Product Highlight ~ Scanalog and a giveaway!

Updated:  The winner of the Scanalog software is Kristal from the Schimbeck Family! Thanks to everyone who entered.

Who doesn’t read magazines and want to keep certain articles to refer back to? I’m pretty sure we all do that. Some rip out the pages and accumulate them somewhere for safe keeping and others keep the whole magazine. This can result in piles of magazines taking up valuable space in your home. So imagine how thrilled I was to come across the Scanalog, a product developed by a woman who experienced the same problem and wanted a system that would allow magazine clipping to go digital.

SCANALOG is a CD-ROM software system you can use to store, catalog and retrieve your favorite articles from your favorite magazines. There are eleven Master Categories in Scanalog that cover a range of women’s interests, from Home Decoration to Gardening to My Spirit.

Can you imagine how easy it would be to find that article you are looking for with the click of a mouse. That just makes me so excited!

Scanalog was created in 2000 but I’ve never heard of it before now. Has anyone heard of it and/or tried it out?

Please keep in mind that I haven’t tried this product but I definitely intend to! It is available for purchase from their website for $49.95.

And guess what? One of you will get the chance to try it out even sooner than soon. The Company has kindly offered to giveaway a copy to one of my readers! Simply leave a comment on this post before Tuesday, July 22nd at 11:59 am pst. If you don’t have a blog that I can find you at, please be sure to leave your email address in the comments. Thanks!

Good luck!


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287 Responses to Product Highlight ~ Scanalog and a giveaway!

  1. 1
    Diane says

    What a great item to have!! It would really help with recycling and decluttering your home! : )

  2. 2
    Lisa O says

    Sounds like a great product!!!

    Love your blog…


  3. 3
    Myssie says

    It looks really cool, I have too many magazines laying around! Thank you!


  4. 4
    Tammy says

    Very cool product! I’ve contemplated doing something similar with my magazines, but without a good tagging/reference/index system, I knew things would just get lost on my hard drive.


  5. 5
    Page says

    Wow, I could totally use this. I have so many magazine clippings. I try to keep them all organized, but it’s hard to find the time and the space.

  6. 6
    Jill says

    I’ve been a “silent lurker” on your blog for a quite a while, and I love all of your wonderful tips. This sounds like a product I could definitely use!

  7. 7
    Stephanie Summers says

    I would love to try the software. I tear recipes, decorating ideas, and crafts from magazines.

  8. 8
    Dayna says

    sounds great, I have SO many magazines lying around!

  9. 9
    Amanda says

    Thank sounds like fabulous software! Put me in the drawing!

  10. 10
    Angie says

    I remember hearing about this and thinking that it is so genius! Love it!

  11. 11
    Venessa says

    This sounds great, on my computer and no piles of clippings to go through that’s just pure genious.

  12. 12
    Christie says! this is amazing. i’ve been taping my favorite magazine clippings to the wall behind my desk…surely this is an improvement!

  13. 13
    Cheri says

    Really? I could get rid of my old magazine collection and binders of articles? Think how much space i could open up!

    Sign me up (and pick me!)

  14. 14
    Crystal says

    This is awesome! Goodbye piles of magazines! Hope I win!

  15. 15
    Orghlaith says

    This is a wonderful idea! I could finally get all those torn pages into a searchable form. Thanks for the information.

  16. 16
    dana says

    Oh my gosh, I really, really, really need this product. I’m not kidding. I need to show you a picture of my filing cabinet with receipts (thousands of them) and clippings and other crap that I can’t get rid of “because I might need it some day” – this product would revolutionize my housekeeping!!! And reduce clutter. Wow, I’m going to have to check it out and buy it if I don’t win it :)

    Thanks for featuring this.


  17. 17
    amy says

    ooohhh….this would be GREAT.

  18. 18
    Alicia P says

    Wow, what a great idea!

  19. 19
    Beckie says

    Awesome giveaway!!

  20. 20
    Debby says

    Oh! I want this! My husband is ALWAYS clipping recipes and articles for me and they end up everywhere throughout the house and I always throw them away. I hope I win!!!

  21. 21
    Chrissey says

    This would be really great! I’d love to try it.

    This is a fantastic blog. My newly organized kitchen cabinets thank you!

  22. 22
    Kim says

    This looks like a wonderful product! I have so many random clippings everywhere *L*

  23. 24
    Trac y says

    Where do you find all this great stuff??

  24. 25
    Nicol says

    This would be perfect! Save a lot of room with the articles that I have saved. All the things I want to learn, try or make.

  25. 26
    Marcia "HDMac" McFar says

    Oh my word! I would LOVE to win this product! Thank you for the opportunity!!!! I am a collect-a-holic! I am in overload right now and this product would be a wonderful help in my time of TRYING … NO… I AM getting it together! lol Thanks for your great blog!

  26. 27
    Keith says

    Sounds like an interesting product. I’ve doing scans of magazine articles for a while now, but organizing them can be a bit of a pain.

