menu planning on a sheet of paper and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. As a single mom who works outside of the home, supper time can be very stressful to say the least. Not only am i trying to prepare supper for 3 little ones but am also trying to juggle homework, arguments and general chit chat. with all this going on – half the time i forget what i’ve even planned to make. I think this board would be a great reminder and might even help me start the night before.?. maybe!!

  796. 798
    Michele says

    I think being able to visualize the plan on a board one month at a time would be a huge help. Right now, I struggle with planning for a week and wind up wasting food or scrambling in the evenings.

  797. 799
    Becky says

    Meanu planning for me gives me the freedom to spend time with the most important treasures God has given me, my family!

  798. 800
    Shannon says

    We are a Navy family. I find that menu planning helps me so much when my husband is deployed and it is just me trying to keep up with 3 kids and their activities. Makes dinner one less thing to stress about each day.

  799. 801
    Claire Swauger says

    I work from home, and I’m trying to balance my day to get chores/work/meals/ etc. done. I’m in the beginning stages of menu planning – it’s not entirely a habit yet, but I’m working on it. Seems like Christmas threw EVERYTHING off! A magnetic menu planner sure would make things a LOT easier!

  800. 802
    Becky says

    Menu planning for me gives me the freedom to spend time with the most important treasures God gave me, my family!

  801. 803
    amanda @ A Few Short Cuts says

    I love planning around what is on sale and being able to save more money for my family!

  802. 804
    Joani says

    Wow what an awesome give away! My husband is a coach for our High School and has a very hectic week as you might guess. I started meal planning a few years back, when we had 4 of our children living at home all going different directions. It kept us (or should I say me) sane, while I worked full time and tried to keep up with all that was happening. Now we just have 1 left at home and she is starting to help me with meals. LOVE IT!!

  803. 805
    The Mommy says

    Menu planning for me is peace of mind. I don’t have to always follow it but it’s nice to know what the plan is (I’m a rebel like that ;).

  804. 806
    Liz @ Frugally Blonde says

    I just love the stress it saves me in figuring out what to have for dinner in the late afternoon when everyone’s already hungry and cranky!

  805. 807
    Corrine says

    I love this idea. I plan out a month at a time, but my method now is printing an Outlook calendar. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now and it’s so much easier to look at the calendar and know what expected than to be rushed into deciding and ending up with a frozen pizza. Definately saves on the grocery bill too!

  806. 808
    Jessica (Cheapskate Life) says

    The part about menu planning that gets me all giddy is eating the new recipes I found.

  807. 809
    Christy D says

    My New Year’s resolution for years has been to cook more at home. I finally feel like this is the time to actually follow through with that resolution. Your blog has really inspired me and I am so excited to start saving money and being healthier. My hubby just found out he has high cholesterol, so this is an added incentive as well. Thank you for your wonderful blog!

  808. 810
    janet says

    I love menu planning. I have been slacking a little lately but not only is it easier for grocery shopping but it make my evening so much easier. I just come home look at the list and start cooking. Give me lots more time to help kids with homework and other things!

  809. 811
    Jen @ 400 Calorie Dinners says

    The thing I love most about menu planning is how much money it saves. On weeks I don’t menu plan, we are so much more likely to eat out. With a family of 6, that really adds up quickly. Because of menu planning I was able to get groceries for a family of 6 this week for $70. We could have easily spent that much on just 2 meals out.

  810. 812
    Jill says

    I have been meal planning for about 5 years now and I love that meal planning helps keep the budget in check, I never wonder “what’s cooking” and it cuts down on my time in the kitchen. There really is no cons to meal planning!
    btw – these meal plan boards are AMAZING!!! What a fabulous idea!!
    Thanks and I hope, hope, hope I win!

  811. 813
    Vanessa @ Vanessa's Values says

    I love meal planning! My husband no longer has to come home to a stressed-out, grumpy wife in the evenings. :)

  812. 814
    Char says

    WOW! What a great idea!

    Menu planning has not only saved us a lot of money and trips to fast food, but it has given my kids a foundation that they can take with them. It is a skill that hopefully they will use as adults.

    My kids always know when I have the notebook out on Sunday night and start asking for requests that I am planning the menu. Since they have input and have something to look forward to, the requests for fast food are slim to none these days.

  813. 815
    Sarah says

    I love meal planning. My daughter is in high school and involved in sports and the musical. Many nights she isn’t home until 6:30 or 7:00. Menu planning allows me to be prepared days ahead of time and to have the meal ready right away when she gets home so we can all eat together before she runs to her room for homework.

