I’m celebrating 4 years…join me!

This giveaway is now closed…the winner is Amanda Shelley! Thank you everyone!!

Four years ago I started this blog and declared to the world that I was an addict of all things organizing.   Four years of sharing about the high organizing gives me and how I can’t get enough of it!  All of you that visit me here have been so nice to feed this crazy addiction of mine with your own success stories and pictures.  You, my beautiful blog readers, are my enablers and I can’t thank you enough for it :)

You can read my very first blog post here where I talk about my sweet drug of choice!

This blog, over the years, has also brought about many exciting opportunities for me that I’m so very grateful for, even the many that have pushed me way out of my comfort zone and challenged me.  Way back, when I ran the very first 30 Day Organizing Challenge, I quoted what has become one of my very favorite quotes of all time.

No challenge, no change.  If you don’t give yourself a challenge, there can be no change, and without change, there is no growth.

It is that very thought process that convinced me to say yes to writing my very first organizing book this year.  I’m excited and sick to my stomach nervous all at the same time.  Mainly because of the short time lines (due in August for a Christmas 2010 release!) and well our move to another province that will be occurring very soon.  So crazy I know but I didn’t want to let a little thing like fear stand in my way, ha!  Your prayers would be so very much appreciated!

So let’s get this party started shall we….how about with some cake and a giveaway!  You’ve got to try this delicious Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Cheesecake…yum, yum!!

Now for the giveaway!  One lucky winner is going to win a terrific organizing prize package that will include these lovely prizes:

(Two recent organizing magazines, a book that will help you Throw Out Fifty Things and a Simplify plaque)

PLUS, in addition to the above, the winner will also receive The Clutter Code Six Step Organizing System DVD by Organizing Connection.  This one DVD includes four instructional yet entertaining videos on how to organize the kitchen, the bedroom, the entrance/mudroom and the paper trail.   This collection is absolutely fun, fantastic and helpful and I think you’ll love it!

Here’s a little sample of what you’ll see:

To enter to win these awesome organizational tools I’m going to ask you to do one small thing for me to not only help me celebrate four years of blogging but to help me with my book as well.

Will you please leave a comment for me telling me what one specific piece of advice or crazy antic from my blog over the past four years has been most helpful to you…..it could be anything from your favorite Org Junkie organizing tip to a favorite post.

If you haven’t been a reader for that long, no worries, simply leave a comment telling me any favorite organizing tip that has made a difference in your life.

I’m really not trying to pad my ego here but I do want to be sure to include the tips that have meant the most to you in my book.  I so appreciate each and every one of you.  Thank you for being part of this with me ((hugs)).

Giveaway closes on Thursday, May 27th at 9:00 pm PST.  Winner will be selected via random.org.

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244 Responses to I’m celebrating 4 years…join me!

  1. 1
    jo sowerby says

    congrats on 4 years of blogging. my fave tip is the box principle where u have 3-4 boxes and set the timer to clear ur clutter. i found this really helpful to organise my thinking before i started going in for the kill.
    Jo xxxx

  2. 2
    Ambreen Khan says

    My favourite tip is the Hanging shoe holder. I find it a great way to store shoes to use the vertical space and it can carry hats, gloves and scarves.

  3. 3
    M @ Betty Crapper says

    I’m a new reader (1 week new). I appreciate your meal planning tips, especially your tips on how to create a meal plan.

  4. 4
    Andi says

    Congrats on 4 years! My favourite tips came during the 30 day organizing challenge, one of the best for me was taking a picture of things that have sentimental value and then letting the thing go. That one tip alone has saved some serious clutter in my home.

  5. 5
    Ashley says

    I am a newbie, meaning I’ve recently found your site with in the past week or so. My favorite article was the article about how organizing is a process. I love it because it really helped me to see that organizing piece by piece, room by room was okay. I had already done the majority of organizing when I found your site, but again it helped me see that like everything else it cannot be rushed. I tend to get an itch and try to do things (especially organizing) all at once and get burned out. Anyway, great site, love it, share it on my facebook and look forward to seeing what you post daily.

    Thanks for all of your hard work!

    • 5.1
      Ashley says

      Sorry before I put the email to my blog, here is the address..opps!

  6. 6
    Cammy@TippyToeDiet says

    Congrats on 4 years…and thank you for all the wonderful tips! I have many of your posts starred in my reader, but my favorite (today) is one you did on freezer cooking, with links to recipes.

  7. 7
    tamara says

    Well done on the 4 years of blogging and love the way your blog has evolved. I only found you about 9 months ago but for me it has always been the meal planning. One other post really got me thinking. It was about Command Centers.

  8. 8
    marie-jo says

    Hello from Montréal! I love you’re meal planning tip. Féclicitations!

  9. 9
    FoxFire says

    I like your recient post about getting rid of clothes! It was much needed. It is great to have such an encouraging blog at my fingertips :)

  10. 10
    Java says

    I think the simple of advice of just letting something go has been the best. I’m a pack rat and I want to keep everything. Since finding your blog last year, I’ve let go of quite a bit of clutter by sitting and asking myself “Do I love it? Do I use it? Do I have room to store it? Am I willing to give up something else to store it? Is there anyone else in my family that might be able to use it?”. Granted, I’m a LONG way from an uncluttered home, but it’s helped. Now, can you give some advice on the motivation to get up and get organized?!?! LOL!

  11. 11
    Kim says

    How exciting. A book. Yay!! I bet it will be wonderful.

    I have to say that your posts on purging have been so helpful to me, paired up with your organizing challenges, I’ve gotten rid of a lot of STUFF. You really got me focused and made me think in a different way about things.
    Your meal planning also got me on my road to preparing a head weekly and it has simplified my life by doing it.

    Thank you so much and keep up the good work. You’re an inspiration.

  12. 12
    Ally's Corner says

    That is great about your book and congratulations on 4 years blogging. I loved the 30 Day Organizing Challenge, the car one was great for me.

  13. 13
    Kristy says

    Congrats on 4 years and a book! That is wonderful for you and must be extremely exciting :)

    I discovered this blog about 4 months ago and am coming back every second day for more as I too am a junkie for all things organized.

    The most helpful tips that I have found from your blog (so far) is the CONTAINERS (the blog that inspired me: https://orgjunkie.com/2010/02/why-containerizing-is-important.html). We now have containers for pens, containers for pencils, containers for sewing things (i am not a big sewing person so it all fits in one). I just love the containers and have no idea why this was never thought of before but THANK-YOU!

    I wish you the Best Of Luck with your book :)

  14. 14
    Darci says

    Congrats on the 4 years! Very exciting!

    There are so many things I’ve enjoyed reading on your blog and I’m a fairly new follower! ;) I love how you keep things simple and do-able. I also enjoy the “link love”! so many great ideas out there!!

  15. 15
    Marcia Francois, Organising Queen says

    I’m so excited about your book!

    (It’s one of my dreams too)

    And my favourite post still is the one where the baskets called out to you in the store…………….. I finally knew that I was not alone in Crazy Organising Land :)

    Congrats on 4 years!

  16. 16
    Lindsey R says

    Happy 4 yr Blogging birthday!! One great tip that I have implemented was to create working stations/zones in my kitchen. I have a “drink station” with my coffee, filters, mugs and coffee maker all at one counter. And turned my lazy susan cabinet that used to be a dumping ground for unmatched tupperware, pots, mugs, and plastic ware into a “baking station”. Now holds all my baking spices, measuring cups/spoons, mixers, muffin/bread pans, flour, sugar, etc, etc, etc!

    LOVE IT!!!

    *the categorized pictures you have plus the link ups to others with their own pictures have also been a great inspiration as well!*

  17. 17
    Julie says

    Congratulations on your four year anniversary – I think that means that fruit or flowers or in order. I really appreciate your challenges (I need deadlines) and love Menu Plan Monday. Thanks for hosting such a great and informative blog.

  18. 18
    Janet in Toronto says

    It’s a toss-up between meal planning and containerizing. I’ve done both with great success!

  19. 19
    Lora says

    Teaching me about menu planning has been an absolute life saver for me!! Thanks, Laura, and congrats on 4 years!!!

