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Well for everyone school is well underway by now. Do your kids have somewhere to hang there backpacks everyday when they come home or does it seem like you are constantly tripping over them. Last year I posted about the backpack station we created by the front door to contain the kids packs in one place and up and off the floor. A central location works well for us, rather than the kids keeping them in their rooms, so I can routinely go through them and they are easily accessible as we are going out the door in the morning.While doing my web crawl the other day I found this product below which might be helpful for those of you who mentioned that wall space is an issue. It is a Back Pack Rack that fits on the back of a door. Very clever solution and an inexpensive one too at $4.99!

Do you have a backpack station? What is it about it that you find most helpful?


Updated: Thanks to HopewellMomSchool for letting me know that this product can also be purchased here.

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28 Responses to Product Highlight – Back Pack Rack

  1. 1
    Cindy says

    We have a set of hooks set up in our mudroom where the kids hang up their backpacks after they empty them out after school. Their coats get hung up there as well. It works really well! In the summer when we aren’t using our backpacks, we hang swimsuits, towels and goggles on the hooks.

  2. 2
    Thea says

    We don’t have a mudroom per se, so I was struggling what to do with the kids bookbags. I ended up emptying out half the hall closet and put out of season coats in another rooom. I hung command hooks on the back wall of the closet at the kids level (they’re 4 and 2) and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that they can reach their own stuff. It’s really helped out in the mornings.

  3. 3
    Lynn~Somewhere In The Sun says

    Just last month I put up a backpack station. It’s in the garage! I LOVE it being out of the way. I used a really cool system from Lowe’s. It has helped a lot!

  4. 4
    Barb, sfo says

    We inherited my grandmother’s dining-room set, which included a “deacon’s bench.” It didn’t fit in our dining room so I set it in the entry area near the front door. It’s a great place to line up my purse and all the kids’ backpacks. But on weekends or school vacations, I make them keep the backpacks in their rooms until the night before school starts again!

  5. 5
    HopewellMomSchool says

    Answered prayer!!! But, currently Out-of-stock!!!!! I’ve bookmarked it and will check back later.

  6. 7
    jenn says

    oh my lovely word… 3 kids, three back packs, one small house = how much i need this! thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  7. 8
    stacey says

    i love all your ideas! go over and get your Friday Fuzzy; you deserve it! :)

  8. 9
    KLKinFLA says

    Hi there! Came your way via Today’s Creative Blog. Your blog is wonderful! We are cut from the same cloth, my friend. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. 10
    Maria@losninosadams says

    YEAH!! I am so excited I have 3 kids and this is PERFECT A++++++

  10. 11
    Veggiemomof2 says

    I don’t have a mudroom or entry either, plus I can’t imagine the kids scrambling in the same small area, so I’m mounting hooks in their own rooms for backpacks, coat/jacket, purses, whatever.

  11. 12
    Org Junkie says

    Veggiemomof2 that is a good idea as well for when space is limited. As long as they have a home somewhere it’s all good!

  12. 13
    Sara says

    THe Busy Mom site also has a 50% off coupon on their home page making it just over $5 including shipping!! Yay! Just bought mine! I’ve been having a terrible time getting my boys to pick up their bags. I really think this will do the trick!

  13. 14
    Melody says

    This is rather embarrasing but my kids currently throw their backpacks into a pack n’ play in our dining room that I have been meaning to take down. So, I will be very excited when I get my new Back Pack Rack and clear up some space.

  14. 15
    Scratchin' the Surface says

    What a great idea, and I have to wonder if it would hold purses too? We have hooks on the back of the kitchen door leading to the basement, and that rack would work great I think.

  15. 16
    Christina says

    Now this is GENIOUS!!!

  16. 17
    Jay Cam says

    my backpacks are just kept in the floor…

  17. 18
    Jenny says

    Mine is in our closet on a set of hooks. I need for stuff to be out of sight otherwise I get on edge!LOL

  18. 19
    Christina says

    I love that backpack hook! I’ve got small hooks in the corner of our “mudroom” but the big bulky backpacks are posing a problem. This is my answer (provided my girls cooperate and use the hooks!)

  19. 20
    Twisted Cinderella says

    I love that! I was thinking of getting a shelving unit with one shelf and basket for each family member.

  20. 21
    Mayogi says

    Oh, I love this! I never thought about having a backpack station before but now that I’ve seen one I’m definitely going to make one. I will put big hooks on a tiny wall I have in the entrance, that will be the perfect place for them. No more running around like crazy trying to find that missing backpack or tripping on one when going to the bathroom at night.

    Thanks for the tip!

  21. 22
    Multi-tasking Mommy says

    This is awesome and LOVE that site! However, it is frustrating because they don’t ship to Canada….do you have any good online shopping organizing stores that do ship to Canada?

  22. 23
    What a Gift says

    I’ve done something similar I put sticky hook things on the inside of our entry way door one for each child,=2. So we have a place for them.

  23. 24
    Jenny is Live & in Color says

    I LOVE this! What a great find.
    I have an old buffet/sideboard that has cupboards where the kids are supposed to put their backpacks. They usually end up on the floor. This looks like it would be an easier solution for them. And I can’t believe the price! Thanx for the great find!

  24. 25
    karen says

    glad i found your blog- i’m an organizing junkie too. i love throwing away & recycling!!!!!!

  25. 26
    Mrs. Jones says

    I converted a coat closet into a “mud room” for my kids and each has a shelf. But the backpacks take up all the room on the shelves. This is perfect, because it will keep the packs on the door next to their shelves but out of the way.

    And how can you beat the price, with no extra shipping charges to boot!

    Thanks for the great tip!

  26. 27
    Kelly says

    Ok, now here’s a big request… I run a dayhome (so I have 8 backpacks to deal with) and I am looking for hooks or something similar that can hang off of our bannister at the front entrance… aside from making up something myself – does anyone have any ideas? I don’t want it to be permanent and don’t want it to wreck the paint on the railing… any ideas are greatly appreciated!!

  27. 28
    cherylann says

    I have a bookshelf with only one inner shelf that is 5′ tall. So, I added bicycle hooks to the inside of the top to hold my kids’ backpacks.

    The shelf holds a basket for my kids to put their folders or anything else that “I” need to deal with.

    The bottom shelf is for their school shoes.

    The top has our “out the door” basket for dvd’s, books, returns, etc…..

    All of this is thanks to you and your tips. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    We don’t have closets in our house or anywhere hidden, so this although “visible” greatly serves our needs. Our house is only 546sqft and we have 7 people living here.


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