  814. 816
    Shanaka @ Thrifty Mama B says

    I love that menu planning has helped save me money and saved my 3 guys stomachs from eating the same stuff every week. Im thankful for Menu Plan Monday as it gives me the opportunity to find even more great recipes/ meal ideas and other sites/blogs to look at. Thank you!

  815. 817
    Veteran Military Wife at Life Lessons of a Military Wife says

    What an awesome idea to have something so flexible! I’ve been checking out library books lately and writing recipes, page #s and ingredients on an index card stashed in my purse (that way I know what to buy)…but somehow, after it’s all said and done, I have leftover grocery items that never made it into a recipe….still trying to figure that one out!

  816. 818
    keli says

    meal planning helps me keepour budget in track. no more running to the store (or take out) because I don’t know what’s for dinner!

  817. 819
    Nikki Paden says

    LOVE menu planning!! I’m still a newbie but it has become VERY ADDICTING!!! Menu Planning has also allowed me to save LOTS of time/money when grocery shopping (as I only have to go a few times a month as opposed to several times a week) and gives me more quality time with my family.

  818. 820
    Cheryl says

    I am newer to menu planning. I absolutely love the lack of “what’s for Dinner” question. It was really getting old :-) It has dropped a lot of stress off my shoulders, now to expand on my list of meals….

  819. 821
    Kathleen says

    My favorite part of menu planning is saving money – we don’t (often) do the last-minute, frantic runs to the grocery store for one or two items that we forgot, and we also are much better about using ingredients for multiple meals (instead of using it for one meal and the rest of the ingredient going bad in the fridge….).

  820. 822
    Jenn says

    I love all of these and the idea of making menu planning easy. I tell you to try to get ideas for dinner before shopping is painful!!! This would be a HUGE help in my home.

  821. 823
    Christa says

    I have just started to become more consistent with meal planning and it definitely leaves me with more peace. I find that when I don’t plan ahead I am stressed out and grumpy and spend way too much time in the grocery store!

  822. 824
    Allison @ Alli 'n Son says

    My favorite part about menu planning is not having to scramble for dinner ideas at the end of each day.

  823. 825
    Amanda Talbert says

    My favorite thing about menu planning is that my hubby never knows what’s for dinner so it’s always a surprise for him! (Although I post the menu for the week on the refrigerator so it’s in plain view… what does that tell ya!?)

  824. 826
    Jill says

    Menu Planning. I have tried and failed many times. I always make something for dinner for my husband and me…it’s just sometimes pantry pasta because I didn’t plan ahead.

  825. 827
    Sarah says

    This menu board is such a wonderful idea!! I haven’t been great about menu planning, but with my ever increasing busy schedule this seems like just the organizing tool I need to stay efficient and maximize my free time!

  826. 828
    Lisa says

    My favorite pary of menu planning is having my girls help me figure out the age old question “What’s For Dinner!”

  827. 829
    ND Moore says

    I “menu plan” on a smaller scale, 3-4 nights at a time. That way I know everything will be used & nothing go to waste. I sure hope I win though, the board looks like it would be easier to plan dinners.

  828. 830
    Krysta S. says

    I just love not having to rush to figure out what’s for dinner when I get hoome from work. Less stress for me and the kids!

  829. 831
    anna says

    I’ve been trying to plan our meals, and always failed somehow… I might use some help :)

  830. 832
    Erin says

    I haven’t been brave enough to tackle this project, I admit I’ve been intimidated by it but long to learn so that I can enjoy meal prep and more time with my family!

  831. 833
    Angela says

    Unfortunately I am a loser when it comes to menu planning. :) I think it’s primarily becuase we haven’t made the effort to find recipes we love, so cooking often feels like more effort than it’s worth. We don’t get very excited about food. I’m starting to put some effort into this so we can quit living on scrambled eggs and canned soup.

  832. 834
    mimi birk says

    Love this menu board! Looks like a huge time saver!!!!!!!! I am a mother of two very special little girls and this board would shave hours off my meal prep for the week! I am often so busy with their needs that I look up to find that it is to late to thaw anything out for dinner. Anything that can free a little brain space is for me! LOL. What an awesome idea.

