Making organizing decisions and a confession

Let’s face it, one of the hardest things about the organizing process is making the decisions about what to do with all our stuff and I’m no exception to that.   While I can often let go of things pretty easily there are still times it’s difficult even for me.  This was the case a couple of weeks ago when I sat down to organize all my serving ware.  I was doing a great job, already having set aside quite a few pieces to go to the thrift store, when I came across this lovely piece.

And then next to that one, this totally divine piece of art:

I am smitten with daisies and I just absolutely adore this unique daisy platter.  Problem is I also love the first one as well.  I mean it is in a basket after all 🙂   However as you can see they are both divided dishes and I’ve never used both of them at the same time.

I started to feel my heart race because I knew I needed to make a decision to purge one.  Which was it going to be?

This was a critical moment for me.

I could panic, bury my head in the sand and just put off making the decision for another day OR I could tackle this decision head on.   Putting off the decision wasn’t going to make it any easier for me later and procrastinated decisions = clutter which is why I was organizing the cabinet in the first place.

Now was the time.

I took a deep breath and got ready to ask myself the tough questions I knew were required in this situation.

1. Do I love them?  Yes I love them both but one in particular I had a real soft spot for.

2.  Do I use them?  How long ago did I use them?  I don’t use either of them regularly and never at the same time.  I do use the daisy one more often and most recently at Christmas time.

3.  Do I have the space to store both without it being a cluttered space?  No

4.  Am I willing to give up something else in this space in order to make room for both?  No I was pretty set on all the other decisions I’d already made.

4.  Can I imagine myself or anyone in my family ever loving it or needing it in the foreseeable future?  Nope, they couldn’t care less.

As I started to ask myself these questions and the answer began to become obvious to me, my anxiety  eased up.  I hated to get rid of one of them because you know what if I needed it one day but the truth is I hadn’t used the basket one in over a year and it wasn’t my favorite of the two.  That cemented my decision for me and I went ahead and placed it in my donation station box.

I felt great that I’d made a decision.

Do I have a special organizing gene unique to me that keeps clutter at bay?  Not at all.  I simply have learned the necessary skills to walk me through the decision making process.  Do I still get anxious about it.  Yes sometimes but the great thing about practicing and using these types of decision making skills on a regular basis means that each time the process gets easier and easier and doesn’t take nearly as long.

Where at one time it might have taken me longer to make a decision, now with practice and acquired skill it is not something I fear.  I know the benefits will far outweigh the anxiety I feel in the moment.

However, having said all that, I do have a confession to make although fortunately one with a happy ending.  Due to the thrift store being closed for the holidays my donation box sat in my office way longer than I ever allow it to sit.  On Sunday as I was preparing my veggies for a church potluck and running a bit behind, I did something I’ve never done before.

I took the basket platter out of the donation box and used it.

Oh yes I did.

It was so easy to do…the donation box was sitting right there.  It was easy to grab and go.  Thankfully though after using the dish I didn’t feel any longing to keep it.  It had been convenient to use but that was it.  I washed it up and put it right back in the donation box and you’d better believe that I got those boxes out of the house as soon as I could on Monday.  The truth is, had I gotten rid of those boxes earlier, I would have made do with what I had.  It wouldn’t have been the end of the world.

Morale of this long story:

1.  Procrastinated decisions = clutter.  Practice making those kinds of decisions regularly (it helps if you start small) and it will get easier for you.  Your confidence with grow as a result.

2.  Have a donation station but don’t let it hang around too long without taking it in.  Whenever I work with clients I always take the donations with me at the end of the day because it’s just so easy to second guess ourselves.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Move on.

Have you made any organizing decisions lately?  What have you been able to let go of recently?

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56 Responses to Making organizing decisions and a confession

  1. 1
    Kelly says

    I love the daisy one! I would have kept that one too, for sure 🙂

  2. 2
    Sam @ Happy Shoes says

    This is a great article. Thank you! I confess I would probably keep both and accept the clutter.

    One of your questions to yourself was, “Do I have the space to store both without it being a cluttered space?” I would love to see an example of this and what you consider to be a cluttered space. I.e., one picture of a space *with* the offending item and one without. I have trouble determining where to draw the line sometimes!