  20. 20
    Starving Student Survivor says

    I got giddy when I saw your post about gift wrap containers. I never know what to do with that stuff!

  21. 21
    Amy S says

    I have so appreciated the meal plan monday’s. they have taught me to be so much more organized with my family meal planning as well as given me great ideas for fun/different recipes!

  22. 22
    Melanie says

    I loved one of the posts you did around Christmas 2008 that expalined how you make up your gift baskets. I made everyone a special gift basket that year and have continued the tradtition. Everyone always gets really excited when I present it to them:) Love the concept. Congrats on your book, there’s no doubt in my mind it will be wonderful!

  23. 23
    joan says

    basket….and more basket please!!!

    i enjoyed most is when you post pictures with the topic that you are blogging….i am a very visual person…so when i see pictures of anything about organizing…be it basket…or boxes that can be re-used or some new uses for old things…i will go…”ah…i have that….i can use that too”…
    but if you post a chunk of words on organizing…i will go….”i know…but can you show pictures please..” :)

  24. 24
    Renee says

    I’m a brand new reader but what hooked me to your website was your meal planning ideas/posts!! I’m just beginning this new quest for organization and structure so I will be coming back to your blog often!

  25. 25
    Gina says

    It’s difficult to pick one, Laura, and I’m not exaggerating. You are motivating, encouraging, and explain things in a way that really makes sense. You break big overwhelming tasks into smaller pieces, and you show us that you make mistakes. But back to what you asked…

    MEAL PLANNING. Not only has it changed my family’s life, in that we’re eating healthier, at home, together, for less money, but I’ve blogged about it so many times, how having the meme keeps me accountable, how to find niche menus through your link, etc. And I love your shopping list. I’ve passed it out at MOMS Club and emailed it to many. Love you, Laura!

  26. 26
    Lisa says

    Menu planning – Menu Planning, and menu planning!!! I always love your creative storage tips as well, and have got many ideas of how to contain my clutter from your blog. Keep up the awesome work!!!

  27. 27
    Claudia says

    Congrats on the 4 years!!! The biggest thing if I had to pick just one that I have loved and it’s given my family life a difference is the addition of a launch pad. Mornings were super hectic and although mine is still a work in progress, it has helped quite a bit.

    Thank you!

  28. 28
    Dana E says

    I really love the links you pass along and the cute ideas for containers (ahem – planter box). I come across so many different blogs and seeing your links with more makes me happy!

    I had the idea to use the planter boxes as cute storage containers before I saw it here, but thought maybe I was the only one who thought this was cute….after seeing it on here, I know that I was right! It is very cute!!

  29. 29
    KristyC says

    I haven’t been reading that long, but my favorite post was the one on getting inexpensive bins and organizers from the dollar store. You included pictures of a super cute “closet” a mom made in her children’s room.

  30. 30
    Teresa says

    Congrats on 4 years! My favorite thing has been the challenges. Taking those before and after pics has really helped me see what I accomplished and motivates me to do more! Thanks for the encouragement to organize!

  31. 31
    Ashley says

    You said to take pictures of a sentimental item that you were worried about giving up. That way you can remember the item and you can get it out of your house.

  32. 32
    Charity says

    Congrats! I really appreciate the meal planning and all of the children’s items organization tips, such as the cloth bags on the back of the kitchen chairs.

  33. 33
    MamaHall says

    HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY! What a wonderful four years! You have grown so much, and really helped others grow along the way. Especially ME! If I must choose, my favorite part of OrgJunkie is Menu Planning Monday. Before I found you I was LOST in the kitchen and barely holding my head above water when it came to week night dinner time. THANK YOU, and my family thanks you, too! Keep up the awesome work and wonderful service you provide to the organization-challenged.
    PS: I’m praying for your book writing/publishing to go off without a hitch! Deadlines shmeadlines!

  34. 34
    Sharisse says

    Congratulations on 4 years of success!! I recently started following your blog but one of my favorites is showing how you can organize on a budget with items from the dollar store! I never realized how creative I can be on a budget and they have cute items too!

  35. 35
    Ginger says

    Happy 4 Years!!! My favorite memory of the blog is just knowing there is another basket/container junkie out there like me. For a while I thought I was the only one. My obsession led to needing storage for my storage containers. But sometimes you will post silly photos of yourself surrounded by all your beloved baskets. Then I don’t feel so bad. No one will ever understand us but it’s nice to know I’m not alone. Congrats on your 4 years!!

  36. 36
    Elisabeth says

    Congratulations! How exciting…Your going through clothes post hasn’t completely changed my life yet, but it made me look at the things in my closet a little closer. The jeans tip (you always wear your favorite pair of jeans, so why keep 5+ pairs in your drawer) really got to me. I haven’t actually cleaned out my closet or drawers yet, but I am a lot closer then I was before I read your post. I also LOVE your collection of favorite posts–they are very inspirational!

  37. 37
    Lorrie says

    Don’t remember exactly when I found your blog — maybe last summer. I love everything on here! Maybe my favorite thing is all your pictures. I remember, soon after finding orgjunkie, sitting in front of the computer one leisurely Saturday afternoon, scrolling through all your pictures while chatting with my sister on the phone. That was fun!

  38. 38
    Rachel says

    I just found your blog recently but so far one of the best tips I read was the ‘I’m outta here shelf’ from the starting the process page. I always have a pile of things to return to other or pass off to others and I always seem to leave the house without those things.

    Congrats on 4 years and I can’t wait to read your book!

  39. 39
    Tara says

    My favorite organizing tip is that if it has a spot, and it’s in its spot, it’s no longer clutter!

    Congrats on your anniversary!

  40. 40
    Allison @ Alli 'n Son says

    My favorite thing is of course the weekly menu plans. I wouldn’t have dinner ready each night without it.

  41. 41
    Carolyn says

    4 years is terrific! I came here because of Menu Plan Monday. I’ve been implementing it to the benefit of my peace of mind at 5pm and I’ve learned a lot of other things along the way too. Congrats!

  42. 42
    Susie's Homemade says

    4 years? That incredible! Congratulations! What an accomplishment:-)

  43. 43
    Kim Ritter says

    to containerize has been the best help to me…I think you are turning me into a container addict. Much more than that though is for me to just simplify my life and my surroundings. I have begun on my office/scrapbook room and the beginning changes are SOOOO good – I can’t WAIT to see the finished product and just hope and pray that I can organize it good enough!!! Thanks for being an inspiration!!!

  44. 44
    jenna says

    I enjoyed learning to let go of the clutter excuses!

  45. 45
    Carrie Mc says

    The containers!!!!! I love to see how you use different types of containers when you organize. I look at things in my closet and it doesn’t click in my head to use some of the types of containers that you do. Now I find myself going to the Dollar General store and looking through the RubberMaid isle just to see what is new. Thank you for all you do!!!!!

  46. 46
    Angela G says

    My fav tip so far is on organizing your kids toys and books.

  47. 47
    Angela Fowler says

    I’ve been a reader of your blog for several months. I think my favorite articles to read are products to help stay organized such as baskets or drawer dividers. Any new product to help save space. Now if only I could find a way to get rid of my 100+ Barbie dolls!

  48. 48
    Elizabeth L. says

    I haven’t been reading that long, only since about February and nothing really stands out in my mind as the one best post or tip. But what has helped/inspired me is your commitment to stay organized. Being a part of a community that has a goal in mind, whether it be tackling the stuffed to the gills closet or simply planning menus every week to make things simpler, has helped me be more focused on organizing and simplifying my life. Thanks for all your great advice and inspiration!

  49. 49
    Cassie says

    I’m a relatively new reader, but one thing I found useful while scanning past entries was the timer and using that to go through a room or drawer or whatever. My husband and I have tweaked it some to fit us better and just say, we are taking 1 hour to clean whatever we can, then the rest of the night we can relax and watch tv or do whatever we want. It’s really amazing what you can get done in such a short amount of time – especially when you know you only have “X” amount of time to get it done it.

    Thanks for the great advise and here’s to another 4 years!

  50. 50
    Nadine says

    Congrats on 4 years and here’s to many more!