  833. 835
    Jody says

    My favorite part about menu planning is that I get to plan out my week, and not get stressed out about what to have that night. It’s already done! Plus, if you pre-plan, you’ll most likely plan healthier options. I love the idea of a visual board like this.

  834. 836
    Kelly says

    I’ve sporadically engaged in menu planning for a few years now – to save time, money & mainly – my sanity. I’d like to become much more consistent w/ my planning. I think this board would help me do that!I’ve never planned more than a week at a time and LOVE the idea of trying to plan for the whole month!

  835. 837
    Lyndsey says

    My fav part of meal planning is doing the grocery shopping. Before I started meal planning, loads of unecessary items would end up in my cart causing me to go WAY over budget. Now I stick to my list ANd my budget. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  836. 838
    Living the Balanced Life says

    I don’t use a specific to the day plan, but I do have my meals for the week planned out, we just choose on the specific day what would work best or what we are in the mood for!
    Cannot believe the number of comments here! Whoa!
    Get enough sleep

  837. 839
    Karen J. says

    I haven’t done menu planning on a regular basis. Usually I get started and get bogged down because of missing ingredients/poor planning. LOL This board looks like something that wouldn’t get hidden in a notebook and I could really use.

  838. 840
    Sally says

    Menu planning allows me to manage my household budget really well, meet the special dietary needs of my family, & have time in the evenings before dinner to hang with my family while we reconnect after a crazy day. Love it!

  839. 841
    betsy says

    I like not having to think at 4pm, which is always the most insane time of the day here.

  840. 842
    Laura says

    I have for the first time tried to meal plan this week. It made grocery shopping easier to have all what I neeed planned out, Also I felt better about sticking to my list at the store. I have not yet carried out the whole week but the first 2 days worked.

    My fear is that something will change it and then I will have wasted food, but i think that if I had a system after a few trieds it will all fall into place. It is just new. Even though I have talking about it for years!

  841. 843
    Michelle T says

    I really like this board, it’s super cute! I’d love to win one for my kitchen… I’m sure it would help inspire my cooking as well :)

  842. 844
    Laura L says

    This would be awesome to have in my kitchen…I have just the spot for it! We have been doing weekly meal plans, but would love to start doing more monthly plans.

  843. 845
    Aimee says

    That is the coolest menu planning thing I have ever seen!! I need one.

  844. 846
    Amanda says

    My favorite part is not having the stress of figuring out what to cook as my daughter’s are awake from their naps and needing me to help them!

  845. 847
    Michelle says

    So pretty AND functional- love it! I have a decent system of menu planning, pantry inventory and list making… and when I actually stick with it, it’s awesome! Thanks for the give away!

  846. 848
    nicole hernandez says

    I was just telling my mom that I wanted to make one of these! How exciting to enter to win one! I menu plan on a piece of paper right now. Menu planning is great because my husband always knows what’s for dinner and it makes my grocery planning much easier.

  847. 849
    3D says

    My fave part is looking for new recipes to try out!

    Keep smilin!

  848. 850
    Angela says

    I would love to do menu planning but what’s holding me back are 2 very picky eaters and an inconsistent schedule, including the kids going back and forth between houses. I’d love to try new food and have lots of ideas, just never get around to implementing it!

  849. 851
    Carmen says

    This looks like just what I need….making meal planning a game and being organized as well! Fabulous idea for Christmas gifts also. Hope I win!!!

  850. 852
    Jeneen Molldrem says

    I love menu planning with my family. On Sunday afternoons, we all sit down & each family member gets to pick dinner for one day of the week. I have found that my kids eat much better on their days & they know what’s for dinner. It helps keep my life so much more organized and I spend much less at the grocery store & we eat out less too. Your magnetized menu frame is beautiful! The kids would get a kick out of putting their meal on their day!

  851. 853
    Brenda says

    I love making a plan for what I will need to defrost, so that I’m always ahead of the game and not wondering at 4 pm “what will I do with ground beef tonight” since that’s the easiest thing to defrost that late in the day! :)

  852. 854
    Cris@Mom. Nonstop. says

    I started to make one of these beauties, but only made the magnets. Never got around to actually making the calendar for it!

  853. 855
    AndreaH says

    Menu planning almost seems unattainable to me. I just know that if I could get it started, I would be able to enjoy my new baby girl just that much more and feel comfortable trying for another sooner than later!

  854. 856
    Kim says

    With 3 kids going in 3 different directions and my husband currently living in another state I have to have quick and easy meals. Menu planning really takes the stress out of all of it!