  27. 28
    Selene Montgomery says

    I am a frequent page tearer. This prize would be great!

  28. 29
    Gail says

    This sounds awesome! :) I have way too many magazines laying around that I want to save things from…I have not started because I don’t know where to begin. This would be perfect!

  29. 30
    Becky@BoysRuleMyLife says

    What a very cool idea! I would love to win this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. 31
    lifeasamama says

    whoa. that sounds nifty.

  31. 32
    Rachel says

    This sounds amazing!!! I would love to win this. Thanks for offering this!

  32. 33
    momof6 says

    This sounds like a great product, I have a love hate relationship with magazines they are my vise. But I get overrun and then they are a chore to keep up with. I have years worth of family fun under my bed now.

  33. 34
    Jacy says

    What an awesome product idea! I’ve been stalking your blog for awhile now, and this great product finally brought me out of the shadows. Enter me into your drawing!!!!!

  34. 35
    Mel says

    That looks neat. Right now my method is that I tape articles from magazines into a regular 3-ring notebook. It really helps keep down the clutter. I also use the same notebook as a dayplanner and place to keep coupons.

  35. 36
    Jaime says

    what a neat idea!! I’d love to try one.

  36. 37
    Blondie says

    Coming out of lurkdom, too…

    That is such a great product idea (says the woman with stacks and stack of magazines)!

    I love visiting your site…I always come away inspired!

  37. 38
    Lori says

    What a great idea!!! I never know what to do with articles and pictures of things I want to keep for future reference!

  38. 39
    Princess Momma says

    Oh, I can see this getting a lot of use in my house. We don’t get a lot of magazines, but it would be nice to have a way to keep articles from the ones we do get.

  39. 40
    Michele says

    This is a great idea!

  40. 41
    Holly says

    This sounds like a great product that I would love to try!

  41. 42
    Amanda D. says

    This sounds so great! Another way to get rid of all that clutter!

  42. 43
    Alaina says

    What a great product! Thank you!

  43. 44
    Karen says

    I could definitely use this. I’m always tearing stuff out so I can throw the rest of the magazine away, but figuring out what to do with the clips is a challenge.

  44. 45
    Amy says

    Oh – since we moved (using a moving company that packed up all of our stuff) I can’t find most of my torn out pages. My computer (and related CDs, etc) was easy to find – if only I had heard of this before we moved!

  45. 46
    Lynn F says

    I enjoy your site very much. I am a magazine page ripper and I need help! This sounds like a great tool. Hope I win! Does it work on Mac computers?

  46. 47
    Avlor says

    Sounds interesting.

    Though, I do about the same thing with Microsoft’s OneNote. (Web clippings, scans, recipes, etc.)

  47. 48
    Tanna says

    I heard about this a couple of years ago. I was skeptical so never tried it. I save my clippings in a binder and scan them a batch at a time.

    Sometimes I look on the magazines website when I find an article I like to see if I can just download it.

  48. 49
    Lynn F says

    My email, so you can contact me if I win, is: blfennema(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  49. 50
    melissa says

    wow…just to think of all the space i would save if i could throw away all the old magazine articles!! i would love to win!

  50. 51
    TopazTook says

    Wow, I’ve never heard of this, but I have tons of magazine articles clipped. I would love to win one!

  51. 52
    Kimberly says

    Sounds like a GREAT product.

  52. 53
    Kristna says

    Sounds Wonderful!!! I can save my articals and actually find them when I need them. Imagine that!

  53. 54
    Angie says

    This product is definately going on my wish list. What a timesaver. Thanks for all your great tips!

  54. 55
    Ranee @Arabian Knits says

    This sounds like a great idea! It would get rid of so many stacks in our home. Please enter me in the contest, thank you.

  55. 56
    Stephanie says

    Sounds like a great timesaver and cool product that would help me put all those pages I pull out of a magazine somewhere I can actually find them. Please pick me! I would love to win this.

  56. 57
    musicteachscraps says

    Magazines are SOOOOOO hard to discard. As a scrapbooker, I had to stop my scrapbook magazine subscriptions because I have so many built up. I can totally see scanning ideas from them so I can get them out of my house since I hate cutting them up in fear of missing something on the other side. I’m guessing that I could use it for different catagories. Great idea!!!

  57. 58
    Rachel says

    what a fabulous idea! hope I win :)

  58. 59
    Kim West says

    Wow, what an interesting concept!! When moving, I had to pear out my magazines and lost a lot of articles. I don’t want to have to do that again.. this would be great!

  59. 60
    Carrie says

    Wow, I have tons of magazines and this would really minimize the clutter in my house. Thanks for the offer.

  60. 62
    Katy Lin says

    my mother in law uses this product and LOVES it! i’ve wanted a copy for a long long time! please add my name to the list!

  61. 64
    Tina says

    This sounds awesome!! If I don’t win, I’ll gladly buy. Thanks for highlighting it!

  62. 65
    Casey says

    that would be so great to have!!

