Container for my containers updated!

I know I’ve had this picture on my flickr page for awhile but just realized I hadn’t posted about it yet.   I love giving those who know me in real life more ammunition to tease the heck out of me about my crazy addiction.  And for those of you who might be new here, hello my name is Laura and I’m addicted to containers!  Please don’t be afraid, even if what you are about to read is totally true :)

I love containers so much that I like to keep “extras” for those times I’m in need of a little snuggle organizing fix.  It comforts me at night knowing they are there, waiting for me.  So patient my containers are.  And when I walk past them on my way to the laundry room I hear them giggle in anticipation because I know they wonder if today will be the day they get to come out to play.  I hate to ever let them down.  I like to treat them right including ensuring they have adequate accommodations.  No container should be inadequately housed.  It’s just not right.

This is how my containers use to rest:


But then I had an idea….

Awhile back my son outgrew his change table and so being the re-purposer that I am, I wondered what new life I could give to this change table that was no longer needed for dirty butts.

That’s when I knew.

This change table was destined for greater things….a mission of honor in fact.  A coveted position like no other.

Blog friends and real life friends that will no doubt make fun of me please meet the new container for my containers!


Isn’t she pretty!  I definitely sleep better knowing that my lovelies are all tucked in comfy and warm.  Sweet dreams my friends, sweet dreams.  Tomorrow just might be your day to come out and play :)

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  1. 1
    Chaney says

    I LOVE it! Someday I too will have extra containers so that I don’t have to run to the store every time I find something else that needs to be housed. My husband makes fun of me about how many containers I have. If they had a 12 step program I’d join, but really it wouldn’t do any good.
    Way to reuse your changing table!

  2. 2
    Roan says

    I love it! I too keep a collection of empty containers…all waiting to be used. I usually pick up a couple of new ones in various sizes whenever I am in walmart for my monthly shopping trip.
    I am on the lookout for a new “shoe basket”. Our current one is wicker, and it has really scratched up and even dented the wall. I have a painter repairing and repainting all of the dings in our walls and baseboards right now. So I want to put the shoes in something new. I keep this basket beside the kitchen door to the outside. It holds flip-flops and crocs…. any ideas?

  3. 4
    micki says

    and I can’t even keep my plastic food containers organized LOL But I have to tell you, I thought of you today at the store when I bought some containers…these fabric boxes that had a chalk board on one side for easy labeling!

  4. 5
    Laura says

    Roan I so wish I could send you one of these containers…the bigger size would be perfect:

    Micki, I’ve been dying to get one of those but have yet to come across them here yet unfortunately. Will definitely be keeping my eyes open :)


  5. 6
    Jen @ amazingtrips says

    Brilliant! Don’t you just love it when you can use something that you already have laying around to use for organizing something else?!

    We just recently redesigned our family room and we have converted our built-in wall unit (which had stored our television & stereo) to a storage space for all of our children’s toys and home school materials. It’s like we increased the square footage of our house by 1,000 feet.

    OK. Not really. But I LOVE the extra storage space.

  6. 7
    Kim says

    Oh have mercy. That’s funny. I actually have a basket addiction. I recently had to give some away because they were starting to take over the garage. I just love them and I am so weak when I go to a garage sale where there are inevitably going to be baskets. *sigh* But alas, I’m not allowed to buy any more unless I have a specific purpose in mind. LOL.

  7. 8
    Casey says

    What a great idea! I never thought about having a container for my containers. They’re just put into the closet all willy-nilly. The closet is my next project…thanks for the idea! {I seem to be running about a month behind ;) }

  8. 10
    Kelly says

    That’s a great idea!

    And thanks for being so open about your love of containers. My husband does not understand my need to store empty containers in case I need to store something in a container someday. I’m just being prepared in case of an organizing emergency, but he just doesn’t get it.

  9. 11
    Emma says

    Too funny. We actually have quite a few *large* containers – 55L to 150L (say 15-40Gal) – which we have used for storage in between houses. Some are now being used for toys and blankets, but the rest are stacked in our storage area, waiting for their next use.
    For shoes, we have used a cheap bookcase – small and stands out of the way, against a blank space.
    As for my old change table – I had one that had a flip-up change table, and right underneath was the bath. All this was over 3 drawers, and the whole things was on wheels. Well, the bed part died, so I took it off, and eventually took the bath off, too. The frame for it came out, and now I’m using just the drawers for my youngest. I got the whole thing second hand, for my first, who is turning 12 on Sunday.

  10. 12
    Annie says

    Yeah, you are a freak!! But really you should show the picture of you guys that hangs near all that storage!!!

