Giveaway ~ The Couponizer AND the Week over Week Calendar!

This giveaway is now closed.

I’m so so excited about this giveaway today!  Today I’m giving away THREE prizes to ONE lucky winner.  The first prize is one of my favorite menu planning tools.  This product is the Magnetic Week over Week Dry-Erase Calendar and I absolutely adore it!  I’ve been using it to plan my menus for a little over a year now.

The four weekly strips can be rotated so the most current week is on top.  I use it a little differently though.  I use the first week for planning my menus, the second week for tracking my weekly cleaning schedule, the third week for tracking my exercise and the fourth week my devotions.  I keep it on my fridge front and center so I’m constantly reminded of what I need to do when.  It is just awesome!

The second prize is another great tool related to menu planning and saving money.  It’s called The Couponizer and it’s a fantastic system that comes complete with everything you need to get your coupons organized today in order to start saving money immediately.  I’m also including a book telling you everything you need to know about couponing to get you started.   A book by well-known author and television personality, Stephanie Nelson, otherwise known as the Coupon Mom (you may have seen her on Oprah recently). This 154 page book is called The Greatest Secrets of the Coupon Mom and believe me when I say this book is detailed.  I hope you like it.

For more information on The Couponizer I’ve written a complete review of it over on my product review site.

To enter for your chance to win all THREE prizes all you have to do is leave a comment on this post.  I’ll close the giveaway on Friday, October 31st at noon PST and the winner will be chosen at random.

Good luck!

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1,112 Responses to Giveaway ~ The Couponizer AND the Week over Week Calendar!

  1. 1
    Traci says

    Wooohoooo! Put me in!!! I would love something like this. Thanks!

  2. 2
    Maridith says

    This would be awesome to win!! ! Love your blog! Thanks!!

  3. 3
    Teresa says

    I too would love to have something like the week over week calendar. LOL, my daughter “intercepted” the dry erase calendar I bought from the dollar store and I haven’t been able to read anything written on it since.

  4. 4
    Meg says

    Neat-o prizes! That coupon organizer is cool, thanks for the review of it. I could really use it, been trying to organize all my coupons lately!

  5. 5
    Meal Magic says

    Oh, I would so love these! My dry erase board has seen better days and is way too small for our needs now. And my Savvy Shoppers group (started within my MOMS Club) would be so jealous of the Couponizer!

  6. 6
    Donetta says

    I like the magnetic strips they look wonderful. The dry erase board is affixed to the wall. It is however magnetic. This would work well to take to the deep freezer or refer to fill in.
    Good stuff. Count me in please.

  7. 7
    Julie says

    The calendar system is so brilliant! What a wonderful organizing tool! And, I am just getting into couponing, so I would love any help I could get!!

  8. 8
    Lisa Merriman says

    Oooooh, ooooooh, ooooooh, those are both great prizes! I love the calender!
    Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

  9. 9
    Julie Mayberry says

    Thanks for the chance to win three great prizes!!

  10. 10
    Katy Travis says

    Love the site! I love your idea for using the 4 strips for different things! I need something to keep me on track! Thanks!

  11. 11
    Jill (The Well-Read says

    These would be perfect ways to help me get my life under control and save some money. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. 12
    Jamie says

    I openly covet my friend’s week over week but haven’t seen them when I’m shopping.

  13. 13
    Marcia "HDMac" McFar says

    Wahoo! What a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!!!!

  14. 14
    Michelle O says

    thanks for having this giveaway. Your site is awesome!

  15. 15
    Karen says

    I’m an organizational mess, so I could really use something like this!

  16. 16
    Carol says

    I am so excited to see another cool giveaway on your blog which I read faithfully. Now if I could only organize faithfully. LOL

  17. 17
    valerie says

    Put me in Pick meeeeeeeeee

  18. 18
    Ally says

    I love the Couponizer. I had one for a while now and it’s falling apart.
    Would love to have a new one.

  19. 19
    Heather says

    I would love this giveaway! Always need help with organizing.

  20. 20
    Amy says

    I love these items and your site! I too am an organizing junkie. I thought I was the only one!!

  21. 21
    Christina says

    I wold LOVE to win these! That calendar looks great and I’ve been dying to win one of those couponizers!

  22. 22
    valerie says

    Where could i find the week over week caladar’s????


  23. 23
    Jody says

    Please enter me in the drawing, I too would love some organizational help.



  24. 24
    Amy says

    What a fabulous giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  25. 25
    Lisha says

    Those are some awesome prizes! I would be thrilled to win:)

  26. 26
    Queen B says

    Three great products!!! Thanks for the great giveaway. I am all about becoming more organized and saving money!!

  27. 27
    KJ says

    Ooh, loving the calendar! My monthly one on the fridge has seen better days – and I love the idea of being able to rotate the finished week away without re-doing the entire calendar. Please pick me! 🙂

  28. 28
    Rachel says

    Thanks for the great giveaway! 🙂 I love your blog and visit it often.

  29. 29
    Kirstin says

    Wow great prize. I love the calendar best, but maybe if my coupons were organized I’d remember to use them.

  30. 30
    Terra Jones says

    wow! I just saw my crazy world come together while looking at those fabulous items!!!! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. 31
    Katie says

    The calendar sounds great!!! I need something for the huge pile of coupons.

  32. 32
    Nicole says

    Oooh, such a great prize! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  33. 33
    Kris says

    What an *awesome* giveaway! I’d love to win!

  34. 34
    Marty says

    What great stuff! I would love to win!

  35. 35
    Amy Murphree says

    i would love to have some organization tools like this! with four kids and a tight budget – this would be GREAT!

  36. 36
    Lisa S. says

    Like so many others, I’m trying even harder to live frugally and be able to remain a SAHM. These prizes would be terrific. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Lisa in TX

  37. 37
    Laura Lee says

    What a fantastic giveaway! I’m so add, I could totally use it!!!!

  38. 38
    Kerri says

    OK, I’m drooling over here! These are awesome!!!! Please count me in on the giveaway.


  39. 39
    Jill says

    WOW! What a way to keep me on track with my new money saving ways. I would love to win this one! Thanks so much!

  40. 40
    Rona says

    Now we could use this product in our lives. I work with my hubby and the “Little One”, homeschoolers and I’m the Marketing Director for our District.

  41. 41
    Laura says

    Valerie, the only place I’ve been able to find the calendar is at Zellers here in Canada. I haven’t been able to find it online at all. Very frustrating!

  42. 42
    ashley. says

    Oooh, enter me, please!! 🙂

  43. 43
    orneryswife says

    I think this would be a great thing to win! Please count me in!

  44. 44
    Larra says

    Great giveaway! I would love to win!

  45. 45
    Dena says

    Wow, the week over week sounds like a great idea, and I especially like the way you use it. Awesome!

    I love coupons too. I even have friends who save them for me if they don’t use theirs.

    Please include me in the drawing!!!

  46. 46
    Alaina says

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

    I also have a giveaway going on at my blog so come a check it out!

  47. 47
    Wanda says

    Ok….those are dream gifts to me.

    I’m addicted to coupons…and have never found a good system to keep up with them!

    And the menu fridge organizer…GENIUS!

    I want these suckers!

  48. 48
    Theresa says

    Wow, fantastic prizes! I love these!

  49. 49
    suzanne says

    A giveaway for something i’d actually use?? I’d love them 😉

  50. 50
    kylydia says

    Sounds fantastic! I’m just getting into couponing – tough economic times and all!

  51. 51
    Denise says

    I love that week over week calendar! Thanks for a chance to win. If I don’t I’ll have to see if I can order it somewhere 🙂

  52. 52
    Shawnee H says

    I LOVE this prize!! Please let me win; this is an area I’ve been SO struggling in!

  53. 53
    Elizabeth says

    I would love those prizes!

  54. 54
    Rachel says

    These are great organizational tools. I’m new to being a SAHM and I’m still trying to figure it all out so I know this stuff would help me!

  55. 55
    Toni White says

    That is what I need!! I am just starting to coupon and make menus & this would be wonderful!!!!