    The funniest thing you have done on this blog (according to me) is when you post pictures of the aisles of containers at the dollar store. That cracks me up every time. Your blog is full of great tips and stories, and I check it every day.

  51. 51
    Dawn says

    I love your blog. I really love the organizing challenges. I think they get people motivated to make a change. I even won one once a few years ago. I also love your love of containers because I love containers, too. There are so many uses for containers, even uses that they weren’t originally intended for but you can find different ways to use them. Congratulations on the opportunity to write a book. That is great.

  52. 52
    Rebecca says

    Congratulations on 4 years; I love your blog! One of my favorite posts was when you went to your local dollar store and wrote about how getting organized with different size containers doesn’t have to be expensive because the dollar store sells many different sizes for different needs at less expensive prices. I think you also had a picture on that post of all the actual different containers, sizes, and colors you found. I love to look at my dollar store for containers and then sometimes even dress up them up by threading ribbon through the holes/slats of containers and making them decorative.

  53. 54
    Angie says

    I am a first few day reader! As Dave Ramsey says about being broke and making financial changes, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!” Well, I feel that way organizing!!! (And money too) I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of searching for things and having my house decorated with papers, toys, dead flies, and other accouttrements! I’ve GOT to make changes and turned to the web for help! First tip I’ve liked is the menu planner! What a no brainer-and why haven’t I thought about that. I rush home nightly and am too tired to throw something together! Regardless if I “win” the give-away, I hope to find gems here to help me make the change!

  54. 55
    Debbie says

    I’ve just been reading your blog for a few months now, but I really enjoy it and have found it so helpful! One of my favorite aspects is your reviews of various organizing products. Sometimes, even if I don’t get it for myself, it gives me an idea of how to organize something, or how to improvise. Congrats on 4 years! Keep it coming!

  55. 56
    Joanna says

    I just discovered your site today, and it looks amazing. I love your quote “No challenge, no change. If you don’t give yourself a challenge, there can be no change, and without change, there is no growth.” So true. I’m in the midst of my own organization/de-cluttering challenge (http://questionablehousekeeping.blogspot.com). Blogging has definitely held me accountable on days I’d rather slack off. It’s the motivation I need when nothing else will work.

  56. 57
    Julie says

    Your 30-day challenge is what got me to subscribe to your blog. I need someone (even a cyber someone) to challenge me because I just don’t do it on my own. I find it hard to challenge myself often. But an online challenge with others showing what they accomplished is very motivating to me. So I subscribed and I’m doing, yay!

  57. 58
    Cecilia says

    The number one thing I’ve learned from your site is how to meal plan. I started doing this every Sunday evening, and what a difference it has made! I also appreciate seeing your weekly meal plans (as well as everyone else’s) and getting inspiration for new dishes to try. Thanks!

  58. 59
    Sarah Moore says

    Way to go on 4 years. I check everyday and love your site. I personally love your Menu plan Monday. This is something that really helps me and of course all of your other tips are wonderful too. Can’t wait to see all the great things on your blog in the future. Thanks for all you do.

  59. 60
    Diana says

    I found your website just a couple weeks ago, but one of my favorite organizing tips is to keep a short notebook with paint samples (and numbers) with pictures of your rooms so when you go looking for items to decorate with you have the paint colors and your room pics with you.
    I also like the fact of doing short spurts (you don’t have to finish it all at once) of organizing.
    thanks and looking forward to your book

  60. 61
    Rachel J says

    Meal planning with links is SO helpful! But I always go back to SIMPLIFY- getting organized doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. (I have a little sign similar to the one in the picture in my kitchen to remind me!)
    Thanks for being a go-to source for ideas and tips to get and stay organized! Love your advise & blogs. Congrats on turning 4- and prayers for many more blogoversaries!

  61. 62
    Lisa says

    Too many to sort out on the tips! The most basic one: Containerizing! Love MPM, really love the Challenges even when I don’t get my pictures posted–they help so much. I will be happy to buy a copy of your book for me and one for a give-a-way on my blog!

  62. 63
    ter@waaoms says

    Congrats! You’re one of my favorite go-to blogs for encouragement and ideas. I think the fact you encourage “a little bit every day” has been a big impact, and also your system for purging with the boxes (keep, giveaway, garbage) has been quite helpful as well. It has really helped me with my purging, though I’m still struggling to figure out the best way to organize what I have to / want to keep because of the lack of storage space in my house vs where I use said items. But I will keep working on it and I know you and your blog will continue to inspire me.

  63. 64
    Mandy says

    I have only recently (last 3 months or so) found your blog and check it everyday, but my two favorite pieces of advice have been to color-code your boxes when you are moving, and to check the Dollar Store for containers.

  64. 65
    Raelynn Friesen says

    meal planning! it had made my life so much easier!

  65. 66
    Adrienne Larkin says

    There are so many things that have helped me in the past year (when I started reading your blog) that I can’t list them all, but my regular item is the menu planning. I use something off of it every week. My other most recent favorite item is the pre-packing bags to the beach and pool with the checklist. It is going to make my summer so much easier!!!

  66. 67
    Mandy Sadler says

    congrats – my favorite tips have been about laundry and laundry rooms – in help in that area is a must – thanks for the giveaway…

  67. 68
    Cathy says

    I’m a relatively new reader. I always check in first thing Monday for the meal planner. I find when I have a plan, I spend so much less at the supermarket. Thanks!

  68. 69
    Andrea says

    I’m fairly new around here (maybe a month or so!) … but I think my favorite (so far) was from a linky post? It was a picture of a cute little place to hold all those missing oddball socks together – I think the one you linked to had clothes pins glued onto a board and hung on the wall? I took that idea and went to my laundry room to brainstorm… Our upright freezer is next to our washer machine. I went to target and in the kitchen section found 2 packages of heavy duty magnetic clips – 4 in each pack… I hung those on the side of the freezer and now my lonely socks have a home and it’s so easy to find the socks that match up! I was always having a pile of oddball socks here and one over there… So, I guess the best tip from your website is that everything needs a home… and if it doesn’t have a home – find it one… even if it means tossing/donating the item.

  69. 70
    Martha says

    I love Menu Plan Monday. Not only have your recipes and menu plan given me wonderful ideas but all of the other people who link up have also provided inspiration. It has also been an awesome way to find other blogs that are of the same mind set.

  70. 71
    Laura Aridgides says

    I just love that you love baskets and bins as much as I do! I felt like I was the only one, until I read your blog :)

  71. 72
    melissa says

    I haven’t been reading long, but I just love the idea to simplify and have a plan. I am making small steps in these areas.

  72. 73
    Joy @Frugal Menu Mamas says

    I love all the containers you show. Plus I also love how you are influencing so many others to menu plan! That is HUGE!

  73. 74
    Skooks says

    We all have things we could stand to get rid of. I can’t pick one “tip”, but overall your posts help me to notice those things that don’t need organizing so much as they need to be let go. Does that make sense? Congratulations on your anniversary. I really love your blog!

  74. 75
    Kirsten says

    Menu Plan Monday has changed my life! I’m much better about planning out what we’re going to eat for the week after reading your blog! *fingers crossed!*

  75. 76
    Shonda says

    I love the menu monday posts. I really want to read more of your site because I NEED to organize. I would love to win those books!

  76. 77
    Michelle says

    My favorite tip – and what brought me to your website to begin with – is Menu Plan Monday. I love the idea of planning out my week’s menu’s so there is not mass confusion when I get home at 5:30. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  77. 78
    Jody H. says

    My favorite time was the 3M command strips and using them behind doors to hang backpacks, coats, and aprons. I went right out and bought a bunch!

  78. 79
    Fruitful Harvest says


    I think my favorite tip is to declutter the problem spots in your home at least once a day!
    And to not let the dining room table be the landing pad for everything!

    I have watched the show Horders and it has helped me in letting go of uneeded stuff! Get rid of the stuff not just stir it around!
    All the rubbermaid boxes in the world won’t get rid of the clutter….you just then have clutter in fancy boxes! lol

    Warm Blessings,

  79. 80
    Susan says

    Happy 4th Blog Anniversary!!! And congratulations on your book!

