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Well how do you like that? I posted recently about my love of the granny cart as my tool of choice for the transporting of the beach STUFF from my van to the beach. I really do love it! Well imagine my surprise to find that there is an actual product created specifically for this purpose. It looks very functional I must say. I heart functional, a lot! Functional = Friend although I’m not crazy about the $60.00 price tag (my granny cart was only $20.00) but I just can’t help admire any product that works to make our busy lives just a little bit easier. It’s called the Wonder Wheel Deluxe and it can be found at the Getorganized! site or at Leaps and Bounds.

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    Journeyer says

    I missed your granny cart post. What a fabulous idea. Agree with the excessive price tag on this one. We usually sit on towels anyway, so wouldn’t need the back bit. Until this year we have loaded up the toddler’s stroller with all our gear, leaving minimal room for said toddler! We don’t really use the stroller anymore so I might trade it for a shopping cart.

  2. 2
    darci says

    This is interesting.. we go to such a small lake, you just back in and open the trunk ;)

  3. 4
    ColleenM says

    If you live in the northeast you can buy one of these at the Christmas Tree stores for 20.00 I use it all the time – picnicing, camping, going to the beach… It is wonderful but I wouldn’t have paid that much for it!

  4. 5
    Katharine says

    I bought one at Target for $20.00, I love it, it is the best thing for the pool and beach.

  5. 6
    Kimberly says

    We bought one of these this year when we went to the beach. We found it at Wal-Mart for $50.00. It is wonderful. We loaded everything into the cart in the room and rolled everything into the elevator and out to the beach. It held two umbrellas, three lounge chairs, a very heavy cooler filled with ice and water, and all of our towels and toys. I was even able to throw our beach bag of misc. on top. Great cart.

  6. 7
    Kim says

    We live across the street from the beach and we use what’s called a “hand cart”. That’s when everyone in your family get’s handed something to carry lol. With the 5 of us it usually takes care of everything. But that cart is a good idea too lol.

  7. 8
    Diane says

    Great idea. I am finding that to get organized and find things that make your life easier they cost . But I think in the long run you have to ask is it worth it for my sanity. I am finding that all the organizing products I have purchased are very well worth it in the long run of things. If you go to the beach often then I would think this is a great investment if you go once a year maybe not. We all have to weigh what it is worth to us.
    Just my two cents

  8. 9
    Katie says

    What a great invention! But seriously…is the mom in the picture holding a ragdoll or a BABY?!!??

  9. 10
    Cassie says

    I bought one of these carts a few years ago…when we went to Ocean City Maryland….We paid around 35 for it…but it has been an awesome investment…With 3 kids…it is a lifesaver at the beach!!!

  10. 11
    PlanningQueen says

    That cart would really save my back! I will hav to check out where in Australia I can purcahse one.

  11. 12
    Heather says

    That looks great! Right now I use the cheap version which is the (not cheap, actually) old double stroller! Another mom I know uses hers (that she never got rid of either LOL) in her job as a Girl Scout leader, she loads it up with all her materials for meetings!

  12. 13
    Carolyn A. says

    I am a total advocate of the granny cart … only I call it my Old Lady Cart. I’ve had it for 30 years now (I’m 55) and only had to replace the caps on the rear wheels once. Since I don’t drive, it comes in really handy for toting everything I buy. People ask me all the time where I got it. Don’t remember where, but it only cost me $14.00 at the time. I just love it. xxoo

  13. 14
    Tami Sickels says

    Our Bed, Bath and Beyond had them for about $45 a couple of weeks ago. I admired them then but that’s just not in our budget now.

  14. 15
    Laura says

    After reading your post last week I too went searching for that sort of cart as I knew I was going to go to the beach sometime this week. I did find one (the last one) after searching the entire store of walmart to find one. I think everyone in the world reads your blog and went out and purchased one. I got the last one. I came home and my husband said, “What are you going to do with a granny cart?” I told him I was going to the beach. It worked out great with all the stuff I had to lug so I am very greatful that you posted it and it only cost me $20 as well. Not bad to carry all my stuff. I also loved the fact that the chair hung on the end of it. Thanks again. My kids thank you too.

  15. 16
    Sylvia says

    I love things like this. However, it looked to me like a slightly modified stroller. I have a very nice, practically new stroller in the basement that I can use for this sort of thing. I love finding a use for old stuff!


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