Try it, you might like it!

This weekend I purchased a new cookie jar but when I got home and filled it up with homemade cookies I decided I didn’t want to just tuck it into the corner. I wanted to display the loveliness of the new cookie jar. Well okay that and the small simple fact that hello I’M BAKING! That fact alone excites me to no end considering the disasters of my past. Ever since I got me a brand new pretty apron, I’ve all of a sudden become Miss Domesticated. Not domesticated as in everything is turning out roses but just domesticated as in “look at me, I’m actually in the kitchen…BAKING!” The excitement, it’s sometimes just to much. And yes my cookies are flat but I’m totally blaming it on my baking soda.

Okay where was I? Oh yes where to put the new cookie jar. Well I got to looking around my kitchen and decided I needed to free up some counter space which led to me thinking of ways I could get my microwave off the counter. Microwaves just take up so much darn space don’t they. After a couple of different configurations of moving things here, there and everywhere I’ve decided on this:

That is my tea cart which many of you will remember from the tour I gave of my dining room here. I don’t know if I’ll keep it like this or not but I’m going to give it a test drive for a week and see how it goes. For now I’m enjoying the additional space on my counter top.

(In case you are wondering why I have two toasters, one is for my gluten free son.)

Oh and here is the corner where the tea cart used to be.

I know it doesn’t look like a big change but even a small change such as this makes the place feel fresh and new and energizes me to want to do more. It’s amazing how addicting this organizing and re-arranging thing can be once you get started. I’m the kind of person that gets an idea but doesn’t really know if I’m going to like it or not until I actually move it and see it in place. I’m a visual girl that way. Don’t be afraid to take a tour of your house and switch things up a little once and awhile. You may end up discovering a new system that makes life just that much easier for you.

And if that fails, well you can always head on into the kitchen to do some baking!

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  1. 1
    The Roost says

    Good Idea, moving things around occasionally for a change of scenery. I would love to have one of those cookies right about NOW!

  2. 2
    andi says

    I love cleaning off the kitchen counters. I love the feeling of free space. My counters always seem to collect everything and are messy every day. Thanks for inspiring me to actually want to clean them off.

  3. 3
    April in CT says

    I love having my microwave off the counter and on a cart! The cart I use has a drawer and doors and I use it to store my baking items in. I’ve found some really great mobile carts on Craig’s list so if you decide you like your microwave in that location and want a larger cart for more storage it’s a great place to “shop” for a deal.

  4. 4
    Laura says

    That’s a great point April, if I do keep it this way I would definitely like to get something a little bigger with perhaps some drawers on it.

  5. 5
    Trac y says

    Long time lurker… sorry! :D

    Where did you get that cookie jar?? I must get one!!

  6. 6
    Kim says

    Flat cookies taste better than puffy ones anyways ;)

  7. 7
    Debi says

    Mmmm…I like flat cookies! (I like plump cookies, too. And chewy cookies. And crisp cookies. And burnt cookies…)
    And I like your cookie jar, too!

  8. 8
    Laura says

    Tracy, thanks for delurking! I purchased the cookie jar from Wal*mart for $13.00. They had just gotten them in and it is a nice size to fit at least 4 dozen cookies.

  9. 9
    Susanne says

    Who cares if the cookie is flat as long as it tastes delectable is what I say! Go Laura Homemaker!

    I wish I could get the microwave off the counter but I just can’t seem to find a way with where the plug ins and such are configured in my kitchen.

  10. 10
    Candace (Mama Mia) says

    I’m with you on the microwave taking up space. When we had to get a new one we got one that goes over the stove- it’s awesome!! I love that it’s at my height and it doesn’t take up any counter space.

  11. 11
    misty says

    I have THE SAME cookie jar!!!! I love it. I have the larger jar that goes with it!
    I need to bake cookies!

  12. 12
    Laura says

    Oh I didn’t see the bigger one, I’ll have to look for that. These jars would be great for some many things!