  63. 66
    Heather says

    I tear out the things I want to keep and put them in clear plastic sleeves and then in a ring binder. But, this would be great! I love clutter-cutters. :)

  64. 67
    Stacy says

    What a great idea!

  65. 68
    Jen (meddlingkidd) says

    This product would be perfect for me! Thanks for the chance to win it :)!


  66. 69
    Sarah says

    Oh how I would love to win one of those! Count me in…

  67. 70
    Omaha Mama says

    What a great give-away! I have never heard of this but am a total magazine junkie. It sounds like a great tool.

  68. 71
    mare says

    This sounds GREAT! But is it OSX compatible (I saw nothing on their web site about the system requirements…)?

    If its not, I guess I could always use it on my work Dell.

  69. 72
    TheBargainBabe says

    Cool, thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  70. 73
    Queen of the Click says

    Please enter me!

    In an effort to constantly recycle magazines*, I clip and tear all of the time. My sweetie asked me why I do that and when I explain to him that I am gathering wisdom, he doesn’t understand.

    So I have piles of magazine clippings. And I have attempted to put them into binders by category, but I noticed that it just makes big binders. So this looks like the perfect thing for me. If I win, I’ll take pics!

    *I have found that many people love to read magazines even if I have torn one or ten pages out so I give them to family, friends and co-workers to recycle them.

  71. 74
    MemeGRL says

    My husband would weep with joy to see the magazine clutter eliminated around here. And the local hospital’s emergency room would be stocked for weeks with my “finally done” pile!
    Thanks for highlighting this!

  72. 75
    Julie Seabury says

    I LOVE IT!! I don’t know why I didn’t think of something like it before. Would love to win it!!! Thanks!

  73. 76
    DebiP says

    I will follow you to the ends of the earth….I love your site though I do not post a lot and I am still trying to get into the MPM…someday..winning would be great too but I will always follow….

  74. 77
    Shawn says

    I would love this software. I love to save magazine articles and currently have no organized method to my madness.

  75. 78
    Stephani says

    What great timing! I was just looking at all my mags yesterday and planned on cutting out a bunch of articles. This is a much better idea!

  76. 79
    Diane says

    I have clipped so many magazine articles just to misplace them when I want them.
    This would be great!!!!!!!!!

  77. 80
    Barb Szyszkiewicz, sfo says

    Digital packratting takes up WAY less space than paper packratting. This is definitely for me :) Think of all the recipes I could save.

  78. 81
    Mandy says

    This sounds like a wonderful idea! I always like to save articles for future reference…but you know how it goes…forget about them or can’t find them when I need them!

  79. 82
    AmyDe says

    That’s very cool. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and for bringing a product like this to our attention.

  80. 83
    cassy says

    I would love to try this out. It sound so great. I am already accumulating magazines. I hate to be a packrat but don’t know what to do with the magazines I have piling up. Now I know what to do. Thanks for making one of these a giveaway!

  81. 84
    Debbie says

    Thank goodness for creative geniuses! At this rate, I will never have to leave my computer, but can look around with pleasure at a clutter free home!

    I love organizing and de-cluttering and reading about it!

  82. 86
    Cheri says

    I have some pages torn out but sitting in a pile collecting dust, waiting for me to organize them into a binder. Hasn’t happened yet. This would be great!

  83. 87
    Anna says

    This sounds like such a neat prouduct. Thank you for sharing is and doing this giveaway!

  84. 88
    shirley says

    This sounds like something that I gotta have. If my head wasn’t tied on I would lose it…just like I keep losing the articles that I tear out of the magazines.

  85. 89
    Cherie says

    What a cool idea! I’d love to win this!

  86. 90
    Lenetta says

    Eek, I currently keep ripped out articles in various files, including one titled “Articles of Interest”. Even if I WANTED to find something, it would take crazy digging. This sounds great!

  87. 91
    Pam says

    What a great idea!!!!

  88. 92
    Deanna says

    What a fabulous idea! If I win I won’t have to go buy more 3 ring binders. :)

  89. 93
    Darcie says

    what a great idea!

  90. 94
    Debi says

    I’m anxious to hear how you like it…it’s such a fabulous idea. Of course, you need Windows, so I couldn’t use it anyway…but it’s still a cool idea.

  91. 95
    Megan @ Disorder2Ord says

    Very interesting. Most of the time the articles I like I try to bookmark online, but sadly not all of them are available online… this would be helpful!

  92. 96
    Angela says

    That’s a neat idea – I save so many magazines – watercolor, gardening, decorating, homeschooling, muscle car…

  93. 97
    Jen says

    Love the idea!!! It would be perfect!!!

  94. 98
    Jen D. says

    Looks like a great product to me. How useful!

  95. 99
    Lor says

    I’m another person with ripped-out magazine articles in stacks, files, folders, and binders. . . I’d be very grateful if I won this product, and my husband would probably be even more grateful!

  96. 100
    Tiffany says

    Now THIS is something I’d use!

  97. 101
    Lety says

    I just wanna let you know Im reading. Great blog….!