  855. 857
    Kristen Cornelius says

    Meal Planning for a hungry husband and two toddlers can be challenging-but my favorite part is seeing their reactions when I try new recipes. Getting their thoughts on whether or not we should make it a “regular” :)

  856. 858
    Crystal says

    This is beautiful! I love menu planning, but this would make it even more fun!

  857. 859
    Ty says

    I’ve considered menu planning for a while now, but because I’m a single mom with only one child (whose tastes sometimes change on a moment’s notice), it’s always seemed like something that would be too time consuming given the simple, small meals that I make. On the other hand, I’m tired of the incessant “what’s for dinner?” question and staring into the freezer/cabinets and feeling I’m missing that one key ingredient that would truly make a meal more enjoyable. So far, not planning hasn’t really worked. So, I’m ready to give planning a try.

  858. 860
    Christina says

    These are SO cool (and SO pretty!) Would love to snag one of these! :)

  859. 861
    Sincerely Anna says

    What a cute board! I absolutely love your idea. My favorite part about menu planning is how it helped me stay on budget. Something critical in January when the Christmas bills are being paid, especially!

  860. 862
    conedude13 says

    i like letting the kids chime in with ideas for dinners! lets me spend time with them while planning and after making dinner more easily!

  861. 863
    Deviya says

    my DH and DD are super picky eaters. My husband is a pure 100% meat and potatoes guy. In his mind, Potatoes and Corn are considered vegetables. So making a huge salad for dinner is simply out of the question. My excuses for skipping the meal planning so far are the lack of time I have to prepare a meal, the motivation I lack. I know that meal planning would make life so much easier, but it’s my procrastination that gets in the way. I recently discovered this site and plan to change my ways and the way my household is run/organized. Thank you Laura.

  862. 864
    Jen says

    I love meal planning because it saves me money at the grocery store. It also lets everyonein my family know what’s for dinner all week long.

  863. 865
    Cathi O'Neill says

    This looks so cute! I am trying to do better with meal planning, but this would be so much fun to use, I know I’d be uberorganized with it, lol!!

  864. 866
    Stacy Jones says

    I love menu planning boards. They’re so pretty :)

  865. 867
    Juleen Kenney says

    I love to have my menu planned because it makes grocery shopping so much easier and it also means that my husband can actually start meal preparations when he gets home from work before I do!

  866. 868
    Tammy Pollard says

    My favorite part of menu planning is feeling prepared! No last minute scrambling trying to find something to eat is great!

  867. 869
    Stacy Jones says

    Sorry, I meant to leave a note about why i haven’t started yet. I haven’t found the absolute best way to do it and it’s just now becoming a necessity. I would love to have a perfect tool (ie a menu planning board) to getting me to successfully organize this portion of my household :)

  868. 870
    Stephanie says

    I have not fully committed to the meal planning every week. The weeks I do it, it always works out great. Why don’t I get it done every week? Something to get started on in this new year!

  869. 871
    Stephanie C says

    My favorite part of meal planning is… that the guess work is over!

  870. 872
    Autumn says

    All I have to say is the only thing that’s holding me back from menu planning is this INSANLEY ADORABLE MAGNETIC MENU BOARD!!!!!! I love to cook for my family but I’m so tired of that dreaded phone call when I’m on my way home from work “mom, what’s for dinner?!” It’s like nails on a chalk board!! I immediately start going through my pantry in my head and try throwing something together that my entire family of picky eaters is going to enjoy. This board would not only look great in my kitchen but it would save me soooooo much time and mental termoil!! :) <3

  871. 873
    Lara Thompson says

    I am in desparate need of this menu planning board! i’ve been trying desparately, for 2 years, to get a sysytem of meal planning down that’ll work for our family but I can’t seem to find/make the time! Something about taking care of 8 kids seems to keep me a little busy! And since 5 of the 8 are my neices & nephews, not just daycare children, there’s a lot more vested in my time. We have a really hectic schedule & would SO GREATLY simplify our lives to have dinner planned out even just 5 of the 7 days a week! I know this is random but I need help!! Thank you for your website & the creative solutions it does offer, it’s been a great resource!!

  872. 874
    Renee says

    Before I meal planned, every day I faced the dreaded “decision”. What’s for dinner? Can I make it with what I have on hand? Usually not! So, I would go to the store…or worse we would eat out. For me, meal planning has proved to be a small investment of time up front, which has paid off hugely, in both time and money-saving, in the end. That’s my favorite part!