  56. 56
    Angie says

    WOW what a cool prize. I would love to win this. Since you got hubby and I hooked on Menu Plan Monday, our lives have been a lot less hectic even though we still fly by the seat of our pants and only use the Menu Plan as a guide but he loves knowing what’s for dinner before he gets home.

  57. 57
    Ashley BB says

    Thanks so much! Great prizes!!!

  58. 58
    Kellyn says

    I would love this calendar! Maybe I would remember to plan my menus. lol


  59. 59
    Flibby says

    Oh! I want to win! We ALWAYS need organizing tools.

  60. 60
    c says

    Love your site…would love to win your give away!! Keep up the great work!

  61. 62
    Misty Dawn says

    OMG that week over week magnetic calendar is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! I want to start Menu planning and this would be a great way to start!

  62. 63
    Jennifer says

    Man I really need these items. I am new to orgnaizing junkie and I am LOVING it! I have been trying to do menus for over a year now and I keep trying to stay on track but something always gets in the way. But since I have been adding to MR. Linky I feel obligated to make what I told everyone I was going to make. LOL Thanks so much for your site!

  63. 64
    Sara says

    Oh, this would be perfect for our family. I really hope I win!!

  64. 65
    Melody says

    Awesome giveaway!!

    I really need to learn the secrects of using coupons

  65. 66
    Untypically Jia says

    What a great giveaway! That calendar made my OCD jump with excitement! Please consider me entered in this contest!

  66. 67
    Michelle says

    Thanks for all the tips on your site! I’m new to all this organization, meal planning and couponing. This prize would give me a GREAT push in the right direction!!!!!!!

  67. 68
    Amy says

    Love the calendar!!! And just started checking out the coupon mom. What a perfect prize!!!!

  68. 69
    Barb Runyan says

    I love the Week over Week. This is the first time I have posted a comment. I am getting ready to teach a class at church on menu planning. I will let you know how it goes. Barb in AZ<a

  69. 70
    Valeri Audino says

    I just joined “coupon mom’s” website & I love it!

  70. 71
    Joy says

    Thanks for offering such great prizes, count me in!

  71. 72
    sara says

    I LOVE that calendar! I always print out monthly calendars — but how nice to have a reusable one 🙂 Enter me please!

  72. 73
    Olivia says

    Wow! That calendar is amazing! 🙂 That would be perfect to help us remember what chores are to be done each day, instead of referencing a binder that I have put them in. If they’re visible, we won’t forget.

  73. 74
    Shanna says

    Wow, what great tools! Count us in!

  74. 75
    Sharon says

    Hi there. I have been coming here for a little while. I like your site. Those prizes seem pretty cool.:) Lately I have been typing out my menu and putting it in a protective sleeve and hanging it up with my calendar. Hope you have a great day.:)

  75. 76
    Kate M says

    Oh, what fun! Count me in too!

  76. 77
    Rhonda says

    You are awesome…what an amazing give-a-way. Hoping I win.

  77. 78
    kris says

    I would LOVE this!!!

  78. 79
    Kara says

    Oh, I’ve been wanting one of those week over week calendars for my menu planning!

  79. 80
    Carrie McGarry says

    Oh I love couponing and these would be great for me. Your awesome, thanks so much for these opportunities I have learned so much!!

  80. 81
    Cara says

    I’d love it!

  81. 82
    Stephanie says

    Great tips on you site, please enter me in the giveaway!

  82. 83
    shelly Clouse says

    I would love to win this. I am new at the game and need all the help I can get.

  83. 84
    Kim T. says

    This looks like a great organizer and the book would be so helpful! Love the blog!

  84. 85
    Meghan says

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE these prizes!

  85. 86
    Michelle C says

    Great prizes!!

  86. 87
    Nella says

    I’ve been wanting to start menu planning in earnest but have not been able to get it going. This could help me so much!

  87. 88
    Christina says

    pick me, pick me!!

  88. 89
    Denise says

    Would love to win! Thanks for this cool offer. 🙂

  89. 90
    AmyD says

    Count me in! I have been looking for someone to give me a tutorial and kick-start on coupon shopping. (I guess I think it’s too much trouble??) Saving money on groceries would be a HUGE blessing to our family!

    Plus, you can never have too many calendars, lists, or wall organizers…. 🙂

  90. 91
    Amanda says

    Oooh, I need me some organizational fun!

  91. 92
    DebiP says

    Avid reader…love the blog…so may great ideas in one place…if ever I need help your the first place I turn..

    thanks for the opportunity to win.

  92. 93
    Patsy says

    Love your blog. Would love to win the calendar.

  93. 94
    Jennifer says

    I need all three of these items! What a great giveaway!

  94. 95
    Kristen D. says

    These look great! I can think of so many things I could organize using that week over week calendar!

  95. 96
    Jacqueline Parks says

    Wow! What great prizes. I especially love that calendar. I have never seen anything like it!

  96. 97
    Mama Koala says

    GREAT prizes! Thank you for the chance to win.

  97. 98
    Malinda Nelson says

    I REALLY want that calendar!

  98. 99
    Jen says

    I think I am in LOVE with the calendar….VERY COOL!

  99. 100
    Tricia says

    That looks so helpful!

  100. 101
    curvaliscious says

    I LOVE your site! I really hope that I win the calendar I have been looking for one EVERYWHERE. Besides that, I have never won anything 🙂

    Thanks for entering me!

  101. 102
    Lindsay says

    Count me in!! 🙂

  102. 103
    Lindsay Spencer says

    Great prizes. That calendar looks wonderful.

  103. 104
    melissa says

    I would love to win! That calendar is great!!

  104. 105
    Cindy says

    These sound like fabulous products and I love the way you’re using it with tracking your exercise, etc! Talk about multitasking!! Count me in, I’d love to win!

  105. 106
    vanessa says

    I NEED a new coupon organizer!!! These products sounds fantastic and I’d love to try them out 🙂

  106. 107
    Amy says

    Great giveaway. I love the way you use the week over week calendar and I SO could use help in the coupon department!

  107. 108
    erica m says

    Oh, enter me please! I love organization and couponing. I could use some help in the menu planning area for sure!

  108. 109
    Cassie J. says

    The calendar would be a great replacement for my sad marked up paper calendar! Thanks!

  109. 110
    Becca says

    I need some help organizing my coupons, thanks!

  110. 111
    nancy says

    That coupon organizer looks awesome! Please enter me for your giveaway!

  111. 112
    Amanda says

    All these items are great–always looking for something for coupons that works.

  112. 113
    Mrs. Sprinkles says

    Great giveaway–I would love advice on coupons!

  113. 114
    Karen says

    I love that magnetic calendar! Thanks for all you do and the chance to win.

  114. 115
    Heather says

    Add me to the drawing too please!!

  115. 116
    Avlor says

    Spiffy! You’re spoiling us with the give aways! 😉

  116. 117
    TheAngelForever says

    What a fabulous giveaway! I am so in need of a new coupon organizing system, this would be perfect. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  117. 118
    Lori L. says

    Ooooh, I hope I win this one!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  118. 119
    Tiffany Selvey says

    Count me in, I could use all the help I can get!

  119. 120
    Sheila says

    I am a serious coupon clipper and would love to own a Couponizer!

  120. 121
    Glenna says

    WOW!! I love the Week over week calendar.

  121. 122
    Tracey says

    Oh awesome! I think both of these look brilliant! Thanks Laura!

  122. 123
    BT says


  123. 124
    Renee says

    I love that calendar! It would be perfect for the side of my fridge. 🙂

  124. 125
    Stevie says

    Wow, those are such great prizes! I especially love the week over week calendar.

  125. 126
    Kalisha says

    I would love to win those! It would help me out so much! I’m still learning to menu plan and be more frugal–having these tools would be so great!

  126. 127
    Laura says

    These sound fantastic! Thank you for all your organizing tips and tools!

  127. 128
    Leisa Watkins says

    Boy could I could use both of those, so winning either would be fantastic.