  98. 102
    Patty P says

    I always try to rip out pages so I can keep articles and they just end up in a pile rarely looked at again. What a great idea! I would love to win this software.

  99. 103
    Peony Moss says

    Oh, I think I’d like one of those!

  100. 104
    Amanda says

    I would love to have that. I have paper recipes all over the place

  101. 105
    Jan says

    What a wonderful piece of software! Sounds exactly like something I desperately need. I’ve been collecting magazines for so long & can’t stand to throw certain ones away. They are piling up in my bedroom & this would so solve the problem!

  102. 106
    Niki says

    Oh how cool is that!. I do the old fashioned clip and stick but this would free up some space

  103. 107
    Chautona says

    Oh now this is a product I would use!

    Off to research!

  104. 108
    Becky says

    What a great product!

  105. 109
    carrie says

    What a great idea. I have a couple file boxes full of magazine pages, plus the inevitable pile that is, ahem, waiting to be filed.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  106. 110
    Christi says

    I just threw away a whole stack of magazines that have never been read and feel so guilty for spending the money but not reading them. This is exactly what I need so I could get rid of my magazines with no guilt! :)

  107. 111
    Regina Logan says

    Oh, I so need that! I just spent this afternoon going through old magazines and purging the ones I don’t want to keep. Sign me up!

  108. 112
    Shannon says

    Where do you find these things? I so want to be in your brain some day :)

  109. 113
    Tiffany says

    I would LOVE this product! I am currently overrun with magazines and articles and clippings that I want to keep! I think I my husband would love for me to win this even more!!!

  110. 114
    Megan says

    sounds like a great item to help get organized! I would love it!!

  111. 115
    Michele P. says

    oh this sounds great! with all the magazines in my home, this would be a great way of keeping the recipes and things I really want and recycling the rest!

  112. 116
    Elizabeth M. says

    This is a super idea! I’ve tried numerous times to organize it myself via a paper method. Nope, it never works. This is the answer!

  113. 117
    Sweetpeas says

    What a great idea! I’d love to try this. My bulging binders of magazine clippings would love me for it LOL.

  114. 118
    Dawn says

    Sounds very interesting – I don’t have rooms full of magazines (yet, ha ha) but I do have a very hard time throwing any of them out. :)

  115. 119
    Lori Anne says

    Wow! I’ve been trying to get up the nerve to put my clippings (which fill several binders) and baskets of magazines in recycling, but I haven’t been able to let them go. It’s a problem, I know! Now I know I’m not alone though. :) This product sounds fantastic! Thanks for the info. (And the chance at trying it out).
    Have a wonderful day!

  116. 120
    Andrea says

    I truly have about a 3×3 foot pile of magazines in the corner of my bedroom – I am slowly working my way through and tearing out the pages I want to keep… but this program would really, really help!

  117. 121
    Tracy says

    Wow what a concept! It would be a great time saver to have the articles at my finger tips. Thanks for the information. Keep the ideas coming.

    Thank you!

  118. 122
    Stacey says

    What an excellent idea! That would be such a help!

  119. 124
    Kitchen Scrapbook says

    Oh, could I ever use this! Never heard of it before.

  120. 125
    Ginny says

    This software sounds absolutely amazing! I’ve been thinking of taking all my back issues of a certain sewing magazine to the copy store to photocopy the indexes. This product could pay for itself, and save a lot of time for the user!

  121. 126
    Mirissa Dunne says

    what a great idea! I clip out articles and then *never* look at them again! At least this way they wouldn’t be cluttering up my office!

  122. 127
    Nicole McDevitt says

    Sounds like a cool product. Count me in!

  123. 128
    Terri says

    This software would save me from all of the paper clutter that I am trying to get rid of. You have a great website.

  124. 129
    Barbara H. says

    I have seen this and have been wanting to see how it worked. Wonderful giveaway!

  125. 130
    Forgetfulone says

    I’ve never heard of it. Sounds like a great idea!

  126. 131
    Kim says

    OH YES, count me in. It could be my birthday present lol. I would love to finally dump all the magazines I have piled up just because of that reason. Thanks for the giveaway!

  127. 132
    Rapunzel says

    Whoa, I would love this product! I have overflowing files filled with magazine clippings, would be wonderful to have them all in one place for easy reference.

  128. 133
    Queen B says

    What a great idea! I so need this. I am definitely going to check it out.


  129. 134
    Aimee says

    What a great idea!!! I think everyone could use one!!!!!

    I had never heard of it-it could have saved me many many piles of magazines to dig through when looking for something I just KNOW I had read!

  130. 135
    Cindy says

    This is exactly what I have been looking for. This will eliminate all my notebooks with clear pages filled with articles. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  131. 136
    Kelly says

    What a great product!


  132. 137
    Marty Walden says

    Looks great and I would love to have it! I’m a magazine junkie.

    Marty Walden

  133. 138
    Amy says

    I would love to have that software! I love to save magazine articles to use when I teach history! That would be a great help!