  873. 875
    Michelle says

    I have been menu planning for a while now and I love that it lowers my stress as well as my grocery bill.

  874. 876
    Paula says

    What a great idea! I use a weekly menu plan but I do tweek it throughout the week. Using a magnetic board would make it easy to create a menu and then make any changes.

  875. 877
    Joanne Timmerman says

    I always start off great meal planning, but my good intentions get lost in everyday life. Love this idea of the planner, maybe I could try it again!

  876. 878
    Lauri says

    When I get around to menu planning it seems to make my evenings so much easier when I get home from work knowing what I am going to make.

  877. 879
    Jill says

    Beautiful!! Fun for the kids to help choose the weekly menu!!!

    • 879.1
      Jill says

      Need to give Menu planning a try. It would give our family more variety and the menu board will help remind us of the different meals we like. Not the same old same old every week.

  878. 880
    Melissa @ Stockpiling Moms says

    I love to menu plan monthly because it really stretches my stockpile and savings to a higher level. This is an awesome giveaway!

  879. 881
    Terri Cox says

    Menu planning allows me to spend more time with my family and feed them healthy, economical meals! We eat out much less when I take the time to plan my menus!

  880. 882
    Lisa Dryzal says

    I love menu planning because it takes the anxiety/worry out of what we’ll be eating for dinner each night after school.

    I’d love one of those menu boards! So cool!

  881. 883
    Stacey says

    I like not having to stand in the kitchen at 5pm and wonder what to cook.

  882. 884
    Katie says

    Love that it keeps me from falling back on eating out!!

  883. 885
    Kim Rhone says

    I am so in need of a system to plan my menus. I struggle when I don’t know what to cook and the kids are hungry and cranky as am I. I need something to help me be more organized!

  884. 886
    Becky says

    What an awesome menu! I have been writing my menus on a dry erase board on my fridge and every so often I find one of my four beautiful children have erased part or all of it. This is a really crafty idea and beautifully done!

  885. 887
    Betty says

    I’ve been menu planning for a loooong time, but I haven’t embarked on the adventure of menu planning for a whole month! I love the idea of a magnetic board for the monthly menu planning because if something comes up last minute, changing the menu is super easy. And your planners are adorable! Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway!

    • 887.1
      Betty says

      By the way, is it okay if I announce this giveaway on my blog, too?

  886. 888
    Joanna says

    I finally made my first attempt at menu planning this month. I downloaded a template online and filled in the entire month. I also made a master list of all of my usual dishes. Then somehow I lost it. I didn’t save it! What is wrong with me?!? But for those first few days when I remembered what I had put on the calendar it was wonderful :)

  887. 889
    Ruth says

    would LOVE LOVE love this!

  888. 890
    Sarah says

    I love this menu board! I try to plan weekly meals, but realize I would probably do better to plan them monthly.

  889. 891
    Lisa says

    Less grocery store trips for the one ingredient I’ve forgotten!

  890. 892
    Kim says

    This would take some thought, but I’m guessing I’d love it once I tried. :)

  891. 893
    Hope says

    I love being able to answer the “What’s for dinner?” question with a point toward my calendar!

  892. 894
    Brittney says

    Menu planning really helps me out, although I only do a week at a time. I’d love to win the menu board!

  893. 895
    Theresa says

    Wow! This sounds like a really neat product that could really help my day go smoother. Love this!!

  894. 896
    Anna R says

    Menu planning is a necessity in our family to make sure we stay within our food budget. Right now I’m using a white board with hand drawn squares. A magnetic menu board would look much nicer in my kitchen!

  895. 897
    debbie says

    I love menu planning because it saves me a tone of money on groceries and time in the evenings that I now get to spend with my family!

  896. 898
    nikki says

    my favorite part of menu planning is not having to worry about whats for dinner in the afternoon- because its already been planned out ahead of time!
    Love your menu boards- they look awesome!

  897. 899
    Shannon says

    Wow! I {heart} these frames! Would love to have one or know where to make one! Pick me! Pick me!!

  898. 900
    Chanin says

    I LOVE menu planning! I don’t understand how people don’t menu plan. I love it because I know exactly what to buy at the store and know exactly what I am making for the week! Easy Peasy!