    They sound like wonderful products.

  128. 129
    Olivia says

    Trick or treat! I wold love to win one!
    Thank you!!!

  129. 130
    Kim says

    I come here often but have never posted. I love your ideas!!!!

  130. 131
    Christina says

    I am a menu planning fiend but still haven’t found the “right” tools for my system.
    I LOVE that magnetic calendar and I’ve been eyeballing the Couponizer for months now.

  131. 133
    Caryl says

    I would love to win these! Thanks for the giveaways!!

  132. 134
    [email protected] Momma says

    Oh I need to have a way of doing menu planning and coupons…both would save us lots of money!

  133. 135
    Carla says

    I sooooooo need this. I have just started “serious” couponing this month and have been trying to get into CVSina and ECBs and all that. This would be GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. 137
    Jessica says

    These prizes look great! Please include me in the give away.

  135. 138
    Lizzie says

    What a great prize! Thanks for hosting a great giveaway. I love your blog. 🙂

  136. 139
    Theo-Ann Johnson says

    These items are great!:) I love couponing and keeping things organized on a calendar. AWESOME!!!

  137. 140
    Kristin Amaro says

    Looks fun! Thanks for the opportunity…

  138. 141
    Angie says

    Love your blog! These items are so cool! Thank you for such an awesome giveaway!

  139. 142
    Ann says

    Oh man, can I use this stuff!! I’m getting back into the swing of planning my menus and I also need to cut our grocery bill a LOT now. We’re facing a 10% pay cut for both hubby and I from work and that will be coming out of our grocery bill for the most part. I NEED to get on track for coupons and such. Right now they’re in an envelope which isn’t a good plan. LOL

  140. 143
    Denise says

    Oh man, those are wonderful prizes. I would LOVE them!

  141. 144
    Oh2122 says

    I love the week over week calendar.

    That’s brilliant! Why didn’t soeone figure that out sooner? And by someone I mean me. That would make life so much easier.

  142. 146
    Susan says

    I would love to be the winner. Your website for meal planning has inspired me to start trying this.

  143. 147
    Lou Ann says

    I have never seen anything like that……very cool.

  144. 148
    Ashley says

    Wow…this is an amazing giveaway! I’m in love with that calender. Too bad there isn’t a place to buy it online. I hope I win. *Crosses fingers*

  145. 149
    Angi says

    This could actually get me to plan a meal :p

  146. 150
    Miss Patti says

    oh my gosh they would be so perfect!!

  147. 151
    Rebekah says

    PICK ME! Great give away!

  148. 152
    Rebecca says

    Wow! This sounds lovely! I have been wanting a couponizer for ages. Plus, I could really use that calendar. It looks so helpful!

    gitrecca (at) gmail (dot) com

  149. 153
    Kelly B says

    Love your blog! These products sound wonderful!

  150. 154
    Marjorie Vincent says

    What a great giveaway. Thanks!

  151. 155
    Berta says

    I’d love a chance at winning the week over week calendar…can’t find it in my area.

  152. 156
    Tonia says

    I love the calendar. Where can I find one?

  153. 157
    Lisa says

    Oh, I’d love to win this prize.

  154. 158
    Erin Read says

    Wow, I would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  155. 159
    Holly says

    I could definitely use the couponizer. I’ve been trying different ways to organize my stash. Terrific giveaway! Thanks!!

  156. 160
    Lynette says

    What a great giveaway. Please eneter me, I definitely can always use organizing help!! THanks

  157. 161
    Elizabeth says

    Ooooh, put me in please!! 🙂

  158. 162
    michelle says

    Great giveaways! Someone is one lucky winner! hope it’s me! New mom, new wife, and new cook!

  159. 163
    Liz says

    How awesome!

  160. 164
    Joy F says

    That’s a great calendar — so nice that you can move the weeks around!

  161. 165
    Dee says

    oh I need these!

  162. 166
    Kimberly says

    OH! The dry erase calendar is PERFECT and exactly what I need to get everything organized. WOW! I love it!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  163. 167
    Shara says

    This is great! I’d love to win these. =)

  164. 168
    Hopefulmom says

    What a great giveaway! I’d LOVE to win it! Thanks so much!

  165. 169
    Michelle Rulmont says

    Great giveaway!!!

  166. 170
    Angela says

    Oh, sign me up! I have been trying to find that magnet calender thingy every where!!

    Thanks for the awesome blog!

  167. 171
    Rachel says

    I love the coupon mom. I am frequently on her website. She really knows her stuff. I’m also a HUGE fan of anything dry erase.

  168. 172
    Julieann says

    OOOOhhhh–This giveaway is awesome!! I love it. Thank you so much for doing this.


  169. 173
    sharon says

    Love your blog! I am an organizing junkie!

  170. 174
    Sharon says

    Wow, those look cool!

  171. 175
    Maggie says

    Yeah, a contest!

  172. 176
    ciara says

    these products would definitely help get this disorganized person organized at least in one area of her life! lol 🙂

  173. 177
    Sarah says

    oh! Oh! OH! Pick me! Pick me! Ok seriously awesome giveaway & I’d love to win it!

  174. 178
    Southern Gal says

    I so NEED this!

  175. 179
    Kimberly Breeden says

    I love the calendar. I’ve been using it for my family’s schedule since you first wrote about it.

    I would love to be entered in this giveaway. It sounds like a great one.

  176. 180
    Natalie Turner says

    Hi! I just found your blog. Very cute! I am an aspiring organizer and want to do better. Thanks for your inspiration.


  177. 181
    tif says

    That week over week thing is genius! I’d love to use that in organizing my life!!!

  178. 182
    Candace (Mama Mia)_ says

    I’d love to be entered for the week after week calendar. I already have a Couponizer (that I love!!!) so you don’t have to enter me for that one. Hope it’s not too much trouble :).

  179. 183
    Lisa says

    What a great giveaway! I would absolutely love to win!!!

  180. 184
    Katie Lloyd says

    Thanks for the great giveaway! 🙂
    katiellloyd at yahoo(dot)com

  181. 185
    Heather Allen says

    me to me to! I’m organized to a fault and these would so help!

  182. 186
    Marne says

    Great giveaway! I am keeping my fingers crossed….

  183. 187
    Christy says

    Love your blog, it keeps me inspired!!

  184. 188
    April Hund says

    Oh my! That calender is amazing! Thank you for the chance to win!

  185. 189
    Veggiemomof2 says

    OOO I”d love both of these! I need a way to better organize my couponing & I’ve been slacking in the menu planning lately.

  186. 190
    Kaye says

    Great giveaway! Count me in and thanks for the opportunity to win!

  187. 191
    Susan says

    Great giveaway!

    Love your blog!

  188. 192
    Heidi says

    Oh I could seriously use any one of these right now.

  189. 193
    Michelle says

    I would love to win these prizes!!!!

  190. 194
    Molly says

    LOVE that wipe off calendar! That looks like the most fun ever! 🙂

  191. 195
    Natalie says

    This is a great giveaway! Sign me up! Thanks!

  192. 196
    Jennifer says

    Wow! I soooo need something to organize my coupons! That product sounds great!

  193. 197
    Proud Mommy says

    Ohhh, how I need these items so badly to stay organized!!!! Thanks for such a great giveaway!!!

  194. 198
    Gail says

    These items look great and sooo helpful! Seriously.Need.That.Calendar! LOL

  195. 200
    Sarah says

    Oooh what neat prizes! Enter me please!! The weekly calendar looks especially great…how helpful! 🙂

  196. 201
    karen says

    It’s a gift from God to be organized.

    Thanks for helping the rest of us learn to love being organized!!

  197. 202
    Wendy says

    Thanks for the opportunity! I love being inspired by your blog, thanks for all the fabulous ideas.

  198. 203
    Susan Allums says

    FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please enter me to win, this would be so great to have. Lord Bless!

  199. 204
    CrystalGB says

    Great prizes. I have been wanting the Couponizer for a while.

