Koala Baby Four Pocket Organizer


I have been totally holding out on you with this one and I so absolutely didn’t mean to.   I found today’s featured product on the back of my little niece’s bedroom door when I was visiting last November.  I fell in love with it because it’s just so darn practical.   What lovely little product am I talking about?

The Koala Baby Four Pocket Organizer:


Babies have little stuff.  Lots and lots of little things to get lost.  I love that this organizer gives an easy home to those little types of things.  As you can see my sister uses two pockets for baby shoes and booties (aren’t baby shoes the cutest!), one for hats and the top one for odds and sodds.  It would also be great for bibs or socks or onesies or really just about anything else you can think of.  The pockets are actually quite deep and hold a fair amount.

I hate to see the backs of doors go to waste.  In fact I don’t think there is a door back in my house that doesn’t have a job of some sort as you can tell from this post I did.  Such great space behind them doors, don’t let them go naked!

This organizer is an exclusive Babies R Us product from what I can tell and it sells for $16.99.  My sister purchased hers in the actual store but they are also available online.

I don’t have babies in the house any longer but I totally wanted to steal this from my sister.   Then again I totally wanted to steal her daughter too but just didn’t get away fast enough.  Darn overprotective parents, sheesh! :)

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25 Responses to Koala Baby Four Pocket Organizer

  1. 3
    Nicole says

    CUTE! I am just entering my second trimester and have decided to do he baby’s room with Classic Winnie the Pooh, that green color would go perfect! Being a first time mom, I have no clue what I will need but I can definately see the usefulness of this! Thanks for the post!!

  2. 4
    Organising Queen says

    Oooh, yes, I also love back of door organisers – I have a lovely purplish one in my study and a blue one in the current baby’s bedroom

  3. 5
    Brenda says

    This is so cute. I have been using shoe organizers on the backs of my kids doors since my 4 year old was born. Not as cute as this but is perfect for socks, shoes, hats and bibs. Thanks for the info.

  4. 6
    Angi says

    That is cute! We use a 12 pocket shoe holder on the back of a door for mittens and hats. Each child gets 1 row.

  5. 7
    Amanda Wegman says

    I have 2 of these, and I have the baby’s cloth diapers in them. WONDERFUL. Mine have been in use for a little over a year and they have held up beautifully. I have a picture if you like. :)

  6. 8
    Kim says

    I have one of these on my younger daughter’s door and the items in it change as she grows. I have a shoe organizer on my teen’s door that’s holding the Beanie Babies from her younger years that she just can’t bear to part with. Extremely practical! Definitely qualifies for what I call a “VUT” (Very Useful Thing). ;)

  7. 9
    Marci says

    My daughter’s webkinz are all over her floor all the time. I’ve been looking for a way to keep them that wasn’t in a basket or bin. This might be the answer!

  8. 10
    Julie says

    I use an over the door shoe organizer for this purpose. They are only about six bucks at several discount stores and have TONS of pockets. The door is near my son’s changing table so at the top I keep meds, creams, powders etc, the bottom of the one I have has two large pockets and in it are socks and little baby shoes. In between are pockets for everything imaginable. I keep one stuffed with plastic supermarket bags for bagging up those really yucky diapers before they go in the diaper pail. :)

    I also have one of these on the back side of the closet door in my bathroom. Has makeup, hair spray, shaving cream etc. Saves TONS of drawer and shelf space!

  9. 11
    Misc Jenn says

    I actually have this one and I love it! That first weekend we came home, I sent my mom out to buy something that would help corral all the small toys that we seemed to have accumulated but didn’t have a place set aside for yet. Now I use it as a way station when I’m leaving my daughter’s room at night. The pockets are huge!

  10. 12
    Laura says

    Shoe organizers are great too for the back of doors…so many uses!!

    Love it!!

  11. 13
    Lady in a Smalltown says

    Thanks for the hint. I am entering my eighth month and am looking for organizers that won’t take up much space. We already have a shoe back in our bathroom linen closet for bath products. I could use two or three of these for the baby’s room.

  12. 14
    Jan says

    does the door still close? I have yet to find an over the door organizer that fits on my doors so they will still close- the gaps are small I guess

  13. 15
    Coco says

    Hi Laura,

    I love your blog so much that I have just tagged you for the Attitude of Gratitude Award.

    If you are unwilling or unable to participate, no hard feelings. I just wanted to let you know you have contributed to what I know, how I operate, have set an example or somehow invested in me as a blogger (Your Menu Plan Monday has totally saved my sanity & our bank account). ! Thank you so much.

  14. 16
    LisaC says

    I am betting these would be pretty easy to sew, and customize. Now if I could just figure out how to make the “over the door” holder part. hmmm

  15. 17
    The Happy Housewife says

    This is such a great idea. With the baby sharing a room with us I am always looking for space saving storage. This is perfect!

  16. 18
    Jamie says

    I love this idea! I actually just added it to my BRU registry!! Thanks!

  17. 19
    tabitha says

    I’m going to the BRU web site to add that to my registry right now!!

  18. 20
    Sandy says

    Thanks for the post, I too use an organizer behind my kids bathroom door.

  19. 21
    Bobbi says

    I have THAT exact one in my boys room. It is currently holding socks. Two pockets for each boy. I have it hanging off the end of the crib my baby never sleeps in (that’s a whole ‘nother story) because the back of their bedroom door is already pulling double duty with a blue one that holds baby washclothes, bibs, hats and other odds and ends plus a matchbox car holder/organizer.

  20. 22
    Creative Triplet Mom says

    Whenever I am in a bad mood I can always go to your blog and get uplifted. Thanks for always being there. I am awarding you with the sisterhood award. Check out my blog for details.

  21. 23
    KayMarie Sexton says

    It’s a great idea. I put a hanging shoe organizer on my daughter’s door when she was a newborn. It holds all those little shoes. Two to a pocket, sometimes three. I put hats and whatever can be stored there. They are at Wal-Mart for around $10.

    I need one of those things, but the closest Babies R’ Us is about 50 miles away.


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