  134. 139
    Debbie says

    My best friend’s birthday is next month and she needs this! She so loves her magazines and this is a perfect product for her. Thanks for sharing.

  135. 140
    Jennifer says

    Ugh…I’ve tried cutting out and combining them all in a 3-ring binder (even using tabbed dividers!), but got tired of it and resorted to keeping the whole magazine. I would so love to do this, and then recycle everything…What a great idea!

  136. 141
    Cheryl Free says

    I’d never have to save another magazine again :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  137. 142
    Bev@1-2-3GetOrganize says

    I’m so curious as to how this software works! If it works well, I’d like to review it on my blog.

  138. 143
    Candy M says

    Wow! This would really come in handy! :)

  139. 144
    Laurel says

    That’s a pretty neat program. If only I had that (hint, hint)!

  140. 145
    Dena says

    That is a great idea. I am constantly pulling article of interest out of magazines and then filing them away but this is great. Would love to win!

  141. 146
    Christy says

    I would love to be able to try this out. I have started an organizing biz and this could be something I could refer people to. Of course, I’d love it for me too.

  142. 147
    Donese says

    This is totally cool! I definitely have to get one.

  143. 148
    Donese says

    This is totally cool! I definitely have to get one.

  144. 149
    ursula says

    oh! i am the QUEEN of clippin’, tearin’ and rippin’ out pages in magazines! what a great idea to organize someone like me!!!! thanks for the chance

  145. 150
    Jen Coyan says

    What a cool idea….it would certainly have time in finding that article you are looking for!


  146. 151
    Stacy says

    Sounds great! If only you -knew- how many magazine articles and clipping I have that clutter my house.

  147. 152
    Shelley Schwendiman says

    I have piles of pages torn out…sure could use this!

  148. 153
    Christi says

    What a great and organized idea! I have a book right now with torn out pages. My husband hates it because there seems to always be torn magazine pages in random places in our house until they finally make it into the book. I will have to look into this product.

  149. 154
    maria says

    Look foward to this great product my husband will appreciate it :) He hates all my torn out pages that I store in a ziploc bag LOL

  150. 155
    Becky says

    What a great idea!! It’s funny that I saw this post, because my plan for today was to cut out the pics and articles I wanted to keep from my Country Living magazines!!

  151. 156
    Monique says

    I have been using sheet protectors and binders for my articles and such that I want to save. This would be a great thing to try, as I find I have so many categories that I would have about 8-10 binders for each of my categories. Love, love, love your site! You’ve got me excited about organizing my home!

  152. 157
    KaKi McKinney says

    Oh my! This is just what I need! I hate all the clutter of torn out articles and end up trashing them, then wanting them later! This would solve all that! I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I even started a price book, after yesterday’s post!

  153. 158
    Melessa says

    That would save so much space here!

  154. 159
    Cora says

    I enjoy anything that helps me.Thanks!

  155. 160
    Tamie says

    WOW, that is a super cool invention!! Who couldn’t use one??

    Thanks for the give-away!

  156. 161
    Janice Horne says

    I think this would be a wonderful product. I could us this with all the quilting magazines that I have. Then I would not have to save then all. Just think of all the romm I would have then for more quilting books. lol

  157. 162
    Stacy says

    OMG!!! What an awesome product!!! I would be in heaven with all the baby and food magazines taking up space, I am afraid my husband will make me throw them out before long!

  158. 163
    Anne says

    What a great idea! Please include me in the drawing. I’ve really been enjoying your posts – especially the organizing round-ups. :) Thanks!

  159. 164
    Lady in a Smalltown says

    Oh I wish, I wish, I wish that I could win this!

  160. 165
    Lindsay says

    I would LOVE this product! I already have started scanning articles so that I can get rid of the magazine, but I need a decent way to organize them. This would help out tremendously!

  161. 166
    Fergy says

    How exciting!..I’ve just started getting the All You magazine and the coupons are on the back of the articles and recipes..

  162. 167
    Daniele says

    Thank You, this sounds like a great product, one I could and would use. I would love to be able to save articles from magazines that I would re reference and recipes that I would use again and again. I have to throw away all magazines and articles because I have no way to store them or put them to use again.
    Thank You

  163. 169
    Briana says

    What an awesome giveaway!!! I want one!!!

  164. 170
    Donna H says

    Boy this is something I could sure use. I’m drowning in magazines! BTW love the blog!

    D in FL

  165. 171
    Jolene Green says

    Looks like a great product to me! I have about a trillion magazines we keep around for the waelth of info in them!

  166. 172
    Kristen D. says

    How have I never heard of this before?!? It is a fabulous idea! Thanks for the chance to win it!!!

  167. 173
    Stacey says

    This is amazing! I love it and I sure would love to win!

  168. 174
    Pennie says

    This is awesome! I have so many magazines lying around because I don’t want to lose the articles… my husband is going insane!

  169. 175
    Caroline says

    What a great idea. This would be perfect for getting rid of years or scrapbooking mags (& hubby’s computer books/mags) that aren’t often used – but still contain an article or two we wish to keep.