  899. 901
    Brie says

    It takes SO much stress out of my life! With four kids and a husband I had them write their favorite meals a long time ago and when planning I can look at that for ideas. I can also be sure to use up anything left in the fridge/freezer/pantry before it becomes trash.
    It also saves us money because I don’t impulse shop in the store and I don’t decide to grab fast food at the last minute because I don’t know what we’ll have at home.

  900. 902
    Laura Acresti says

    I’ve attempted menu planning with and never have been able to stick it out long term. This is probably due to my three 3 yrs. old and under boys; yet all the more reason to keep to it right?! :) I can see that this menu board would not only simplify the process for me, but motivate me to keep to it (being it is just so darn cute)!

  901. 903
    Rachel says

    My favorite part of menu planning is the freedom. Even if I don’t completely stick to the menu, I still know what’s going on. I work full time, and planning my menus has been a lifesaver!!

  902. 904
    Gina says

    I NEED to menu plan and I plan to do it as soon as our 10 month long remodel project of 2/3 of our main level of our house (including my kitchen/family room) is completed! I’ll be ready to have some “order” around our meals!

  903. 905
    Ranee @ Arabian Knits says

    My favorite part about menu planning is the money it saves us. We have a large family and like to eat well, this allows us to do so.

  904. 906
    Traci says

    I LOVE planning our meals…I currently only do one week at a time…but I ? not scrabbling around at 4 o’clock trying to find what I’m going to make. Makes this mama much happier…and we all know that if mama is happy…everyone is happy!

  905. 907
    Anu says

    It normally takes me longer to figure out what to make, compared to actually preparing it.. thats why I love menu planning..It also helps keeping my master recipe book organized by combinations that work for the family and plan balanced meals..

  906. 908
    SteakNPotatoesKindaGurl says

    My favorite part about menu planning is I don’t have to wonder what we are having each day. I can also stock up on most of the things I need all at once, instead of making daily trips to the store! I also love to be able to blog about my menu plan for that week, and share it with others :)

  907. 909
    Darcy De Leon says

    I totally need this menu board. I’m a visual person, and I need something simple and fun like this to help plan meals for our family. What a great tool. Thanks for showing it to your readers.

  908. 910
    Michelle says

    Cute and super-useful, I’d could really use one of these menu-planning boards in my house!

  909. 911
    Amanda @ Mommy Working for the Weekend says

    My favorite part of menu-planning is searching for new recipes to try! I am trying to step outside of my comfort zone in the kitchen and try new things and am having a blast doing just that! This is super cute and I would love to have one up in my kitchen!

  910. 912
    Tracy Hoth says

    My favorite thing about menu planning is forgetting about it once I am done planning!! :) I am a hit or miss menu planner – not consistant – so this board would be so fun to have! Menu planning helps our family eat healthier, too…not relying on frozen corndogs because I am not prepared!!!!

  911. 913
    Tara says

    Without a doubt it is knowing that I have meals planned and don’t have to think about it each day. I just look at my menu, thaw if needed, and prepare as much as I can after lunch.

    I’m also a bit of a geek and like to scour all my favorite recipes books and items I’ve printed to try to come up with some amazing meals. Other weeks it’s the same old tried and true fare. But that is the beauty of a menu plan.

  912. 914
    dawn says

    i love menu planning! love it!!!

    we like to try new and interesting food. we love new recipes. i have been blogging my menus for over a year. in that time, we have had a repeat meal (blt’s, grilled cheese, meatloaf, broccoli and cheese soup, etc) maybe a dozen times. the rest of the time, it was all new. we tried bacon-wrapped figs with blue cheese, parmesan lemon chicken with feta, ricotta gnocchi with pumpkin and cauliflower-crust pizza.

    i love how menu planning makes my life simpler, keeps me organized and saves me money!
    dawn @

  913. 915
    Natalie says

    I love the lack of stress when I plan our menus. It makes the evenings run smoother. I’ve recently fallen off the wagon though, so I’m going to start up again today.

  914. 916
    Dani says

    I haven’t brought myself to get started doing that! But I will now, This has inspired me. I have been wanting to get started for months but am such a procrastinator… One of these would take the work out of it!

  915. 917
    Janey@Az says

    Wow, that some great organizing skills. I would love to have something like this in my kitchen even though its only me and my husband. The rest of the savings from not going to the grocery store every other day gives me more food and money to give back to the recession communities and friends and family. Look forward to more great stuff in 2011!

  916. 918
    Jenna says

    My favourite part about menu planning is not having to answer the question…what should I make for dinner tonight? I also love how it saves money by not wasting as many groceries. Love these menu boards!