    My favorite tip is containerizing. I’ve used that concept all over my house, although I still have plenty to organize. I also took a tip from your kitchen organization and write the names of my spices on their lids. That one thing saves me so much stress when I’m in the middle of cooking!

  80. 81
    Amy says

    I am a newer reader, but love the Menu Plan Mondays. It makes such a difference in my week to have my menu planned out! Holding myself to link my menu to yours helps pressure me to get it done. I need that, thanks! :)

  81. 82
    Lisa Marris says

    I am a new member of your community, and a fellow organizing fanatic. I should own stock in plastic bins :) The best piece of organizing advice I have received is that A LITTLE organizing everyday goes a LONG way -whether I’m on the phone or brushing my teeth, something can be wiped up, or put away. Loose the notion that it must be perfect ALL the time. It works!

  82. 83
    Tori Banks says

    Your no-sort laundry tip really took a lot of the time and stress out of laundry for me. I now wash all of one kid’s laundry at a time, and throw it all in together=no sorting before or after. A little scary the first few times, but no mishaps! (Also love Menu Plan Mondays!)

  83. 84
    Colleen says

    Menu Plan Mondays are AWESOME! I just found your site, and I love the links to other sites for both MPM and OMAC!

  84. 85
    rhonda smith says

    I just recently began following, but my favorite new trick is hanging shoe organizers for hats/mittens and hair things in the bathroom.

  85. 86
    Kate (This Mom) says

    How funny…it’s your four year blogging anniversary, and today I celebrate four months! Thanks for the inspiration. I am a new subscriber, but going through the archives my favourite is your ‘before and after’ category. Sometimes we need that visual to give us a push!

  86. 87
    Denise says

    My favorite organizing strategy that I learned from you has got to be menu planning in advance! Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

  87. 88
    Sylvette says

    Containers!!! I love containers…. and menu plans… and found some nice ideas in your 30 days challenge!
    Your blog is awesome! Best of luck with your book! Can’t wait to read it!

  88. 89
    Pete says

    clipping/pinning socks together……….was that one of yours or did I come up with that on my own?

  89. 90
    Adina Reaume says

    Menu plan Monday has changed my life! The rest of our stuff has been in fairly good order (I’m always looking for new ideas – which is how I found you) but, meal time has been a nightmare for me – or should I say WAS a nightmare – no longer, I have been working on getting my act together and your MPM has been helping to keep me on track.

  90. 91
    Vickie says

    Probably my favorite tip is: You can’t organize clutter!
    Congratulations on your 4 year mark. Keep it up. I enjoy your blog and am looking forward to your book.

  91. 92
    Sarah N says

    Congrats on 4 years! I love reading your posts. My favorites are your weekly links. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  92. 93
    SarahT says

    I found your blog from podcast referral Meal Makeover Moms interview and menu planning is the area of our family life I felt was lacking the most organization. I also love the tip of using baskets or boxes inside of your kitchen cabinets to store teas & cocoa mixes together. Thanks!

  93. 94
    Melanie says

    The best ADVICE post I’ve ever seen is the one titled:
    “We are not our children’s slaves….”. My kids are grown, now 25 and 23, but one of the most important things I learned when my kids had finally gotten to the age that they were ABLE, RESPONSIBLE, AND ACCOUNTABLE for helping and keeping things picked up and organized…then one of the most helpful things you can do as a parent AND for your kids is to MAKE SURE (I hate to say “demand”, but I really wanted to put that word in place of “make sure”) that they LEARNED to help, pick up, and organize their stuff! But it is up to the parent to teach them and help them…then once you feel that they have it down, then it is of the utmost importance that you, the parent, LET GO AND LET THEM DO IT! I don’t know a parent on the planet that doesn’t, at times, just feel like…”oh my gosh, it will take them so long to do it that you just step in and do it yourself, or you don’t let them have enough time or guidance to learn…” so you just step in or butt in and do it yourself because you feel like (a) it is either taking too long, or (b) they’re not doing it “RIGHT”. Bad parent! (I’m talking about ME because I did this so many times, but looking back, I wish I wouldn’t have done that so much.

    So this is one piece of advice that I think is SO important and it should definitely be included in the book!!!

    Congrats on everything and best wishes for success!


  94. 95
    Julie B says

    One piece of advice that I really took to heart is that its ok to let go of old needlepoint or quilting projects that I’ve never finished and have just been cluttering up my craft space. Oh, and I learned to store Epsom salts in a pretty container too :)

  95. 96
    missy peak says

    i enjoy your website so much. i like the tip that if you havent touched it for a year to get rid of it. I try to do this with clothes but you encouraged it with everything. Thanks

  96. 97
    cheryl tynan says

    I enjoy all of the tips. Menu Plan Monday is so inspiring and the 30 Day Challenge, actually motivated me to clean out and reclaim a wonderful space. Thanks so much for your blog, i love it!!!

  97. 98
    Stephanie says

    Ditto on the Menu Plan Monday!!! What a fantastic idea for working mothers. One other tip that I have ran across many times — in organizing your gigantic paper mound, touch each paper only once. Otherwise, the project becomes never ending.

  98. 99
    Bunny Cates says

    Menu Planning has helped us TONS. It not only completely removes the “trying to decide” what to cook at 5pm, but it helped cut our grocery bill by about a THIRD!

  99. 100
    Katie says

    I would have to say Menu Planning Monday is the best thing about this blog.

  100. 101
    Heather @CeliacFamily says

    I have to say that Menu Planning has helped me the most. Before I joined Menu Plan Monday, I wasn’t consistent about planning meals. Now I make a menu every week. Your Menu Planner template was also a big help for me. After using it for months, I finally created my own that combined a meal planner with a grocery list that is categorized based on the aisles and how I walked through the store. I was amazed to find that it saves me at least 30 minutes in the grocery store.

  101. 102
    Jen Wilson says

    Congratulations Laura!!

    I can’t remember what post it was in, maybe it was in many posts! But, the most important thing I’ve learned from you (and your blog) is that everything should have a home. I’ve purged a lot because of that rule and I love it!

    Also, the whole menu planning thing. AMAZING. I havne’t posted mine in quite a while, but you’ve gotten me in the habit to, most weeks, menu plan. And I love it.

    Here’s to many more Org Junkie years!!!

  102. 103
    Divya Vikra says

    Getting rid of clothes post inspired me :) Congrats on your milestone!

  103. 104
    Liz says

    Product reveiws….saves me time from shopping and deciding how and where I would use a product. Thanks!

  104. 105
    Sharon says

    Two biggies for me- your explanation on how to get organized following the PROCESS and the consistency in Menu Plan Monday. Thanks for such a great blog and will be praying for you during the writing process!

  105. 106
    Jamie H. says

    I would have to say that I love the menu plan monday posts. They give me ideas of things I can make with stuff I already have in my pantry.

  106. 107
    Diana says

    The biggest thing for me, recently, has been the recipe organization! But I love it all. When I need a good way to organize something, my first step is to search your blog to see what you have to say about it! :)

  107. 108
    Kara Peek says

    I LOVE Menu Planning Monday! I can’t live without it! Congratulations on such a wonderful website that is helping so many!!!

  108. 109
    Sarah H says

    I don’t know how we ate before I started making a meal plan. I look back and truly wonder because I cannot recall cooking all that much. I must have blocked the awful memories out of my mind. :)

  109. 110
    Maggie0215 says

    I really enjoyed the blog about aprons. Aprons really make me feel good about myself and my home.
    Congrats on 4 years!
    The menus help out too.

  110. 111
    Kathy says

    I am new, but I really like the meal planning. You have a real simple way of explaining everything. (Even to us who are organized challenged!)

  111. 112
    Lindy H says

    I’m a new reader and definitely need your help with organizing my life! My favorite piece of advice when dealing with mail is to touch it once. Don’t leave it in a pile on your kitchen counter or in your office. Go through it as soon as you get it and throw away the junk. It has definitely helped keep my mail clutter down.

  112. 113
    Yuko says

    I really enjoy your blog. My most favorite part is Menu Mondays. I am at week #12 of posting my menu on my blog. It is very motivating to see all other people doing the same. I also love reading about your purging.

