Product Highlight ~ 3M Post-it Pockets

A very nice reader, in an effort to feed my addiction (I really do have the best readers ever!), gave me the heads up about a new product from 3M, Post-it Pockets!  They are basically a pocket that uses the same non wall destroying technology to hang them up as the Command Adhesive Hooks I’m such a fan of.


I can’t wait to try these out as I can think of all sorts of places to use them.  As part of my command center for school papers or bills or by the front door for letters to be mailed, I think the possibilities are many.  When you want to move them around, it can be done easily with no hassles or marks on the wall.  So cool and I love the simplicity of them!

Note:  I call these product highlights and not reviews because I haven’t actually tried these products out, they are just things that make me say “well now that’s a great idea!”.
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21 Responses to Product Highlight ~ 3M Post-it Pockets

  1. 1
    Mrs. Wilson says


    I wonder if they’re available in Canada …

  2. 2
    Mrs. Smith says

    Those were made for me. I’m sure of it…

  3. 3
    Alicia says

    Those are awesome! I am already dreaming ways to use them!

  4. 5
    Sarah says

    How did I miss these? I always watch for new 3M Command Adhesive products! I need these, just like I need all the 3M Command Adhesive line!

  5. 6
    Lisa says

    Oh my! Those DO look VERY useful!! Homeschoolers should love these too!!

  6. 7
    cutiepiescards says

    OMG I sooo need these!!!! I am going to be on the lookout.

  7. 8
    Autumn says

    I have seen these at the stores, and can think of many places that they’d be wonderful. Almost used them on my command center makeover…

  8. 9
    Allison says

    Oh I need me some of these… or many of these… I can see my whole house becoming covered! Ok, so maybe that’s not a good thing… but I’m always looking for better ways to organize those little papers that you have to keep handy for 6-8 weeks before you can toss or file them! Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. 10
    Ann says

    I saw these and purchased them immediately. I got the set of 3 different sizs. I have 2 on the fridge – one hold coupons and receipts before I can put them away and the other holds the pages of recipes I want to try out. The last one is in the kitchen cabinet holding bills that need to be paid. They’re AWESOME!!!

  10. 11
    Sara D says

    ohhh have to have these!!! Keep homework all in the same place!

  11. 12
    daphne says

    According to the 3m website, Target should have these. that’s just what I need a REASON to go to Target!

  12. 13
    Kim says

    Ahhh, office supplies. There is just something soothing about them. I could wander around aimlessly in the office supply aisle all day! LOL.
    I’m going to have to look for those at an Office Depot near me!

  13. 14
    Swan says

    Target! I just bought a single one of these today in the letter size (CLEARANCED $1.98) Looks like they have repackaged them into 3 packs of one of each size. I can’t wait to decide where to put it!

  14. 15
    Nicole says

    What a neat product!

  15. 16
    Nicole says

    I am jealous of Swan’s lucky find!
    ****I love Target’s dollar bins!

  16. 17
    Wendy says

    Love these, got them this summer for the first time in the school supply section of Target, the large one does not stick as well as the command hooks do, (maybe I just need to get another one to redistribute the weight.)

  17. 18
    Betsy says

    3M’s website will tell you where you can get them in the US by zip code in case you don’t know where to find them.

  18. 19
    Jamie says

    I so love these. I looked for them for months before they actually came out in my area last year. I have the large one on my fridge for important things. Middle one in my calendar I take with me back and forth from home and work to keep things I need and don’t want to slip out of the calendar and the little one keeps important things by my computer. and yes they come off easy.

  19. 20
    Kateri says

    I’m running out today and getting those! Thats exactly what I need!!!

  20. 21
    Erin says

    I Love these! I have a letter size pocket on the front of the fridge that holds the kids’ school letters/menus/doctor’s info.
    Then we have two smaller ones that are on the side of the fridge – one for receipts and one for bills to be paid.

    They are FANTASTIC!


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