  917. 919
    Michele K says

    I love not having to think about what to make for dinner at 4:30 when I get home from work. Also, I do not waste as much food because I dont “over buy” at the grocery store to be sure I have something on hand.

  918. 920
    Melanie says

    I so need to start menu planning. I have always dug in my heels and not wanted to do it, because I think it will be difficult, but I’m tired of always wondering what I’m going to feed my family. I think something like this would make it more fun (and pretty to look at!). Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  919. 921
    Vanessa says

    The best part of menu planning for me is that I know that we’ll have something in the house that’s healthy to eat. I also know when I need to work ahead on days like today when we won’t get home until it’s almost time to eat. The menu said beef tacos, so I went ahead and got the meat/bean mixture prepared and stuck it in the crockpot NOW when I have the time. It makes all of the difference.

  920. 922
    Aletha Brennan says

    When I do menu planning, I get so excited about what the week holds in store for my family! I am far more willing to try a few new recipes and learn new things about cooking! I tend to get frustrated though because I seem to like overwhelming myself with lots of fancy dishes that taunt me when I don’t do them and so I just give up for a while.

  921. 923
    Sarah says

    I just started a repeating monthly menu, so this would be perfect!!!

  922. 924
    susan says

    I think this a really cool idea. I think it will help me with menu planning.

  923. 925
    Jenn says

    oooh! I love this! I think even if I don’t win, I am going to try to make one of my own- THAT’s how much I love it (because I am not at all crafty!)
    My favorite part of menu planning is that it saves me time and money, I only have to think about dinner once a week, and I don’t have to run to the store more than once either.

  924. 926
    Mary Ann says

    Menu planning saves me so much time! I spend more time figuring out what to fix for dinner than the time it takes to fix it!!! =)

  925. 927
    Cheri says

    I go on and off kicks of menu planning. I love when I do it because it saves the stress of the last minute meal, or calling my husband to pick something up on his way home. I would love something that helps me stay on track!

  926. 928
    autumn says

    I love the menu board! I menu plan every month and I feel like I go crazy pulling the same things out each month. Thanks for the article!

  927. 929 says

    I love menu planning so I know I always have all the ingrediants on hand when it’s time to cook!

  928. 930
    Ashley says

    I love that menu planning saves me time and money. I save time at the store because I know exactly what I am going to buy, and I save money because I’m not buying food I don’t need. I love these boards! They are cute and a great idea!

  929. 931
    Sandra says

    Menu planning helps relieve stress, ensures we are eating healthy food and helps save me money.

  930. 932
    Amy says

    What an awesome idea! My biggest stress is what should be on our menu. I am a super busy mom….well I only have one child of my own but I provide daycare for 7 other children. Ages 3 months to 5 years. So anything that can make my day run smoother…is a PLUS in my book :)

  931. 933
    Lori K says

    I have fallen off the menu planning bandwagon… ever since we found several food allergies for one of my girls last May, it’s been a struggle. I had been trying lots of new recipes, and a weekly plan, but they all had foods that my daughter was allergic to. (Milk, egg, peanut, banana & pineapple) This would be a great idea to help me get back on track! Thanks for offering a giveaway!

  932. 934
    Stacy R. says

    I’ve not gotten started on the menu planning thing. I think the thing that is holding me back the most is the fact that I want and need more of a variety and of course I feel like I have no time. Maybe if I had a menu board, I would be more apt to sitting down on Sunday evenings or whenever I can to make out my menu! I think starting in February, I will make my menu plans a weekly thing and go from there. Thank you for offering this give away!

  933. 935
    Heather says

    WOW! I am totally in awe of your menu planning. I have never givenit a try. Since it was just me and my 5 yr old son, being a single-mother, and working full time, meals kinda went by the wayside. This really does stink because I LOVE to cook, but it’s hard when you are really only 1.5 people. However, Ia m really thinking this might be a good solution since our household is growing wih the addition of my boyfriend and his kids (not 100% of the time). I would love to know befopre I leave the house/get home, what my plan for the evening was. I am game for cooking a healthy, well-balanced meal for my family, and I really think this ould help. However, my situation may vary a little since I have to cook gluten free, but I feel like a plan is always a GREAT idea!

  934. 936
    Melinda says

    I love menu planning. It has helped me cut back my grocery budget and not waste so much food. I would love one of these magnetic boards!

