Makeup Storage Makeover

Oh I was a busy little bee today trying to get my makeup and hair products purged and organized.  When I started I didn’t really think it was going to take me too long but before I knew it I was not only clearing out my vanity table but all three cabinets in each of the bathrooms as well.  Once I got going and saw my purge pile growing I just wanted to keep adding to it.  Such a great feeling.

This is what left my house today:


My makeup drawer before:


And the after…I moved the “container that started it all” to the back of the drawer and added a new one in front just to mix things up a bit:


Here is a picture of the other drawer that holds some of my hair accessories:


My vanity table before:






I’m so happy I made time to get that done (even if it meant my floors didn’t get cleaned…oops).   I feel so much lighter now, I LOVE that feeling!   I even came up with some new storage solutions that I’ll share soon.

How are you making out with yours?  Will you be ready for the end of the month?

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36 Responses to Makeup Storage Makeover

  1. 1
    The Chatty Housewife says

    Wow. I need to do this. I have hair accessories in my drawer that I haven’t worn since 1995.

  2. 3
    Diane says

    Hello – Isee the hair spray is gone from the counter … where did you put it? I don’t see it in any of the drawers! Just the same, this is inspiring, I’ll have to get started!

  3. 5
    Megan says

    My main problem is that our vanity doesn’t have drawers, or shelves in the cabinet, so everything either gets piled on the counter or shoved into cabinet. Any great solutions for the cabinets that won’t cost a lot?

  4. 6
    Tonya says

    Very nice! I love what you did. I wish I had drawers in my bathroom! :(

  5. 7
    Alexiajoy says

    My hairbrushes, curling iron, straightener are all “hung up” and “crocked”. :) I have a pile of makeup, moisturizer, etc. just waiting to be tossed out. Am having difficulty prying them from my fingers though…;) I hope to eliminate them today, will probably have to have my daughter toss them for me!

  6. 8
    Laura says

    My vanity table has a cupboard underneath the drawers and I just put my hair stuff underneath to get it out of the way.

    Megan if you don’t have drawers or cabinets you might want to consider a nice basket for on the counter to put everything in. Also what about wall space, could you add some shelves or a cabinet there for storage? Another idea is to use those plastic rolling drawer units, they hold quite a bit.

    Hope that helps!

  7. 9
    Susanne says

    Good job Laura! I’ve done some purging and I think my medicine cabinet is soon going to follow. It’s sort of fun how one thing leads to another!

  8. 10
    Joanne says

    So fun!

    Cleaning the bathroom drawers always feels so good–better than a closet even, I think. Maybe because you use it everyday and clutter first thing in the morning is just depressing.

    On our bathroom counter, I have a big ceramic planter that’s filled with hair dryers, straightening iron, brushes, and hair products. It’s out and convenient, but containered so it looks nice.


  9. 11
    Kathy says

    OMG — I just have to comment…..I have that exact same blow dryer. LOL

    I haven’t started my purging yet, but I know I’ve got tons of hidden makeup that never gets used and really needs to be given away.

    My husband would also be thrilled if all my beauty products left the counter and it looked as clean as yours does now.

    Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  10. 12
    Abbie says

    Wow, I just love dramatic before and after pics. Yours are amazing! I also feel lighter after I have thrown away all the “old-stuff.” I have already done thrown away, but it might be time to re-stock the guest bathroom. I like to keep mini-toiletries in there for guests to use. Thanks for the reminder! Abbie

  11. 13
    Christy says

    I noticed that your hair dryer is hanging on the wall…how did you do that? I would love to get my “hair appliances” out of the way!

  12. 14
    Laura says

    Christy it’s just basically a decorative hook on the wall. I’ll try to update my post with a close up.

    Command It hooks would work great too!

  13. 15
    Teri Scholl says

    I need major ideas for organization underneath my bathroom sink (double sink)…any suggestions?? This has been a thorn in my side since we’ve moved in to our new house

  14. 17
    Sarah says

    Woohoo! Yay for progress! I bet you feel so much better when you walk in that room now. Peaceful.

