A moving tip that made life so much easier!

I’m so excited to share this quick and easy packing tip. This moving tip is all about Glad Press’n Seal!  I gleaned this fantastic advice from a reader who was kind enough to leave it in a comment for me on my how do I move my jewelry post.   Oh my word, this one required a super big happy dance and then some!  I simply wrapped my DIY jewelry board up in this sticky stuff and then packed it away in a box.  When I got to my new home all I had to do was unwrap it and hang it up.  No having to fuss with each piece of jewelry.  So easy!!

My jewelry didn’t even budge…completely stayed tangle free!

So once I figured out how terrific this product was for keeping contents in place I used it to cover many of my other containers.   Here is one of my utensil “drawers” in action.



So simple!!

Here are a few other jewelry suggestions I received and used.  Seriously best readers evah!

Using an ice cube tray with a lid to pack some of my more delicate pieces of jewelry.

And using a paper towel holder (cut down to fit) for the jewelry I was taking with me on the plane.  Brilliant!

Moving is so much work but utilizing simple tips like the ones above certainly made it that much easier for me.  I hope it helps some of you as well!

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35 Responses to A moving tip that made life so much easier!

  1. 1
    Alison @ Hospitality Haven says

    Those are fabulous tips!! I’m not moving yet, but the next time I do (work moves us around from time to time), I’ll keep all that in mind! Awesome!

  2. 2
    Marcia Francois, Organising Queen says

    OH MY WORD – I hope they bring those to South Africa quickly – I see LOTS of uses for it just for normal travel too 🙂

  3. 3
    screwdestiny says

    I think Glad Press ‘n’ Seal is like, the most awesome invention in the last 10 years.

  4. 4
    Melinda says

    Thanks for sharing that tip. I must confess, I’m just a little addicted to Press ‘n Seal, LOL!

  5. 7
    Kimberly Eagle says

    I love Glad Press and Seal too, but I have found it to leave behind a sticky residue at times. I use it to put over my toddler’s unfinished lunch and the plastic plate on the edges gets sticky. I was just wondering if you experienced that with your jewelery or on the plastic edges of your baskets.

    • 7.1
      Laura says

      Hi Kim, great question. No I didn’t notice this at all on the plastic and the jewelry board is fabric type material so that probably helped there. I wonder if it’s certain types of plastic?

  6. 8
    Courtney says

    Wow, what an innovative use for Press n’ Seal! I would have never thought of this!

  7. 9
    Sue says

    Hello there, i think that is one of the favourite things of your parents house that i most enjoy is their glad wrap roll that is attached to the bottom of the cupboard.. I so love it.. and believe me we go thru a lot of it.. hope all is well tc… Sue

  8. 10
    emmy says

    Wow, that’s a lot of plastic waste using Press n’ Seal… Couldn’t you have taken the necklaces off, wrapped them in tissue paper, hung them back up after the move, and then reused the tissue paper? And used a towel or piece of fabric to cover the containers you put in a box?

    • 10.1
      Laura says

      Hi Emmy, I could have taken every necklace off but it would have been a lot more work to do so. Moving is so stressful and time consuming that any way I could save myself valuable time was worth it to me. And I really don’t think a towel would have held the containers in place as securely either. I didn’t want to chance that the contents would fall out because that would have meant more work for me.

      I am very conscious of waste normally and am big on repurposing and recycling wherever possible but in this stressful instance I valued my time and sanity more. Just being honest.

  9. 11
    Andrea says

    Oh my gosh!! I think you’re addicted to necklaces, Laura! : )
    This is an awesome moving post.

    • 11.1
      Laura says

      LOL….me too!!

  10. 12
    Dee says

    What a great idea! I’m not moving any time soon, but there are some storage applications forming in my brain!

  11. 14
    Jennifer says

    Great idea! I really needed that tip when I moved back in May. My necklaces are still in a tangled mess!

  12. 15
    Kim says

    These ARE great ideas and I want to remember them. I have had the same problem though with the sticky residue left behind. My daughter has taken a certain plate with cookies on it a few times. I think I noticed after the first time the stickiness that didn’t come off in the dishwasher. I am hoping someone knows how to get that off. Thanks for sharing this great post.

    • 15.1
      Laura says

      Goo Gone is one of my favorite products out there for that purpose.

    • 15.2
      Christy says

      Rubbing Alcohol will take of sticky residue.

  13. 16
    Laura K says

    Wow! Great idea. I have used saran wrap before to keep the nightstand drawers closed, but this seems easy for many different things!

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. 17
    Janet Barclay says

    Wow, I’ve never even seen this product – or if I did, I just thought it was regular plastic wrap. Definitely something to check out!

  15. 18
    Lauren Giammarco says

    Brilliant! Who would have thought Press N Seal! Love the ice tray idea too. I might just use those to keep my earrings in even though I have no moving plans! Thanks

  16. 19
    Jenn says

    Oooh, love these ideas, particularly the paper towel roll for your necklaces! I have an overseas move coming up before Xmas and was advised to hand carry my jewelry. I’ve been trying to figure ur how to transport my necklaces, and between that and the hand twel tip, I think I’m sorted! (my good staff goes in my carryon in an ancient jewelry roll, but I ave so much costume jewelry and statement pieces that could go in checked bags, t was more the “he” thanks o much,

  17. 20
    RITA says

    over the last few weeks i’ve scoured endless “tip” sites in advance of our upcoming move. i can tell you, without question, the Glad Press n Seal idea will turn out to be the most useful tip i’ve come across. whoever came up with that one is a genious.
    its a product i love anyway, but taking it out of the kitchen…epic!
    thanks for all the good info!!

  18. 21
    Wendy Legeret says

    Thanks for the tips!

    I’m moving to a different part of my state and I have SO MUCH jewelry. Everything from earrings to necklaces, it would fit a small jewelry shop!

  19. 22
    sneal says

    So did anyone have difficulty getting your jewelry out of the press n seal. Friend wrapped necklaces individually and having a hard time getting them out.

    • 22.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      No I never had any trouble at all, that’s so strange. I’m sorry to hear that 🙁


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