  935. 937
    ~Kris says

    My favorite thing about menu planning is the peace of mind of knowing what dinner is, or even better, my husband knowing what dinner is, the 1 night a week I’m out and he needs to cook. Our local grocery does a monthly flyer, and I can easily plan for savings, and healthy, and is such a stress relief, and usually not rushing around, and end up needing a trip to the store for more stuff as well!

  936. 938
    Paula Gammariello says

    I have only done a monthly menu a couple of times, I just do a weekly menu now. I love that I do all my planning ahead so I never have to waste time thinking, digging through the refrigerator, running to the grocery store last minute, or throwing some unhealthy thing together. I just look at the weekly menu and start cooking! I might be ready for something new b/c your magnetic memo board is sooooooooo darn cute!

  937. 939
    Beth says

    I love that menu planning makes my evenings run a LOT more smoothly. It is easier for me to have the first part of my evening mapped out when I walk in the door and can get supper on the table by the time my husband makes it home from work. My biggest challenge, however, is that said hubby seems to always throw me off my pace by either coming up with other plans for the evening (we need to go do before we eat because if he eats he doesn’t want to go anywhere) OR he eats one of my key ingredients and doesn’t tell me about it and I discover it when I am getting ready to start cooking!

  938. 940
    Nana Phyllis says

    I do a little menu planning but would give the board to my daughter in law who plans every week. I know she would love to have it and would use it all the time.

  939. 941
    Sue Hetherington says


    I would LOVE to spend time with you in my old home city, New York!
    I would also love to have one of these magnetic menu boards for my kitchen. I find planning meals in advance and doing a bit of multi-meal cooking helps me so much and gives me such peace of mind on a daily basis.
    What a wonderful and generous give away! Thank you.


  940. 942
    Jennifer says

    Menu planning makes it easier for me not to rely on fast food for dinner!

  941. 943
    Lisa says

    What a wonderful product! The menu boards are darling!

    I love when I do plan my meals in advance, but I am so inconsistent. Even though I know it’s a great investment in time, sometimes I just think it will take too long.

  942. 944
    Ainsley says

    Oh, how I would love to win this!! So much nicer than my scrappy looseleaf stuck to the side of the fridge!! But scrappy or not, it works!! I love that I can condense all the meal planning for the month into one sitting, rather than have to deal with it every day!!

  943. 945
    Eos Mom says

    Oh my goodness, I’d love to win! I meal-plan every week (usually), but it would be great to try a month at a time with this board. I don’t love the process of planning meals each week, but I love the results: I know what we’re having so I don’t have to stress AND I’m not sitting around at 5pm without anything defrosted (before menu-planning, that happened A LOT). THanks!

  944. 946
    Wendy R says

    Menu planning helps the organized part of my being sane; also it keeps the family informed, so they don’t always have to ask: what are we having for dinner? The menu is kind of an outline, but doesn’t mean we will always follow it! ;-)

  945. 947
    JennB says

    I’ve fallen off the wagon with menu planning. This would be a great way to get back on!

  946. 948
    Kim Covelli says

    What a GREAT idea!!!!! I would really like to know how to make one of these boards and where you purchased your supplies from….this would make an AWSOME gift to any busy mom!!!!

  947. 949
    Kristin says

    The thing I love most about menu planning is how much money it saves our family!!

  948. 950
    Valerie says

    i am expecting baby #3, and meal planning is a must! now i don’t have to figure out what we are eating everyday… which was stressful, and we were eating really really boring meals. meal planning helped me realize that there are easy delicious recipes out there! and I started making double & triple batches of our favorites to freeze & eat for later! ; )

  949. 951
    Meaganne hughes says

    I LOVE this!!! I am a mom of five kids and we stay busy!! The only way that I can make sure to have a good dinner every night is to do a monthly plan and mine would look so cute on this board:)

  950. 952
    Nancy says

    Menu planning has helped me GREATLY with 2 things:
    1) not to be stressed at the end of the workday wondering what we’ll eat and
    2) staying within our food budget because I have a plan for the week.

    Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this menu planner. If I don’t win I’ll have to make my own!

  951. 953
    Tracy says

    Love it!! This would be awesome, please add me to the drawing!!

  952. 954
    Kyra says

    I love this idea! I currently menu plan but only a week at a time. And I jsut write the meals in Pen on a calendar – makes a big mess when I need to change things up! I would love to be able to have an easier and cleaner way to do this!! Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!