  113. 114
    Need A Nap2 says

    Congratulations!! The most helpful to me was the Organizational Challenge (whole room) that I participated in 2007 (can’t believe it’s been that long). But I appreciate all the tips and helpful info on getting organized. Especially not alienating those who don’t organize naturally or are challenged by certain areas/situations. Thank you!

  114. 115
    Jenny says

    Congratulations! I love Menu Plan Monday- Knowing the menu for the week saves so much time for me. If the hubby has to cook, he can look right at the calendar and know what to make. I know to take food out to defrost, use up leftovers, plan around kids sport and activities… Before I planned menus, we ate more fast food because I wasn’t prepared. Now, I prepare a home cooked meal 30/31 nights a month! It’s healthier and saves me money now that the boys are teenagers!

  115. 116
    Bren says

    I loved your article entitled “Seven Habits of Highly Successful Homemakers” I have hopes to incorporated those habits very soon. They gave me a ton of inspiration! I also love menu planning with you. Linking up forces me to make a plan for the week ahead. Thank you so much for all you do and congratulations on four successful years.

  116. 117
    Valerie says

    My favorite post was the one on the purse organizer.

  117. 118
    Mrs. Pear says

    I think the biggest over all thing has been to just do it, you make it seem easy!

  118. 119
    Melissa says

    Congrats on 4 years! I love all your posts and ideas. My favorite organizing tip is meal planning. Menu Plan Monday has totally changed my life! I am a former chef, and I always enjoyed the “challenge” of walking into my kitchen and preparing something from what I had on hand never knowing what I would create until I started the process. Now that I have a family, actually planning meals on a weekly basis has made my life so much easier. It means I HAVE to look a week ahead and plan our meals based on our activities. Organization is a life saver!

  119. 120
    Kristi says

    I think the post that stuck with me the most was about how to deal with items that have sentimental value but you don’t use them. I love your recommendation of taking a picture then letting go of it. We are getting ready to move overseas and that is a tip that will help me greatly as I’m going through my things and have to make decisions about what to keep.

  120. 121
    Sheridan says

    I enjoyed the challenges. They motivate me to DO something, instead of just reading about being organized!

  121. 122
    Carla says

    I have to admit that I have become a container junkie, I was just in the Dollar Tree looking for containers among other things.

    I also LOVE Menu Plan Monday!!!!!! I have found so many new recipes.

  122. 123
    Amy says

    I must say that I love the Menu Plan Monday’s as well. But more specifically, I love to use the timer to delcutter or tidy rooms….it’s like baby steps to organized. Thanks for all your tips. Can’t wait for your book!

  123. 124
    Katrina says

    I love Menu Plan Monday! It has provided many new ideas for dinners.

  124. 125
    Joyce says

    I love MPM. Lots of great simple recipes that real people (those of us without a whole kitchen crew to prep and clean for us) have tried. I also like the challenges. It inspires and motivates me to see people who are in the same life situations as me who are able to get organized. Happy 4 years!!!

  125. 126
    Megan Kuo says

    My fave tip in general is to organize in a way that works for you, not just what you see in a magazine or what works for someone else.

  126. 127
    Andrea says

    Awesome on 4 years! -That’s commitment!! I guess I have some catch-up reading to do.
    “How long should you keep your financial records” post has really helped me to declutter and really think of what’s necessary to keep when it comes to all things paper. Phone bills paid from 4 years ago is ridiculous to hold on to..etc. I have really streamlined the seems like-daily paper battle and that’s thanks to you. : )

  127. 128
    Chris says

    Congratulations! The best tip ever was your laundry system!!! It works perfect for my family and has been a blessing. Thank you for this and the many, many other tips I use!

  128. 129
    Louise says

    Happy Blog Birthday :) I had to move provinces almost nine years ago now & have survived… so ALL THE BEST in your new journey, your book adventure & all the other good stuff yet to come! Be blessed :)

    Hmmm – I can pretty much apply everything to write to my life, so hence the reason I have you on my own ‘blogroll’ & check in frequently. I really loved the link that you posted about the bags on the bag of kitchen chairs, one for each family member, and plan to make those ASAP. Organization tips in the car, for travelling, you name it – love it all – now to put it all into practice!!! I have also been taking pictures of my kids’ art and school projects and then I blog about it (or show it off to grandparents etc that way) so that I don’t feel as guilty about tossing their masterpieces.

  129. 130
    Eos Mom says

    Pick me, pick me, I wanna win!

    Congrats on 4 years of blogging and the book deal!!! One of my favorite posts is this one–https://orgjunkie.com/2008/02/create-a-command-center-and-get-your-paper-piles-off-the-counter.html–on creating a command center.

    Thanks for the chance!

  130. 131
    Julia Reffner says

    Congratulations on a fantastic blog! I think the best thing I have learned from your blog is how to make mealplanning more simple.

  131. 132
    Heather says

    The most helpful tip (not crazy at all) is menu planning. Your blog was my first encounter with the concept…really..shocking isn’t it?

  132. 133
    amber says

    I’ve enjoyed your posts about purging.

  133. 134
    Paige McLean says

    Congrats on 4 years!!

    For me, your menu planning has been a life saver, and my favorite part of your blog. Every Monday, I grab my coffee sit down at my computer and plan my meals for the week–Thank You!

  134. 135
    Christine says

    A new subscriber here–congratulations! I love your menu planning Monday–heard about it from a friend. I am enjoying getting to know your blog:). Happy moving & good luck with everything!

  135. 136
    jaclyn says

    to ask myself before I keep something, how much is this really costing me? so many things we think we need end up costing us valuable time, energy, money, peace, etc. I am trying to remember this as I strive to simplify my life and my home.

  136. 137
    andrea says

    I love the organizing challenges and how you say to do just a little each day. I tend to think I need to do it all at once, and never have time for that. But 15 minutes at a time makes a huge difference.

  137. 138
    Mo says

    I greatly appreciate the Meal Planning. This helps my brain more than I can express. It’s a blessing!

  138. 139
    Sherri says

    My favorite tip has been the Monday Menu Planning. I also look forward to Monday mornings and a whole list of blogs and new recipes to find.

  139. 140
    Devon says

    Congrats on everything!!

    For me, I love the meal planning and the Organzing Challenge–not that I always follow the meal planning…lol…but the Organizing Challenge really helped me in a way that I needed a lot in my life–a little serenity and a space to dream. It was great!!

  140. 141
    Tasha says

    wow 4 years that is crazy :) um is it wrong that I really just want that cake??? so I started cleaning my room the other night at 1am and by 4am I really had just created more mess than anything :( I think I need a tea date with my friend and by tea date I mean please come help me clean my room lol

  141. 143
    shirley says

    Congrats on 4 years! I have been following for about 6 months and I have found so much of your blog helpful, but meal planning is definitely my top!

  142. 144
    Axela says

    Hi there! Congrats on your blog-anniversary and on your book, what an exciting journey. I just started to read your blog three weeks ago and I really got some good ideas so I added you to my favorite blogs to read. The one post I liked the most was Clothes Purging ~ How To Let Go. I am living with my in-laws for now so space is a BIG issue for me. After reading your posting I went ahead and let go of many pieces of clothing that I didn’t wear anymore, not an easy task since I moved from Arizona to Boston and I brought that stuff with me thinking that they were the pieces I loved…at the end I let go of many things and now my closet looks pristine and I have no problem picking up what I am wearing every day! Thanks!

  143. 145
    camille says

    COngrats on the 4 yrs. The tip I liked most was start in a small area for get a teaste of success. That made me go onto the another and another area of the house. THe other part of your blog that I enjoy is the articles especially the CONTAINERIZING ones.

  144. 146
    Stacie says

    I just found your blog so obviously I haven’t been reading for awhile, but my favorite organizing tip (as I’m addicted too!) is the One-touch rule! I have found that dealing with paperwork and mail one time is such a time saver and such a good way to get rid of all that extra paper lying around. This helps me in my personal life and in my classroom as well :) I try to apply this to my e-mail too- look at it, read it, deal with it and move on. This way nothing gets backed up and nothing gets forgotten, it’s done :) I look forward to reading more on your blog!

