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4 Responses to Peter Walsh + Back to School Giveaway

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    Diane says

    Great thanks I will check it out !!!!!!!

  2. 2
    Sue Holderman says

    I plan on checking out one of Peter’s books. I love watching him on Clean Sweep. I’ve learned so much from that show concerning how attached we are to our “stuff” and the need to let go of things.

    I love your blog, I just recently found it while searching for some menu planning help. I found that and so much more here. Thanks for what you do to help us get organized.

  3. 3
    kay wolter says

    I have gotten His books from the library and I have worked 4 hours a week all Summer and it is going okey but I plan of really hitting My mess once I get the main floor this week and now that school is back..

  4. 4
    Judy Baughn says

    Help!!! I Love peter walsh,I was SOOOO sad when they took that show off,I Always wanted to email in and try and get on his sow,BUT>> as BIG of Mess I have,I DO NOT THINK I can part with ALOT of things,and my house is “SO” out of control now,IT is TO OVER KILL…I even CRY just looking at it,cause I have a 12 yr old grandaughter,that lives w/me and I’m too embrairessed for her friends to come over..Everyday I have good intentions,and everyday goes by,cause even going through,some of it I end up keeping more then going…I’m just a KEEPER of THINGS!!!! any tips ?? Judy


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