  200. 205
    Liz says

    What a terrific giveaway & what a fabulous blog! I discovered you a couple weeks ago and have faithfully reading through your past entries. I have found some great ideas to help get my home & life organized. Thanks!

  201. 206
    Jennifer says

    I LOVE dry erase boards. This one is sooo cool! Would love to be entered. Thanks!

  202. 207
    Amber says

    I know it’s a long shot, but I would LOVE to win these!

  203. 208
    Paula says

    I could use help with organizing my piles of coupons!

  204. 209
    Lisa says

    I’m trying to master the art of using coupons, and the Couponizer would be a big help! Thanks for a great giveaway, and please stop by and check mine out.

  205. 210
    Lisa Perez says

    love couponing! thanks

  206. 211
    Tricia says

    ooooh!! I SO need this!!! Thanks!!

  207. 212
    Jill says

    Comment # 209 – hopefully that is my lucky number!

  208. 213
    Audrey says

    Wow, these are awesome prizes. I love all things kitchen related. How fun!!

  209. 214
    My First Kitchen says

    LOVE stuff like this. Pick me! Pick me!!

  210. 215
    Crissy says

    What an awesome giveaway!!! Thanks for the opportunity!! This was my first visit to your site. Now I’m super excited to look around!! Thanks again! God bless!

  211. 216
    Nicole says

    I’ve never left a comment before! I love your website! My husband and I are trying to get organized to save money now that we are down to one income b/c of our 1 year old and I am 3 months pregnant again!

  212. 217
    Corinne says

    Would love to win! Thanks!

  213. 218
    Lyndsi says

    I love the calendar!! Great giveaway.

  214. 219
    Alicia P says

    Those are great products! What a nice giveaway!

  215. 220
    Azul says

    Sweet! I love your idea for the 4-week calendar, and I plan to shamelessly copy it if I win.


  216. 221
    tammy b says

    aha, these look like something i could really use!

  217. 222
    Jolene Chong says

    I hope I win! I would be so happy!

  218. 223
    Paula H says

    With 4 kids, this would be really handy. I’m always trying to get better organized.

  219. 224
    Rachel S says

    Sure hope I win I need organizing help!

  220. 225
    Michele T says

    I would love to win – that calendar looks SO awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  221. 226
    anna says

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    ktjrdn says

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    Rachel says

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  224. 229
    Lisa C. says

    I’d love it!

  225. 230
    Becca says

    Wow, that calendar is just what I need! I’ve been looking for something like that for a few weeks now, and haven’t found anything that I like — until now!

  226. 231
    Karen says

    I love the calendar! And the coupon organizer looks fabulous!

  227. 232
    Martha says

    Wow! This would make me one happy mom this Halloween!!! I’ve been looking for this week over week calendar in stores for more than a year!

  228. 233
    PisecoMom says

    These look great, especially the week-over-week calendar! Thanks for a great contest.

  229. 234
    Lori says

    What a great set of prizes!!!

  230. 235
    Jenny says

    Love that calendar!!! I’m going to see if I can find / make one myself if I don’t win one!

  231. 236
    Stephanooch says

    This sounds like something I need. Sign me up!

  232. 237
    Christy says

    Those look wonderful and I always need better ways to organize!

  233. 238
    Coco says

    Oh I so want to win!!!
    I just got into coupon-ing and I need organization! Plus that week by week board would look pretty dang cool in my new kitchen!

  234. 239
    monica says

    I love and could use all three! [email protected]

  235. 240
    Cheryl says

    Cool. Please enter me in the drawing.

  236. 241
    Diana says

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  237. 242
    Lisa says

    I know I won the last giveaway, but I really love what you are giving away! I am sure I won’t be blessed twice but I can try! Thanks so much!

  238. 243
    Shilo says

    Thanks for having a giveaway! I love that calender!

  239. 244
    Erin Sanderson says

    I had a calendar just like that (until my son used a permanant marker) Oh, how I miss it. Regular calendars just aren’t the same. Love the blog!

  240. 245
    Bonnie Walker says

    awesome! I would especially love the coupon organizer since I don’t really like the system I have going on now. Thanks!

  241. 246
    Lisa says

    These are GREAT giveaways!

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    JenC says

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    d says

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    Erin says

    those look fabulous!!! I love the week over week!

  245. 250
    TCC says

    I just told my husband last night that I need to get a new (and better) coupon organizer!

    Thank you for your generosity.

  246. 251
    Annette says

    I love your giveaways – thanks!

  247. 252
    Rainy @ More Gravy says

    What a great prize! I just checked that book out from the library and was already certain I was going to need to go buy it so I could have a copy at home. I hope I win!

  248. 254
    KK says

    I was just trying to organize my coupons and conduct somewhat coherent meal plans yesterday! Here’s to hoping! 🙂

  249. 255
    Meredith says

    Awesome prizes. Thanks for hosting this give-a-way and inspiring me with the weekly meal plans.

  250. 256
    tami lewis says

    i want one of these sooo badly! and the extras are great too.

  251. 257
    Sarah C. says

    What a great giveaway!
    Sarah C.

  252. 258
    cgogis says

    Oh, I need to win this so badly! And it looks like I need to subscribe to your blog!
    cgogis at yahoo dot com

  253. 259
    Helen says

    These all look really good – they could really help me I think. Love the blog!

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    Chantelle says

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  255. 261
    Jackie says

    I would love the coupon organizer. I’ve been eyeing this to buy. I’ll wait now and see if luck is on my side! Awesome giveaway thanks for hosting it! Got my fingers crossed.

  256. 262
    lisa bird says

    you have no idea how much this would help me…okay, maybe you do 🙂 i have been trying to get organzied with coupons and cut back on grocery cost, plus trying to balance work, home duties, and play. i love your idea of using each week to orgazine different areas of life. i’m jealous that you are so organized!

  257. 263
    Ashley Barnhart says

    I really need all of this stuff I hope I win

  258. 264
    Kristina says

    Put my name in the hat! 🙂 I’d love to win those.

  259. 265
    Vicki Shackelford says

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  260. 266
    My Precious Pennies says

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    Laura says

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  266. 272
    $5 Dinner Mom says

    Thanks Laura!
    Would love to win this!!!

  267. 273
    Kathy says

    My mom would LOVE these things!!!! *crosses fingers*


  268. 274
    Connie says

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    Amanda says

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    Jeannie says

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    I love your blog.

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    Suzanne says

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    Jlia says

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  275. 281
    Harmony says

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    Hannah says

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  277. 283
    angel rollins says

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  278. 284
    Hip Mom's Guide says

    Ooohhh, pick me, pick me! I am so desperate for organization right now. Can’t you tell, by how I’m spending an hour on the computer, instead of sorting through that pile of junk upstairs???

  279. 285
    Kristin says

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  280. 286
    Ginny says

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  281. 287
    Becky says

    yeah! thanks for three giveaways 🙂 hope i win!

  282. 288
    Melissa says

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  283. 289
    Faith Clark says

    I LOVE, all 3 ideas. I try very hard, to make a weekly menu (and to follow it) and I think the idea of the weekly/ monthly calendar, is a great idea. Can you please post where it can be ordered (for those of us who might not win.) The coupon idea is also great, and I have to say I am ALWAYS trying to use coupons, but have a REALLY hard time keeping them neat and organized. I think I might use coupons if there was a neat way to have them handy. I think we might all have to start using coupons if the food bills keep going up. =) Great ideas.

  284. 290
    Michelle says

    I’m a big coupon clipper so would love to win this prize – thanks!

  285. 291
    Leslie says

    Count me in on this sweet giveaway! I’m hooked on planning, organizing and saving money! 🙂 Thanks!

  286. 292
    Lisa says

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  287. 293
    TMC says

    I can never have too many calendars! 🙂

  288. 294
    Susmitha Venkatarama says

    Thanks for the cool prize!

  289. 295
    Megret says

    Fantastic prizes! Thanks for the terrific giveaway! These all look super helpful.

    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  290. 296
    Terri says

    I can certainly use SOMETHING to help with meal planning – this might be it.

