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I can appreciate how everyone learns differently. Yesterday I reviewed an organizing book over on my other site but I know reading isn’t always for everyone. For some you may find it easier to soak up organizational goodness via listening and others may just want to take on a multi-tasking approach to learning that reading doesn’t necessarily provide.

Well have I got the site for you!

I’d like to introduce you to the team of Maja and Daria. Together they have created The Savvy Organizer, a free, downloadable and portable online radio show and blog that features tried and tested ideas, inspiration and suggestions for getting your life in gear. They offer a brand new podcast each week for your listening pleasure. Maja, an organizational coach, is excited to reach out to people who are feeling overwhelmed, trapped or discouraged and take them under her wing – via their iPod or computer.

Recently I had the opportunity to ask Maja some questions:

Hi Maja, I love your new blog, The Savvy Organizer. Tell me why you decided to provide organizing information via podcast?

Podcasts to me are the busy persons answer to the ultimate in fun multitasking. I loved the idea of being able to listen on the go: as you are walking your dog, driving to the ski hill, cleaning the bathroom…etc. It is just so nice to be able to throw it on your iPod and learn some new tips on getting and staying organized. I also love the medium. It is so much more natural for me to talk a person to success, which is probably why I love phone coaching so much. I also find that there are some things that should be talked about, (if I were to type it out, they would be too long and cumbersome and I think people would quit reading before they finished!) I also hope to be able to motivate people as I speak, and make them feel like they CAN do it! Often that passion is more difficult to convey written. That being said, there are some things that are better as a quick read. This is why we offer Finds and Tips in addition to the podcast. The flexibility of listening, as well as the ease of delivery has made podcasting my first choice for delivery certain messages, while the Tips and Finds are much better to read.

I really enjoyed your 2nd podcast about goal setting and routines. Can you share with me why performing these two functions is so important for organizing success?

These two functions are absolutely critical for organizing success because without them, it is like trying to organize a room from the middle. To use the metaphor further, there is no method and is a completely haphazard approach. You can still get the room done, but it will take WAY longer and you will likely give up before you accomplish your goals. Organization requires organization! It takes effort to do things right, but isn’t that the point? When you concentrate on your goals by thinking about them and writing them down, it makes you focus on a direction that you want to go in. It solidifies the plan in your head, making it more concrete, and thus more likely to be achieved. That, coupled with a scheduled routine, helps with follow through. If you do not plan for it, the chances of anything happening are very, very slim. The routine part is a way to make changes in your life and create good habits in place of old ones. The important thing is to not ever give up. There are lots of days that don’t go as I plan, and something prevents me from doing it “perfectly” (actually, doing it perfectly is far more of a rarity!) But I know that it doesn’t matter that much as I always tackle it with renewed gusto the next day.

I’m anxious to listen to your newest podcast, Savvy Holiday Planning. Many women, including myself, get so overwhelmed thinking about all that we need to do, especially at this time of the year, that we just don’t even know where to start. What do you suggest?

I know a lot of women get overwhelmed with holiday planning which is why I did a special show on it. The biggest thing is to spend some time PLANNING. Write down everything you need to do, who to buy for, what to give, what to bake, who to give to, any sewing projects, decorating or craft projects, your Christmas Day meal plan and grocery list… pretty much anything and everything you need to do in a Christmas notebook. Then get your calendar and plan what days you are going to do what, and write that down in your notebook too. Once you have your schedule broken down into bite size pieces, DO them!! Christmas is not a time to plan on perfection, but a time for you to try your best, doing what you really want, and enjoying the season. If you have too much on your list to do that, then I suggest you pare down. No one wants to be around someone who is completely stressed out and unhappy, so eliminate what you can to be happy. Don’t give up, work on it each day, be flexible with yourself and I promise you will have a great Christmas season!!

The month leading up to Christmas I like to go through the kid’s toys with them to weed out ones that have been outgrown, broken or have missing pieces. As with most kids, it’s so hard for them to let them go of their “stuff”. Do you have any suggestions for making this process easier on all of us?

I am so impressed with the person who is going through their kids things in December and throwing out the stuff that is broken. It is so smart to do this before all the new stuff comes in! It is a challenge for kids to part with their things, but really, December is the ideal time for it because it is the season of giving. Talk to your kids as you go through their things with them about people who are in need and would love to have something “new” to them. This can get them thinking about others and doing selfless things (which is important any time of year and is a quality that most parents would love for their children to have). This is ONLY for toys that are still in good shape and are no longer played with. Now about the broken down toys… these are hazards and can be dangerous, so explain that to them as you are sorting and throwing things out. If some are particularly beloved, you can do what you can to repair things. Duct tape, while not pretty, can extend the life of some things. (My husband is in school so there are many, many things with a silver band on them in our house!) But if you have the means and your child cannot live without it, and is not safe being “repaired”, you may think about buying the same thing to replace it. Good work on decluttering and keep it up!

Thanks Maja!


So there you have it. If you’re looking for an opportunity to listen to some great organizing advice or you just want to enhance your organizational experience (!) then head on over to The Savvy Organizer and take a listen!

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7 Responses to The Savvy Organizer

  1. 1
    momrn2 says

    Thanks for the link! I, for one, we be sure to head over and check it out!

  2. 3
    Daria says

    Thank you so much for featuring The Savvy Organizer today. I have the pleasure of producing this podcast for Maja, and she’s so talented at coaching people into organizational bliss.

    What a treat to work with such a fabulous website such as yours. Thank you truly for sharing our site with your readers. We love Org Junkie!!!! :)

  3. 4
    Sandy says

    Hi Laura! I’ve missed you!
    The Savvy Holiday Planning sounds very interesting!!

  4. 5
    jodijean says

    wow, thanks for sharing the link with us, what an interesting approach to organizing, i’m gonna have to get some of the podcasts on my ipod pronto!!

  5. 6
    Kim says

    Hey Laura! This is my first attempt at returning to visit my friends! I’ll have to head over to your other blog to read your review. Being fairly organized has been a lifesaver while the kids have been sick. I even have little baskets for their medicines. Once they take the morning dose, the bottles move to the night time basket and vice versa. The once a day meds stay in their time-appropriate basket…I love my baskets!

  6. 7
    Maja says

    Laura –
    Thanks so much for sharing our site with your readers! I was so excited to be able to answer your questions and really articulate how I felt. Thanks again for having us!


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