  170. 176
    Kristina says

    This is the greatest idea!!! I used to keep whole magazines, but they began to overrun the house, so now I do clippings. But half the time, I can’t find what I want when I want it, because I’m just not that organized. What an exciting product! Thanks for the giveaway!

  171. 177
    Allison says

    I would love to be entered! What a wonderful product! I have tried so many methods to try and keep up with my magazines and clippings, but this sounds perfect!

  172. 178
    Bryn says

    I didn’t even know they made software for things like this. My eyes are being opened… How awesome!

  173. 179
    Dawn says

    I spent the earlier part of today going thru some catalogs I had amassed and pulling out articles, etc., so this is definitely a product I am interested in! Pick me, pick me, pick me…


  174. 181
    Steph says

    I am one of “those” people who has file folders filled with articles cut from magazines. The problem is I hardly ever break those files out because it’s a bit overwhelming. This looks like a great solution, I would love to win! :)

  175. 182
    Lorinda says

    WOW! I heard about this software several years ago and drooled over the it but couldn’t bring myself to break down and purchase it. Now I find myself drowning in full boxes inside my home, in the basement, in the garage AND in my parents storage unit. I’m so overwhelmed I sometimes don’t know where to start! (I’m an only child and inherited two grandmothers belongings when each died). Too many craft, scrapbooking, rubberstamping, decorating, refunding, organizing and how-to articles to sort through! Boy could I use this!! Glad the company is offering you this software and I hope I’m just lucky enough to be the winner.

  176. 184
    Texanromaniac says

    How cool is that? I’ve got WAY too many magazine articles…fortunately torn out of the magazines, so they don’t take up too much space…but unfortunately not organized in any kind of order!! I totally need this!!

  177. 185
    Cat says

    How cool is that? I love it, better than keeping them filed in a binder and having to search through it.


  178. 186
    Beth Heuer says

    I would love this product! And I absolutely love your blog. Thank you!

  179. 187
    Nikki says

    OOH, that looks so cool! I am totally in!

  180. 188
    Le Anne says

    What a wonderful way to declutter my space! I can never find the articles when I need them. This is wonderful.

  181. 189
    Heather says

    My Husband would be the MOST thankful man in the entire world….I am a “magazine” junkie and he would definetly be thrilled if I was truely the “organized” junkie…thank you for your site and all of the helpful information that you provide….

  182. 190
    Sandra says

    My hubby would be sooo happy! He is tired of finding pages torn out where ever I have been sitting.

  183. 191
    Kim says

    I have a 3 ring binder full of ripped out magazine articles screaming for this software!!!!!

  184. 192
    Hotomom says

    What an incredible product. Some magazine addict mom like myself is going to become a lucky mom with this product. This could change the way I scrapbook. Thanks for the product highlight.

  185. 193
    Denise says

    This is a great idea, I am always trying to get more organized and this would help a lot!

  186. 194
    Forgetfulone says

    More linky love in my PartyHop 08 post for you!

  187. 195
    Kristal says

    This would be so nice to use to get organized.

  188. 196
    Jennifer says

    I am always clipping articles to save, this would be neat to have. Thanks!

  189. 197
    Misty says

    Just stumbled across your blog…loving it!

  190. 198
    Courtney says

    Looks like a great product and one I could really use.

  191. 199
    Elena says

    This is a great thing. My sister is a avid magazine reader and I know she would love this. So, if I win I will give it to her:)

  192. 200
    G Loveless says

    Wow! Do I ever need this product. Thanks for the heads-up!

  193. 201
    Jess says

    I have a huge pile of articles I never know what to do with — what a great tool!

  194. 202
    Desiree Rutter says

    I could be called the Magazine Junkie around here!! :) I love magazines and have to really contain myself at Wal Mart going by that aisle! I would love to have a scanalog and I think my husband would like for me to have one too!!

  195. 203
    Mandy says

    Honestly I am pretty good about not keeping magazines, because I do not like the clutter. I figure I can find it somewhere on the net if I need it. But That’s just my personality lol…my husband TOTALLY different story. We have a very tall bookcase FILLED with magazines. It has been a HUGE source of discontent in our marriage. I would LOVE to give this to my husband and BOTH of us would win lol. I would rid myself of the clutter and he would get to keep his magazines. OH the possibilities

  196. 204
    MArjorie says

    Wow!! My mother could use this with her multitude of crafting magazines that only have one or two good ideas. How great his would be to scan and catalog these crafts!!!

  197. 205
    Kristine J. says

    i would LOVE to have this!!!

  198. 206
    Manda says

    I’m interested to find out how this works! I have lots of old magazines and clippings, some of which are filed and others just lying around…I would love to have them digitally categorized!

  199. 207
    Manda says

    I’m interested to find out how this works! I have lots of old magazines and clippings, some of which are filed and others just lying around…I would love to have them digitally categorized!

  200. 208
    Deborah Napoleon says

    Just found your site – as as stager I am always interested in organizational tools!