  11. 13
    Carrie says

    if this is the sign of an addict i feel much better about myself. all my containers are currently holding things other than containers

  12. 14
    Jen@Sunshine4Teachers says

    She is very pretty and this blogger will definitely not make fun. Drool in envy, yes. Make fun, no. :)

  13. 15
    Gina says

    Great idea! I’ve only recently emptied the house enough to have 6-8 empty containers. It’s really helpful to have them around to sort closets, use as temporary storage for toys, etc. Right now I’m using a few to pack away toys to pull out on too hot or rainy summer days.

  14. 16
    Susanne says

    Oh you crack me up. You are so clever. I still need to find a container for my containers.

  15. 17
    Jenny says

    Yes, I’m laughing. But I’m also a little envious that you have so many extra containers!

  16. 18
    The Roost says

    Just perfect Laura… I am really in need of some new containers. I can’t even believe I am saying that but mine keep disappearing?

  17. 19
    The Chatty Housewife says

    Nice! My containers are in a large rubbermaid, but the lid doesn’t fit on it. I wanted to limit myself/my collection, but it’s not working. :)

    I think if I ever had a changing table that I didn’t know what to do with I would just outfit it with 6 huge baskets, label them and use them for toy storage.

    If I had girls, I would add some curtains to it and let them use it as a massive doll bunk-bed, or add some dividers and it could be a doll house.

  18. 20
    HeavenlyHomemaker says

    That is one lovely container container.

    I love how you said that this would give the people who know you in real life more to tease you about. I TOTALLY feel that way about some of my weirdness. (Um, not that you have weirdness…I’m just saying that I have weirdness…) Anyway, when I hear that someone from church or the community now reads my blog…I think, “Oh, now they’ll know how weird I am!” :)

  19. 21
    Bobo says

    Wow .. that is a whole lot of empty containers. Having lived and worked in countries where entire families live in one room huts, I find myself thinking “If there are that many empty containers, how many full ones are there?” The mind boggles …

  20. 22
    Laura says

    Bobo it’s true I have many full containers as well used all over my house. Drawers, shelves, closets…none of them escape my containeritis. However I should have probably mentioned that many of the empty ones are also put to use when I’m organizing with clients and friends.

  21. 23
    Organising Queen says

    You are crazy! :)

    Interesting though because someone (an American) asked me what a compactum is (apparently you guys call it changing tables) LOL

  22. 24
    sherry says

    I have a little bloggy bling over at my page for you “One Lovely Blog award” please stop by and take a look!

  23. 25
    Theresa Finnigin says

    I’m sending this to my husband so he knows I’m not the only one! I love containers too! And I love finding uses for containers. Finding a way to store your containers must have been so satisfying…congrats!

  24. 26
    Charlene says

    I’m on the bloggy award bandwagon, as well–I have listed you as one of my “Delightful Dozen” blogs I would love to give an award to.

    I love to read about and see the pictures of the transformations you accomplish with your organizational tricks. I tend to agonize endlessly over finding just the “right” system, and end up doing nothing. Thanks for the inpsiration!

  25. 27
    Mary Ann says

    Wow! I’m glad to see someone else who has stacks of containers ready to use. I don’t have quite that many nor are they so nicely organized…:-) but I love having a pile of empty baskets, tins and shoe boxes at my disposal should I have the urge to organize.

  26. 28
    Leah says

    Too funny. And I thought I was bad! I think I’ll have to have my husband read this. Maybe he won’t think I’m so crazy anymore. LOL

  27. 29
    Lu says

    Loved it! I can’t relate as I am always running to the store when I need a container, but I could understand how I could become like that if I had a place to store my “soon to be used containers”. My husband insist that nothing can stay unless it has a place (even containers). We have no basement for storage. :-( So we are always going through things ~ before a new thing can enter. :-)

  28. 30
    Cathy Tibbles says

    Oh I hear you!!! I’m a great tosser(of things that should be tossed, and things that should NOT be tossed) but my containers. Ahhhh. I have a soft spot for their beautiful-ness. It hits me deep in my inner soul. :) I loved this post!! And I am getting frustrated by my mass of unused containers. And really, t*ssing one would be sacrilege.

  29. 31
    Stacey says

    I am right there with you! I save containers and even empty boxes. I have family scattered all over the country and so I always need a box to send something somewhere. It drives my husband nuts. When I was in the Navy and moving every 2-3 years I had a large box filled with other smaller boxes. The movers would see the size of the box and prepare to heave it but then discovered it was very light. I’d sheepishly say “it’s just a box of empty boxes.” They’d look at me like I was crazy! But oh well. I love your new home for your containers.


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