  145. 147
    Amanda Shelley says

    Congratulations! As far as tips goes, it is hard to choose just one. I love the menu planning tips. I love, love the before and after pictures. Those are my top two picks but you have been a tremendous help in my organizing adventures! I really appreciate it and can’t wait for the book!

  146. 148
    Abby @ They Lend Me Their Hearts says

    Congratulations!! There were many tips, so many that I’m blanking on most of them now that the pressure is on ;o) A big one that comes to mind is to check the dollar store for containers… organizing doesn’t have to cost a lot!

  147. 149
    Shirley says

    I have only been a fan since the star tof the week but I love your menu plan mondya. Gave me some inspiration this week and I might actually sign up next week.


  148. 150
    Mary T. says

    WOW! I’m impressed! Thanks to you I now have a “Command Center” – okay…TWO of them…one for the kids and one for my honey and I.
    It has helped us (okay-ME) remember the kids’school events, my school events, my theatre schedule, soccer games, picture days; it’s a bill-keeper, a “proud moment” holder, ‘honey-do’ lister; it pins up bday invites, altar server schedules, graduation invites, cast lists, etc…
    They are my giant POST-IT notes and I thank you for helping me make my first Command Center…you personally answered an email from me and I have been a fan ever since!
    Thank you and God Bless!

  149. 151
    Jessica says

    I come here predominately for the MPM. I use two recipes you’ve linked to weekly and it’s helped my sanity by having something to rely on. Additionally, after I read the clothing de-cluttering post I promptly went through my closets and got rid of one bag of clothes.
    Congrats on 4 years!

  150. 152
    Nathalie St-Pierre Roths says

    Hi there,

    I just recently discovered your blog so I want to say congratulation on the 4 years anniversary! The best way to keep me organized (I work full-time, have 2 hours commute everyday!) so I bring a sheet of paper with me every morning and write a list of things to do before I go to bed the same night. It works! I never forget anything and have gone to bed nightly with everything checked off my list! :-)

  151. 153
    Ginny says

    Congrats on four years of blogging! One thing that I’ve learned from your blog is that you don’t have to spend a lot on containers. You can repurpose old containers for different purposes, buy inexpensive ones at the dollar store, re-use, re-cycle. Be creative!

  152. 154
    Renee says

    YOUR LAUNDRY SYSTEM!!!!! It has changed my whole life! I can now do my six kids laundry without going nuts! The whole concept of just throwing a load in-not separating each color out-has made me one happy Mama!! THANK YOU!!!

  153. 155
    Renee says

    Oh and silly me, I ‘m sorry I was so excited to write you about how much I love your laundry system, I forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS on your blogging anniversary! Way cool!!!

  154. 156
    Ruth Hill says

    I love so many of your tips even if I haven’t put them into practice. I love your recipes! Can’t wait to try them! And I love the fact that you tell us to do it when we are able to just a little at a time. Don’t waste time. Do it now!!

  155. 157
    Barbie says

    Congratulations on 4 years! I am a fairly new follower (within the last 4-5 months). I really so appreciate all of your menu planning tips and your decluttering tips! Thank you for creating this site!

  156. 158
    Becky says

    I learned to love baskets for organizing. I also love the organizing challenges. Congrats on the 4 years of blogging. I love reading your blog, and would love more tips (or reminders) of what I should do to keep things organized.

  157. 159
    Becca says

    I’ve been inspired by so many of your posts! (Even though I must admit that I haven’t put as many into practice as I wish I would have by now!)
    I have started working on a meal planning system, fully intend to declutter my closet :), and have un-sorted my laundry! I love the post about organizing for your personality! Thanks for all of the awesome tips, and thanks for the chance to win!

  158. 160
    Jean says

    My favorite of all you do is meal planning – what a difference it has made!

    I can’t wait to read your book!

  159. 161
    Jackie Bentley says

    I am a newbie to your blog, and it has been the best thing I have done.
    You have helped me get things organized and you have also helped me come up with different ideas for meals. You are awesome!! Congrats on the 4 years and here’s to many many more!! :)

  160. 162
    Cathie says

    Well, I’m relatively new. I can not tell you how much more peaceful life is with a menu plan, so I have to go with MPM. To finally have posted my own menu is a tremendous step, and it has been a much happier week so far!

  161. 163
    Brenda says

    Wow! 4 years of great ideas. You have been an inspiration to me. The two things that I have learned from you: How to purge the CLUTTER, get rid of it for good and still survive!! And knowing that it is poosible to be freed of the burden of STUFF. Keep up the great job. I really enjoy your blog.

  162. 164
    Wendi says

    I haven’t been a member for too long, but I have gained a lot of little tidbits…from organizing my desk to my purse….I have many little zipper pouches from the dollar store that I have organized my different goodies int. Also, eventhough I didn’t formally join the contest in Feb. I did receive encouragement to reorganize a “dump it in” room to a mudroom/laundry center/pantry – which is much more functional and useful – and now also more organized.

  163. 165
    Missy Smith says

    Congrats on 4 years! I am a newbie to this site but have enjoyed what I have seen so far! What I like is the recipes and the planning menus! I have already used several recipes already and my family and I have loved them! So thanks for all you do! Good Luck on the book!

  164. 166
    Lori says

    I have to say that your Monday Menu planning has been the greatest help to our family. Now at least they get dinner most nights!!


  165. 167
    Jamie says

    The best advice I liked was – start small. This goal allowed be to do one section at a time and not worry about getting the whole thing done at once. With so little time with work and children this helped.

  166. 168
    Christy says

    I love your posts on how to deal with kid clutter. Especially art projects, etc. With four kids, their “clutter” can take over quick!!

  167. 169
    TracT says

    I’m new to your blog. I’m getting encouragement and hopefully a tweak in perspective. For instance, how you see organizing as your “high”. I kind of felt that while going through my daughter’s things when she returned from college. I need to carry that over to paperwork and my office. And I like that you give us ideas and suggestions, such as desk organizers and purse organizers, things I hadn’t thought of.

  168. 170
    Candy M says

    Congrats on 4 years!! :) My favorite posts are on organizing your car – it’s always a work in progress for me.

  169. 171
    Nancy says

    I used your Free Printable Camping Checklist over and over. Thank you!

  170. 172
    Michelle M says

    Im a new follower…an organizing tip that has made an impact on my life is if you havent worn it in a year, you wont wear it this year…or next year…or the year after!!

    I was saving all my clothes HOPING to fit back into them but really it just cluttered my closet and my self comfidence! So my closet is so much cleaner, so much nicer and now I dont feel horrible getting dressed every day looking at all my size small tops that dont fit me!!

  171. 173
    Beth says

    I stumbled upon your blog looking for something related to organizing solutions and over the years have really enjoyed the monthly round-up. Designating an area- my laundry room, my closet, my junk drawer, etc. each month to really go through has made a huge difference! I’m not a blogger, so I’ve never posted pics. or anything, but I really enjoyed the encouragement. Currently, I keep coming back for the MPM as well- love it!

    Thanks! Happy Birthday!

  172. 174
    Kimberly Tidwell says

    Happy Birthday!!! I have been reading your blog for about two years. So much has helped me, but your use of containerizing has helped me the most. I have set boundaries and that’s it. Congratulations on your book and you have my prayers. Thank you!

  173. 175
    Kristan says

    Oh, so many tips to choose from. Not only does your blog provide me with tips and advise on decluttering and organizing, but it is also inspires and motivates me to get these things done and be able to live a “simpler” life. So, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The biggest time saving tip that I have used faithfully since I read the blog post has been the “No sort laundry post”. I have 3 crazy boys and 2 are exactly the same size. So trying to sort their laundry was especially hard. But now, it’s a breeze and laundry day is much smoother. Happy Blog Birthday!!!!

  174. 176
    Erin says


    I have two things that helped from you site.
    Menu planning and containerizing!

  175. 177
    Kelly S says

    Congrats on 4 years! I am fairly new to your website, but I would say that I really enjoy your organizing tips and storage units for toys. I am in the process of redoing our toy room and you have given me many great tips on how to organize, what to organize with, and how to get rid of toys. Thanks for all that you do!!! Happy Blog Birthday!!!