  201. 209
    Liz Darnell says

    That is the COOLEST idea! I love it!

  202. 210
    Yestheyareallmine says

    This is such a great product!!! I love it!

  203. 211
    Shalie says

    What a great idea! I would LOVE to have Scanalog! I have PILES of magazines and clippings that I would love to have organized into digital files. I’m so glad that someone has thought of this!

  204. 213
    Sarah says

    This is awesome! It would change my life. Okay, overexaggeration, but it would change my magazine mess! ;)

  205. 214
    Ashley BB says

    How cool is that!!!

  206. 215
    picklemommy says

    Neat-o! Thanks for the chance.

  207. 216
    Stacy says

    WOW! What a great idea to worsen my OCD tendacy or would it help it? Either way, I would love to win such a neat tool to help in the fight against clutter. Thanks!

  208. 217
    jen says

    this would be great to help me get rid of the piles of magazines under my bed!

  209. 218
    Laurieann says

    Looks Fun! Pick Me!

  210. 219
    Cari says

    ooh, I think my Hubby would love it — I could get rid of my stacks of magazines!

  211. 220
    Felicity says

    What a brilliant idea! Simple things, simple things :)


  212. 221
    Leah says

    oh my gosh!! that sounds INCREDIBLE!!! i have TONS of notebooks lying around with various articles and pictures I’ve torn from magazines over the years…and then I have the inevitable backlog of stuff ripped out but not yet put away! this would be amazing to have!

  213. 222
    Jennifer says

    Sounds great, but a little pricey. I had to pay that and never get around to using it. Try it out and let us know how it works for you. thanks for sharing.

  214. 223
    Brandy Lancaster says

    This product sounds AWESOME!! I just recently went through my PILES of mags & tore out all articles, etc. that I wanted to keep & put them into binders. I have 3 huge binders, but I’ll still have to thumb through them to find what I want (they’re not THAT organized yet) but this program would allow me to find what I need in a moment!

  215. 224
    Christina says

    What a great invention! I just happened upon your blog for the first time, love what I’ve seen so far!

  216. 225
    Kathy Eller says

    This could be sooo handy!!

  217. 226
    angie says

    Considering I’ve spent four or five hours over the past week dealing with magazine backlog … this product does sound super interesting. 8}

  218. 227
    Margaret says

    I would love to try this, I use file folders currently

  219. 228
    Jen @ JenuineJen says

    This sounds so cool. I hope I win! Thanks for hosing!

  220. 229
    kiy says

    This is RIGHT up my alley! I always thought something like this needed to be invented, heh, you’d think I would have. But no. Keeping my fingers tightly crossed!

  221. 230
    Creative Triplet Mom says

    Sounds like a really cool thing. I don’t keep my magazines but I do tear out the pages and then they get put in a pile for later use. Not organized just in a pile and I may have piles in different rooms. I also use the pages as bookmarks to save my place while reading the magazine. Pick me please.

  222. 231
    Cara says

    What a great idea! Sounds just like what I have been looking for to help cut down on the clutter in my small house.

  223. 232
    Nellbe says

    Another great idea Laura, thank you for the chance!

  224. 233
    Jeni says

    This looks awesome, I would love to give it a try!

  225. 235
    Wendy says

    What an interesting concept – I love getting magazines, but hate to throw them away in case there is something I will want to refer to in the future. Which of course creates clutter!!

  226. 236
    Donielle @ Raising P says

    I would love to be able to get rid of all my magazines! Awesome giveaway!

  227. 237
    Brenda says

    What a very cool idea! Thanks for the giveaway!

  228. 238
    Lotsamom says

    Very cool! — my dh has stacks of airplane and car magazines (most for one good article each) – This product could open up untold square footage in my home!

  229. 239
    amanda wintersteen says

    I just love your blog and this tool seems like it would be really awesome to have. thanks for posting.

  230. 240
    DeNiece Barnes says

    I would jump for joy if I won, it would really help me in my step in becaming and staying an organized homemaker. I think it is a wonderful idea..

  231. 241
    Liz says

    I would love to get rid of my stacks of magazines before I move in the next few months. Count me in for the giveaway!

  232. 242
    DebiP says

    oh man what a great thing indeed

  233. 243
    Kristen says

    That product sounds great! I would love to win.

  234. 244
    Jennifer says

    Anything to cut down on the paper mess would be helpful in this household. Please count us in.


  235. 245
    Dawn says

    I would love one of those. I admit that I keep a lot of old magazines with the intention of some day organizing them. That unit sounds neat and I think it’s reasonably priced, too. I’m going to go over to their site right now and check it out.

  236. 247
    Sandi says

    wow! That looks really cool!

  237. 248
    Laura Jaden says

    I have not heard of these either, what a neat idea!

  238. 249
    Amanda says

    I really need this product. I am constantly clipping out of magazines. At least I do put them in a folder for organization.

  239. 250
    Katy says

    Fantastic product! Thanks for letting us know — and thanks for the giveaway chance!