  3. 3
    Rossie says

    Oh, I like the daisy on too. I am a purger by nature…I love to do it sometimes to the dismay of my family, but we have 7 almost 8 living in this little house, so it is quite needed! I am enjoying training my children to do the same, so I did post my new chore chart for 2010.
    Every now and then I too have a dilema in my purging…thanks for sharing!
    Blessings, Rossie

  4. 4
    Laura says

    Hi Sam, that’s a great question. How this will look will be different for everyone. For me an uncluttered space means that I can access what I need without too much hassle. That I can get to my things easily and without much fuss. I don’t want to have to pull out a ton of things in front to be able to access those in the back.
    I have a ton of pictures on my flikr page (click on the pictures in my sidebar to take you there) of my home that will give you an idea of my organizing standards. But like I said this will be different for everyone.

  5. 5
    Laura Jane says

    The daisy one is the cutest! I love your point that procrastination leads to clutter. I’ve found that to be so true. I recently was able to let go of several plastic bins for organizing – I had kept them around for so long thinking I might need them sometime, but hadn’t actually used them for over a year and a half. It’s funny how even an organizational tool can cause clutter.

  6. 6
    [email protected] says

    I have a couple nice platters like that that I *would* use if anyone ever bothered to come over for longer than 1 minute. 🙁
    I have, however, been purging a bit. I have a couple boxes. I think though, since I’m unemployed and have no incoming income, I am a bit nervous about just giving things away without at least seeing if I can get some money for it. Some things that I know are worthless, I can easily give away, so I don’t worry too much about those.

  7. 7
    [email protected] says

    p.s. I was rooting for the daisy one. that’s the one I’d pick too!

  8. 8
    Denise says

    What would you consider as “the foreseeable future”? I’m now second guessing myself as I put some extra dishes in storage that my kids may want/need. One is 18 and the other 16. Most likely, neither are moving within the next couple years, but is that too long to store something that they could probably buy for $50? I’d love your opinion 🙂

  9. 9
    Laura says

    Hi Denise, I don’t think I would hang on to dishes that wouldn’t be needed for a couple of years. My reasoning for that is that it would cost them next to nothing to replace (unless of course the dishes are of great value but would the kids really appreciate them anyway if they were?) as thrift stores are chock full of dishes that can be picked up for much less than $50.00. You could get a whole set for less than $10.00 for sure. Just my 2 cents.

  10. 10
    Melissa Multitasking Mama says

    You go girl! I will share the link to this post in my social network- those are the exact questions I have my clients ask about purging an item. Happy New Year!

  11. 11
    GiBee says

    Since I was recently laid off, I decided to DIVE IN and organize my entire home. My first week of organizing began yesterday (we had been traveling, and such). I organized Hunter’s play room — it looks AMAZING!!! I got rid of so many toys – that was so hard to do, because I know his grandparents spent so much money on them… but I couldn’t keep everything, so I purged all the little baby toys, and kept all the “big boy” toys. I took all the toys and books OUT of the family room on the main level, and moved them to the rec room in the basement (finished room). It was quite a task, too! It allowed me to whip the family room into shape in no time flat, too! SO NICE to have an adult room again, and my 4-yr old was so excited to have his own play room. He even asked me if he could RUN down there, and I was happy to say… YES!

    I did not take any before pictures… darn. Next is the master bathroom which looks like a truck stop bathroom, and the master bedroom. AGAIN.

    One thing I did to while organizing the playroom—I did not fill up all the storage I had so that it would have room to “grow” with miscellaneous gifts, etc.

    Will you be having any more Roundups? I’m SO in the mood!!!

  12. 12
    Laura says

    Wow that is so awesome! You are on fire I can tell! Love the point about “room to grow”. I agree, that so important for sure.

    No I won’t be doing any roundups this year but I am going to do another 30 Day Organizing Challenge. Just haven’t figured out the logistics yet. Will keep you posted.

  13. 13
    SnoWhite says

    thanks for your tips! my mom and I just spent the evening tackling the overflowing closet…. we asked ourselves many of those same questions.

    do you have any tips for saving/storing school (i.e., college, high school) memorabilia? I’ve got boxes full of papers from college (including graduation cards, etc) — that I’m trying to figure out what to do with!!

  14. 14
    valerie says

    I love decluttering. That makes new places for new things!

  15. 15
    Newlywed & Unemployed says

    I second the idea of the donation station. I always have a box or bag by the laundry room door and it is so much simpler to just toss stuff in there as I decide I don’t want it anymore.

    SnoWhite: A really good tip I picked up along the way was to take pictures of memorabilia and keep an album or scrapbook. I wish I’d heard that bit of advice before I did a huge purge of childhood stuff that would have been fun stories to tell children, but really wasn’t worth moving for the 4th time.