  176. 178
    debi says

    Congrats and Happy 4 years to you! Now for my tip…. You know those little plastic baggies that are attached to your new clothing that has extra thread or buttons in them? Well these little baggies are great to put your earrings in and store in your jewelry box or drawer. This way it keeps both of them together and no searching or digging through your jewelry box for the matching pair!

  177. 179
    Natalie says

    I love all your organization tips! The most recent one I’ve implemented is the dollar store containers to organize the top shelf in my closet. It looks so much better and I can fit more up there. I also LOVE your menu plan Mondays. :)

  178. 180
    Randa @ The Bewitchin' Kitchen says

    I love your blog and it has such great ideas but you are the one who got me into meal planning, and if it wasn’t for that I would be wasting so much money! So thank you for that!

  179. 181
    Laurie says

    I liked your suggestions for a “simple girls party” with your friends. Instead of being a perfectionist and going to a ton of trouble you just invited your friends and set a simple tropical table from a party store. You said the main thing is that you all got together and that really resonated with me. I make things too hard and difficult so I never actually do it. I just think about dong it. That was very freeing to me.
    Thank you
    Also love meal plan Monday!

  180. 182
    e k says

    i loved looking at your pictures of plastic containers from the dollar store…. drool…. =) they always made me smile, too.

  181. 183
    Alison says

    Congratulations on celebrating 4 years and on your book! Wow!

    Menu planning has been the most help to me. I don’t have it working for me completely yet…but it’s been a big help so far! So much better than NO PLAN at all!

  182. 184
    Liz Cranage says

    My favorite has to be the throw out fifty things. I got rid of alot more than 50 but it really helping me to begin my journey of organizing my life. Happy 4th Birthday

  183. 185
    Tammy D. says

    I have to say I love the meal planning tips. This is a major weakness of mine and it has helped me.

  184. 186
    Jana says

    My best tip is to start early because as the day goes I start to lose my energy.

  185. 187
    Jenny says

    I’ve been reading your blog for several years now. Thank you for all of your organizing tips and stories! I especially like the PROCESS and containerizing. One of your posts that I used in my house is the WFMW – I’m Outta Here shelf (https://orgjunkie.com/2007/01/wfmw-im-outta-here-shelf.html). I used to have things to return to friends, library books to return, donations, etc. all over the house. It’s so nice to have one place right by the front door to collect everything that needs to go. I put them on the top shelf in the coat closet by the front door.

  186. 188
    Barbara says

    Just the name of the blog inspires me to start organizing. I really like the tips that you give for using things that you see on sale or find in a store then bring home to help organize. Seems like I over-organize and your tips “keep it real”. Thanks so much.

  187. 189
    Rachel says

    My favorite thing that I now live by has got to be the menu planning!

  188. 190
    barbara says

    I’m not sure what has been my favourite thing… probably finding out that I am not alone in my addiction to containers… although now I am holding myself back and trying to buy for specific purposes. Another thing is organizing my laundry room… and creating a closet where there isn’t one…
    so much info, so little time…

  189. 191
    Laura says

    My favorite tip has been to clear everything out of the space you’re wanting to re-organize so you start with a clean slate. My impatient side doesn’t like this tip, but it has really helped with some major organizing projects.

  190. 192
    Melissa says

    I just started reading your blog a few months ago. So far my favorite has been the Purse Perfector. I am a busy working mom with my 2nd son on the way. I’ve been trying really hard to get my house and life organized before baby #2 arrives. The Purse Perfector has helped me organize my purse. I LOVE it. Everything is at my fingertips. Now if I could just get the rest of my house in order……..

  191. 193
    Heidi says

    My favorite tip is to take a picture of something if it holds special memories instead of keeping it if you have no use for it anymore.

  192. 194
    Kate says

    I just dig all of the tips. I plan using some of the clothing ones this summer, to help me clean out my closet. (Actually, I should say closets because, yes, I have that many clothes). Also, I can’t remember for certain if this was you, but I saw tips for making organizers for shelves that I am currently attempting. One day, my bedroom is going to be as organized as your life seems. :-)

  193. 195
    Valerie S says

    Congrats on four years! I have been a reader for a very short time but a recent post you had : Clothes Purging ~ How To Let Go was really helpful for me. I am really bad about getting rid of clothes and my husband is worse. We need to really work on letting go.

  194. 196
    Elaine says

    I love you challenges, and I loved your reminder that although I may have the space for all my things doesn’t mean I need to fill every inch. A little extra breathing room is a good thing!

  195. 197
    Carolyn Williams says

    Thank you for all of your tips. I loved the 30 day organizational challenge. I was moving my 3 yr old into a room with her 6 yr old sister at the time to make room for baby and all of the tips helped!

  196. 198
    Kerry says

    I am now addicted to the Monday meal planner. I love it.

  197. 199
    Karen says

    I like the tip of photographing memories instead of keeping all the stuff.

  198. 200
    Manda says

    Happy 4th!
    I have always been an organizing nut and when I stumbled across your blog a while back, I felt a giddy excitement like a 13-year-old teenager who just discovered she needed braces (what an exciting time, may I tell you)!
    The best tip that has been given can be best described as a big package…
    When I cruised around your junkie chronicles, I found someone just like me. It was that giddy feeling I got when reading the posts and comments (oh wow…others like me). It was ok that I love to organize. I felt inspiration and confidence.
    So, the best tip is like a package of all the goodness. Within this package I found inspiration from posts about To-Do-Lists, craft area organizing tips (I’m a scrapbooker on my “off times”), and especially posts about purging! Since I am a busy (pack-rat-like) college student, I have lots of tasks to organize and purging to do (like purging those not so age-appropriate clothes).
    Thanks for your website and Happy Birthday!

  199. 201
    Antonella says

    Congratulations on your four-year anniversary! I too am addicted to organization and discovered your blog about four months ago. I absolutely love the tips and advice that I’ve learned through your blog! One of favorite tips was organizing and decorating containers with scrapbook paper. The newly decorated containers were then utilized to hold pens, pencils, etc. I actually put this tip to use and decorated an old box that held my perfume bottle. I now use that box to hold my makeup brushes and nail files!

    Again, thanks for the blog!

  200. 202
    Holly F says

    I have only been reading the blog for about a month, but last week I went to Office Max and bought 2 of the Peter Walsh organizing things after reading the recent post about him and his new line. They are magnetic and I stuck them to the side of my refrigerator to corral some of my paper clutter and I love them.

  201. 203
    Caren Rambeck says

    Congrats on 4 years!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share. About a year ago I started reading your blog…I started with meal planning..The links you have given made the overwelming task easy…Now I am a meal planning fanatic :) Also I have been purging like crazy! You blog has given me the inspiration to keep at the task and get it done! I tore out the cabinets in my laundry room on a whim after seeing your laundry room make-over challenge..I wish I had taken a picture before hand the end results are amazing..all ideas from your blog…And next is the play room :) I think my husband would bann me from coming to your blog (I now have enough jobs to keep him busy for the next year!!)except he loves the “meal planning”. Thank you again!

  202. 204
    Jennifer says

    I have been grateful for the Menu Plan Mondays….

  203. 205
    Jenni says

    Happy Blogday!
    My favorite feature is MPM. It has helped me pull a rabbit out of the hat (pantry) on numerous occasions!

    Thanks for all you do!

  204. 206
    sue says

    Hi Laura, What can I say, I love love your site, you have helped me in so many ways.. and when I put things in a bin I think to myself, Laura would approve… Keep up the good work girlfriend…

  205. 207
    Jasmyne says

    My fav thing about your blog is the menu planning monday, it really helps me have a plan to feed my family all week instead of resorting to takeout.

  206. 208
    Amy says

    I just recently discovered your blog. I am in the process of trying to get some organization in my house & life. My daughter plays on an independent travel softball team so we are alway somewhere on the weekends. I have a rubbemaid container in the back of the van that has anything you could image that we would need for a game. I also have a bag with the team’s logo on it that has magazines, sunscreen, and other things that I can easily take to the field. I will continue to read previous posts & well as stay current to find more organizing ideas that I can use.