  240. 251
    maria k says

    wow–every little bit helps!

  241. 252
    Kathy J says

    Great giveaway! Thanks!

  242. 253
    Glennen says

    This looks like an interesting product- Organizing the computer is a whole different animal!

  243. 254
    Vickie says

    Think about how much space you can save in your purse by placing one of these in there to take along to doctor’s offices.

  244. 255
    Amy says

    Awesome….and boy do I have the piles of magazines!!!! lol

  245. 256
    Amy says

    Love the idea of saving “clippings” …this would be a lot easier! Thank you for sharing info about this.


  246. 257
    Emily Sullivan says

    What a great idea – never heard of it before but it makes a lot of sense. I’d love to win one of those! Love the blog, it’s the only RSS Feed I subscribe to right now! :)

  247. 258
    Robin says

    This is fantastic!

    And..I love your site – just found it!

  248. 259
    Alesha says

    Wow, what a great product, this would solve my big basket of magazines that just keep piling up….

  249. 260
    Robin says

    What an amazing product, and I have never heard of it. Just yesterday I was weeding out a big pile of magazines that I have been saving for this or that, they seem to multiply when you aren’t looking!

  250. 261
    angela says

    You have no idea how much I NEED this!!

  251. 262
    Jennifer O says

    I love your blog. This sounds like a great idea – I could definitley live with less piles of magazines around the house…

  252. 263
    Jenny N says

    I thought I’d made huge progress by tearing out pages to read or reference later and tossing the rest, but this would help me keep those organized and indexed. Especially recipes, which love to get lost.

  253. 264
    Leea says

    Oh I am playing catch up on feedburner so glad I didn’t miss this I have shared this post with friends…we always are wondering how to organize our clippings …thanks for sharing this !

  254. 265
    amber@sahm'smusings says

    Oh my goodness. this is exactly what I need. I have 3 binders full of magazine clippings!

  255. 266
    tiffanie says

    how wonderful! that suits the organizing freak in me :)

  256. 267
    Jen H says

    WOW…with this, what would my husband and I find to argue about? LOL! He hates my magazines and article clippings and is constantly asking if there is something that can be done with them. Thank you for telling me about this program. I would love to win it!

  257. 268
    Lisa says

    This looks like such a great product! I have never heard of it, but it looks so helpful!!

  258. 269
    Susan E says

    This software would be awesome! I would love to be able to get the stacks and stacks of magazines out of the corners of my rooms and into a useable format! Think of all the wonderful things I have marked over the years and could now actually make, use, buy, do, etc.

    I found your site about 3 weeks ago, and love all of the great information. Thanks!

  259. 270
    Charleen Fiorentino says

    I am the “Magazine Article Clipper Junkie” and would sooooooooooooooooooooo much love to be the one you choose for the Scanalog prise winner.

    This software sounds like a winner!

  260. 271
    Marilyn says

    This sounds like agreat product. I would love to try it.

  261. 272
    Stephanie V. says

    Please enter me into your giveaway. I love your blog. You have inspired me and my friend to get organized thanks!

  262. 273
    Sherry says

    My husband would love it if I won this so I could finally get rid of the backlog of parenting magazines I have lying around!

  263. 274
    Aimee says

    What a cool idea! My Mom and I both need this. I just moseyed over here from the Queen B’s blog and I’m so glad I did. I can’t wait to do some back-reading of your previous posts.

  264. 277
    Rhonda Martin says

    What a Neat little rig. I could rid myself of all these pages and pages of articles I have saved over the years and since my space here is very limited this would help clear the clutter. What a great Idea~!

  265. 278
    Richard Dimech says

    At first I thought – finally something to help me deal with my magazine fetish/obsession. I love to browse through newsagents that have heaps of overseas magazines that we can’t get here in Aus. Then I buy this one and that one and put them on me shelves in some sort of order, then NOTHING! They stay there for years until the kitty cats discover them and start clawing at the edges. Then, since I switched to Macs – the damn software isn’t compatible. But I can always run Windows on my Mac! Aaaargh, technology has saved the day again. I’d love to be able to win this – it would make my wife happier too! LOVE YOUR SITE BTW.

  266. 279
    Lisa says

    That’s a great idea. I have tons of mags and really didn’t like the idea of ripping out articles then storing them. This product rocks!!!

  267. 280
    Ximena McCall says

    WOW! This product sounds great! I love your website. I got a link to it from some other website. I too, am an organized junkie and always looking for more and more tips. Crossing my fingers that I am the lucky winner of this cool Scanalog product! Thanks!!!!!!

  268. 281
    Melissa says

    This almost sounds unreal and like fun too. Thanks!

  269. 282
    Jenni says


  270. 283
    Rhonda Mason says

    What a great tool! Thanks for the chance to win one! Rhonda

  271. 284
    TinyHead says

    What a fantastic idea . . . did I enter in time?

  272. 285
    Jessica says

    Wow! this looks amazing thanks for featuring it!