    We have some great stuff from our grandparents, but their tastes were very different from ours. The photo technique has come in handy with that.

  16. 16
    Elizabeth says

    Okay, I have never before thought of having an actual donation station…I just usually grab a garbage type sack and throw things in it and leave it hanging around and under foot until I take it to the local thrift store. Now, I see that I could find an actual and constant place for this…somewhere in my office closet, I think! Thanks for the idea!!! Will do this tomorrow.

    Hey, stop by sometime and see my kitchen tip and the yummiest ever breakfast casserole (EASY!).


  17. 18
    Stacey says

    My family just PCSed (a military move) from our house in Ohio of 2800 sq ft, to a house in Hawaii – yeah!!- of only 1400 sq ft. While the surroundings are breathtaking, our house is screaming for space. So I’ve just started the painful task of trying to purge and organize. The good thing: I’ve been using your website and skills to organize before. Had I not done so, I’d have 2 truck loads of donations already to deal with in addition to the clutter. So I’m so glad to have your posts to keep me going and motivated. Thank you! Another motivator is watching the tv show about hoarders. I instantly feel like cleaning while I’m watching it!

  18. 19
    Blogaroni and Dees says

    i’ve always, always been a packrat. i’ve always been one to keep everything! but just recently a switch has been flipped in my thinking (sometime after i hit 30, i’d say), and i’ve decided that extra space–room to breathe and function both comfortably and beautifully–are much more valuable to me than “stuff”. so keeping that in mind, i’ve been able to let go of a lot that i thought i could never do!

  19. 20
    Janet says

    I like your “procrastinated decisions= clutter” thought. That is so me. I’ll have to keep that in mind when trying to get organized. Love your blog, too!

  20. 21
    Julie says

    Your article made me smile. Nostalgia speaks louder than pragmatism! I have an idea–how about donating the basket hors d’ vour plate to your church’s kitchen–that way you can “visit” it when ever you get to missing it!

  21. 22
    Shannon says

    I took a load of stuff to the thrift store on New Year’s Eve so I could get a receipt for this tax year. When I came back, my 14 y.o. daughter had started cleaning her room and had decided to get rid of a lot of stuff (too bad that hadn’t happened earlier or I could have taken it with me!).

    She decided to get rid of her LeapPad & books that go with it since she’s too old to use it, along with some Build-a-Bears and clothes that go with those. I was going to try to sell them to a resale shop or online, but I’ve decided just to donate them. I don’t want the items to sit around any longer than they have to and don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling them.

    Her room looks wonderful and she now has less stuff to manage!

  22. 23
    Kaylan says

    I recently found your blog and have absolutely loved your honesty and information. I love purging and organizing – it’s therapeutic!

    I go through a similar list of questions when I’m agonizing over a decision, but I have one more question that might help you… “Which of these could I replace easier if I decide I need it in the future?”
    The answer usually comes down to cost and/or uniqueness. I think you made the right decision! The daisy tray is unique while the other could be replaced inexpensively.
    Also, I was hoping you’d say you left the dish for the church kitchen! My church’s kitchen is lacking nice dishes, a beautiful serving tray would be a welcome addition.

  23. 24
    Susanne says

    A very timely post for me as I’m in a purging mood and we might be facing a move this year. Who wants all the work of packing and unpacking items I don’t really use. I’ll be printing those questions out and using them as I go.

    I have a donation station too. Works like a charm.

  24. 25
    Jane Doe says

    My husband and I are pretty ruthless purgers because we both hate clutter, but I have a hard time parting with items that were given to us by family members.

    For example, our daughter got two activity tables for Christmas. They aren’t identical, but they’re very similar in function so it doesn’t make sense to keep both, especially considering their size. If we’d bought them I would have already returned one and used the money for something else but since it was a gift I feel guilty (so-and-so spent time and money picking this out so that Baby can enjoy it…) and so the unneeded one is sitting still in its box in the kitchen.

    I have the same problem with hand-me-downs. It seems like every time someone wants to declutter their own space, they offer some of the discards to us. We turn down a lot of those but my husband feels bad saying “no” to all of their well intentioned offers. Sometimes we can use the items for a little while but we often get tired of storing once-a-year gadgets, or in the case of big items like furniture, we want to replace it eventually with things more to our taste.

    What do you do to get over the guilt? Do you offer the hand-me-downs back to the giver before getting rid of them? And what do you say if someone visits and asks what happened to the item or wants to how you or Baby is enjoying their gift?

