My radio debut on MomAdvice Simplified

Amy Clark from one of my most favorite sites, MomAdvice, hosts a weekly blog talk radio show and this week I’m her guest!  It’ll be on at 11:00 am PST/2:00 pm EST TODAY.  Please come by and say hello.  Amy and I pre-taped our talk so during the interview I’ll be signed on and ready to chat with anyone that wants to pop in with your questions.  Click on the button below to take you there.  There was a bit of a delay in the call which totally made me nervous and I ask that you please look past my dorkness.

If you miss it you’ll still be able to catch it later on, you know, if you want to :)


Also I want to thank the ladies over at the Internet Cafe Devotions site for listing me in the Top 100 Christan Women’s Blogs for 2008.  This is really a huge honor for me because I do think of my blog as a quiet ministry that I’ve been blessed with in this season of my life and I definitely give all the glory to God.   Thank you to whoever nominated me and to all my amazing readers who visit me here everyday.  I couldn’t do it without you!

Please be sure to check out some of the other amazing blogs listed.


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6 Responses to My radio debut on MomAdvice Simplified

  1. 1
    Phoebe says

    I look forward to listening to the show and chatting with you in the chat room. I hope that my internet will’s been going out in spells. If not I’ll catch the show later.

    Congrats on being one of the top sites. You have an amazing site! Thank you for everything you do! :)


  2. 2
    Jennifer, Snapshot says

    How cool (both items!).

    I thought of you because Wed morning on the Martha Stewart Sirius Radio channel they had an org expert on (I forget who, although I tried to remember so I could tell you). She was talking all about junk drawers!!

  3. 3
    Carolyn, says

    Hey Laura,
    Congratulations on your radio debut and recognition for your site. I think its a great site so of course I think eveyone else ought to agree with me (lol).

    Hope you and your family are well, cheers. C

  4. 5
    Jena (O.M.) says

    You are so graciously humble. You deserve it!

  5. 6
    stephsmommybrain says

    Very cool!! I missed the show. :( Maybe I can listen another time.


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