Feeling blessed….

I am feeling so blessed by all of your warm and positive comments. This blog started as a way for me to poke fun at my “habit” and give me a creative outlet. Well imagine my surprise to read all of your comments and realize that I just may be helping someone out along the way. We have this thing we do in my house at dinnertime some nights where each person has to say something nice they did for someone else during the day. How exciting for me to say “well I inspired someone to organize today”! Thank you for that. I’m going to continue to share organizing tips and things that work for me AND at the same time you can bet I’ll continue to make fun of myself as well!

Warpie is one such person I’ve met here in blogland that is feeling inspired and I would like to offer her and others wanting to get organized some encouragement. Start by making a list of all the areas you want to tackle but be specific. Do not say to yourself “today I’m going to organzie the kitchen”. Too broad and overwhelming, even for me. It is better to do one area at a time. For instance, you can say “today I’m going to tackle the kitchen drawers” or “today I’m going to tackle the kitchen pantry”. Don’t let yourselves get overwhelmed. If you do find yourself getting overwhelmed, pull back and make the project smaller yet. As you complete each project and you start to see your progress you will feel a sense of accomplishment that will keep you going. This is why I always tell people to start and finish one project before moving on to the next. It has been my experience that people are really motivated once they start seeing results.

In the next couple of days I hope (bear with me I have a teething baby in the house!) to introduce to you an acronym that I created to help you remember the steps to the organizing process.

Until then, if you haven’t already visited the Tour of Homes over at BooMama’s site than you really must. I have thoroughly enjoyed perusing them although I still have many to look at yet. What a terrific idea!

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4 Responses to Feeling blessed….

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    yerdoingitwrong says

    I enjoy your blog. I just ran across it today!! I tend to be an organization freak as well.
    Your new reader

  2. 2
    Katherine@Raising Five says

    Okay, I’ll be tuning in. I got kids’ closets tackled this week (I’m better at organizing the kids than I am myself!) but I have lots of junk stashed in cabinets and drawers. I think just the pep talk will help me!

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    mom of 2 says

    Definitely keep going with the organization tips…I love it! I thought of you earlier as I cleaned out a drawer in my kitchen. It’s a drawer that I keep baggies, foil and stuff like that in, but over the last few year it has been a collecting place for catchup and hot sauce packets that we neither need or use. I threw them all out and now everything fits much better!!

  4. 4
    Jenny says

    I’m blessed that you have been able to organize me and our family!! Thanks so much!!
    I love that site of the homes. I absolutely LOVE looking at how and where people live. I’ve added it to my favourites and I am giddy to read most of them!!!
    Have a great day Laura!


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