  25. 26
    Sarah says

    I just purged and organized our basement over the New Year’s weekend. I sold some large items on Craigslist and got $175 from things we hadn’t used in 2 years and didn’t see ourselves using again.

    I do have a question though… I really like to earn money when I purge things, especially because I know how much I can get at a garage sale or on CL. My “problem” is that I end up with “Garage Sale” piles down there that are waiting until Spring or Summer time. Do you think this is ok? I designated a set of shelves for these boxes and have condensed it as much as possible. It’s just I know it’s not junk… I look at those boxes and see around $200 profit at a yard sale so I can’t bear to just donate it.

    What do you think???

  26. 27
    Marlene says

    In the first couple years of marriage I ended up purging things that ended up having sentimental value to my husband. After much discussion we put into place a system where I get him to go through my donation box first with the exception of kids clothes and toys. After 15 yrs of marriage I think he has only taken about 7 items out and each item has found it’s rightful place in the sentiment box (each family member has 1 box) or sport equipment containers.

  27. 28
    Laura says

    SnoWhite I like the idea of taking a picture of your favorite treasures as well. How about using those pictures to make a scrapbook and you could include not only the pictures but things like the cards (maybe just cut out the signature part), ticket stubs, etc.
    I also think it’s appropriate to have a keepsake tote as well. The number and size depending on the storage space you have available.

    Jane Doe this is a big problem for so many people. Well intentioned people who have difficulty parting with their stuff feel better if they unload it on someone else rather than the thrift store. It is hard. My mom gave me her entire china set and I hung on to it for years and just never used it. It just wasn’t my style. I ended up getting rid of it but I did feel guilty about it for awhile and didn’t tell my mom for the longest time what I’d done. What I’ve come to realize though is that life is too precious and short to be burdened with someone else’s stuff. I want to live surrounded only by the stuff that brings me joy and that I use regularly. That feeling has replaced my feelings of guilt. If the giver can’t get over it, that is their problem, not yours. In retrospect I should have been stronger with my mom and not taken the china in the first place. I’m definitely pickier about what I accept today from others. I’ve now learned it’s okay to say no.

  28. 29
    Laura says

    Sarah I do think it’s okay to have a garage sale pile if you honestly think you’ll have a garage sale in the next spring/summer. In other words not hanging on to things longer than a year. So many people have great intentions of having a garage sale but then when it comes down to it never do. Garage sales are great for earning some extra $$ that is for sure.

    Another thing to consider is the storage space these items take up in the mean time as well.

  29. 30
    Donna Ruark says

    I remember helping my sister pack for a move – she was looking at a Piano lamp that had come Grandma’s Piano that moved from my house to hers – – we had later given her permission to sell the Piano. She was saying I need to take this because its Grandma’s Piano Light – when I told her Uncle Johnny had Grandma’s and that light was just one that we got at an auction. She pushed it across the counter into a corner – “It can stay with the house – – I never liked it anyways.”

    If you don’t like something – – get rid of It.

    One question I use is if I didn’t have this would I pay a dollar for this at a garage sale – – if the answer is NO? What in the world is it doing in my house?

    Go to an auction and see three and four boxes of clutter going for $3.00 and you will wonder why you hang on to stuff you are not using.

  30. 32
    Petula says

    I’m glad you chose the daisy one, I like that one better as well. It’s funny that you said “it’s in a basket” about the other one because I would have thought the same thing. Well, I’ve been decluttering the office , the children’s toys and a lot of their clothes … I usually don’t have too much trouble getting rid of something especially when I realize how long it’s been since I’ve used it or worn it. I am always holding onto baskets just in case once I change stuff around in the house. In the office was one I’d had for quite some time. I looked at it and thought, “You have to keep all baskets.” Then I realized it hadn’t been used for anything but wayward remotes and stuck on top of a bunch of old shoe boxes for more than a year. Out it went!

    It’s such a freeing feeling. My box is riding around in my van because I keep forgetting to stop. LOL… Today is the day though ’cause I’m sure it’s causing me to use way too much gas.

  31. 33
    Annie says

    I want the tray in the basket…I’m just saying.

  32. 34
    Sally K says

    I would have made exactly the opposite choice — even though I think the daisy one is cute. But to be honest, I wouldn’t need either one of them!