  291. 297
    Siri Heinrichs says

    Whoo hoo! Great giveaway! Crossing my fingers I win!

  292. 298
    monique says

    I NEED THIS!!!!!!!!
    We just moved and I need some serious meal planning organization (need to save $$ to buy decorations and storage bins and well you geyt my drift……….)


  293. 299
    Beth H says

    I think you read my mind on the calendar!! I’ve been formulating that in my head for months now…little did i know it was already out there.

  294. 300
    Becky says

    I’m so excited for the chance to win. I think the calendar would help me so much with menu planning. Thanks again!

  295. 301
    jennifer says

    please enter me! I love your blog!

  296. 302
    Allie says

    Pick me pick me… not working and having a 1 year old I could use this lucky giveaway!

  297. 303
    rachel says

    Wow! I love that calendar thing, it is so cool! Where can I buy it (in case I don’t win lol!)?

  298. 304
    Carey says

    I love your blog! I’m an organization zealot myself, so I am constantly on the lookout for better ways to stay organized. You always have great ideas! I have never seen a calendar quite like that one, but I LOVE it! I am also a coupon-clipping kinda girl, and I’d love to get my hands on that couponizer. Pick me!

  299. 305
    Stacy says

    I was looking at something like this at Target, I hope I win.

  300. 306
    Cindy says

    What an awesome giveaway!

  301. 307
    Crystal says

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  302. 308
    saly says

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  303. 309
    kate walser says

    sooooo for me- with 4 and 1 on the way AND a homeschool momma here I would LOVE some tips and treats on being ORGANIZED! 😉 thanks!

  304. 310
    Jenny says

    Cool contest – are those of us in Canada eligible to enter?

  305. 312
    Jennifer Calabro says

    I have my first baby on the way and these would be absolutely wonderful in helping me to organize and save money!

  306. 313
    Becky says

    Great prizes, thanks for the chance to win!!
    Keep on inspiring me to organize!!

  307. 314
    Colleen F says

    way cool prizes. I used to use coupons all of the time, but they have gotten scarce in my area.

  308. 315
    Lisa says

    Love your blog! Would love to win!

  309. 316
    Paige says

    Cool. I’d like to enter.

  310. 317
    Amy says

    Please please please – I’m just starting with coupons and this sounds great!

  311. 318
    Mai says

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  312. 319
    Gina says

    I love that calendar! What a great idea!

  313. 320
    Tammatha Denyes says

    I am a coupon and Freebie JUNKIE! This would be a fantastic way to keep track. I hope I win!

  314. 321
    Theresa Shafer says

    Save money – oh ya. I am there. Thank you so much for sharing.

  315. 322
    Sandra says

    I just love your blog!!! Count me in on the giveaway!!

  316. 323
    Jill says

    This is a Great Giveaway and right up my alley!! Thanks 🙂

  317. 324
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    What great products! I can definitely use these. Thanks for the opportunity!

  318. 325
    Katie says

    Love it!

  319. 326
    L says

    Oh how I would *LOVE* to win this! I have wanted each of these items, but can’t bring my frugal self to spend money on them! I have been making do with my own versions!

  320. 327
    Kathleen says

    What a great giveway!!! Good luck everyone!

  321. 328
    Heather says

    I love this site. I’ve just found it, and how awesome would it be to win a prize! Great products and tips!

  322. 329
    Carla says

    I love the way you use your week over week that is a great idea!! my sister has one she uses for her regular calender and loves it but I knew that wouldn’t work for us I need a permanent record of our calender. But I think your way is Fantastic. count me in.

  323. 330
    april says

    Pick me! Sounds great.

  324. 331
    Vicki says

    Oh that is really cool!! I’m a big fan of the dry erase on the fridge – front and center!!! 🙂 Thanks!!

  325. 332
    Dawn in GA says

    What a great way to keep things organized. I love it. Thank you for your fabulous contests.

  326. 333
    allie z says

    This is my first visit to your site! What a treat! I’ll bookmark and return regularly.

  327. 334
    Katherine says

    This is a great giveaway! Thank you.

  328. 335
    Lisa says

    These would be awesome to win! Thanks!

  329. 336
    Abbey says

    This sounds great!

  330. 337
    chris s says

    Boy do I need some organizing. These sound great. Thanks for the giveaway.

  331. 338
    Rachel says

    What an awesome calendar! Love your blog I just found you today added to my favorites!

  332. 339
    Carol says

    Hope I win.

  333. 340
    Naomi says

    GREAT giveaway! 326 commenters. Yay for you!

  334. 341
    Leslee says

    Ooh, ooh! I wanna win that. The calendar is fantastic! And I saw the Coupon Mom on Oprah, I was intrigued.


  335. 342
    tricia says

    Awesome giveaway. Thanks

  336. 343
    Amber says

    So cool. I really like that week over week calendar.

  337. 344
    Stephanie says

    Oh wow, this would so help organize my life!!

  338. 345
    Heather says

    These would be so helpful! Thanks!

  339. 346
    TargetWidow says

    I so WANT all of these things! The calendar would be perfect, and I’ve been toying with the idea of switching my coupon organzing system. I would love to try this out.

  340. 347
    Amber says

    cool! I LOVE the calendar! Pick me!

  341. 348
    Dana says


  342. 349
    Kacy says

    You are SO generous! I love the week after week calendar. What a fantastic idea! Your idea to use one for a specific task is also brilliant. Thanks again!

  343. 350
    Pennie says

    I would LOVE to win this giveaway! All of those things would make life so much easier!

  344. 351
    Reva Skie says

    I could so use that Week over Week calendar, I need some organization.

  345. 352
    Elizabeth Sue says

    That would be such a blessing to our family. Thank for entering me!

  346. 353
    Valerie says

    You are so generous!

  347. 354
    Amber Walter says

    Put me in too! I would love to have this!

  348. 355
    Jessica says

    I have just started couponing and would love to win this.

  349. 356
    andi says

    pick me. pick me. I need as much help in organizing things as I can get!!

  350. 357
    MissB says

    how neat! i’ve been all about organizing since discovering your site 😉

  351. 358
    Janel says

    WOW I hope I win! I would love that calender!! Thanks for the great tips!!

  352. 359
    Michelle says

    I can use any help I get get when it comes to organizing. That calendar looks great. Thanks for the giveaway!

  353. 360
    Erin says

    I’ve just recently found your website – I love it!

  354. 361
    Terra Heck says

    I would definitely use these!

  355. 362
    Misty says

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  356. 363
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    Kristin Scott says

    I love anything that has to do with being organized! sign me up!

  358. 365
    trixie says

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  359. 366
    Teresa says

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  360. 367
    kathee says

    Love your blog – I’m in!

  361. 368
    Barb Szyszkiewicz says

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  362. 369
    Katie says

    Those prizes rock!!

  363. 370
    Pam says

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  364. 371
    Gina says

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  365. 372
    Patti says

    What a great way to get organized! Thanks!!

  366. 373
    alemos says

    I love these products. Couponing rules.

  367. 374
    Catharine says

    what awesome giveaways! Oh and has that exact same calander, but I think they only ship within the US…its so hard to find companys willing to ship to APO/FPO addresses…I think thats the only draw back to living in Italy.

  368. 375
    Janet in Toronto says

    This is some fantabulous giveaway! I’d lurve to win.

  369. 376
    Sarah H. says

    Great giveaways! I have been slacking at meal planning lately and that menu planner looks awesome! Plus, just the other day I was looking for a way to organize my coupons…currently I just have them stuck to a magnet on my fridge and they keep falling off. Cool stuff!

    By the way, I love your blog!

  370. 377
    Jennifer M says

    My coupons fall all over. Please enter me!

  371. 378
    Becky says

    I need this sooo badly! We have a very unorganized coupon system. *crosses fingers*

  372. 379
    Melissa says

    What an awesome giveaway!!

  373. 380
    Christy Uptmor says

    How awesome would these be. I am a new stay at home mom of 3 little blessings and am looking for a way to get organized and a good routine down.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  374. 381
    Stephanie says

    Cool! LOVE them all!

