30 Day Org Challenge ~ Progress Report

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Time for a weekly update! As of tonight we have over sixty participants in the 30 Day Challenge, very exciting! The list of participants and guidelines can be found here.

I hope all of you are well into the thick of things by now. Remember it’s going to look worse before it gets better, oh will it ever and just when you thought your space couldn’t look any worse.

If you would like to share pictures of the progress you’ve made over the last week please post about it on your blog and link that particular post up directly to the Mr. Linky below.

Also feel free to answer the following questions either on your blog post or in the comments. I’m just curious on your answers.

  1. How many of you have taken large boxes or baskets and labeled them keep, donate, toss, relocate and possibly sell in order to do your sort? This is important to doing an effective quick sort. Without giving it too much thought start tossing things into the applicable boxes. The purpose of this is to do some initial weeding out and getting all the “toss” stuff out the door as soon as possible. This will give you some more breathing room and allow you to focus on your keep pile which you’ll now want to go through again to reconsider why you may have chosen to keep the things you have. I’ll post more about this step next week.
  2. How many of you have designated a certain length of time each day to tackling your project?
  3. How many of you want to run right out and buy containers and baskets before doing the remove, sort and purge? [fight that urge!]
  4. How many of you are feeling overwhelmed?
  5. How many of you are feeling excited to keep going?

If you are just finding out about the challenge and/or are feeling inspired by all the other participants and want to join, then do it! It’s not too late to kick the chaos to the curb and welcome in some serenity to your home. If you are new please join the original Mr. Linky here as this Mr. Linky today is for the update posts only.

So to inspire you even further you might want to check out my “links” tab at the top of my site. I’ve just added an entire category for organizing blogs that I think you will enjoy. One suggestion though, set your timer otherwise you may get stuck to your computer chair and forget about the organizing you need to do!! I’ll be watching you! Well not really but it sounded good and drill sergeant like though didn’t it..lol.

To make it easy to see the progression, please be so kind in your blog post to link to your first challenge post. That would be great!

Be challenge happy!!

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10 Responses to 30 Day Org Challenge ~ Progress Report

  1. 1
    Katy says

    That’s fantastic that you have so many enetered! I was going to enter…but I got my room organized…and the before pics weren’t pretty..but i looked at some others…and knew i wouldnt’ win. LOL Best of luck to everyone though!!!

  2. 2
    Kristen says

    I am greatful for the challenge but have not put in the work yet. I hope I will be able to. Do you have any tips or specific links for paper clutter, what to keep what to get rid of. I could use the advice.

  3. 3
    twoluvcats says

    The first week was slow starting, but daughter and I made some decent progress last night. Day-by-day account & pics posted at my blog :)

  4. 4
    Twisted Cinderella says

    I have plans and i am getting organized. I do need to get to the store to get some storage solutions to get really getting at it though

  5. 5
    courtney says

    everyones updates are great, love seeing all the people doing exactly what i am doing. i am glad i am not the only one who feels overwhelmed!

  6. 6
    Ginger says

    I’m lovin’ the challenge…not as far along as I’d like, but I’m getting there!

  7. 7
    MemeGRL says

    I have to laugh…I hadn’t checked in over here in a few days but I happened to post on the 9th anyway because I was so excited about my progress. (Which is mostly my husband’s progress. But we’re a team, right?) Here’s the scary thing: not a single trip to Goodwill or the dump yet. Just some recycled cardboard boxes. But even so, we are thrilled with how we are doing and just hoping we don’t get so pleased we are “stuck” here. Thanks for the inspiration–clearly the right thing at the right moment for us!

  8. 8
    Esther says

    Posted my update which is a bit here and there but there is some progress.

  9. 9
    Melinda says

    I have to pull out. I’m having some health issues right now.

    At least I have my “to do” list posted. It will give me a good head start once I feel better. (Hopefully within the week. Two at the most. Hopefully.)

  10. 10
    TaderDoodles says

    I SOOOO have not even gotten started! I got the rest of my house picked up. Due to car issues, my organizing has been put on hold. I had done the “keep, toss, give” sort a while back. I did enough to where I could go get another set of drawers for my craft supplies. I honestly, if I put my mind to it, have this room fixed up in a night. Mostly because I already have a game plan. Every time I go in there the girls want to join me and start crafting. I posted some before pics here . We get the car back tonight, and I’m thinking I’m going to try and get to work in there tomorrow or Friday.


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