I’m link happy because these are too good not to share……

When I got home from holidays I had some very special mail waiting for me. The first was this lovely tote bag I won in the Dog Days of Summer giveaway.

Midlife Mom from Home on the Range makes these beautiful tote bags with her daughter in law and it is just so cute. I love that it has pockets inside and opens to a flat bottom. I’m going to use my new bag as my church bag and can hardly wait to show it off! If you are interested in seeing her other designs she can be reached at thediz(AT)adelphia(DOT)net.

Next was the 2nd issue of Organize magazine! If you haven’t had a chance to check out this new magazine you really really must and I’m not just saying that because I’m mentioned in this 2nd issue either…lol. How exciting is that! Let me just say when my friend Kim emailed me while I was on holidays to let me know, I was just beyond myself with giddiness. Wow! What’s not to love about a whole magazine dedicated to organizing. It has SO many helpful articles and pictures. Maria of MeckMom.com (what a FANTASTIC blog full of organizing tips and downloads!) writes a terrific article in this issue about how to conquer four common back-to-school frustrations with simple solutions. Check it out!

Also while I was away I received my new Monk and Neagle CD. Wow, Boomama knows what she is talking about when it comes to music as this CD is sooooo good! Nothing like a great Christian CD to organize to! You can check out their site here and you can even listen for yourself to some of their songs here. You don’t want to miss Hallelujah Jesus!!

I also received in the mail my son’s very first personalized CD from Candace at Name Your Tune. She was so nice to send this to me and I’m just thrilled to watch how excited my son gets everytime he hears his name with every song…..it is hilarious! Thanks Candace!

Next up a meme…..both Marcia and Julie tagged me for the 5 favorite websites meme. Here are my top 5 that I check regularly:

1. Simple & Delicious

2. Facebook

3. People.com

4. Ebay.ca

5. Clutter Control Freak Blog

I’m tagging Debi, Jen and Sara.


So how about the Dancing of Stars announcement this morning of the new participants for this season. I just love love love this show and I’m doing the happy dance that both Jenny Garth and Marie Osmond will be on. Can’t wait, I’ve got September 24th marked on my calendar!!

Finally last night I made the Thai Chicken Fettucini recipe and it was delicious. LOVED it! How can anything with peanut butter not be good? Add it to your menu and enjoy!!

Hey unpacking update ~ four bags down only three more to go, woohoo.

Whew I think I’m done now….over and out.

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10 Responses to I’m link happy because these are too good not to share……

  1. 1
    mandi says

    Love your site … great look, posts & ideas!! I’ll have to give Menu Plan Monday’s a try!

  2. 2
    Thea says

    I’m very impressed with the wide range of subjects you were able to fit into one post! Talk about efficiency! LOL!

    I love Dancing w/ the Stars, too! But there’s always one person on there where the term “star” in arguable. I mean, an A&F model? Really??

  3. 3
    Org Junkie says

    Oh I know what you mean Thea. A few I’d never even heard of, what’s with that??

  4. 4
    The Estrogen Files says

    Whoo Wee! A new Meme! I’m so surprised and honored – crazy, I know.

    Speaking of which,
    I just gave you an award at my place!

  5. 5
    Sandy says

    Welcome Home Laura!
    I’m giving another book away …
    I was happy about the DWS contestants too!

  6. 6
    Jenster says

    I followed you over from The Reluctant Entertainer (Sandy) because I was intruiged with your name. I WANT to be an organizing junkie. I wouldn’t even mind being an organizing lacky. I just want to be organized. So I’m hoping to pick up some tips from you along the way. :o)

    BTW – Interesting picks for Dancing with the Stars. I’m looking forward to watching Scary Spice and I’m going to laugh if she chokes. Not nice of me, I know. (Shoot! And I just won a Nice Matters award. I wonder if I have to give it back, now.)

  7. 7
    Jen says

    Thanks for tagging me..I will do it tomorrow. I have several favorites…..Dancing with the stars….love this show and have marked it too.

  8. 8
    Terri says

    Hey, I just want to say that I love your blog (it was linked to a friend’s blog) and I’ve been peeking every now and then. My only problem is that it takes forever to load up and I’ve got high speed internet! Well, I could use it as an excuse for why I’m not more organized! ;)

    P.S. I’m an organized-wanna-be

  9. 9
    Org Junkie says

    Welcome Jenster and Terri!

  10. 10
    Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry says

    I have had my Monk & Neagle CD in heavy rotation ever since I received it. “Hallelujah Jesus” is my favorite, too.

    We’re going to watch Dancing With The Stars for the first time this season; can’t wait!


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