Menu Plan Monday

Whew we made it through the first week of school and I can breathe a huge sigh of relief! So what’s on your menu today? I did two weeks without fajitas so guess whats back on my menu this week….lol.

Monday: Beef Fajitas with spinach salad

Tuesday: Caccciatore – Style Chicken Bake

Wednesday: BBQ Pork Chop Supper

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Cashew Chicken Rotini Salad (Simple and Delicious July/Aug 06 Pg 33) served with garlic bread…I wasn’t able to link this recipe unfortunately.

Sat/Sun: Free for all – mommy’s days of rest (not really but I can dream can’t I?)

Join us won’t you? Post your menu and come back and link up to it. Come on, I know you want to. What are you waiting on????

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22 Responses to Menu Plan Monday

  1. 1
    Jenny says

    Yum! That Cashew Chicken Rotini Salad sounds great! Thanks for hosting this ….it has really motivated me!

  2. 2
    Mom2fur says

    Ooooh, anything with cashews sounds good to me! (BTW, why shouldn’t Mommy have a day of rest?)

  3. 3
    Stacy says

    It all sounds good Laura! Hope you get a day of rest, or at least a nice break from cooking and cleaning up :)

    Mine is up now… what I could come up with. I’m going to try to use up what I have this week before we leave on vacation this weekend.

    Oh, and did you get a chance to make the Crockpot Tortellini Stew? Hope it worked for you if you did. I found the recipe at a blog a year or so ago and liked it because it was meatless. I rarely find meatless recipes that my hubby will eat, but this one he tolerates :)

  4. 4
    stephanie says

    Must make fajitas soon. That’s all I’m sayin’. :)

  5. 5
    org junkie says

    Stacy, I just LOVED the Tortellini Stew. Everyone you must try it if you haven’t. The link is posted on last weeks Menu Plan Monday. Soooo good!

  6. 6
    Susanne says

    I’m gonna give that pork chop recipe a try sometime. We just had pork chops so I’ll have to hold off on that. I’m almost afraid to post a whole weeks worth of menu. I so know I will fall off that list, somehow. :)

  7. 7
    Sandra says

    Everything sounds great Laura…especially the pork chops and the fajitas :)

  8. 8
    zoe says

    Mine is up. I was just about to edit it to put a Mr Linky i the bottom of the post and typepad went down! Oh well!

  9. 9
    Kelli in the Mirror says

    Oh, the rotini salad sounds SO good!

    I haven’t put mine up yet, but hopefully I’ll get to it later. :)

  10. 10
    tootlepip says

    I love this idea of sharing menu plans! I need the encouragement!

  11. 11
    Anonymous says

    I decided rather than doing my own menu plan I would just follow yours week to week. You take all of the guess work out of it. For those days that you have not put a linked the how to I will just send my kids to you house for

    I Have officially implimented “Spag. Sunday”, easy enough. Traditions. Someone said that a weekly meal tradition is great for kids. Like your fajitas!

  12. 12
    Mrs.T says

    That cashew chicken rotini salad does sound wonderful! I’ll be checking that out, and also the crockpot tortellini stew. We’re always on the lookout for new and different meatless meals.

    Thanks again for hosting this, Laura. My menu is up!

  13. 13
    April says

    Hi Laura,
    Love your site! I am new to the whole blog thing. I went ahead and posted my menu plan at my site and linked back to you. I love this idea. I can’t wait to try some new recipes, I have some of the pickiest eaters ever!

  14. 14
    Jennifer says

    Okay, I’m not going to plan my meals anymore. I’m just going to steal a couple of yours each week! Have you made that chicken cacciatore bake before? I think I might try that soon, but I wasn’t sure of the stuffing/pasta sauce combo.

  15. 15
    Leann says

    Yummy menus this week!!! I have to ask… what kind of marinade do you use for your fajitas? I am looking for a good one. :)

  16. 16
    org junkie says

    Hello! Jennifer no I haven’t made that chicken one before so I will definitely let you know how it goes.
    Leann for the fajitas I just buy the El Paso Kits and add some sweet peppers and cheese…yummy and extremely easy!!!
    I’m so excited to see so many participants…woohoo!

  17. 17
    Jenny says

    Looks delicious Laura!! I’m posting mine in the next while!
    Have a great day!

  18. 18
    Emma says

    I have been lurking here for a few weeks. Thanks for the motivation to start menu planning again!! I feel so accomplished :) I added my link to the list.


  19. 19
    Teri says

    I too love the sharing of menu plans… it gets me out of my ruts! Thanks! Teri in CO

  20. 20
    Homefront Mom says

    Laura, thanks for hosting this. It helps me to keep on track with my family. I am getting used to this blogging thing :) Have a great week. Amanda

  21. 21
    momrn2 says

    Definately planning on using some of the ideas and recipes found in these once my schedule changes to part time.

    Who knows… maybe I’ll even get my act together enough to participate as well?!

  22. 22
    Krista says

    This is my first time participating. :o)


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