Someday Syndrome

Have you ever heard of the Someday Syndrome?  Alex Fayle runs a blog by this name and refers to it as the “somedays” that hold us back from living our best life.  Those are:

Someday My Ship Will Come In

  • Waiting for, instead of pursuing, your dreams.

I’ll Get Around To It Someday

  • Wasting your life with navel-gazing and other procrastination games.

I Might Need It Someday

  • Filling your life with stuff instead of achievements.


Not too long ago one of these played a role in my life.  Find out which one by reading the interview I did with Alex on his site.

Do you suffer from Someday Syndrome and if so which one of the above has had the biggest impact on your life?

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18 Responses to Someday Syndrome

  1. 1
    Rona says

    I might need it someday syndrome is amazing. We have a client who is homeless, living in a shelter with her 3 year old daughter. Instead of her taking the money her parents gave her to get back on her feet she wanted to pay us. ($300) I informed her what are the contents doing for her at her present state. She thought about it and decided that it was time to let go and move on.

  2. 2
    Annie says

    Good interview Laura…I love that you are living your dream (I always remember you talking about it).

  3. 3
    Creative Triplet Mom says

    That’s so funny. Just yesterday I wrote a similar e-mail to a friend about the books I’d like to read. Every sentence ended in SOME DAY or was it One Day! I just have many lists of movies I’d like to see, books I’d like to read, Wii games I’d like to purchase, games I’d like to play, etc. etc.

  4. 4
    Dot says

    Very timely post! Although the rest I have used as well, my loudest cry is “I might need it someday.” This very day we are decluttering our basement, and I just finished posting a few things on Freecycle.

  5. 5
    Forgetfulone says

    I enjoyed your interview. Sometimes I have the someday syndrome. I love to organize, but I’m not a professional. I really admire what you do.

  6. 6
    Cindy says

    I definitely have the “might need it someday syndrome.” It’s hard for me to give up what my hard dollars have bought if I think I may need it someday. What’s the cure?!!!

  7. 7
    Mrs. Wilson says

    I am the epitome of someone who has “someday syndrome”. I might have to get over that. Someday. Someday SOON.

  8. 8
    Jes-ka says

    I got over the “might need it someday” syndrome when I was in college. My place was tiny and cramped (but organized!) and I realized that I just had way too much! By the time I graduated I had trimmed my belongings down by about half.

    Now I just need to get over “someday my ship will come in”. I am getting my teaching credential because I love it. I’m not sure if it is what I am looking for but I am willing to try. :D

  9. 9
    Kim says

    OH the Someday I might need that speaks volumes here lol. That is sparking an all out assault on my clutter. It’s purging time at our house this week. Oh yeah, I’ll be blogging about it lol.

  10. 10
    Beverly says

    Someday NEVER comes.
    Buy only what you need and what you will use for the next few days!

    I do not even buy extra any more because it is easier to let the store use their space to store it until I actually need it …then I go and get it!

    I have one exception to this rule and that is….FABRIC!

    However, I am lucky to have a well organized sewing room so there is lots of space for it.

  11. 11
    susieshomemade says

    We were just talking about this today. I have to get everything done today because tomorrow is booked:-)

  12. 12
    Susanne says

    Ugh, procrastination has always been a struggle in my life.

  13. 13
    Nancy says

    I suffer from this. My New Years Resolution this year is “Keep Ahead of the Game.” It applies to all aspects of my life, but mainly in menu planning and preparing for holidays and special events.

  14. 14
    Dal says

    Hi to everyone. Good point Nancy. I would also like to keep ahead of the game this year. I have come to the conclusion that establishing the habit of looking ahead on the calendar would take us a long was toward this goal. Think about what will be needed or prepared as the date draws closer. For instance, a wedding next Saturday should prompt the question “Do I have the gift ready? Outfit? Etc.

  15. 15
    Katherine says

    It’s so helpful to see this in print! I think I will be quoting this post frequently.

  16. 16
    Stacee says

    I am working on the “I might need it someday!” The past few years we have been working on decluttering our lives and realizing that if I don’t need it today – then I won’t need it someday! There are things we have gotten rid of (by freecycling, donating, selling, – never in the dump!) that I have ended up wishing I still had – but only for convenience, not out of a true need. We are still working on decluttering, but there is less and less everyday!

  17. 17
    Betty says

    You’ve been peeking at the paper clutter on my computer desk and in my closet, haven’t you? I’m guilty of Someday Syndrome and Maybe I might need it someday..guilty of all of the above.

    Love your website..


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