  13. 13
    Marianne says

    Hate things on my counter, but the family seems to think that a clean counter is merely space for them to fill… Thanks for the tip on the cookie jar! I’ve been looking for one that is simple. The real trick will be coming out of Wal*Mart with ONLY the cookie jar!!!

  14. 14
    Veggiemomof2 says

    Ok, I looked at the DR tour & I like the changes you’ve made. The open bottom of the water dispenser makes it seem like there is less clutter & the tea cart makes a great microwave stand & looks more organized than with all the paper clutter on it!

    Great job!

    Love that simple but chic cookie jar & I like flat crisp cookie :P

  15. 15
    Heather says

    Hi Laura,

    I’m new to Menu Plan Monday. I used to plan my supper menu each morning, but now I’m doing a pantry challenge to use up everything in my pantry and freezer. I find that I need to plan a week in advance so that I can prep and defrost. I’m hoping to get some creative ideas here. Thanks for hosting this, it’s a great idea!


  16. 16
    Dee says

    That is why I am so glad my house came with an over-the-range microwave!! I agree totally, the less stuff on the counter, the better. Have you considered an under-the-cabinet paper towel rack? I got mine at Walmart for about $5 and I love it – one less thing on the counter!

  17. 17
    Jen Bauer says

    Its amazing how rearranging little things make a big difference! It looks great!

  18. 18
    Niki says

    for me being home with the kids all day a simple change like you did is al I need for a pick me up. Most people resort to going out and buying more “stuff” when organizing what they already have would have given them that “fix” I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

  19. 19
    Yestheyareallmine says

    Sometimes even the simplest cleaning and organizing can completely change the feel of a room and charge us up for doing more! Great job!

  20. 20
    Marcia, Org Queen says

    Enjoy the baking! I’ve been so busy (I actually typed busty there – LOL) I haven’t had much chance but I’ve missed it SOOO much.

    I’ve warned my friends in the UK that I am baking up a storm in their homes :)

  21. 21
    Laura says

    I just have to say…I’m a sucker for big jars…and I’m starting to think that I need one of those too! I love baking things and then having them in jars like that. Reminds me of my grandma!

  22. 22
    Sharon says

    I like your kitchen. :)

    Question for you, Laura (& I apologize if you’ve posted this before): do you keep your toaster out on the counters? We don’t use ours EVERY day, but frequently, and it’s usually left out. Just wondering your thoughts!

  23. 23
    Laura says

    Sharon we use our toasters every day so yes I do keep them out on the counter. Not having to take them in and out every day saves time so to me it’s worth the space it takes up.

  24. 24
    Amy says

    That cookie jar is so cute! I have seen those at Target and really want one. I will have to add it to my Christmas list. Thanks for the inspiration to bake!

  25. 25
    Mamabug says

    There is nothing wrong with your cookies, especially if they are choc chip. The flatness (in my experience) can be affected by the flour amount, how soft the butter was going into it and whether or not you use crisco, butter or margarine. I’m a parkay girl myself. My old Home Ec Teacher Mrs. Zarse used to to do half butter, half crisco if my memory serves me correctly. I’m a parkay girl myself.

  26. 26
    Barb says

    I really like that cookie jar, Laura. I think your cookies look great. I had the same problem with chocolate chip cookies being flat. They were still delicious, but I wanted them fat, so I added flour. And I used Crisco instead of butter.

    And I do the same thing occasionally. I just move things around a little to make everything look fresh and new.

  27. 28
    amy says

    we are GF too…and CF. (casein free.) your kitchen looks fab!

  28. 29
    Sarah says

    Personally, I don’t mind flat cookies too much, but here’s what I’ve found:

    Like someone else said – it can depend on the fat you use. I find that if I use half butter and half shortening (but only if I have the non hydrogenated shortening!) they come out less flat than if I use all butter.

    Also, I typically use the electric mixer and alternate mix the dry ingredients and chocolate chips into the wet ingredients. My mom uses the mixer to mix in the dry ingredients and then stirs in the choc chips by hand. Even though we use the same recipe, her cookies come out flatter. My conclusion, after much scientific observation :) is that mixing it all up more with the electric mixer makes them less flat.


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