Inexpensive jewelry organizer

I love fashion necklaces but trying to find the one I wanted in my jewelry case was getting to be more and more difficult.  I only had five hooks they all hung on so if I wanted one in the back all the ones in the front had to come off first and then they got all tangled and ugly.  It irritated me and I like to avoid irritated at all costs cause when momma’s irritated ain’t nobody happy.  I knew it was time to do something about it but I couldn’t find what I had in mind for how I wanted to organize them.

I knew I wanted them to be out in the open so it had to be pretty and I knew I didn’t want it to cost a lot of $$.  I decided to make something of my own.  I walked around Walmart until inspiration hit and it did when I saw the lovely ribbon memo boards similar to this one below.   Mine is 18×21 inches.

Twill French Memo Board – Ivory (17×20″)

I purchased it along with about 30 mini screw hooks and set to work.  Word of warning if you are going to try and screw in that many little hooks though…WEAR GLOVES….I’m just saying.  Talk about painful!

I’m so excited by how it turned out.  It took me no more than an hour to assemble and in total cost about $20.00 to make.   I love that I can use the ribbon to hook earrings onto to keep them organized as well if I want.



Another option I had considered was using an old picture frame, taking out the glass and inserting a piece of corkboard covered in a pretty fabric.  I think that would have cost me more though and taken longer so I was really happy to come up with this instead.

So long irritation, you’re outta here!!

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  1. 2
    Rena says

    What a good idea. I have the same irritating problem with my necklaces. I end up wearing the same ones over and over because they are the ones easiest to get to.

  2. 3
    TallyMichelle says

    Wow…much classier than mine.
    I just used an old thread/bobbin organizer and had my husband mount it on the wall.

  3. 4
    texasaggiemom says

    If you have some wall space in your closet, pegboard works great for necklace and bracelet storage. I put my earrings in the little plastic bags that extra buttons come in, poke a hole in the bag and hang them on their own hook, also.

  4. 5
    Anna says

    I saw something very similar to this on the Today Show earlier this week. I just love it. I’m planning on doing this with my jewelry as well.

  5. 6
    Courtney says

    Looks great! I put push pins at alternating heights in the wall above one of our dressers and hang my necklaces on them. Similar idea, I guess, only doesn’t look as pretty as yours!

  6. 7
    Hi!, It's me, Jen says

    I need to do something, too. My sis just gave me a bunch of jewelry that she doesn’t wear and its all over the top of my dresser….

  7. 8
    Jackie says

    Thanks for the idea. I’ve been making one of those memo boards for my kitchen…I think I’ll make another one for my necklaces.

    Great idea!

  8. 9
    Carey says

    How pretty! And now you can enjoy all of your beautiful jewelry even when you’re not wearing it… Smart!

  9. 11
    Jena (O.M.) says

    I am thinking about making something like that also. You are always one step ahead!

  10. 12
    Barbara H. says

    I love that. I’ve been trying to figure out how to store my necklaces — I have the same problem as you. The only thing I wonder about them being out in the open is whether they’d get dusty.

  11. 13
    Laurieann says

    I use a cork board and push pins, but same concept, I can just add or take away a little easier.

  12. 14
    Keli says

    Great idea!!

  13. 15
    Teri says

    What a great idea! Thanks 🙂

  14. 16
    Jenny says

    Love this! I have been using one of those plastic shoes holders that hang over the door. Everything has its own pocket, but the necklaces can get tangled–I like this much better, and I already have one that I am not using!

  15. 17
    Cindy says

    This is too ‘messy’ looking for me. I would have to have it hidden behind a little shallow cupboard on the wall covered by a door. I can’t stand to see ‘messy’ sitting around.

  16. 18
    Casey says

    You are soo creative!! Would you like to come to my house for a week?!? 🙂

  17. 19
    Bonnie says

    That is an amazing idea !! I love it !!!

  18. 20
    Laura says

    Cindy, yes this solution is definitely more for the visual person like me. I’m okay with having my stuff out as long as it’s in an organized fashion but I have friends that prefer to have it all hidden away which is totally fine too. Lots of great organizing solutions either way which is wonderful.

  19. 21
    alison says

    This idea is awesome–I’ve been looking for a solution like this!

  20. 22
    Bobbi says

    So I seriously, walked around Target the other day thinking the same exact thing!!!! I didn’t want another jewelry box- I wanted to make something out in the open. Then the kids started fussing so I left. It was a sign from God to wait for this post! lol

  21. 23
    Annie says

    I don’t think it looks messy at all…and if you didn’t want it out in the open you could hang it on the inside of a door. You are so clever…I may even have to do this for my daughter!!

  22. 24
    Rhen @yestheyareallm says

    That really is a fantastic idea. For those of us who had this problem earlier, when you had not yet thought of this solution, you could get hubby to be a sweetie and buy you a gigantic jewelry box. Then you would spend that night organizing all of your jewelry! LOL
    This would be great for my girls. We are actually making a board for each of them. Now I will add some hooks to them just for their jewelry.

  23. 25
    Christine says

    WOW – Great minds think alike. I actually bought two memory boards about a year ago for the same purpose only instead of hooks, i used long straight pins with the pearl head. Then I can adjust the locations for longer items etc. LOVE IT!!

  24. 26
    DemMom says

    Love this! I have been looking for a necklace hanging solution as well, and my mom’s on a “fabric and ribbon covered bulletin board” making kick (with leftover fabric from my wedding tablecloths – 9 years ago). So I will get her to make me one and it will only require buying the hooks! Thanks.