  375. 382
    Lisa says

    This would be a huge blessing and a help here in this home.
    [email protected]

  376. 383
    Trisha Headman says

    I would love to win that calendar!!! What a great idea.

  377. 384
    Kendra says

    Ooooh, those are really cool goodies!!!!

  378. 385
    Smellyann says

    I am a coupon fanatic, and I could really use all of these products. Thanks so much, and please visit mine, too!

  379. 386
    Queenbee says

    What a great giveaway, I sure hope I win

  380. 387
    Mandi says

    I’ve had my eye on that magnetic calendar for a long time now! And I love anything that promotes organization (I need all the help I can get)!

  381. 388
    Kristin says

    looks great! count me in!

  382. 389
    Blakely says

    This would be great to do monthly menue planning! what a great giveaway!

  383. 390
    Alyssa says

    Oh yeah! My kind of giveaway! Please enter me!

  384. 391
    Chrissey says

    Well, here’s hoping I win!

  385. 392
    Sarah says

    Great giveaway, this would be so helpful!

  386. 393
    Andrea says

    I’m in. Love your site!

  387. 394
    Rayn says

    Even if I don’t win, I’m excited about the dry erase calendar – how cool! It will definitely come in handy. What a great blog I’ve “discovered” here – many thanks!

  388. 395
    KaKi McKinney says

    I have wanted the couponizer FOREVER!!! I hope I win!!

  389. 396
    Kay says

    WOW-you have over 300 comments already! I love your blog & would love help in menu planning & coupons! Count me in!

  390. 397
    Sally says

    I would love to win this, especially the Calender.

  391. 398
    LeAnn says

    I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for the giveaway. I love prizes 🙂

  392. 399
    Lorrie says

    This prize is the BEST! Blessings to you for being so generous.

  393. 400
    Pam says

    I’d love to win!

  394. 401
    Rachel says

    Wow – not one but three prizes, amazing. thanks for the chance to win!

  395. 402
    [email protected] says

    Great giveaway. Very intrigued by the couponizer. Thanks!

  396. 403
    Meredith says

    I’m in! Thanks!

  397. 404
    Richelle F says

    Those look great!

  398. 405
    Unorganized Amy, UT says

    SUCH cute ideas!! I could really use a boost in my organization.

  399. 406
    Margot says

    Very cool giveaway!!! This would make my life so much more manageable. Thanks!

  400. 407
    Maribel says

    Awesome prizes…thanks for the chance of winning one!

  401. 408
    Brittni says

    I would love to win. I love your blog!

  402. 409
    Kara says

    Looks FUN! I hope to win. 🙂

  403. 410
    Charity says

    I’ll take a shot at it! I could really use a dry erase calendar that I can have a multitude of uses for– you have an awesome idea going on there, Laura!! As always, love your site!!

  404. 411
    Amy says

    Please, please, please let me win!

  405. 412
    Life with Three says

    Great giveaway — thanks for the chance to win!

  406. 413
    Audra says

    Common little random number generator.. Do your thing!!!! I love the calendar- what a useful item.

    Thanks so much for the AWE-some Give-oh-Way!

  407. 414
    Hil'Lesha says

    Very nice! 🙂

  408. 415
    Carrie A. says

    Looks like a great giveaway! I want this!

  409. 416
    Dru Watkins says

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. Please enter me in.

  410. 417
    Rheba says

    How exciting, a give-a-way! I would love to have these.

  411. 418
    Sally says

    What great prizes! I love the idea of using the different weeks for different areas – what a fabulous idea! Youdabest!

  412. 419
    Inna says

    What a great giveaway!

  413. 420
    jayedee says

    please throw my name in the hat for this awesome giveaway! with 12 kids, i need ALL the help i can get! lol good luck everyone!

  414. 421
    Lara T. says

    what a great idea to use the calender for 4 schedules all in the same week! I’m going to have to try that!

  415. 422
    Staci says

    For a momma whose kiddo is on a strict diet, a menu plan is a must. But it’s not easy! Please enter me!!

  416. 423
    Kim says

    These look fabulous! Thanks for the giveaway!

  417. 424
    Amanda says

    Ooh! Count me in for this one! With a new baby the only way I can manage to get dinner on the table every night is by planning it out with hubby on Sundays! With something stuck to the fridge I (hopefully!) wouldn’t lose the paper I write the menu out on each week!! 🙂

  418. 425
    Julie says

    Oh my, I need a coupon organizer. Mine are all “organized” by paper clips!

  419. 426
    Coral says

    I’ve been entering every blog giveaway for the Couponizer. Hopefully one day I’ll win it. 🙂

  420. 427
    Ammy says

    I just recently found your website and LOVE it. Lots of wonderful tips that have helped me a lot…I need all the help I can get.
    Thanks again!

  421. 428
    michelle h says

    I NEED the coupon organizer! My husband gave me a really nice purse, and it’s littered with coupons. Help!

  422. 429
    Tammy says

    Thanks for the chance – that couponizer looks fantastic.

  423. 430
    Shelby says

    I’d love to win them :)! Thanks.

  424. 431
    sarah says

    i’d love to win this! i badly need to organise my coupons!

  425. 432
    Emily Roper says

    how great! this would be so useful!!!

  426. 433
    katie stacey says

    I have wanted to get into couponing for awhile. this would be helpful

  427. 434
    Cin says

    Super cool organizer!! Love these products.

  428. 435
    Jodi says

    I am in such need of some organizational help, I would love to win these to get me on the right track.

  429. 436
    Kim says

    What great prizes. Those look like they would be a blessing at our house. Thanks for giving them away.

  430. 437
    Heather Schooler says

    Found your site a few weeks back and am enjoying all the tips and tricks… I fell in love with the week over week board and went straight to our local Zeller’s and found one !!! It is now on the fridge and already in use for menu planning….but would love to win the coupon organizer and book !!

  431. 438
    Princess Momma says

    First, I have been eyeballing that week over week calendar for a while, but couldn’t justify paying the shipping for it. Second, I always have stacks of coupons and never use them because the off brands are always cheaper than the name brands even with coupons. I would love to learn how to really make coupons work for me.

  432. 439
    meghan says

    What an awsesome giveaway!!!!!

    Thanks for the opp to win.

  433. 440
    Julie says

    Wow! What a great idea! No need to flip pages if you are between months!

  434. 441
    SMG says

    Those are awesome! I really hope I win, I definatly need more organization in my life.

  435. 442
    Dys says

    Would love to have something like this! SO handy!

  436. 443
    Rachel R. says

    I’ve been eyeballing those couponizers for a while now; they look so cool. The week-over-week calendars are a pretty snazzy concept, too. 🙂

  437. 444
    Barb says

    my daughter is a first year teacher and just moved into her own apartment. This would help her to organize herself and to get into the habit of being organized – less stress for her!!

  438. 445
    Sishi Deng says

    Wow, I never thought of having MOVABLE weekly dry-erase boards. That is genius. I would definitely like to win that!

    Thanks for the post!

  439. 446
    Tracye says

    I could really use all of these! I’m definitely NOT organized!

  440. 447
    Claudia says

    What fun prizes!!!! I was just reading about that calendar this morning!

  441. 448
    Nicole says

    That magnet calendar is awesome! I have SO much to track that it would definately be quite handy to use it the way you do with each week being a different thing.

  442. 449
    Holly says

    My coupons are not organized at all, I could really use the help!

  443. 450
    Tara says

    Oh Awesome!! My husband would be thrilled if I won this.. He is always telling me to buy things to help us organize lol

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    Kim aka GoofyMamma says

    You mean it wasn’t the support bra? Darn I thought I had guessed it! I guess I like what you picked instead lol. Count me in sister friend.

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    Paula Batton

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    Jennifer says

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    Lisa says

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    KaeleyAnne says

    Ooh, I’ve been looking for a calendar similar to that one. I love your blog – it has given me so many useful ideas.

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    You’re blog is a great! I have been reading for a long time but this is my first comment.