  15. 18
    Amy Lynne says

    Looks great, I’m heading to work on mine now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. 19
    Hope Cantrall says

    Inspiring as always Laura!!! Beautiful job!

  17. 20
    y says

    a response to megan…

    I purchased the plastic 6-drawer carts from W-M. It’s too tall, but I can break apart the cart into 2, each with a large drawer and 2 small drawers, then I put them in the cabinet one on each side of the drain pipe. the space inbetween becomes the home for tall bottles like drainage solution, Vim, etc.

  18. 21
    Lisa Lynch says

    Well….here it is, I did it and it only took me 2 hours! Thanks Laura, I guess I really need to do that! Check it out, very embarrassing , almost hyperventilated but go through with the help of my mother and daughter!

  19. 22
    Liz Jenkins says

    Love the makeover! It’s amazing how much stuff piles up (does it breed when we’re not looking?).
    When we moved into our 1945 house – we only have 1 bathroom and it’s small (5×8 including the tub). Luckily my husband is handy so I designed a floor to ceiling built-in shelving unit that he built in between the wall studs. So we went back into the wall creating a niche, and lost only a few inches of floor space. It’s just open shelves for towels, baskets to hold all sorts of stuff, and a place for cleaning supplies and personal items. We did a bookshelf just like this in the kitchen – right in the wall.
    I have pics if anyone wants to see what was done – if my description doesn’t make sense. I’ve had more comments on these shelves because it’s just not something people think about sometimes but it made our bathroom functional instead of, well, not.

  20. 23
    The Happy Housewife says

    That looks so good I might start wearing make-up! Seriously, I have never worn it, and as I get older I just don’t want to mess with all the make-up clutter! But your drawer looks so neat and organized, and my eyes are getting a nice dark tint around them, thanks to the baby, so I might have to reconsider, lol!

  21. 24
    Becky says

    I have some things to get rid of. It’s all under our sink in the bathroom, no drawers. Have some things on counter top as well. Will do them soon. Have a busy weekend ahead of me. But I know what I can get rid of soon. That’s for the inspiration.

  22. 25
    jenifriend says

    alright, you’ve inspired me! i’m going to do this now before my tackle box of makeup consumes me…yeah that’s not an exaggeration.

  23. 26
    Summer says

    Just an idea…Having a hard time parting with your makeup items? Check out You can put your items up for Swap and get some things you use in return. It’s fun!

  24. 28
    Lisa says

    Wow! Looks great! I did my make up drawer about 2 weeks ago…what a difference!

  25. 29
    Sarah says

    All done! This was a great idea and it feels great to have it done! I included pics of organizing our daughter’s hair accessories

  26. 30
    Michelle@Alittletipsy says

    I SO need to get on this! I have so many items that i never use and have just been holding on to for someday! Well, that someday is now! The someday to get rid of it all!

  27. 31
    marisa says

    I love the idea of hanging the dryer on something attractive. My poor husband cannot stand mine out all over the place..even though it’s on MY side of the bathroom!

  28. 32
    Becky says

    I did the majority of my clean up home last evening. I cleaned out my make up from my bathroom, most of it underneath the sink. My list of items thrown away include: 2 out of 3 nail polish, 1 deoderant (that I didn’t like so didn’t use much), 5 eyeliner pencils. (I could never get them to sharpen. Does that mean they are old?) 1 can of hairspray I never use, 1 perfume, 1 perfumed powder, 1 tea tree oil (exp 10/05), 1 hair curler brush, quite a few old RX boxes that I kept for reference (need to do a better job of keeping track of them. New one in, old one out? Lazy me, I’ll do it later.) I’m going to clean out my makeup box underneath, as it washing it, and liner of two baskets I have on the counter top. I’ve been encouraged by this web site. It’s inspiring and thanks alot, Laura, for what you do in the name of organization!!!! :0)


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