  25. 27
    DemMom says

    Love this! I have been looking for a necklace hanging solution as well, and my mom’s on a “fabric and ribbon covered bulletin board” making kick (with leftover fabric from my wedding tablecloths – 9 years ago). So I will get her to make me one and it will only require buying the hooks! Thanks.

  26. 28
    Trinity Mommy says

    What a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing!

  27. 29
    [email protected] says

    Fabulous idea, Laura. Do you mind if I use it as a guest blog?

  28. 30
    Sandie says

    I’ve recently resorted to putting my jewelry in ice cube trays tucked away in a drawer because I also didn’t want to spend the $$ on a fancy organizer. But I’m shucking the ice trays and heading out to Walmart this afternoon – huge thanks!!!

  29. 31
    Shawn says

    GREAT idea – thanks for sharing! I have this exact board and I think I’ll use it for my daughter and maybe add her hair accessories as well (she doesn’t have that much jewelry). I actually put those hooks to a similar use, I have hooks screwed into the back of my dresser mirror (the two outer edges of the mirror (a three-part mirror) are on hinges and they swing in or out) and I hang all of my necklaces and bracelets there. It’s out of the way hidden, and less clutter. It’s also a great hiding place where a robber might not think to look! ^_*

  30. 32
    Lisa says

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing. I need something to organize my collection of necklaces that seems to be growing weekly.

  31. 33
    Val says

    What a fabulous solution!!!

  32. 34
    GiBee says

    I love this idea. My neclaces get tangled, too… And now that I’m in full-blown organization mode… I may just do it! You are amazing!!!

    Now I need to figure out a way to keep exposed silver necklaces from tarnishing.

  33. 35
    Veronica M. says

    The Container store also sells an Acrylic necklace keeper, which I found years ago. It has saved me from having to untangle any necklaces.

  34. 36
    Carla Wells says

    Great idea! I’ve been trying to come up with something to do with my jewelry! I’m outgrowing my jewelry box thing.


  35. 37
    GiBee says

    Hi there! I’m gathering stuff to make this and just wanted to find out how the hooks are holding out? Are they staying screwed in, or should I think of another type of hook to use???

  36. 38
    Rachel @ Life in # 3 says

    I love this idea! So easy, cheap and yet CHIC. Totally makes those necklaces stand out in a way that says “Pick me- I’m pretty!”

  37. 39
    Megan Buhler says

    I love it! What a great idea and it solves one of my biggest frustrations – tangled necklaces and not being able to find the one I’m looking for!

  38. 40
    Tasha says

    What an absolutely wonderful idea!! I’m new to your blog, and I just adore it! I need some more organization in my life, and your tips are fabulous!

  39. 41
    STELLA says


  40. 42
    Trish says

    Love this idea….now what about earrings?

  41. 43
    Charity says

    I definitely want to make this! I’ve learned how to make a french memory board from a youtube video but what I don’t understand is how to put a screw through that? I thought about using drapery hooks but the screw hooks you used look A LOT better.

    Here’s the video that I used to learn how to make the French Memo Board:

    So if you could tell me how to do it your way or how to put a screw through that, I would be really grateful! Thanks in advance!

  42. 44
    Shelley says

    I love this idea! I had an old memo board that I wasn’t using and was desperate to find a better way to organize all my necklaces and bracelets. Took about 30 minutes to add some well placed hooks and it was perfect. Thanks for sharing!!!

  43. 45
    Samantha says

    Ooooh! I like this idea too! Very pretty!

  44. 46
    deb says

    My sister-in-law used a piece of screen in a cool old picture frame (large) and has it hanging in her bathroom. She uses it primarily for earrings, and it looks fabulous! She doesn’t wear necklaces very often, so the solution is a good one for her. I have necklaces, and found in the craft (or maybe kids’?) section of WalMart some very large pushpins – large as in, have large “push” ends and thus the necklaces are less likely to slide off or fall off, like with small pushpins. They slide right into the memo board and seem to stay secure.

    I’m not crazy about the hooks on the wall solution – I put the memo board on the inside of a closet door I don’t often need to open – i.e., I tend to open it only when I actually want to select or put away jewelry, so I’m not driven nuts by swinging jewelry every day. Helps the pieces not get so dusty, too.

    I noticed some questions from people – does Laura ever reply to blog comments?

    • 46.1
      Laura says

      Hi Deb, I definitely answer comments but I used to reply directly to people via email when they left a comment so they wouldn’t miss it. You’ll notice this post is from 2009. Now though I’ve got it set up so that when I comment/reply to someones comment on the blog it will also automatically email them as well so they know I’ve responded.

  45. 47
    Jana says

    How did you screw in the hooks? I just tried to screw them in by hand and there’s no way they are piercing the board…

    • 47.1
      Jana says

      Never mind, I got it. Yes, definitely hurts your hands screwing the hooks in, but worth the effort 🙂 Thank you for the great idea! I just had a memo board sitting around that can finally be put to use.

  46. 48
    Karen says

    How did you get the screws into the board? I have the same board, and I wasn’t able to get a thumb tack or tiny nail into it, even with a hammer. Thanks!

    • 48.1
      Laura says

      Karen it was hard, gosh I almost killed my hand but then I put on really good work gloves and just kept twisting them in. They eventually went it but it took a bit for sure.

  47. 49
    Lilly says

    Wow neat idea I may have to make this my armoire is full lol


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