  33. 35
    Laura says

    Sally, I agree, it’s totally a luxury item. What we keep will be different for everyone which is okay as long as we have the storage for it. We run into problems when we try to hang on to items we just don’t have the space for.

  34. 36
    Trudy says

    Another suggestion I’d like to make is to utilize the pick-up-at-your home charites (Vietnam Veterans of America, Kidney Foundation, Purple Heart, etc)to remove unwanted items .

    I use a “donation station” and also do a scheduled purge quarterly, knowing I want to be done by a specific date. I make arrangements with the charity to come in advance and have my items in a bag on the front porch. They leave me a receipt for taxes (while I’m purging, I have a spreadsheet so I can use tick marks to log the items I donate in case I have enough to use for taxes)

  35. 37
    kerrie says

    i love all your ideas!
    i know that it’s the “common sense”thing to do: to take things to thrift stores or donate to non profits for tax write off purposes but i think that it is also a good idea to make a list of the things you have and send an email out to all your friends/family/church and see if they know anyone locally who could benefit from the items.
    I love helping and giving to nonprofits that i am passionate about but I also love helping and giving to friends , friends of my friends, family,extended family,and families of need at church,or families in need that that may know.
    I understand that the tax write off is needed as well. My family was blessed in the same way this past christmas and it meant so much. A friend of mine knew that we were in need of something . sent an email out to her network of friends and family asking if anyone had this item to sell for an inexpensive price and the family/friend of hers offered it for free. She called me and it was a complete blessing!
    I can’t wait to pay it forward and give out of my abundance in that way all year long!

    thanks for sharing such great ideas!

  36. 38
    Nony (A Slob Comes Clean) says

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m working very hard at purging the “extra” stuff that has taken over our home. It helps me to know that even you, someone who is gifted at organizing, has to go through this mental dialogue sometimes.

  37. 39
    Ann'Re @ Home says

    LOVE the daisy tray. 🙂 That is very much my style.

    My home needs lots of organization and a big decluttering. Now I’m inspired. Gonna post everything on my blog to keep me accountable and keep coming back here for more inspiration. lol

  38. 40
    JD - Senior Home Care Giver says

    I’m so glad you recommend a donation station. I’ve never heard of that before and really like the idea. One of my elder client’s children recommended your site as I work with helping them review years of stuff. Thanks for all the tips.

  39. 41
    Janis says

    I just love, love, love daisies! Do you remember where you purchased it? If you ever want to get rid of that one I will glady accept your donation! 🙂

  40. 42
    Rachel @ Life in #3 says

    What a great story- it just goes to show that we are ALL human and that getting rid of clutter is easier said than done!

    I recently had to let go of some Christmas cookie tins- one pile I had not used since I bought them last year and the other pile was a collection of even more that I bought, because you know I had really good intentions of filling up those tins with cookies and giving them away to all my friends and neighbors. But you know what? I never used them. They are space eaters and I finally got up the guts to toss them once and for all!

  41. 43
    Becky L says

    Yes, the daisy dish is the keeper for me as well. I have been re-arranging my kitchen, a bit. I was able to put my bigger crockpot in the cupboards recently after cleaning it out of a few things. Including more than I needed bread bags!!! and crumbs from the toaster oven. I need to find space for the hipster bowls from Rachael Ray I got with a purchase of a pasta. I love them alot and we use a few pieces and won’t get rid of them. May part them out for a gift? Who knows, but free is good!!
    AM gonna organize kitchen cupboards and space underneath my computer table for starters. I bought a reed type basket from World Market today with a coupon….I love these baskets and talked myself out of a smaller one that would fit crosswise on top. Might need it but may not. I can get it later. But this clutter has got to go!!
    You and another blogger friend are really inspiring me! AND the quilt I’ve called the procrastinator’s crazy quilt is being mailed on Monday. I have to do some handstitching and I can do that tonight when I watch tv. One less thing in my house!!! :0) God bless and take care!!!

  42. 44
    Megan @ Disorder2Order says

    What an awesome-fantastic-truly inspiring post Laura! This is such a classic example of the things that every human being has to deal with… you really explained how the decision is difficult but the end result can be rewarding!

    I have this same process when working through my kids toys. Occasionally, the donation box sits in the laundry room and occasionally, a toy or two make their way out of the box, but ultimately end up back in.

    Life is funny.