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    iMommy says

    Oh, how cute! If I don’t win, I’m totally buying that similar calendar!

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    Amanda says

    What a cool giveaway I really could use the coupon orginizer mine are just all over my purse LOL

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    Kam A says

    This sounds so helpful!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

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    Audra Marie says

    What a much needed giveaway! 🙂 I may have to check the library for that book. Thanks for a chance to win one of these items. 🙂

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    Kellie says

    I am really getting into coupons, meal planning, and organizing all of that!! This would help a lot! thanks!

  460. 467
    melissa says

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    kimberly Leonard says

    love the magnetic week over week calendar and your idea of using it!

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    Stephanie Gregory says

    I love coupons and this would make a great Christmas present for me!

    Thanks for the wonderful contest!

  463. 470
    oona b says

    I would love some help with getting started couponing and being MORE organized, I am pretty hopeless!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  464. 471
    Meredith says

    I am a HUGE coupon/meal planning freak! This prize sounds fabulous and right up my alley!

  465. 472
    midwesttwingirl says

    I love dry erase calendars, but hated that I could only change month by month or rewrite the whole thing every week. This calendar would be perfect!

  466. 473
    Bryan Holmes says

    I think this would be great to have it. I need more organizational skills, Please let me win this. I can use it

  467. 474
    Luanne says

    The calendar looks awesome! You have inspired me with your weekly meal planning.

  468. 475
    Carol says

    I’ve gotten serious with the coupons lately so I could really use this. Thank you for a chance to win.

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    lindsey says

    What a perfect giveaway! I could definitely use some help with my organization at times, and these would be great!!

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    Nicole RJ says

    Very cool – that dry erase calaneder looks like such a great organizational tool!

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    Beeb says

    great prizes! Thanks for the opportunity

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    Sarah says

    This blog carnival marks the one year anniversary of me finding and loving your blog. Thanks for the chance to win, Laura!

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    Sonya says

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  480. 487
    mitchsmom says

    Cool planning tool!

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    amy weier says

    wow – these look awesome! Count me in please! (and if I don’t win, I’ll be on my way to find them in the store!) thanks for the tips!

  482. 489
    mannequin says

    Oh that certainly looks helpful. I love that week over week calendar!
    That’s one dept I KNOW I am lacking in. I make up grocery lists with no specific meals in mind and then have all ingredients but one. This of course, leads you back to the grocery store where you can never pick up just one item.
    Sure would be loved here!

  483. 490
    Christy says

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    Elaine Bell says

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    Liz says

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    Toni says

    This rocks! I am a single mom of 4 and I am just getting started on getting organized and menu planning, trying to make life a LOT simpler for all of us, would be AWESOME to win this!

  489. 496
    Keri says

    I’ve never won anything….and this would be awesome to win. I love the calendar, it would make doing menus super easy. Love your blog to…read it all the time.

  490. 497
    Cherie J says

    Please enter me. Thank you!

  491. 498
    Alyson says

    Oh, me too, me too! The calendar looks great–so easy to plan everything, and your idea about using each week for a different ‘activity’ is fabulous. Trying to get going with coupons, but I am definitely NOT organized–HELP!

  492. 499
    Jennifer C says

    What a great contest, thanks!

  493. 500
    Nissa says

    This prize has my name all over it (can’t you see?- Nissa, Nissa, Nissa! lol). I really hope I win this one! Thanks!

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    Teresa M says

    I am in need of organization especially when it comes to meal planning.

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    Emily says

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    Mrs.Pear says

    Wow! This sounds great, and I can see where it would help me SO much!

  497. 504
    Andrea M says

    Enter me! 🙂 Thanks

    And, just in case I don’t win, do you know where else these can be bought (the week by week planner)! Thanks!!

  498. 505
    Alexis says

    Wow, I’d love to win!

    I’ve been lurking but I thought I’d pop in to say how much I love your blog!

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    Brianne S. says

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    Laura says

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    April in CT says

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    Mommy Zabs says

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    Rhonda Turner says

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    Jody says

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  506. 514
    karissa says

    holy meatballs! there are already 511 entries! I will 512!

    and I WANT THIS BAD! I hope the luck fairies are watching me today!

    no really thanks for the chance! Unique prizes!

  507. 515
    Sandra says

    I just found your website today via “moneysavingmom”, I’m so exited because I have always prided myself on being organized and a list person, but now as a SAHM I can’t seem to get the whole menu planning thing accomplished. This will be a regular blog read for me now! Thanks Sandra

  508. 516
    Lisa G. says

    The calendar would be so perfect for our small business and I can always use some help with my coupons! Thanks for having this giveaway!
    lisalmg (at) ktis (dot) net

  509. 517
    BQkimmy says

    Oh my… could I ever use this!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  510. 518
    Trisha says

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    Jenna says

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    Jennifer Hodgkiss says

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! I need serious help organizing and these products could help!!

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    Debbie says

    what a great give away!!!! this is stuff I NEED!!!

  514. 522
    Amy says

    My coupons are such a mess! I would love to get them organized with this prize. Thanks!

  515. 523
    Marli says

    Hi there! I am new to your blog although I’ve heard of Menu Plan Monday (on moneysavingmom) and have implemented it in our own meals at home. I’m joining in this week on my blog! 🙂 Love that magnetic calendar!

  516. 524
    Cheryl W says

    Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that Week Over Week dry erase board. What a good idea!

  517. 525
    Nancy R. says

    Great stuff! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  518. 526
    Chubbie Chica says

    Oh…ME, ME, ME….please!

  519. 528
    Lucy says

    i need that couponizer, mine are such a mess.

  520. 529
    Krys says

    This is a great giveaway! And boy could I use some getting organized!

  521. 530
    Katie W. says

    I’d love, love, love these organizers! What a perfect “to do” as the weather gets colder and we get to spend more time inside. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!! 🙂

  522. 531
    Tanya Moyer says

    Awesome products! I’ve been so curious about the couponizer! Great giveaway – thanks for offering!

  523. 532
    Susan says

    Wow, I would love to be more organized with meals and save more money with coupons. Way to go with this one.

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    Lilia says

    Yippee! what great give aways. add me in.

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    Jenny says

    You have no idea how much I could use this! 5 kids and homeschooling! Being more organized is a must!

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    Tracy says

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    Amanda says

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    Jeni says

    I would love these tools to help me conquer my home management!

  533. 542
    RenovationGirl says

    Oooo, love the weekly planner thing!!!

  534. 543
    reeva says

    Thanks for a generous giveaway. I hope I’m the lucky winner.

  535. 544
    Marie says

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    Diane says

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    Donese Scott says

    Woo! Hoo! These are GREAT!

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    Kelly G says

    I’d love to win this, especially the calendar!! gentzkelly at hotmail dot com

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    Vanessa says

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    nellbe says

    Fantastic! Would love to be included, thak you.

  541. 550
    Mista says

    Oh wow!!! I Love, love, LOVE that calendar! What a brilliant idea!

    Please, include me in your giveaway!!!

    Thank you!

  542. 551
    Jolene says

    Looks helpful-please enter me in your drawing! Thank you!

  543. 552
    Kandi says

    that calendar looks fantastic! 🙂 i might have to buy one! 🙂

  544. 553
    Casey H says

    Ive really started getting into couponing! I’d love this!!

  545. 554
    JLHilgers says

    I’ve seen the Couponizer but the CALENDAR looks amazing! Thanks for the info!!!

  546. 555
    Sarah G says

    Leaving a comment here.

  547. 556
    Abby S. says

    Your website is awesome! It’s such an encouragement to me! Inspirational!

  548. 557
    Shannon says

    Oh so cool!!! I just love the menu planning calendar – what a fantastic idea 🙂

  549. 558
    Rhonda Mason says

    I am So desorginiced that I can’t even spell it! LOL These would definately help me out! Thanks!

  550. 559
    Jenn says

    o0o0o0o I could use some organizing help!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I’m giving away a rhinestone cluster ring on my blog. Feel free to come drop your name in the hat. 🙂 I’m having giveaways all week, actually!