  207. 209
    Becky L says

    Congratulations on four years of blogging. Thanks for your help in many ways, especially cleaning my piles of stuff.
    I love blogging as well, almost one year! I wish I had more time! :0)

  208. 210
    thepricklypinecone says

    What really helps us as a family is the Mondays menu planning. It stops me from feeding them cold dinners and saves us a ton of money that we used to spend on take out!

  209. 211
    K Quinn says

    Happy Bloggy Birthday! I just enjoy reading all your organizing tidbits. It’s umm….a vice for me too. I think the one great aha moment I had was when you talked about organizing with dollar store bins. Those things are fantastic! I use them everywhere now. They came in very hand in the fridge and I even have a few in the freezer. I’ve made cleaning kits, kid’s craft kits. So thank you :)

  210. 212
    susi says

    Oh my, just one? Hm… Probably the Menu Planning, it has had the biggest impact on my daily life. It has made things so much easier. And cheaper. And more relaxed. And more tasty. And more diverse. Just better!
    Happy 4th birthday, you are doing a wonderful job and I very much enjoy being a reader of yours!
    all the best,

  211. 213
    evi says

    I think the advice NOT to go out and buy containers before you purged a lot of stuff is a great one – because in the end, after throwing out stuff you end up with containers, baskets, and boxes and don’t need to buy more things.
    Great blog, keep going!

  212. 214
    Andrea says

    Love the menu planning…I have gotten SO many ideas and yummy meals!

  213. 215
    Amanda says

    I haven’t been reading your blog that long, but one thing that you emphasize that I have implemented, is that organizational systems don’t have to be expensive. I love everything to match and be color-coordinated, but since I’ve read that on your blog, I’ve been using other containers naturally found around my house to organize!

  214. 216
    Tara says

    Congratulations on 4 years! I love the before and after pictures because it’s motivating to me, and links to other sites are helpful!

  215. 217
    Sue Pate says

    Way to go!!! I can’t believe it’s been 4 years, but then again time flies when your having fun! Here’s to many more fun years!

  216. 218
    Lisa says

    Congrats on 4 years!

    There are so many things I have learned from your blog – It is my FAVOURITE! Menu planning has been a blessing……..the laundry system (was scared when I first threw everything in together…but it was fine!). I am very sentimental and I keep everything, so taking pictures of these things and journaling about them has helped me declutter my house in a BIG way!

  217. 219
    Greta @ Mom Living Healthy says

    If I hadn’t found your blog, I’m not sure how long it would have taken me to meal plan…and now I can’t go without! That’s the #1 tip I’ve gleaned from your blog, and a CRUCIAL one. Thanks and congratulations on 4 years!

  218. 220
    Jenna says

    I have found MANY great tips from your blog, but I would say the #1 for me has been all your tips about menu planning. I love participating in Menu Plan Monday. I am now a “menu planning junkie” ;)!
    With menu planning came healthier eating, less stress, less eating out, less wasting food, more meal variety, and more saving money! Congrats on 4 years!

  219. 221
    Missy says

    Menu Plan Monday has been the biggest help. We plan from Saturday to Saturday, but the weekly menu has been a huge help!! Not to mention all the great recipes I’ve gotten!

  220. 222
    Nora says

    Congrats on 4 years! You have taught me how to meal plan…..I had no idea how important it was before!! THANK YOU :-)

  221. 223
    Michele D says

    Menu Plans!!! I did get some great info on toy organization too. Love your site.

  222. 225
    kara says

    Congrats on 4 yrs! I’ve been a reader about 2 years and just LOVE your blog. It’s inspiring, uplifting…and FUN :) I can’t wait for your book! Meal Plan Monday is my favorite – it’s SO helpful and provides so many resources with everyone linking up to it. Blessings on you as you continue this journey.

  223. 226
    amybee says

    Congrats on your 4 year anniversary! The concept of menu planning has been especially helpful to me (and my grocery budget.) Thank you.

  224. 227
    Jeannine B. says

    I learned a long time ago, from my best-friend, to create a weekly menu, and I have taken so much grief about our menu from friends who visit our house. Comments from “that is so anal” to “can you teach my inept wife how to do that”. I was so happy to find someone who does the same, and encourages others to take advantage of the benefits of weekly meal planning! It has been a lifesaver at our house for many years!

  225. 228
    Renee says

    Congrats on 4 years! I am a new reader – just discovered your blog in the past few weeks but I have spent most of my lunch hours reading through the archives! I love it! My fav so far is the laundry ah-ha. I have always done MANY different loads each colour-coded because thats the way I was taught AND I’m a follow the rules type of gal!
    This weekend I dropped in a whole load of my daughters clothes all together (I couldn’t add the whites though – baby steps) and it came out just fine!! Ths will save me a ton of time – thanks. Next I’m working on the menu planning!

  226. 229
    Michelle @ Italian Mama Chef says

    congrats on 4 years! And I have utilized the menu planning and I learned to use any type of basket or container to begin organizing my home.

  227. 230
    Kim says

    The most useful thing you’ve written for me is to remember that you’re paying rent or mortgage to keep all of the clutter for “just in case.”

  228. 231
    Anna says

    I love so many of your topics it is hard to pick just one! I started reading your blog to get ideas for meal planning. Congrats on 4 fabulous years!

  229. 232
    Shannon says

    There’s lots of helpful stuff on your blog… one of my favorites are the ways ot conquer all the junk!

  230. 233
    Mel says

    Omg I have so many! I love your kids crafts organization tips, also how to store magazines and notebooks was a help around my house!


  231. 234
    Alice says

    I just found your website so I don’t have a favourite tip yet :)
    I love to organize and recently purchased containers from IKEA and sorted every day socks, nylons, trouser socks, below zero socks, and sports socks….this made me really happy:)

  232. 235
    screwdestiny says

    I’m a fairly new reader but the reason I started following your blog was for all your great meal-planning tips. I love planning out my menu each week, but it used to be really time consuming. Like, hours to plan it out time consuming. With your tips it’s become a lot easier, so I think you should definitely include a lot about that in your book, even if it’s not necessarily organizing stuff.

    Oh, and my personal favorite organizing tip is for my closet…I love clothes, so it’s the one place that I make sure to keep really organized. I have a summer and a winter clothes closet, so that keeps the seasons separated. Then in each of the closets, I hang all the shirts/dresses/jackets with like items (like, first tank tops, then short sleeves, then dresses, etc.), and I group them by color. So I can just think, okay, I want a red, summery shirt to wear today and it’s really easy to find. :)

  233. 236
    Melissa says

    Happy 4th anniversary! I love the blog posts about purging. I already live a clutter free life but for some reason paper/mail/envelopes, etc. get the best of me! Thanks for all of your advice, it has really helped me grow in an organized way!

  234. 237
    Heather says

    I really wasn’t familiar with menu planning until I stumbled on your website, so I have to say that’s been the biggest help. I do love your organizational product reviews, though!

  235. 238
    Julie Anne says

    My favorite thing at all has simply been to find you within this last year!! I am so in love with the MPM. It touches me to know that I am not alone in the meal planning compulsion. Thak you for being here. I too celebrate a birthday on May 31st and it would be great to win something for myself that would help me. Thanks you…..Julie

  236. 239
    Sara says

    I just found your website and am excited to explore it more.

  237. 240
    Connie says

    I just found your website a week or so ago. I liked the post about purging and also about going room to room and not taking on too much. I look forward to exploring your site more as I de-clutter my house!

  238. 241
    Desiree says

    Congrats on 4 years111 I love your Menu Plan Monday. I love LOVE LOVE your Dairy Free Ice Cream, I served it recently at my bday party and it was a big hit with some dairy free friends. Thanks again.

  239. 242
    Stephanie's Mommy Brain says

    I enjoyed reading your PROCESS for organizing. I found the idea to completely clear the space very helpful. Congrats on 4 years! I can’t wait to read more of your organizing ideas.

  240. 243
    Nicole says

    I just found you today. I am excited about the meal plan and the purse organizer and learning more!