  43. 45
    Heather P says

    Love all the tips. If I didn’t have storage for it in my kitchen, I would think how I could repurpose it. Daisies are my favorite flower, so might work extra hard to find a way to keep – like using it as a jewelry tray in my bathroom or on my dresser. Possibly as something to organize hair accessories too?
    I do, however appreciate all the tips you offer and am trying to utilize them to get my clutter under control. I *know* the steps, I just need to let go of the fear that I am letting the wrong thing go.
    Someone else mentioned what to do with things passed on to you. I received a bunch of my great gma’s china. Already researched and it is not really worth anything. My goal is to pick a couple key pieces that I can display,enjoy everyday, to remember her, and donate the rest. This is certainly a process and hopefully by continuing to watch the site and comment, we can all learn from one another.
    Good luck!

  44. 46
    Stephanie says

    When so much of Atlanta flooded a few months ago, a lot of my purging decisions were made for me! Sadly, some of what got soaked was pictures. Lessons learned.

    We’re re-organizing closets, which means I’m letting go of a lot of stuff. And it made me realize that I can almost certainly replace my HUGE armoire with a smaller dresser that’s much better suited to our small room.

  45. 47
    Rebecca in Colorado says

    I agree about taking that donation box and getting it out of the house before we can have second thoughts. I recently enjoyed watching an action movie with my teens. And then, recognizing that even though it’s a really good movie with a good final message, it isn’t the best type of movie to be meditating on frequently. So I covertly put it into my donation box. It was out the door before the day that my son said, “I think that movie we watched last week is one of my favorite movies ever.” Yikes. The kids still haven’t noticed that we no longer own it, and I’m dreading the day that they ask, “Hey, where is that?” Nevertheless, I will not hesitate to answer that we enjoyed it once and we don’t need to watch it again.

    Alternately, I have had moments of regret because I passsed something on too quickly. Years ago, my daughter had a problem with picking up her stick horse. And it was a neat one with sound effects. I told her that if I had to pick it up once more, it would be gone. And I followed through. When she discovered it was gone, there were tears because it had been a gift from a grandma who has passed away. Fortunately for me, the other grandma kept her eye open and found a replacement at a garage sale — which we still have and probably will have for my daughter’s children, because it speaks of the love of both of her grandmas.

  46. 48
    Laura says

    Janis, I got it as a gift many years ago and have never seen one for sale anywhere.

    Heather P that is a GREAT idea to just display or use a couple special pieces. So much better to honor the memory.

    Rebecca that is awesome. The lesson is always so much more important than the stuff that is for sure and lasts so much longer.

    Awesome stuff everyone!

  47. 49
    Trish @ Another Piece of the Puzzle says

    I love hearing your thought process as you dealt with this decision. I have made some progress decluttering last year and this year am committing to getting rid of one thing each day so it will become a habit.

  48. 50
    Patti Churchill says

    Hello! I enjoyed reading through your decision making process. I am guilty of procrastinating with decisions — that’s what make it all so overwhelming in the first place!! I know this, but can’t seem to break the cycle… or does that make it a bad or lazy habit? However, I am being forced to “practice” these days, Dear Husband has had enough! I’ve been told I can’t bring anything else into the house until I clear out some of the mess/accumulation!! Thanks for the inspiration, insight and honesty. Keep up the good work!

  49. 51
    Faith says

    I am a minimalist by nature and would have ended up getting rid of both of them. In my head, the question sounds a lot like this: Why keep a specialized dish when a thoughtfully arranged set of smaller bowls (which we use nearly daily for other purposes) would answer just as well?

  50. 52 says

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  51. 53
    Rebekah says

    Thanks so much for this great post! I was looking for encouragement, and I am so happy that I came across your site. I regularly declutter, and I have been through everything in the house. Things that are obvious to get rid of are gone. It seems that only hard decisions are left, and I have been feeling stuck. We have an in home business and home-school in a small house. I want to downsize much more so that my 7 year old son and 10 year old daughter can have separate bedrooms sometime in the near future. Right now the third bedroom is used as a piano teaching studio. Thanks to your blog, I feel encouraged instead of completely overwhelmed. Thank you so much!

    • 53.1
      Laura says

      Oh I’m so happy to hear that! One step at a time, you can do it!!

  52. 54
    Angela says

    I wrote a list of 100 things I love so I could start from the positive and it has really helped. I put all my favourite fabrics in a drawer then gave all the others away. Many I had been given and I know will never thrill me if I make them up into clothing, so why am I bothering? All my fabrics are now measured and have little notes by them as to what my ideas are for making up and I have a list of threads and zips etc. to buy. Thank you for your advice on decluttering.


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