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In keeping with yesterday’s topic on kids and chores, I was doing some surfing around the internet and found these great options for chore charts.  They look fun and easy to use.

Responsibility Chart Wall Hanging ~ One Step Ahead Baby $29.95

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart

More Time Moms Chore Charts $14.99

I Did My Chores! $12.85

Chore Board~ Etsy $45.00

Customized Homemade Paper Chore Chart Pads
~ Etsy $10.50

Personalized Kid’s Chore Charts ~ Etsy $24.98

Don’t see your favorite?  Please feel free to share it with us and leave a link in the comments.

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22 Responses to Product Highlight ~ Chore Charts

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    Hope Cantrall says

    Those are soooo cool! I may have to order the last one for my 4 yr old. She loves to help out! Also…thought i would share that there is actually a website called that is great for older kids! You create a group, chores, the kids log in & get points for what they do, etc. I belong to a group on Cafe Mom & we use it as a competition to keep us motivated. We love it!

  2. 4
    Sparkette says

    Thanks for the tips! I think I may buy one of these :)

  3. 5
    Roan says

    May I recommend one more product? It is Managers of Their Chores by Steve and Teri Maxwell.
    You make chore cards and slip them into a “chore pack” that clips on the child. As he completes a chore, he moves the card to the back of the chore pack. Since the chore pack is clipped to his clothes, he cannot get sidetracked about what to do next.
    I love this product.

  4. 9
    Heather says

    We have the I did my chores one. It works pretty good. I like that as they do it you remove it. We didn’t use the chips. Instead we have been giving them a small allowance when they are all done.

  5. 10
    micki says

    We’re “old school” and just made a spread sheet! Most of my kids know how to read and the ones that don’t are too small to do chores (5 weeks) LOL I can’t speak enough about having a good chore chart. It stops a lot of arguing.

  6. 11
    Heather says

    I use the “I did my chores” chore chart. They have updated it and it is now Bear cards instead of monkeys. I like that the chores are separated out in morning, after school, and evening. When she is done she puts them in the “I did it box” so I don’t need to remind her of specific chores. I just ask her if she got her cards done. I had tried several and needed something that she could organize and not have to print off new sheets every week. Each morning she puts them back on the right pegs bc they are color-coded. The only time I do anything with it is when I need to add “put away laundry” card. It is a great reminder for her.

  7. 12
    Jenn@ Beautiful Call says

    I actually made on and laminated it. We use it on the fridge with magnets. I plan to share it with anyone interested after next wedneday when I post about it for Works for Me Wednesday! i’ll come back and leave the link when it is up!

  8. 13
    Pam says

    We have the Melissa and Doug one. I like the concept because it is easy to change the chores if needs. But the board is SO heavy – it is made out of wood in addition to all of the magnetic pieces. We’ve been having a difficult time finding someplace to hang it.

  9. 15
    Hip Mom's Guide says

    Here’s mine:

    It took me for EVA to figure out a system that worked for my kids and for me. It takes a little time to make, but it’s super-easy and customized for your household. We’ve used this system for years now and it’s been a winner.

    Good luck moms!

  10. 16
    Allie says

    Cute charts! Thanks for posting so many ideas.


  11. 17
    Sharon says

    We use the Melissa & Doug one for my son (now 5) and we all love it! We had to drill to hang it up properly, but it’s just perfect.

    We also love that it came w/ 2 blank job strips.

    Great recommendations!

  12. 18
    Paige says

    We bought one similar to the Melissa & Doug chart at Target. It was only $10 and it is only 1 board instead of two. We just hang it on the closet doorknob and that works for us.

  13. 19
    Tasha says

    I have just started using the resposibility chart with my 11 year old and we are loving it. There is a tab for almost everything some suitable for the little ones and some for the older ones and it also has a few blank tabs so you can add your own. I highly recommend it.

  14. 20
    Emily says

    I use the Melissa and Doug chart for my 10 year old son. I love that it gives you several blank magnets that can be used to customize chores/responsibilities. For example, at one point last year he was completing an academic enrichment book and needed to finish one activity per day. I put it on the chore chart and the visual reminder helped keep him on track.


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