  551. 560
    geri says

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!! Please count me in!

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  552. 561
    Jessica says

    Oh my goodness,this would have saved me today. I pulled my daughter out of her hardest class to take her to the ortho only to find out that the appt is tomorrow! RATS! and Coupons I use all the time.

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    Julie at Elisharose says

    It is my life’s quest to be organized. Please help!

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    Rose says

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  560. 569
    Nikki says

    I’d love to win! I just got into collecting coupons and keeping things organized. The coupon organizer looks like it’ll be of great help…lol…especially after I scrambled for a coupon in my wallet the other day…grr. Thanks for the chance.

  561. 570
    Veronica Jarvis says

    I’m a coupon addict and this giveaway would be fantastic! Thanks!

  562. 571
    Suzie G says

    This is an awesome and handy set of tools that would make my life easier!

  563. 572
    Michele P. says

    hoping this is not a dupe, but this is a great giveaway, these are things I can definitely use in my household…

    micaela6955 at msn dot com (whose DSL is being a pain in the butt tonight!)

  564. 573
    Jenny Sellars says

    pick me pick me! I love it!! I would love any of these items!!

  565. 574
    Maria says

    Wow! What a great giveaway! I would love to win these items. I have never seen the week-over-week calendar. It looks very interesting! I love your ideas for organizing your meals, cleaning schedule, etc. That makes a lot of sense.

  566. 575
    Ebie says

    just discovered coupon mom, would love to try this out!

  567. 576
    Lisa says

    Oh my gosh, I would love this GREATLY!!!

  568. 577
    Wonderwoman says

    Great prizes, I can’t believe the traffic you get on your site!

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    Dorinda says

    That would be such a cool thing to receive. I love looking at all the ideas and implementing them in my own home. Thanks so much for sharing!

  570. 579
    Aldara says

    I would love to win this!

  571. 580
    Alaina says

    Oh, that is awesome! I would love to win – I’ve been a bit disillusioned with couponing lately. 🙂

  572. 581
    Jen says

    Very cool giveaway!

  573. 582
    Bridget says

    This is such an awesome giveaway!!

  574. 583
    Amy says

    This would be great. I need a new system for my coupons!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  575. 584
    Natalie says

    thanks for the giveaway! I love the calendar!

  576. 585
    Candi L says

    I desperately need all of these. I keep telling myself that I need to get more organized.

  577. 586
    Leigh says

    fun! I’d love to win both of these! I love your idea for using the weeks differently on the calendar.

  578. 587
    Amanda C says

    Oh, this would be so helpful in weekly organization! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  579. 588
    Christina says

    Wow! I think this is one of the best giveaways I’ve seen… Would love to win! Thanks for a great contest and a great blog!

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    Forgetfulone says

    I should have known the couponizer! I’d love to have any of these gifts, not to mention, all three. What a great giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

  581. 590
    Crista says

    That just looks really cool. What a neat giveaway.

  582. 591
    Renée aka Mekhismom says

    I would absolutely love this! I need a better way to organize my coupons and I need to start menu planning.

  583. 592
    Robin says

    I just found your blog today and I love it! It will definitely be one of my regular blogs to read from now on.

  584. 593
    Becky Grady says

    The way my family is running around lately, I sure could use this. I’m always afraid I’m going to miss an important appointment.

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  585. 594
    kristen says

    I have so been wanting to try the Couponizer!

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    Jen S. says

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  587. 597
    Ashlee says

    I would love this!!! I’ve just recently started to collect coupons and I always forget where I put them or forget to use them!! This would help me!!!


  588. 598
    Tiffany says

    I could definitely benefit from these things!

  589. 599
    Becky Newson says

    Great package of prizes! These would be well-used in my house. In fact, I’ve been trying to get a decent calendar-type tracking system going for several different things. No doubt I would LOVE the magnet calendar!

  590. 600
    Bobbie says

    Wow I just found this site today and I am in heaven. I am trying to get everything organized while my youngest son is in the hospital 4 and half hours away with a chronic illness he has been gone since aug 4th. I am a licensed esthetician and between all my appts etc, my son being away, my oldest son’s activities and being a single mom trying to do it all….I could use all 3 of those items. WOO WHOO! SOOO HAPPY I FOUND THIS SITE!

  591. 601
    danielle hardwick says

    oh oh pick me..pick me…lol…this looks great. it might help me to start planning. what with three kids and a (totally unplanned) fourth due any day now it would be so helpful!

  592. 602
    Cherissa says

    I am an avid couponer and could really use all of this!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  593. 603
    Shelly says

    Count me in! This sounds great!

  594. 604
    Kathy Eller says

    Pick my number pick MY number or magic number generator!!!

  595. 605
    Candi says

    Being a single mom I am working on this organizing thing to get better at it! The coupon organizer would be great! 🙂 If I can get in on this that would be very neat.

    Love this page!

  596. 606
    Desiree Rutter says

    I am so faithful to your blog. Pick me! 🙂

  597. 607
    Melessa says

    Looks like a lot of fun prizes!

  598. 609
    Lady Ozma says

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for your generosity as well as your helpful blog!

    I’d love a chance to win!

  599. 610
    Hollie says

    Wow! That calendar is awesome! I like your way of using it too…with the different “weeks” being different tasks (cooking, cleaning, etc.) I could definitely use a coupon organizer since mine is from the dollar store and falling apart.


  600. 611
    jenn says

    very cool prize! the couponizer will certainly come in handy in this house

  601. 612
    Terry Young says

    Oh my gosh – visions of organization are flashing before my eyes – I would love these prizes. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway.

  602. 613
    Kris says

    This would be awesome. I am still finding my couponing niche and this looks like a great system!

  603. 614
    Leesa Dykstra says

    I just found your blog and I *love* it!!! I love all of the ways you organize things. This giveaway would be pefect for me, too. lol Thank you for the chance to win. 🙂

  604. 615
    Joanna Carr says

    Hi! I’m new to all this blogginess but I just love your site! I hope I win!

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    Robin says

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    I hope I win.

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    Angela says

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    Jacki says

    As someone who clips coupons like crazy, I would really like to win this.


  608. 619
    Candice says

    This would be a great help for this disorganized Mommy! How thoughtful! Thanks!

  609. 620
    Cheryl R says

    I would love to have a calendar like that one. I never have seen such an item. The coupon organizer/ book sounds wonderful.

  610. 621
    Amber says

    I think your site is awesome and this giveaway is great as well.

  611. 622
    JustPlainRenee says

    I love your blog and what a super prize!

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    Kristy says

    What a great prize! I just found your blog and love what I see!

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    Elizabeth M. says

    Thank you for offering such wonderful organizational tools in your giveaway. Just what I need, seriously!

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    Monica says

    Those would all be too cool!!!

  615. 626
    Starr says

    Love your post!
    What a wonderfull giveaway!

    Keep up the great work!

  616. 627
    Chelsea says

    That calendar is the coolest thing I have ever seen!!

  617. 628
    Nikki Weber says

    that is such a great calendar.\
    Love that idea.
    And who could use some tips for organizing those coupons?

    So add me to the fun drawing.


  618. 629
    Susan says

    I sooo need to learn how to save money with coupons. Keeping my life organized would help too. What a helpful giveaway, thanks!!

  619. 630
    Pamela says

    Cool stuff! Add me, please!

  620. 631
    Lindsay Creswell says

    Count me in! I sure need to find a better way to organize coupons and my life!

  621. 632
    Lis says

    Oh my goodness this would amazing to win! I really really need some help staying organized with my extremely forgetful brain I really desperately need something to help me out this would be perfect! I even forget the most important things oh it’s so horrible 🙂 I’ll have to buy me something like this if I don’t win haha

  622. 633
    Regina Logan says

    Love them! Could use all to keep me a bit more organized. Sign me up!

  623. 634
    Jessica Gugel says

    I desparately need a coupon organizer.
    Thanks for the contest.
    Happy Halloween